Nikon Q – a hoax?

Update: the original car photo can be found here. It's a Lexus LF-A. The weirdest thing is that this car is.... mirrorless... look at the pictures, there are no mirrors whatsoever.

Unless you can make any sense of the fourth picture I received today, I say this whole "Nikon Q" thing is a hoax:

I am filing this under the humor rumor section: the new Nikon car 🙂

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  • venancio

    instead of feeling we’re sQrud, can someone out there copyright this Q logo? it’s too beautifull to be wasted as a symbol to wipe syiitt on… maybe this will flush out the talented brain behind it… or maybe he/she is just saying that the car photo is his/her way of saying the Q-thang is being test driven as we gnash our teeth now… bansai!!!

  • salvador42


    I think it’s just a coded message by said informant that must be watching the blog, and wanting to simply clear things up, i.e. the guesses that Q has to do with the mirrorless cameras are true, and only a prototype will be shown (not released) at Photokina.

  • alvix

    ahhh….BIG announcements…Q logos…MX formats…they are poking fun at us !
    class action against nikon…! 😉

  • Jabs

    2011 Lexus LFA – US version is called a Lexus in America and not a Toyota.
    Look here for an old road test of the street race car.
    Road and Track – a US Magazine.

    • BornOptimist

      LF-A is called Lexus everywhere.
      But Lexus is just a brand name of Toyota. Like Maybach is a brand name for Mercedes, and Infiniti is a Nissan.

      • Jabs

        Toyota calls certain cars in the USA Lexus.
        Nissan calls certain cars in the USA Infiniti.

        There are indeed Lexus worldwide BUT some Toyotas are called Lexus ONLY in America.
        Lexus is Toyota’s premium brand in the USA just like how Infiniti is Nissan’s premium brand in the USA.
        Example – some Nissan’s SUV’s and their cars exist in that name and form only in the USA – same with some Toyotas.
        Sorry about the confusion in the Lexus-Toyota thing, as originally the car was a mere Toyota and then was speculated to be a replacement for the old Toyota 2000 of James Bond fame.
        The car later became a Lexus – if I remember right. You are speaking about the released car, while I am referring to the car while being in development for maybe a decade or more – hence WHAT it was called then and now are different – got it?

        • lolcatmaster FTW

          Dude in top gear they reviewed it as the Lexus LFA stop talking nonsense

        • BornOptimist

          Excuse me?
          It seems like I hit an open nerve, and you pointing a finger at me…
          And you have the following examples of a Lexus in USA that is a Toyota elsewere…..:
          I can give you credit for Infiniti – they doesn’t exist in my country, but Nissan do.
          I can inform you the first Lexus was a project started by Mr Toyoda (the Toyota-boss), where he wanted to create a luxury car. That project was the “F1”, and this model got the name LS400. This started in 1983. The name Lexus came in 1986.

          • Jabs

            Do you LIVE in America?
            I do – and in the rest of the world, certain TOYOTAS are available and in America, they UP-SPEC them and then call them Lexus.
            Try and find a Nissan Altima or a Nissan Maxima exactly as it is SOLD here in America.
            Tell us what various Toyotas BUILT in America are available ANYWHERE ELSE in the world.
            Toyota FIRST built it’s cars outside of America and then Nissan – called Datsun then in America ONLY, then both decided to build LUXURY cars or automobiles for the American market. The LFA was designed long ago and THEN positioned as a Lexus later ON – they had several CARS of this type before and then they PUT it in their upscale division.
            Toyota = Lexus
            Datsun/Nissan = Infiniti
            Mazda = Amati Division which was STILL-born, as in died before being introduced and instead they gave us the Mazda Millenia, which I believe is named this way primary in America.
            Try and find a Lexus GS400/430/450 just as it is MADE or designated in America – worldwide.
            They put different engines, content and accessories in their SAME cars made worldwide and THEN call them Lexus here in America and Toyotas worldwide often. Tell me IF a Toyota Camry is the same CAR worldwide or just has the same NAME?
            TRY and find a Toyota TUNDRA and then tell me what it is and WHERE it is made. Toyota NOW makes several cars/SUV’s specifically for America and they are MADE here in America and some are even EXPORTED to other areas, but are Toyotas or Lexus when MADE or sold in other parts of the WORLD. Toyotas in AMERICA often BECOME a Lexus WHEN they have better content in THEM.
            Toyota SUV’s often get better INTERIORS and engines and NOW are labeled Lexus in America. I can’t speak for the world BUT I live here in America and know about THAT, plus when I look at say Europe or Japan, the names and the content of the cars are ALL different (not just right hand -vs- left hand drives, BUT totally different cars with the SAME exact name)
            Global marketing has made MANY cars with the exact same NAMES totally different and thus you are clueless.
            Why would you believe that you have hit a nerve?
            This is just a forum and NOT something critical – IT IS a Rumor Web site – DUH!!!
            Not some little child about to pull a hissy fit because I am wrong – LOL!
            Adult here.

            • BornOptimist

              You talk about different specification of a model, or different model name in different markets, but that was not what you started with.
              You said there was Toyotas world wide that was Lexus in USA. That is simply not true!

            • Jabs

              You know what is foolish here?
              There are obviously posters here from all over the world and when you tell them what occurs in YOUR country, they then tell you that you do not know these facts about your own country.
              OK – I’m foolish and deluded!

              The Lexus LFA started OUT as a Toyota sports car and then was NAMED later as a Lexus model as MAYBE the name Lexus DID NOT exist yet to describe the high end VEHICLES manufactured by Toyota – duh! I actually read the Wikipedia entry this time and it WAS wrong on certain details, as it often is BECAUSE it is written by varied CONTRIBUTORS and then subject to corrections.
              Same exact things occur with camera details.
              There is NO substitute for experience, memory or actually being there at the time of the inception of a thing.
              WHEN did Toyota create the Lexus brand?
              Therein lies the answer!

              Anyhow, I have better things to do as in a LIFE and a career.

  • tom

    Cool! So a mirrorless Nikon that actually mean serious business! I’d love to get one (if they don’t sell it at a price anywhere close to what that car is going to cost)

  • Ray

    looks like a Lexus LFA using camera rearview technology, therefore there is no mirrors.

  • This whole thing reminds me of the Year Zero campaign…

  • FRE8

    I hope it was a hoax. I’m hoping Nikon puts their mirrorless in a stylish rangefinderesque body- not some boring mini-DSLR body.

  • brave new world

    The most recent role-model for a Nikon-Q is named M9 – quality superb, no mirror, …

    • Jabs

      @brave new world.
      The role model for Nikon is not an M9. The role model for the new Fuji is perhaps but Nikon makes practical things and sometimes exotic things BUT the difference is that they WORK better and sometimes even look great. Nikon had a t35 or something similar named a while back and that reminds me of the new Fuji.
      Leica is a different perspective from Nikon and appeals often to differing sensibilities. Leica is obsessed with ‘touchy feely’ issues and the look of a thing and appeals to those who love the look of a thing and the status it gives THEM.
      Nikon is an Engineering Company that delivers outrageous QUALITY within their gear and at times outrageous quality in their EXTERNAL appearance as in old snake leather Nikon compact (if I remember right), BUT Nikon produces unusual cameras and lenses that no other Manufacturer makes or makes commercially available.
      6mm Fisheye with 220 degree view.
      300 F2 ED-IF
      58 F1.2 NOCT (short for Nocturnal)
      F3 AF
      F3TC (Chrome or the natural Titanium finish)
      F3TB (Black or the Titanium was painted with black crinkle finish instead of its’ natural finish to appease pro shooters)
      ANY Nikon NASA camera.
      250 exposure back for F series
      MD-4 with Nicad pack MN2

      Nikon makes unusual equipment and not things geared towards bragging rights. Nikon is like an F40 (Ferrari) -vs- say a Rolls-Royce (which would be an apt description of Leica in car terms)

  • Gary

    This picture could be a clue, not a piece of an actual Nikon presentation. The clue would be for mirrorless, fast and responsive action, auto as in auto functions, prototype, etc.

  • fnu

    Did anybody realize that little “Q” on the D7000 release mode dial?

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