It’s getting interesting: a possible third Nikon announcement?

After the upcoming announcement on September 15th, Nikon may have another announcement on September 20th, one day before the start of Photokina. Back in 2008, Nikon announced the new 50mm 1.4 lens the day before the start of Photokina. If true, the potential candidates for this third announcement are the new Nikon EVIL system or a new full frame DSLR camera (this is not a rumor, just my humble opinion).

I do not have a good feeling about this third potential announcement, [NR] probability rating is "only" 40%.

FYI: today Nikon started a new "I am Photokina" website:

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  • Phillip

    its a baby version of D3x.

  • DFive

    I AM S##T HAPPENS…..

    What happens happens 🙂

    Stop bagging the brand we all love folks – Nikons been on a roll for 2-3 years now.

    ( and canon makes photo copiers !! ) :p

    Cheers 🙂

    • zzddrr

      But those photo copiers are good! You can even sit on them and take a picture 🙂

  • FX body coming , just wait!

    With DX mode 10 MP =]

  • I’d love a Nikon D700s as well (with dual cards and the D3s sensor), but after having shot several days in a row recently with the Canon 1D Mk IV and Canon 70-200 f2.8L II and 16-35 f2.8 L II, I was surprised to find that, even with the best recipes for al servo AF out there for the 1D, I found the AF of my D700 to be better – faster, and more accurate, and able to deal with dark areas – an example was my ThinkTank bag – in the corner of my office – the 1D hunted and hunted and couldn’t lock the black zipper on the bag in poor light and the D700 with a 24-70 f2.8 found it, grabbed it and held it. I also noted that the D700 images were cleaner at higher ISOs than those produced by the 1D. The D700 is a few years old and yet showed itself to still be exceptional and ahead of at least the newer 1D iteration in some key areas.

    • Agreed! This is why Nikon has been able to rest on it’s laurels when compared to the 5dmkii in the real world. Just no comparison with focus accuracy, speed, and tracking between the two. Same with 7d and d300.

      Even my d90 tracks well–just the center point is a bit off.

      The 1dmkii focus issue for me was never really a bug–their focus module is just not designed to the same standards that the Nikon ones have been. Canon may have made it to market with AF first. But Nikon has been doing it better. Same was true with the f5. Sure, it didn’t have as many points as many of the EOS cameras had–but they were five GOOD points, fast and accurate.

    • LGO

      I am not surprised with your finding that the D700 out-performed the 1D Mk IV in almost all aspects except in higher resolution and higher fps. There were several test to compare the D3s and the 1D Mk IV with the D3s coming out with a convincing win. They should also have tested the 1D Mk Iv against D3 and the D700+MB-D10. I am fairly certain that the D3 and the D700 would still prevail over the 1D Mk IV.

      Compare the sensors in DxOMark and you will see that the D700, D3 and D3s easily trounces the 1D Mk IV.

      • Maybe that’s why at the US Open we see mostly black lenses this year ;).

        • zzddrr

          Or maybe the rebates make these a bargain. 😉

          • Yes, 5,199USD at B&H, I’m getting a couple, one to hold door on windy days.

            • zzddrr

              You should get one told the door. Seriously, this is an innovative way of fixing old doors. 😉

            • zzddrr

              meant hold the door

      • I forgot to mention that yes, I do use the mb-d10 with the en-el4’s, so it does have a comparable frame rate to the faster cameras. I don’t know if the extra juice makes it track and focus faster than without the grip, but it may.

        It’s my wholly uneducated guess, based on resolution and performance figures alone, that the 1dmkiv sensor is cobbled down design based on the 5dmkii/1dsmkiii sensor.

        This would be ok, except for the fact that losing the resolution advantage of the full sized 5dmkii sensor means it loses it’s noise advantage. In other words, pushing that 21mp sensor to 12,800 and higher sorta works out in print when compared to the Nikon 12mp FX sensor. Not so if you crop down to the center 16mp and enlarge (which is basically what the 1dmkiv sensor is).

  • D700 is a near perfect full frame body:

    – lightweight
    – fast/acurate focus
    – superb high iso quality
    – top quality construction

    I want they launch de D700s or other FF on the same range, to buy 2 used D700 =D

    • LGO

      I would love a D700s but will still keep my D700! 🙂

  • DaveyJ

    I own the D700 but I can tell you I tried the Canons a lot before I made the FF Nikon DSLR purchase. Still I admit that the D90, D300 or D300s are cameras that are very efficient in the field and what I use most of the time. The upcoming D7000 is what gets me on NR and all the other people I personally know. And I concede that from NR posts I see some others have a different point of view. I also feel it is best to know what serious photographers using Nikon think. Still the D7000 seems to be of one key moves for Nikons future. Also I need to state one of the cameras I most personally am waiting for is a D700 update in FF. It will be a long time before I actually buy that camera as I am certain it will be out of my practical budget range for at least a year. The D7000 maybe this Christmas??

    • LGO

      The D7000 for Christmas then and the D700s sometime next year when prices would have dropped. Sounds like a good plan to me. 🙂

  • Just A Thought

    In my opinion – new DX version of D3 priced around $4.5K US to take some wind out of Canon 1DMK4 sales. – high ISO about same as D3S – 10fps with huge buffer – new battery style – AFS only – focus system better than D3S in some way.

    • No APS-C sensor will perform like the 1DIV’s sensor in high ISO, it’s the law of Physics at work. Just like no 1.3x crop sensor will outperform an FF sensor (if both designed for same purpose and at same tech level). It’s 0.7stop loss in performance from FF to 1.3x crop and another 1/2 stop to APS-C. 7D and 1DIV basically share same sensor technology, check the results anywhere.

      • Just A Thought

        When based on the same technology then your statement “No APS-C sensor will perform like the 1DIV’s sensor in high ISO, it’s the law of Physics at work. ” has merit.

        My proof – the Sony A900 has a large full frame sensor. The original Caon 1DS had a full frame sensor. Now take a low cost APS-C Pentax K-X. The High ISO performance of the Pentax K-X is far superrior to either the Sony A900 oir the Canon 1DS. So much for your claimed law of physic. You can use the current low cost Canon Rebel and the same would be true. So an APS-C camera can easily out perform at High ISO an older Full Frame camera or a 1.3 crop APS-H camera.
        The Canon IDMK2 was a superb 1.3 crop camera body but the newest APS-C Canon Rebel will provide better High ISO performance with it’s smaller sensor.

        The newest sensors from Canon and Sony have unbelievable High ISO performance compared to what was available just a few years agao. Once they start using Black Silicon wafers to make non-military sensors there will be a sea change as far as High ISO performance goes – a cell phone camera will have way better high ISO performance than any DSLR available right now.

        • As I said, same technology. If not, one cannot say much except look at results. And then, yes, a smaller sensor may outperform a larger one. Larger cr@p only produce cr@ap in larger sizes ;).

          • zzddrr

            this is all based on the current sensors right? don’t forget that tech involves more rapidly than marketing

            • zzddrr

              I meant evolves not involves

        • Roger

          That Black Silicon thing always sounded like a BS claim from some researchers, to try and get more funding. Dont expect black silicon anytime soon, or ever.

          Since you mention older cameras, you’d be surprised at how good were they. I have pushed ISO 6400 raw files from the 1Ds Mark 2 – they look stunning.

          Btw, Renato is correct (he often is!), laws of physics are at play here. Nikon can NOT make a DX sensor with D3s low light performance.

  • Gary

    All someone has to do is follow Bob Krist to see the new Nikon equipment 🙂


  • goose

    or maybe an [NR] booth at photokina

  • I´m owner of a D90 and a lot o Nikon Glass. D90 is a Superb camera, but i only have one body.Since i work most of time in Studio, i´m not so animated to get a new body.
    But who knows when the camera fails?Nikon never fail in my hands, but who knows?
    I´m getting excited about the D7000, just hoping Nikon don´t dissapoint me…

    • Nikons don’t fail, that’s a problem for those who need a rational reason to update frequently. A good problem ;).

      • Anonymous

        except if somebody wants more resolution

        • OOF is very nice in higher resolution. Or ghosts.

        • Roger

          Nikon already offers a 24mp camera, highest resolution DSLR today.

  • Chuck


    The DSLR line is a bit of a mess.
    A D700s makes little sense as it undercuts the D3s and really makes the D4 spec an issue. If it is a d700s what with 720 vidoe, that is underwhelming. If it is D700s with expeed2 then the Nikon lineup is a mess

    NO its EVIL

    In 2011 you get D4 at 24Meg with D3 ISo and full 1080 and new focus system and also a DX using a souped up D70000 sensor with fast focus hardened body and high FPS mayb 8 or 10 FPS.

    The D3s lives as a standalone for those like me who want the best lowlight and sales in low volume

    • Roger

      You do know Thom Hogan is wrong, when he suggested D4 will be worse than D3s at low light, right?

      D3s will not live on, it will be discontinued as soon as Nikon makes a superior replacement – D4.

  • benS

    IMO.. this announcement will be about the d7000. The d7000 has not been officially announced, right ?

    • The D7000 announcement is supposed to happen on September 15th. What may be announced on September 20th is still a big question mark.

      • benS

        oh, thanks for the john. I hope it is the affordable full frame. Surprise us NIKON !!!

      • Just the two lenses already mentioned, if anything else we would know by now. Maybe the announcement of development of the EVIL, but that’s likely to happen at the Photokina.

  • Abhinav

    just don’t tell me they are going to update 50mm 1.4 ? with nano coating hehe I want this lens:)

  • Ren Kockwell

    I find it hard to believe that there’s a FF camera in the wings and we haven’t sniffed one tiny clue of it. My guess is that Nikon is getting back into instant film.

    An Affordable Nikon Full-Frame Camera: The Impossible Project

    • Chris P

      Yet again a comment about Nikon and an ‘affordable’ FX camera, presumably as opposed to Canon and their ‘affordable’ 5DMkII. Here in the UK, from a major discount store, the Canon 5DMkII is £1674 and the D700 is £1,769 a difference of less than £100.

      • Anonymous


        12mp vs 21mp

        perhaps nikon don’t care about landscape shooters

        • Chris P

          Given the known defects with the 5DMkII, perhaps Canon don’t care about people who want a well built camera that gives in focus pictures and without the shadows being full of noise.

        • WoutK89

          Because landscape shooters really need the Video?

          • Anonymous

            yes because landscape shooters want to film you WoutK89 as you run around with your new Nikon projector middle of the night around the hill side. 🙂

      • Ren Kockwell

        Your presumption is incorrect. I would classify the current $2K D700 eminently affordable, especially considering what you get for your money. The only reason for my not purchasing it is decent video capability.

  • ycpj

    Yo! Great support for the new FX system ifbthe new EVIL won’t support the F-mount for sure. A waterproof/allproof compact will be nice as well since most major companies have released at least one and shown what they have got. It’s time for Nikon to step up and lead the crowd.

  • Bob

    All I want is a 24/1.4 and 35/1.4 and I can’t afford both. So, please no nex FX camera. Nikon already ruins me financially. 🙂

  • Pretty sure the “surprise” will be a D700PJ


    • Anonymous

      I think the big surprise will be a new projector with an mp3 player for deaf and blind people. 🙂

  • hexx

    i found interesting website, an EVIL project:

    • This guy posted about this a few years ago at DPR. I think the EVIL name is his. He should have copyrighted it.

      • hexx

        i must admit, i didn’t know what ‘EVIL’ means so I googled for a while and found few articles and really liked that one. What I still don’t understand is if the EVIL is something like Leica M9 or something else?

        • WoutK89

          Leica M9 is something else indeed, that would be called a Rangefinder if my knowledge serves me well.

        • EVIL means Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens camera, thus Leica M series wouldn’t qualify, since it uses an optical view finder. Examples of EVILs are the recently released Panny G and Oly Pen series. Even more recently, the Sony Nex3/5, even though some require an extra EVF that goes in the flash shoe.

          • hexx

            thanks a lot for clarification

  • rhyan

    I have stumbled upon an interesting situation today – the AF-s 18-70 f3.5-4.5 lens have disappeared from the online stores in my area, and there is no availability of the lens in the shops as well…

    I suppose we can get some more DX lenses, together with the evil system if eventually a third announcement takes place just before photokina.

    • Ronald

      Yes, you’re right. I don’t know where your area is, but here (Netherlands) I’ve checked some sites too, and the 18-70 is disappeared.

      For example:

      • WoutK89

        The 18-70 has disappeared in Holland since the intro of the D90 😉

        • It’s a great lens, best consumer kit from Nikon until the 16-85 VR was released. I still use it frequently with D80.

          • rhyan

            Indeed. It was available a couple of weeks ago, but now’s gone. 16-85 is a great lens, but if it was a f2,8 it would’ve been perfect.
            I hope nikon finally release 70-200 f4. It’s what they lack so much!

  • NikonFF&DxUser

    I wish Nikon donate few of their FF and DX camera and new lenses to NikonRumor giveaway. I bet all these anti Nikon will indeed join the contest. Needless to say, they probably start complaining how bad the camera and lenses they were using before they switch to Nikon.

  • camaman

    Why is the show called “Photokina” ? ?
    It’s not in China…

    • Chris P

      I think the German for (movie) film is Kine, hence Photo & Film, Photokina.

    • Markus

      I know it’s quite hard for some that a name which is not Englished sounds ridiculous..for types of person like you, they changed the F already to a P, otherwise types like you never would guess that Fotokina > Photokina has something to do with Film, still and moving. And yes I’m German and not Chinese.

      • Ren Kockwell

        You do realize that English is largely Germanic in origin, right? Watch where you spray your “types like you.”

        • litebyte

          R.K…indeed not largely, partly, that makes it even more stupid for the types like you ‘chinese’ commenter’

          • Sorry, litebyte, but R.K. is correct. English is a Germanic Language.


            And if you’re the anti-wiki types, I had five college professors and two AP high school English teachers explain that to us, as well. While of course English has major amounts of Latin and French, they were actually late to the game, and Germanic is the majority of its influence.

  • Roland

    There will be a D3cpx
    Coolpix in a D3 body.

  • Philippe

    How the hell on earth do you know that there is a probability of 40%?

    • hexx

      …good point

    • Canonknight

      How the hell on earth you can’t understand that this is a rumor site, infected with “pro” photographers who can’t sell their photos thus can’t afford a D3S or D3X, and posting a lot of “pro” comments for a new FX to improve their “pro” photos. LOL!

      • You have a point …

        • rogger

          And another…

  • Juts a reminder that 40% probability is pretty low – I consider a rumor to be “serious” only if it is 90% or more.

    • Geraud

      40% is almost 1 chance on 2, not so low rating… :)))

      • Bu the coin only has 2 sides … 😉 (no, don’t worry telling me I don’t know sh#t about probability).

        • X0I2o5y2

          You sir, don’t know sh#t about probabilities.

    • The invisible man

      First time I met my wife I thought there was 0.00001% probability that she agreed to marry me, but she did !

      • Ren Kockwell

        That’s because you’re invisible.

    • Admin, you said 90% for D7000 specs. Boy, you better find a place in Alaska to live if this D7000 doesn’t materialize … 😉

      • yes, I will even bring it up a notch – how about 99%, if not I will move to Brasil 🙂 Of course some details could be wrong.

        • Bruno

          Hey, hey, hey, Brasil is not another planet!

          Anyway, you’d be welcome here! Lots of excellent places to take pictures.

          • Brasil? No way, we won’t give you peace here if this D7000 turns out to be vapourware! 😉

      • I don’t mind living somewhere in Alaska. Just been there this summer, and the photo opportunities out there were amazing! 😀 Glaciers, bears, landscapes etc…It’s really a photographer’s paradise. I’ll probably freeze to death though lol.

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      A bit to late admin 😛 by now everyone is day dreaming beyond any salvation :P….

  • Anthony

    As noted previously, the $200 d90 rebate in Australia expires on 19 September. So I reckon the annoucement on the 20th is the D7000, and the annoucement on the 15th is something else (perhaps a D5100 to compete more directly with the 60D and complete Nikon’s consumer level refresh).

    Although, if it is the d7000 on the 15th, it will be nice to have 4 full days to weigh up whether to go with the D90 and get the rebate.

  • Rocking Kenwell

    My D40 rocks and nothing more is needed. Except a 10mm f/64.

    Please support my rocking out with my kocking out which gives me a growing family.

    • Mocking Renwell

      Every film is sacred
      Every lens is great
      I’m such a total douchebag
      My brain has zero weight.

  • D7000

    People I feel bad. I think I’m dieing and lose my mind and kill my destiny, because I live on this site whith hope to see more new rumors about D7000, but there’s nothing. Less than one week left for announce of D7000. And nothing, no information. I remember, before D90 came, there was rumors, spy shots. But now nothing. I feel bad. I need help. I need more correct rumors and any spy shots. So, I’m waiting guys.

    • LGO

      Breathe-in … relax … listen to some soothing music … take a stroll … take some photos … spend some time with family and friends.

      A few years down the line, you will not even remember this, or if you do, you will wonder what the ruckus was all about.

      Peace comes only to those who seek it. 🙂

      • D7000

        Thank you. ) I feel better. Unfortunately I don’t have any camera and never had. ) Only in my Nikon 6300…. Brrrr… 😀 I mean Nokia 6300 phone. And I don’t have friends. I’m absolutely alone. And you know, it’s terrible. I go to read about EVIL by the link below from rhlpetrus.

        [b]And this just an experiment. I’ll try to make bold font.[/b] Does it work here or not.

        • LGO

          Re possibly the new camera, I would rather say LIVE than EVIL.

          You are among a community of Nikon diehards here … and since you certainly qualify as one, you are not alone. Loneliness is a state of mind. Hang around here a bit longer if it helps a bit.

        • WoutK89

          try using the brackets, or what they are called, that are shown below the comment box BOLD

          • WoutK89

            those I used

            • Phillip


            • WoutK89

              >< try those please

  • ans

    i am not sure what nikon is preparing for photokina. But i am pretty sure there’s something delicious coming up. something that will destroy 5Dmk2 and/or even whatever 5Dmk3 will be.

    i don’t give a sh!t about EVIL sh!t.

  • Ren Kockwell

    It’s got to be EVIL. They’ve been talking about it way too long.

  • Anonymous

    NR Admin, post something new because this is getting ugly. 😉

  • Catastrophile

    i would rule out an EVIL on the basis of the advanced features of P7000 (much more pro’ish than its predecessor). Interesting how bridge is making a come back from companies who don’t yet have mirrorless (eg Canon & Nikon). As soon as any of them introduce an EVIL, they will dump down their advanced digicams like they did in the mid 2000’s with introduction of cheap entry level DSLR’s (Rebel et al).

  • Andi

    In Germany it is now September 9th at 23:20 (11:20 PM) CET.
    At this moment the Nikon Counter shows 11 days 10 hours 40 minutes.
    So it will expire on September 21st at 10:00 (AM) CET.
    Exactly the time Photokina will open thair doors.

    Am I wrong?

    Is there any other hint for another announcement on September 20th?

  • Evil doesn´t do any difference to me.
    I justa wanna know: The D7k have real time manual controls on video mode?
    If don´t i just buy a T2i for video with Nikon adapters, and a D700 for photos, simple.

    Open your eyes Nikon, you will loose a lot of money if don´t look carefully of your consumer desires!


  • I’d like a FF EVIL camera. With video.

  • I asked Michel Lammerse about a Nikon Evil at DPR. His response:

    “Hi Renato,

    Im not sure about EVIL, I did not hear anything about an EVIL camera, I heard about the testings of a hybrid camera. A compact electronic camera which still using an optical viewfinder in a new format. 14MP sensor, build in VR, HD movie functionality, and which is able to use Nikkor F-mount lenses. Also coming with a new type of compact external flash

    Based on the rumours I heard I do not think the new type of camera will have an electronic viewfinder. I tried to find out if Nikon is producing such kind of camera already. At least they do not do that yet at the Sendai plant. “

    • Anonymous

      I have a feeling that Nikon liked the idea of the NEX and want to implement it with the F-mount (which would be a killer).

    • S

      He’s just a wine drinker..drinks too much of it.. then talks..

      hey I’m wine drinkin then wine bettin that there will be a D4XS ..did I tell you I’ve drank all the good wine at the bottom of my cobb-webbed cellar?..buuurp.

    • Roger

      Sounds interesting, especially the excellent decision to use optical finder!

      New format = 2.5x crop?
      Is able to use Nikkor F-mount lenses = new mount + F-mount adapter?

  • Petrus,

    Maybe a rangefinder ?

    • I really can’t say anything about it, but RF sounds a bit odd now with auto AF for video, etc. We just have to wait and see if Nikon have anything new for Photokina besids what’s already rumored here.

  • Gary

    I really believe we are seeing Nikon release some amazing products. The new D3100 alone with its video AF is a game changer. If this is promoted properly, every basic consumer will choose Nikon over Canon just for this feature alone.

    The rumored D7000 seems to be too good to be true…but if it is this too will be a game changer in terms of specs.

  • sometimes i wonder if Nikon has people reading the comments in here…

    because this post is out of control and everybody is an inch away of total madness 🙂

    • litebyte

      That suits the average Nikon user in common. 🙂 There will be more at Photokina which we see now, who is going here by the way?

  • Tiname

    Maybe you mean this invention concerning the evil camera:
    US 2010194974 (A1)

  • SNRatio

    IF Nikon doesn’t release a new prosumer/enthusiast FX body this year, that will indeed be a little strange. My guess is that they have carefully crafted the information strategy this time, and it works well. The D3100 got the attention it deserved, and it seems that the same will happen with the D7000.

    They have good reason for being silent about FX – the D700 still holds up very well, and if they can sell the DX part of a DX/FX combo first, that makes a lot of sense. If the new sensor is more “D700-like”, I might get the D7000 myself – with better high ISO and less overlapping with the D700, it might get much more use than my D300, which I sold because the D700 was used so much more.

    While I think it will be difficult to move much of the D700 crowd with an enthusiast FX body – many of us rather long for the D700s – an FX alternative for D7000 users might give quite a few users a “wow” experience. But, as this body will probably be produced along with the D7000, it may be a matter of priority for Nikon to cater for the DX demand first. The D700 offerings don’t necessarily imply that it will be phased out soon (they haven’t, so far!), but may rather indicate a bit of current overcapacity at Sendai. That will also be a reason for not talking loudly about an upcoming FX release.

    My guess now, is that IF they announce a new FX body, that will be some time in October/November/December. Nikon may feel ahead of schedule, sales-wise, and deem it wiser to postpone a new introduction a bit.

    • LGO

      It would be logical for Nikon to push out the D3100 and the D7000 prior to announcing the new FX.

      But if Nikon delays too long, then Nikon will miss a big chunk of its potential sale of its net new FF this Christmas season if it does not announce this. It serves no purpose for Nikon to withhold releasing its new FF if this is ready and already in production. Then too, there is Canon which will not want to miss selling it next new FF this Christmas season. Nikon needs to remember that the Christmas budget is limited and that Nikon competes not just against Canon but against everything else that the consumers could possibly buy as gifts this Christmas.

      • I don’t see it (new FX body now). Anyway, maybe a big surprise is in the works ;).

        • SNRatio

          Will an FX companion to the D7000 be that much of a surprise? Seems to me that Michel Lammerse has been hinting at it for years now. But that may of course only reflect changing priorities at Nikon.

  • SA

    Hi guys!
    Test Nikon D3100

    With RAW. Comparison with Sony SLT-A55 and Canon EOS 60D.

    Interesting your opinion.

    • SA

      I saw pictures already and I’m in shock. What a hell is happened with D3100’s metering? All shots overexposed!

  • Bryan Valiant

    There sure are a lot of whiners here…. my D3s has over 150k frames and still taking great stuff… just buy a D3s now… my guess is Nikon is scrambling for ff chips as Sony is keeping all the full frame for themselves. My guess is we’ll have a new full frame by spring 2011. 😉 I’ll wait.

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