At least three more Nikon Coolpix cameras next week

On September 8th, 2010 Nikon is expected to announce at least 3 new Coolpix cameras:

Nikon Coolpix P7000:

  • 10.1MP 1/1.7″ CCD sensor
  • 28-200mm equivalent zoom lens with f/2.8-5.6
  • Lens shift stabilizer
  • The same old Coolpix RAW mode (.NRW)
  • 720p HD 24fps
  • 3” LCD screen, 920k
  • Neutral density filters
  • 1.1 fps
  • Zoom memory function
  • Price: around $500

Nikon Coolpix S80 - replacement of S70:

  • 14MP
  • OLED touchscreen
  • 720p 30p video
  • Price: around $300-$400

Nikon Coolpix S8100

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  • Please no more coolpix cameras… Bring the cool stuff Nikon! (I mean the Pro stuff)

    • yrsued

      I could put that P7K to good use in my Location Case!!

      • I don’t know. Anybody here who’s not lost track of the point-and-shoot market yet? There is like a zillion different models now and every manufacturer updates the entire line twice a year.

        • Good sales = good ROI = mo money to throw at R&D = higher model turnover

          Of course, this hold true for the bottom end DSLRs, which is why we’ve had the d40, d40x d50, d60, d70, d3000, d5000, and now the d3100.

          • Huggs

            Best comment.

            Small sensors are cheaper to produce. I could see a low-end P&S costing about $20-30 to manufacture.

    • Oplya


  • Kingyo

    wait…one of the new coolpix cameras is 12mp..w/1080p video…sounds pretty pro to me 😉

    • Quoll

      1080p, but will probably be 24 fps only. Would still like to see what the quality is like though.

  • C’mon Nikon, bring us the cool stuff you know about!

  • sword

    Sorry ,I’m not interesting in it. Where’s the D7000?

    • Don


      • Luke


        • Global

          I don’t mind it. I really like that Admin always has something waiting for us when we come to the site. Its a really amazing thing, considering this site is still a start-up, not even fixed servers yet. So pretty good. Thanks Admin. Not my market, but thanks for always having something there for us.

          • st r


    • Richard

      Indeed. Just where are the new DSLRs? Nikon needs to do something much sooner than later.

      There is a lack of information about just where Nikon have sourced production for the DSLR sensors, much less details such as whether the fab is using old 200mm wafers or newer 300mm wafers which also use newer processes which should increase the both the production capacity and, at least potentially, the yields. (Financial analysts are the ones who usually sniff out this information.) Can it be that Nikon are not yet ready to actually ramp up production and hence the delays? Can it be that the specs of the ones we have not heard about are still in flux to try to respond to Canon’s announcements in conjunction with the inability to actually produce and ship product?

      If anything even remotely resembling these issues is the case, Nikon stands to fall a generation of products behind in the development process, giving Canon the opportunity to catch up, if not surpass them.

  • As the upstairs, where is the D7000?

    • SA


  • benS

    i guess Nikon’s surprise of the year are many boxes at Photokina with just Coolpixes in them. zzzzzz . i hope i am totally wrong .

  • if Nikon’s plan is to tease us hard… they are really getting to my nerves!

    I really hope this is worth the wait considering the specs on the 3100, with a better ISO performance (100 – 6400) and 18MP i would be ordering the thing ASAP!

    my fingers are crossed and now all we have to do is wait… its painful i know but its all we’ve got now tho

    • WoutK89

      Latest rumors was 16 MP, hope you can live without the 2 extra MP…

      • f/2.8

        No can do! He is going to keep the D40 and whine some more.

        • lmao!

          i have a d70s and a d90, and to be honest im doing just fine but i just want to upgrade this year to something with a better ISO performance, even if stills 12.3mp 🙂 but for weddings and concerts low light performance its indeed a deal breaker for some of us

          • stephen

            so get a used D700?

            • the thing is that i also shoot concerts and i like the pixel density of the DX sensor to get a 600mm f2.8 out of the 400mm lens, thats a big plus to me, and dont get me wrong, im surely going FX soon since the business is getting better and i am a full time photographer so i sure want the best tool for the job 🙂

              and i can see myself living in dx and fx at same time, so far i only have 3 lenses designed for dx (17-55, 10.5mm and 11-16) the rest is just fx, so no really huge investment in new glass but i think (and hope) nikon has something in the oven to blow our heads!

  • @ Anonymous WHAT is your reaction to this one, please answer politely : )

  • Jo

    That doesn’t get us closer from the D710.
    (D3000 -> D3100, my guess is D700->D710)

    • this kinda makes sense because if they keep doing it the same way they will run out of numbers for the cameras soon!, why not D95 and D710

      sounds good tho

      • WoutK89

        D710 sounds awful too me, like the Coolpix line…, its already bad enough that we will get P7000 and D7000 in the same time

  • 1.1 fps, who is joking?

    • WoutK89

      In a compact camera, who really need the high fps for stills?

      • st r

        Given that it takes to any P&S 1-3 sec to autofocus, who needs 10 blurred frames per second?

        (and if the subject stands still and focus does not change, who needs continuous shooting at all?)

        • WoutK89

          Even with my compact, that does 1 frame per I-dont-know-how-long a lot of picture come out out of focus 😉

          • Chris

            One measures fps of a Coolpix with a calender 🙂

    • Carlos R B

      And if im not was 10fps rumored…WTF happened?

      • WoutK89

        They stopped dreaming 😉

      • Carlos, it’s all rumors my friend 🙂

  • Phillip

    I know a lot of you must have felt pissed off big time by no release of D700 update in Sept.

    • Enesunkie

      Oh boy, shoveling coal in the fire! 🙂

  • I told you all that the BIGGEST SURPRISE from Nikon is that there will be NO D700 Replacement.


    • WoutK89

      I love seeing you provoke here, can you please go back to kindergarten for you midday nap 🙂 thanks in advance

  • Esbullbear

    Nikon, please give us a waterproof DC with a large sensor.

    • Matt XVI

      + 1

      Great idea! I’d love one of those for camping and snow boarding rafting and such!

  • Do you guys ever sleep?
    What are you doing up so early? Looking for a D700 update?

    • WoutK89

      you know about the different time-zones around the world right? Up so early could be up so late or up in a normal fashion 😛

      • Broxibear

        Lol…time means nothing to those addicted to the newest digital camera.
        It’s lunchtime here in the UK…think I might have some noodles ?

      • Enesunkie

        Yeh, but the sad part is a hard rain woke me up at 4:30 am and I DID check if there was anything new on NR (along with email, weather forecast, local news).
        We’re getting close to the 15th, it’s getting exciting!

  • Simpleman

    wow , WHO CARES ?
    even the customers who buy this small crap dont care , because they are kids or moms
    they dont even look at the specs , they just want a color to go with their bag

    real news please

    • Enesunkie

      Theres a lot more thruth to that then you would think unfortunately. I bought my niece a “nicer” P&S that only came in black. When my sister saw that I could have bought a camera in my nieces favorite color, ….. !

    • stephen

      exactly. Your average electronics consumer is an idiot. They still believe in the mega pixel myth. They don’t know what ISO means or does, and they certainly couldn’t care less about ND filters lol.

  • venancio

    G11 or G12 killer… not. Not even a haymaker to knock off the competition. But there’s still time to mix the specs and announce the S7000 as 1080 p, having Esbulber’s waterproof requirement, and with bluetooth and slow motion capabilities and touch screen. yeah…

    • venancio

      sorry… P7000…

  • Dominick

    Man, you guy’s complain so much I’m about ready to switch back to Canon! Do you even enjoy photography?

    • WoutK89

      Be warned, at Canon they can b*tch about small things too (or is it me as a Nikon D80 shooter all b*tching is about small things lately?)

    • Enesunkie

      Get a Sony,. those guys get to complain about their cameras shortcomings compared to Canons AND Nikons! 🙂

  • Broxibear

    Interesting price drop in the UK, the D300s has just plummeted in price to £979, this time last year it was £1270.

    • Jeff T.

      In the point & shoots detailed here, Nikon put 720p video in the more expensive P&S camera’s but in the camera listed with the lesser cost, Nikon put 1080 video in that one. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t know if this 1080 video is all that great or not. When I try to watch anything on YouTube in a higher resolution the videos start and stop and load and load and start and stop etc. I have the fastest DSL speed that AT&T provides and the latest Apple i5 computers money can buy so it a YouTube bandwidth issue or what? Seems Nikon has the 1080 technology but they put it in the cheapest cameras available, why no D700 replacement with 1080 video Nikon????? or even 720..

      I also seen towards the ends of last week where Adorama has added the 14-24mm AF-S F/2.8 with a 400.00 (US Dollar) discount or rebate when you buy a D300s or even a D700 now. Nikon must have a ton of D300s & D700 bodies to move. These rebates have been going on for what seems like an eternity. I bit the bullet and got a D700 and took advantage of the 1100.00 savings on lenses and couldn’t be happier. The D700 is one fantastic camera, when a newer one with 1080 video is available I’ll get it and keep the D700 for a backup, I just couldn’t pass up the savings, I needed the lenses.

  • Donald

    I was looking at D300s prices in may this year , amazon uk were selling the D300s for £999 then , I was tempted……

  • Ala’a

    No GPS? That feature was what attracted our environmental research team to acquire P6000s for field work :-/

  • Bryan

    What I find interesting is the use of a back-lit sensor in the Coolpix line. This could mean that the D90 Replacement really will have D700-like ISO if it incorporates the same technology.

    • WoutK89

      You do know the difference between size and computing power?

  • So basically the G11 killer is really a G9 killer and nothing really near the G11 or the soon-to-be-released G12 can be expected from Nikon? Damn, I guess I will get the G12 then, cause after waiting for years for the P line update this isn’t good enough and I will just learn to deal with the fact I can’t use CLS with the thing. However, given the prelim specs here, everything else on the P7000 is so far behind it will be a small setback without CLS.

    • LGO

      I currently use a Canon G11 as my P&S cameras but the ability of the Nikon P&S such as the P7000 to use my Nikon SB900s and SB800s makes this a possibly interesting option going forward.

      If Nikon adds a bit more feature to the P7000 such as a cleaner image at higher ISO in the next model iteration next year, then I just might consider getting a Nikon P&S for Christmas next year together with the D4. 🙂

    • Magnus

      Will soon buy a new high level P&S for use at work (all employees will use it).
      Many of us are Nikonians – so we are (still) hoping for the P7000 being able to compete against Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 and Canon G12. If this rumor is true then my company will not buy a Nikon 🙁

  • The invisible man

    Welcome to the new website, NCR (Nikon Coolpix Rumors).

    • WoutK89

      Yesterday it was Nikon Booth Rumors… really, if you don’t agree with Admin’s approach to an ALL NIKON rumors website, skip the posts you dont like, and let everybody else interested (or people that can live with reading more than “There is no D700 update rumor) just enjoy this site.

      Merci beaucoup

      • Enesunkie

        I’m sure Tim didn’t mean it bad. It’s just getting close to the 15th and new DSLRs have been few and far between for a while. 🙂

      • salvador42



    • f/2.8

      I feel you Admin with idiotic comment like this.

      Just want to let you know Admin, great job, again. Some of us understand and appreciate your effort.

      I am not in the market for these cameras but thanks for sifting through all the intelligence to get the info to us before the event.

  • Ronald

    Well, that’s a lot of coolpix this year 🙁

    I still hope Nikon will announce more then two DSLR’s this year

    • WoutK89

      You do know it’s a normal amount (maybe even mediocre) of Coolpixes, and that the possibility is slim, but is there for november for another DSLR. All it takes is time and patience, you can not please everyone always, but I see it’s getting harder to please ANYONE lately too.

    • venancio

      Workaround for missing Nikon DSLR: pentax k5 has the perfect specs, so F lens on K mount…

  • The invisible man

    Keep it cool guys !

    For some reasons I need Admin’s help, do you really think I would make fun of him and his work If I need his help ?

    This is a very technical blog, I try to make it a little bit more fun with my 2 cents humor in order to attract viewers who are interested (or new) in Nikon DSLR’s world but are not very familiar with technicals terms.

    If I did (or will ever) hurt someone feelings it was not my intentions and by advance I apology.

    By the way, Coolpix cameras are not that bad, I even bought one for my wife’s birthday !

    • WoutK89

      By the way, Coolpix cameras are not that bad, I even bought one for my wife’s birthday !
      Then indeed the joke is on you 😛

  • zzddrr

    Nikon, stop throwing crap at us!

  • Carlos R B

    Zoom memory function?….?….?…so the camera remembers where it was when was turned off? thats all?…while the competition (panasonic, canon and ricoh), all have step zoom?….

  • sgts

    nikon need to bring out a pitchfork which i can then take and run with screaming to their hq

  • SA

    What’s going on? 10 days before D7000 announcement and no rumors, no spy shots etc. I hate my suffering to wate this damn September 15 or any rumors!

    • SA

      I mean “wait”

      • WoutK89

        How could people have ever lived without the internet…

        • The invisible man

          Before Internet people were watching TV, and before that they were watching movies in theaters, and before that they were listening to radios, and before that they were reading books, and before that they were…..well you know what I mean !

  • coolpuke

    More puuukes from Nikon, but nothing else. I’m sick :[

    • T140Rider

      well go back and be creative with your fantastic HP POS Cameras. You know the ones with 300ms Shutter delay. I’m sure you will be a happy camper with one of those….

  • benS

    things are too awfully quiet on new DSLRs. Lots of nikon shooters are gonna get upset.
    Nikon better hurry up before this frustrated Nikon shooters give up their againg cameras for automatic assault riffles or gps guided smart bombs… just joking.
    I’ll shoot with my D80 for now until Nikon suprises us.

  • Karlosak

    Funny, the lower the price of the camera, the better the video, at least from the specs point of view… Nikon has gone complete nuts 😉

    • venancio

      just hope this will not be reflected on the DSLR line… the entry level D3100 is at 1080p… just a thought though, the P6000 was 13.5 mp, now P7000 is 10.1 mp… truth is, i’m still placing my blind faith on nikon, forcibly… faith can move mountains, it should move the heart of Kimura San…

    • Broxibear

      Or it maybe it’s because most professionals won’t use the video function on their dslr as their primary needs are photographic. Consumers (as Nikon like to call them) want to capture video aswell as pictures for their type of usage…no doubt the next D4/ D400 etc will have better video.
      Personally I’d rather have a choice of a body with or without video, I don’t like the idea of adding electronics I don’t want, which have potential to stop my camera from working…bit like the 911 turbo s which has all the toys and a stripped down light version like the 911 GT2 RS.

  • Ronald


    A while ago you thought there were 3 new dslr’s in the pipeline for this year.

    With one of them you’re very close to the rumoured specs of the D7000.

    Do you think there is a possibility that we will see a third camera on the end of this year? Or at least an announcement?

    • Ronald

      Oh, and no more rumors about the MB-D11 grip? Because that would suggest that maybe the D7000 will be a bit bigger than the D90?

      • WoutK89

        The D300 and D200 had a different grip too, but are very similar in size, so a new grip does not immediately point to size more to shape/connection differences

        • The invisible man

          Do you ever go to bed ?

          • WoutK89

            What is this thing called “bed” you are talking about?

            • The invisible man

              The thing where I like to spend time with my wife.

            • WoutK89

              Hey, there are kids reading this *lmao*

        • Ronald

          Oke, thanks for the feedback 🙂

    • Maybe the third camera will be the EVIL (yes, it is not a DSLR), the second option is to see another announcement by the end of the year and the third options is that this rumor is busted. I really don’t know.

      • Ronald

        We will wait and see…… 😉

        thanks for the reply!

  • DaveyJ

    @Jeff T. Great purchase! I think you will come to believe the D700 is one of the best or the best cameras you will ever own. One hazard for Nikon is all of this CoolPix ramp up is that Nikon’s reputation is NOT based on point and shoot cameras. I tested some high end point and shoots and decided to save my money for yet another DSLR. The D3100 introduction was one of the best Nikon moves recently and the RUMOR of the D90 replacement has kept a lot of focus on Nikon cameras and lens. Despite our interest in NR in great lens that is NOT how new buyers select cameras even when they are at the counter of a really good photo store. Let us hope the D7000 can bring Nikon back to the top of the practical camera heap. Good work Admin!

  • Anonymous

    Nikon is still mainly a 12-mp company. Such a shame… What they offer out of the 12-mp frame is as below:

    * 24mp D3x (too expensive & big)
    * 14mp D3100 (non-pro dinky body)
    * 14mp Coolpix (no need to comment)

    Where is the 20mp D800 FX? Where is the 16mp D400 DX?

    (note: I know resolution is not everything, but it is important as long as the lens can support. Otherwise we would all be using 4mp cameras today.)

    • venancio

      the answer, if not the indicator with more reliability index or higher confidence level, will be within the next 16 days…

    • zzddrr

      Anonymous – 100% agree with you. In fact, whenever I raise this 12mp issue most of the “fanbois” start barking at me….

    • Not Another John Doe

      Canon managed to inrease both pixel count & high iso performance at the same time with 5D mk II. Why can’t Nikon get inspired & follow the same route?

      So, what’s wrong with having an affordable 18-21mp D800 with same or a tad better noise results? It will be within the range of most lenses’ ability. Why some people keep telling the same story that 12mp is enough, and harshly questioning why others may need more?

      To answer them; if you’re happy with 12mp, then keep using your lovely camera, it won’t suddenly stop functioning with the new successor’s announcement. And because you don’t need the successor, the possible price depreciation will not be a thing to worry about.

      So what’s the problem?

      • 123

        The problem is I don’t have camera now. And to hell megapixels and megapixel onanists! I don’t have money for optics that can resolve too much megapixels!

        • Ken Rockwell

          If you can afford, better get the D3100 then.

        • Anonymous

          Mate, this is out of the context. It’s rather about folks who protest against higher resolution.

    • jhnw

      With D3100 Nikon has shown it is moving beyond 12mp. We will likely see a 16 mp DX on Sept 15th. And the D7000, if that is what it is called, could be the D300 replacement if the rumoured specs are accurate. The D400 could well be FF.

  • Ken Rockwell

    Good optics are not necessarily pricey. To give an example 50mm f/1.8 is one of the sharpest lenses Nikon has ever produced. See the results on D3x @ f/5.6. And 18-55mm VR will easily outresolve the 14mp sensor @ f/8.

    • The invisible man

      True, but don’t leave it under your car’s back window in summer time…..

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