Weekly Nikon related news/links #74

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  • no manual ISO setting in video mode? I hope this doesn’t happen with the D7000

    • Adde

      The D7000 must meet (and beat) the 7D in terms of video!

      • SA

        Hope so. And I hope D7000 will be a monster. )) I so tired to wait this camera and to miss any rumors. Hope very soon situation will change. But videos on YouTube I’ve seen (official Nikon’s and one by tester) is real Bullshit. Or crap, tha same.

        • SA

          I mean Nikon D3100’s video.

          • WoutK89

            You are always in a rush and correcting yourself, next time take a second and reread before clicking so impatiently the Post button ๐Ÿ˜‰

            And about the D7000, each step higher should bring more possibilities, what else would be a difference between D3100 and D7000 if you can on both make all manually (except for MP -1080p is 1080p- and build).

      • Anonymous

        i dont care about the video function, i wish they take it out of d7000 so it be cheaper

        • miau

          maybe they should build the sensor as black and white only.. it might be even cheaper. And no autofocus and metering would be a good option too.

        • WoutK89

          You know, first you want change, and now you want technology to stop advancing, what you imply is if they would keep producing the D700/D90 and such long enough, they will cheap, who needs a new camera announced, it will only be more expensive.

          • Anonymous

            yeah, lets add all the iphone features into the next D800. oh add a projector too

            • WoutK89

              only saying progress in technology doesn’t always mean it’s bad, and in case of the video, it is useful in stills too (advancement in Live View). And why do you assume the price of a new body is higher because of Video, it’s higher because IT’S NEW, always has been like that

        • Maybe you dont care, but there are plenty of videographers who want a Nikon camera that has good video features because they do not want to use Canon cameras and want to use Nikon lenses that are superior …

          Personally i like Nikon better and i really need that feature working fully manual….

          • SA

            It’s normal thing that someone need video and others โ€“ not. The reason is some people much more creative (who need not only photo) and others โ€“ creative scanty (limited). That’s it, very simple. I’m lucky, I’m creative person. I like photo, sometimes video. And in addition I’m professional pianist.

        • absolutely! who uses that?

        • Jake

          Can’t be agree more!

          I never film a video on a camera, actually I hope this function could be stripped from the future cameras (though impossible) so that they would be less expensive.

  • Ken Rockwell

    I missed the 1st comment.

    • The invisible man

      @Ken Rockwell
      Go take care of your kids and your D40 !

  • The invisible man

    Nothing about Coolpix cameras ?

  • brave new world

    Just wait for Photokina … less than 2 weeks to go … we will see many new products and some of them will be just attractive to us – others won’t. The key message is: you get more for your money than 1 year ago …

    • SA

      Really. Why only Nikon. May be on Photokina I will see something not from Nikon, and after that I’ll be glad to forget Nikon. )

      • Joe Boston

        Aw, someone’s gwumpy.

  • Kensmokecrakrokwell

    At least its not another coolpix rumor. My girlfriend complains I’m on nikon rumors too much waiting on that d700 replacement thingy. Anyone else here got the same problem?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it is called D700 Successor Waiting Syndrome, characterized by emotional instability, attention deficit, anxiety & depression. Occurence is mostly among low-income professionals and photo enthusiasts. The only known cure is the purchase of a D800 ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • yes!!! i have this disease and the same kind of angry girlfriend! ๐Ÿ˜€

        • Ronald

          Count me in too ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Kingyo

          same here ๐Ÿ˜€

      • There’s another quicker fix:

        Buy and use a D700, every single day until a replacement is announced. It will give you something to do.

        • Landscape Photo

          I’m going to buy a 2nd hand D700 for $1900 even they’ll announce the D800 next day. Rumor mill very slow nowadays, I don’t think we’ll see any new FX at Photokina.

          I’ve tested D700 cw 28-200mm vs D300 cw 18-200mm. Yes, there may not be any increase in the resolution, but the image is cleaner even at ISo 200, giving better acutance, and allows more room for PP, like tone mapping & sharpening.

          Btw, I found an sharp sample of 28-200mm G in its whole range, after testing a couple of used ones. At 50mm setting @ f/8 it’s approaching my 50mm f/1.8 @ 5.6. The new 28-300mm VR is a 800 gr monster while this one weighs only 370 gr.

          Then I’ll get the replacement whenever it’s available, accepting some financial loss.

  • petry

    It’s just me or the 85 AF-S samples are brighter than the 85 AF-D?

    • WoutK89

      The AF-D has an UV-filter attached (look at the comparison on the bodies photo), wonder if he kept that on.

    • PHB

      No, it looks that way to me as well. Looks to me like Nikon has improved the transmission ratio. That is quite likely. The f-stop ratio only measures the aperture, not the amount of light that is transmitted through the lens. That is why they use T-stops in the movie industry.

      As far as I can tell the bokeh is pretty similar with the new AFS lens being slightly better.

      The addition of AFS and the slight improvement in optical performance is worth a premium over the old model but I hardly think anyone who has the old model should feel bad for paying $500 less.

      I would expect the price to drop to $1400-1500 or so in the US as supply eases. But even at the higher price Nikon should be well on their way to selling 35,000+ of this lens this year. Which is all the explanation that the decision to bring forward the launch of the 35mm f/1.4 needs.

      So now Nikon has a full range of f/1.4 primes on the way, the next logical step is to extend up and down the range. Its pretty hard to extend on the wide end as the 14-24 zoom is so good and the 14mm prime is already at the limit of practicality. There is maybe room for a 20mm f/2 and possibly for a 13mm f/5.6 but neither seems very likely to me.

      Most likely next targets would be prime teles, a 105 and 135 and smaller versions of the big exotics like a 200 f/2.8, 300 f/4 and 400 f/4, all with AFS and VR. I am going to be interested to see what they do with the 105 and 135, if they keep the DC feature or not.

      Given the success with $2000 primes, I also have to wonder if the Noctilux might return.

      • WoutK89

        Fisheye AF-s 16mm/2.8, AF-s 180/2.8VR, AF-s 300/4.0VR, AF-s 400/5.6VR, and of course the AF-s 135/2.0(VR?), I assume the 105 is of least interest to update soon, as it will only bring 1 stop extra + maybe if they keep it DC feature, all the other is already available in the 105 micro VR

      • Eric

        as a owner of the AFD, it seems like from those examples that the AFS has a bit more microcontrast , and is a tad brighter but that could be a difference in bodies, a filter, etc anything and means nothing. In some images i prefer the bokeh of the AFD, in others there the same. If you dont need AFS dont feel bad about getting the AFD, it focuses very fast on a pro body and is build tougher. Also I can use the AFD on my manual film body.

      • Roger

        I’d like a 50/1.2 and 135/2, I’d buy ’em. But 50 has to be a killer, sharp and with pleasing bokeh, and -not- like the current 50/1.4 which is extremely underwhelming.

        For me 400/4 prime makes no real sense. In general, long and slow primes make no sense. Canon makes 400/4, which is optical disappointment (obviously, since it’s a DO lens) and very overpriced, you may as well just buy a 300/2.8 + 1.4x TC. Their 400/5.6 makes even less sense, I believe this type of lens generally will disappear silently in favor of the 80-400 type of zooms.

        Which brings me to 80-400 Nikkor, a lot of people could use some new and improved version.

        • WoutK89

          “Their 400/5.6 makes even less sense, I believe this type of lens generally will disappear silently in favor of the 80-400 type of zooms.”
          Actually yes, you make a good point there! A 400/5.6 makes as much sense as a 200/2.8, if you need 200 at f/2.8 there is the zoom. (If you need 400 at f/4 there is the zoom too). Let’s hope Nikon puts more energy to innovative lenses or necessary updates, than to creating lenses that are practically already available.

          • Cold Hands Luke

            Canon’s 400/5.6 is quite popular with the wildlife/birding crowd, as it’s very small and light and still gives good reach. You can put it on a second body hung over your shoulder, and if something flies overhead you can grab a shot without wrestling with your main lens (which is huge and mounted on a tripod).

            As for a 200/2.8, Canon’s is very small (as is the Nikon 180/2.8) – small enough to get into sports venues with “no big lens” policies, but still long and fast enough to get some decent shots from the stands.

            So yes, there is a market for a 400/5.6 AF-S VR and a 200/2.8 AF-S (no VR unless they can keep it small). And IMHO a 400/4 AF-S VR as well, if it can be made much smaller and cheaper than the zoom. But Nikon have much bigger priorities for the time being.

            • WoutK89

              There is a difference between to need and to want ๐Ÿ˜‰ If you need any of those lenses you shoot probably already canon. If you want them, you have either the zoom lens, or enough patience till Nikon makes them!

  • XXL

    coolpix camera sucks, nikon video sucks…

    i hope D7000 will not disappointed us…

  • Why do you publish such junk as the link to unboxing the new 28-300 lens. That video is as bad as they get. It reflects on you.

    • WoutK89

      Be glad he didnt post it as a stand-alone rumor/news post. He is just collecting news over the week from people and by himself, you should be grateful he is doing already so much with site for us, the readers

    • Eric

      someone is a little grumpy.

    • the idea is to show what’s in the box- it was the first video I found (actually someone sent it to me)

    • Anonymous

      At least it’s better than nothing, giving some idea. Comparison with other lenses was nice.

  • jaja

    tamron lens calibration tool is called 3D Studio Max. It takes some skills but will fix every photo to nikkor like perfection, even in higher resolution.

  • taufan

    Looks AF-S warmer than AF-D ….

  • Ron Scubadiver

    What the heck is a buy back? Will I be able to get a fat trade in for my 70-300VR on a 28-300VR? Whoops, I am not in Romania. Too many vampires.

    • XXL

      The Vampires love Nikon
      The Vampires don’t like you… you’re safe

      • WoutK89

        Vampires love Nikon, because they can be photographed in the dark without flash nowadays? ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Nikon is probably linking pricing to higher levels of video. D7000 will likely be similar to 7D, or just below it. Maybe they’ll save all features that video pros use for D400 next year.

    • zzddrr

      or simply Nikon just cannot do it. I tend to believe that Nikon is unable to match the video skills of canon and even sony

      • Sony, Canon and Panasonic have been doing video for years, it really would be surprising if Nikon could match the abilities of these veterans, I’m not expecting it… but hoping.

      • Julio Puello

        Read the article about the Canon T2i in popphoto.com according with them still cannot beat D90 video features.

        • zzddrr

          Julio Puello – you may want to see the jello of the d90 then compare that to the T2i. Simply put, BS! Nikon is still behind when it comes to video.

          • gt

            why have you not just switched to canon already? And I don’t mean that in an insulting or sarcastic way. I mean it in all seriousness and with the recognition that Canon does make quality stuff –

            The very things you want out of cameras (high MP, advanced video, etc.) already exist in the very affordable canon lineup.

            I don’t think Nikon, strategically speaking, is interested in having the most cutting edge technology. They tend to, overall, just focus on image quality and reliability while sacrificing being the leader in technological developments. They will never be leading in Megapixels, nor will you hear news that Nikon developed “the world’s largest sensor.” I just don’t think they care about things like that.

            For many shooters, this is just fine. I find Nikon’s attention to ergonomics, iso, and build quality perfect for my style of shooting – but I think you are in need of different things.

            Not only that, as technology changes, Canon tends to immediately release new products. Which would be a huge sigh of relief to you because it sounds like you like to have the latest and greatest. Nikon, on the other hand, waits long 2-3 year intervals.

            So my question is: why have you not switched yet? what’s preventing you?

      • zzddrr

        the whole point I wanted to make was that Nikon is wasting time and resources to develop something that is not its strength. Nikon should have acquired a company that knows the tricks around video. In the meantime Nikon slowed the development of the still image side. (and I do not want to mention the coolpix crap…this should have been addressed long time ago because right now coolpix is getting embarrassing)

        • Roland

          zzddrr: I agree!
          Nikon should focus the development of it’s core business, still images!

        • WoutK89

          Hahahahaa, I am laughing so loud, first people complain about Nikon doesn’t have Video of Canon quality and High MP bodies, and now you say they should stop what they started, because it’s not up your standards yet?? Ever heard of trial and error?

        • Peter

          zzddrr.. i dont agree.. i think that if you were in charge of running nikon we would all be shooting pentax or canon or w/e.

          i do agree that the D90’s video is a jello machine.

          the d7000 will probably offer excellent video, i dont really care for the feature, but i think video is a necessity in a modern dslr.. any company who denies this will fall behind.. if you dont care about it just ignore it, all the camera brands will implement 1080p video in the near future anyway.. it will become stock standard.

          to me, the most important feature of a camera is for it to feel like it is an extension of the self.. an ergonomic and functional masterpiece that integrates seamlessly with your artistic vision.. that why we all shoot nikon.. right? no other company can give me the sensation of precision and execution like nikon does in the heat of a shoot…

          where am i? my point is, i think nikon has done the right thing upping the video to the future standard..

        • zzddrr:

          Really, slowed the development of still? Hmm, well, their sensors are still at the top in all catergories, D3x, D3s just as starters. zz, would you care to link your photo site here for us? Just curious to see how great a photog you are. Nikon only makes junk in your world, so it’d be interesting to see what you do with your Nikons.

        • Jabs

          You are a ‘spec head’ perhaps and not a person who seems to understand cameras/technology/business partnerships.
          Nikon has teamed with SONY and Sony has teamed with Nikon to BOTH learn from each other.
          Nikon IS the most innovative company out there in Photography, as nothing Canon currently makes equals even the ancient original D3 – nothing YET!
          Canon is a larger company with a consumer bent often, BUT when I look at their RESULTS (which is worse) and not their specs. (which are superior), then I see Nikon as overall way better.
          Your problem here stems from your inability to decipher INFORMATION and you represent the consumer mindset which goes after meaningless specs., or trivia that SOUNDS great to salesmen or consumers but does NOT a better product make.
          Sony is superior, because BOTH they and Canon make Broadcast and Movie Equipment, so they have a larger portfolio of PATENTS to draw from plus the Research Departments.
          Nikon has a larger portfolio of PHOTO and lens patents to draw from, PLUS more professional photographic EXPERIENCE and capabilities than BOTH Canon and Sony combined.
          The D3, D300 and Nikon’s multi-array RGB tracking algorithm is WHY Nikon is better in photography as it is based UPON Nikon’s vast experience from F to F6 in film and D1 to D3X in digital. No one has a better metering system than Nikon and the results show THAT.
          I looked at the recent Vancouver Olympics shots and I COULD tell exactly what was shot with Nikon’s and what was shot with Canon’s based upon MY viewing them on Linux with OpenGL – vastly superior in BIT structure to DX-10 or 11 on Windows. The Canon shots were RED or even lacked RED response and it was that obvious. Nikon was way better, the whites were cleaner and the colors plus their color fidelity was way better or more accurate – THAT is why many PROS use Nikon’s. Autofocusing speed and accuracy is also the icing on the cake and NO ONE equals even the old D3, so far.
          On video and sensors, Nikon seems to have partnered with Sony and thus Sony learns from Nikon while Nikon learns from THEM. Therefore Nikon has ALREADY done what you have suggested here constantly and thus moot point. Learn your concepts and this often REPLACES complaints. Knowledge is the OPPOSITE of reckless aiming without a rudder as in telling us about WHAT has already been done or SOLVED!
          Who first introduced VIDEO in DSLR’s?
          Who first introduced RGB metering arrays tied to autofocus?
          Who first introduced D-Lighting?
          Who first introduced in-lens FOCUS motors?
          Who first introduced a PRO AF camera?
          Who first introduced a FLASH system that works with its’ metering seamlessly plus various flash units off camera and is the ONLY company that does it today?
          Who first made removable focusing screens and camera heads?
          Who first introduced a non-pellicle mirror camera that could fire or frame consistently at 8 frames per second?
          See my points?

        • Jabs

          To sum you up – You represent the consumer VIEW of things and that is valuable to Nikon the Company, but I am NOT a consumer nor consumer focused. My background is Engineering and I really don’t buy things BY specs., alone but from demonstrated capabilities. Hence, we have a different focus. None is better, but I understand YOU, while you perhaps do not understand what motivates or drives me. I represent the PRO mindset or the perfectionist photographer/videographer who sees the little details lost on consumers and thus speed, accuracy and consistency/repeatability are paramount to ME!
          I have shot with PRO gear and NOTHING in the DSLR world from ANY company comes even close. Television/Cable even in HD is crap by my standards as I can do better than that on even my computer. I have used Newtek products and the quality is way above DSLR’s. DSLR’s represent NEW opportunities but how many persons know how to EDIT/Title video and add ‘special effects? I am NOT talking Final Cut Pro standards, BUT above that level. People think that HD TV is some great resolution and thus clueless by PRO standards. Go use a RED or a Sony CineAlta or even a good digital Sony with some Nikon ED Video or Movie glass or even Canon Broadcast glass.
          The Movie/Broadcast lenses alone cost more than most photographers whole lens and body collection and not to mention the video/movie cameras themselves. EVER seen REAL digital @ 60 fps on Sony Broadcast Monitors in a Studio? Ever seen the quality of a $35,000 US dollars Sony Trinitron Movie or Broadcast 16:9 or 16:10 monitor?
          People’s exposure is what LIMITS them, so perhaps go and educate yourself by exposing yourself to actual HIGH end equipment beyond YOUR reach! Teaches you a lot!

  • sgts

    can nikon make public if they are running their student photo competition in the uk this year as our tutors would only tell the teachers pets about any open calls that went to the department. Also the wording and timing of the student offer is way better than last time and much appreciated.

  • Hey Nikon wake up!!!

    Canon T2i will sell more than D3100, are you helping Canon sales?
    Hoping the D7000 have manual controls on video mode, today this is a must for photojournalists and Indie Film makers, like me!
    Donยดt dissapoint us, please!

    • D3100 will sell very well, wait and see. PJs and Indie F M won’t be buying it, you know that.

  • Ron Scubadiver

    I don’t know, there are some shady characters outside of my house, and I think they are craving blood more than the D700 replacement

  • Well a decent indicator is the price, the D3100 is a few hundred dollars cheaper than the T2i (550D) . It looks like there’s no direct competition. It also sounds like the D7000 will fall in above the T2i and 7D hrm

    • … pardon, the D7000 will fall above the T2i but below the 7D in price

  • Clerk Kenwol

    Well, I don’t know anything about this but can anyone tell me how to remove super-glue from the optics of my 18 – 200VR? I was trying to put a filter on it but the thread was gone so tried the old ‘glue your filter to your lens’ pioneered by the brilliant Ken Rockwell but I seem to have misunderstood the method and now have glue on my lens between the filter and the lens. To complicate things the filter is now stuck on too – by accident after the first incident I needed to put it down somewhere and on the lens seemed like a good idea. I have a receipt, do you think they will replace? I will mention the Ken Rockwell method I was using at the time as that may help when they realize I was following an expert. Would acid take it off do you think? Or petrol maybe? Another person suggested I light the glue and burn it off the surface – would this work? Anyone have Ken Rockwells cell phone number so I can call him?

    • Brilliant.

      Your post was so good, I had to seriously balance whether you were serious or not for a few seconds.

      You’ll fit right at home here. Welcome to the internet.

    • WoutK89

      I have a receipt, do you think they will replace?

      Hahahahaha, I put “by accident” glue on my lens, can I get a new one please? They will pee their pants of laughing at you

      • WoutK89

        Oh yeah, and secondly, never accept advice from the internet, without consulting Nikon themselves first. Even though their status is “Pro” in your eyes, the only one that is able to make you preserve your guarantees is Nikon

    • Valadice

      Feel sad for you.

      Some glues do vanish when you apply some paint thinner/alcohol, probably not super glue. Most of the time, I sand paper it. Really fine sanding should not leave visible scratches. That’s on transparent plastic and stuff, and nothing like a camera lens. I have no idea how it will effect optical performance, so wouldn’t recommend sanding it down.



    These are actually edited and completed photos. I know most thus far have been straight out of camera.

    • Roger

      Thanks, Sean. Been looking at a lot of 85/1.4 AF-S samples lately, and brother, it looks like a killer lens.

    • WoutK89

      Don’t you want straight out of camera pictures in the main settings of a camera to prevent “faking” good/bad outcomes?

      • I mean, yeah, if you really want to see exactly what a lens does on paper… but I never give a client something straight out of camera… so this is real-world to me.

        But I mean, I didn’t do anything to play with the core makeup of the photos. Just color and some for-screen-and-print sharpening.

  • Simpleman

    Nikon , give us video Manual Control , is it so much to ask ?

    no manual control – means AGAIN tricking the camera to work as we like – WHY ?
    autofocus is nice – but its not everything , have you forgot about us guys who wants to experiment more , trying to pushing the boundaries of the equipment , Indie guys

    all we ask for is a 1080p video , with descent rolling shutter , full , not half , not only this and only that ,FULL manual control , and for god sake an audio input or mic output , on a camera that doesnt cost like ยฃ3,500 D3S .

    canon did it , panasonic did it , you started the whole vdslr thing , cant you ?

    • Eric

      the d300s has a audio input, so its safe to say the d400 will as well. Cameras lower then that are not marketed towards crowds that on average give two shits about using a off board mic and if you buy the lower priced camera and do give two shits then you can still use a mic with its own storage and sync it up in post later. The iphone even has an app to help syncing.

      • WoutK89

        So expectations are, no mic-input on the D7000, and Stereo mic built-in? (D3100 does only Mono right?)

  • Abhinav

    Nikon has to cut out features from D3100.otherwise there will no difference in high end and low end cameras .

    whatever I feel D3100 is goona rock the budget cam market .

  • Peter

    great to see a comparison between the nikon 85mm 1.4’s. pleasing to see that nikon did a decent job – i prefer the rendition of the bokeh / tones on the AF-S – and the transmission is clearly better.. still dont think it’s better than the 85mm L II.. maybe i was hoping for too much.. (Its pretty much canon’s best and only unbeatable lens).

    Time to wait for the Sigma to join the ranks first i think.

    • Human Tripod

      Clearly better? Really??

    • Roger

      85/1.4 AF-S already looks better than the Canon 85/1.2, especially bokeh in the night time shots.

  • B45B

    i believe a solvent for crazy glue is nail polish remover – acetone I think the original product suggested that to remove cg from your fingers please be careful as this solvent may ruin or dissolve some lens elements look into this but dont take my word acetone is wicked on many things proceed with caution! I am not telling you to do this just bringing this up

    there is a non acetone nail polish remover which is an alcohol (walmart sells it under their own brand) you might try that first – carefully

    old lens construction included some glue type materials within the elements so be VERY careful here!

    good luck and remember Whats the first syllable of the word crazyglue?

    • WoutK89


      • B45B

        you know crazy LOL I just thought it was fun to use a goof on “what is the first syllable of the word assume” I wish Clerk luck in cleaning up his problem

  • onefear

    Why the 70-300 buyback? Is it simply the 28-300?

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