Nikon booth at Photokina

Here are some visuals of the Nikon booth at Photokina:

Via Nikon Poland @ flickr

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  • venancio

    my… there are a lot of boxes… maybe lots of surprises in them…

    • D40-Owner

      Each box is a new product!!
      You’ll have every focal length from 8mm to 1000mm in /1.4!
      : P

      • Dang, I was hoping for another 6mm. Too bad.

      • Whatever.

        Most people here won’t be satisfied with anything less than f/1.2.

  • Too much boxes and no D700 replacement…. what a pity! Looks nice anyway….

  • zzddrr

    i think its just a Jack in the Box

  • Huggs

    Think outside the box.

    • zzddrr

      because inside the box you will not find new products. 🙂 Outside you will find a new Nikon president who is dreaming about that one day nikok will actually produce the magic camera. 🙂

      I’m afraid that this Photokina will be a great dispoointment for many of us. (Unfortunately!!!!)

      • Discontinued

        Let’s wait and see.

        • The invisible man

          Let’s see the wait…

          • nikkor_2

            C — Canon — has been waiting .. for good engineering, good design, good quality control.

            It may be a long wait. We’ll see.

      • gt

        you are the most negative person on the planet! No matter WHAT the admin posts, you post something about how Nikon has failed you. You will live in perpetual gloom and doom until a D700X is released – and, even then, your photography will not improve

        • Some people are not interested in photography.

          • zzddrr

            rhlpetrus – you are plain wrong.

            gt – now let’s compare canon with nikon.

            1) Canon execs don’t come out and promise with the magic camera all over. The Nikon president just did it the second time and to be honest, if they soon don’t show that magic then he just made a Jackass out of himself. He did it by himself

            2) Canon did not promise the magic but you can see a working 4k camera for example. Really impressive.

            Finally, I will write positive postings when there is something positive to say but I am sorry when these Nikon execs do nothing but promise the magic without substance …. well, I sense bs

            • JoshL

              I actually see where rhlpetrus is coming from. I’ve read pro/semi-pro
              bloggers talking about how they started their respective blogs with the
              art of photography as the central subject, but would get low traffic
              to their sites. But when they geared their sites more towards gear
              reviews that appeals to the tech/craft side of photography, people
              started coming. That is one indicator showing that a very high
              percentage of us (I myself am guilty) tend to get lured more towards the
              technology than the actual artistry of photography (for one thing,
              I’ve never heard of us talking about our vision, composition, etc. of our
              photos – which is fine since that is outside the scope of sites like this).

            • Terence

              That is a point indeed and many photographers always stress that cameras don’t matter (as much as the picture-taker him/herself).

              Specs are fun to read but you can really only read them for so long.

              I have a D70s and am really excited to hear about the D7000, so I am not sure why so many people complain about the D700.

              May be they should go film (oh wait, maybe they don’t know how :P)

        • The invisible man

          I’m not negative, I only use Kodachrome and Fujichrome, you will not find someone more positive than me !

          • nikkor_2

            I’m not positive but I think some forum posters here may be developers working to fix negatives.

        • m35g3%

          even if nikon does release a d700x tbat still will not be good enough becahse it is alrdady behind the timrs. what a shame, i am happy with my d200.

          • Anonymous

            You must be proud of real ISO 100 producing very clean images & good DR at this setting which was partially lost with transition to D300 for the sake of higher iso performance.

        • Zoetmb

          And you know what? Even when they release it, he won’t buy it – he probably can’t afford it.

          If everyone on this (and other) sites who complained about the lack of some future model actually bought the model when released, Nikon would have 5x the business that it actually has.

          Cameras like the D3 series are very expensive NICHE products. To judge from the complaints, you’d think they were $995 and that everyone would buy one if only Nikon would release the D4 (or the D800, or whatever).

        • Terence

          Hah. Nice jab.

      • Ken Rockwell’s Cat

        God you make me want to slit my paws.

  • I think Nikon will launch a new FF body in Photokina, just guess!

  • DC

    Nikon has very good FX lenses but there is no affordable high resolution semi-professinal body to put them on – that is what Nikon needs to release at Photokina.
    If not, then it is just good news for Canon.

    • nobody

      Spot on!

  • cirtap

    That hurts my head looking at dem boxes…Nikon way too complicated. Just show me MY D4, D400, D700X,S….

    Have a great day and pleasant tomorrow.

  • RobA


    (just kidding)

  • Phillip

    Nikon looks more like UPS now.

    • Discontinued

      This is what NPS was always meant to be: Nikon’s Parcel Service.

    • The invisible man

      No, look more like USPS, UPS is fast.

      • Jack

        Correction: FedEx is FAST. UPS is……….. well, brown.

  • Abhinav

    lol admin … ::D

    now we are fantasizing the booth in advance .

    • nikkor_2

      NR admin is contemplating a new site:

      After all, the site traffic here has grown so large of late with all of us posting about the Photokina boxes.

  • Anonymous Geek

    Admin, your new posts (including this one) are still not showing up on the home page.

    • Twoomy

      Then how did you find your way to this page? (Everything looks fine from my computer.)

      • Anonymous Geek

        I found this page through FeedBurner.

        But you can also see it in the monthly archives.

        Previously, I had visited the home page, and this post was not listed.

        It seems to be working now.

        • Anonymous Geek

          Actually, it just looks like the cache for the front page is only refreshing every several hours.

          (Yes, I flushed my browser’s cache.)

          • Nevor

            Flush the dns cache
            ipconfig /flushdns (on windows)

    • pethunia

      Seems fine to me, though.. WIFI on HTC Desire. Thanks, NR Administrator

    • They don’t show up in Google Chrome, either.

  • Eric

    Common Nikon, D400 or a D800, either way the geek inside of me would be entertained for weeks of reading specs, iso charts, etc.

    The photographer in me wants that 35 1.4.

  • Rob

    So the D5000 replacement is gonna be mean. It will be the true D90 replacement. This is a bit of a ruse to get rid of the screw autofocus, as the only way to get that now is by buying a professional (priced) body (D7000). Yep sign me up for a D5100 something with better specs than a D90 in a lighter body, screw the auto focus (pun).
    Rumors for the specs of the D5100 please.

  • Hopefully all those boxes aren’t refurb’s.

  • Hello,
    does anyone know if Nikon offers a check and clean service there? Would be really great, I missed the last one in my city.
    But anyway, Photokina is great show, I enjoyed it last time very much:

  • Anonymous
    • Doesn’t sound either credible or possible. Why two bodies (D900 and D950)? Nikon has had trouble bringing just one. It seems FF refresh is for next year, except maybe for D700s (just D3s sensor and video).

      • zzddrr

        rhlpetrus – so Nikon will miss (again) the holiday season? I know quite few who are ready to purchase a new FF since early spring and are getting frustrated because Nikon is plain slow.

        • nikkor_2

          I know several high-end, full-time sports photographers who switched from Canon to Nikon in the past 12 months.

          With their livelihoods on the line, they grew tired of waiting for Canon.

          They sold all their Canon glass, bought the Nikon D3S, and started to acquire Nikkor fast glass.

          Those with incomes at stake do not wait; they buy the best at hand. The best current FF bodies are Nikon.

          • Eric


        • JorPet

          Really? I bought a fantastic FX camera from Nikon last spring. It has taken some pictures that I am really fond of. What are your friends waiting for? A FX that will take pictures for them?

          • Anonymous

            D800 !

            • JorPet

              Why? The D700 somehow isn’t good enough?

        • Ken Rockwell’s Cat

          Here we go. I can feel some ’12MP bleating’ in my catnip.

  • timenetworks

    The official price of D700 in HK has drop!!

  • Joey jojo jr shabadu

    That is one huge booth…

    When is someone going to say ” stop wasting time on a booth and release a D800 or D4″

    • Zoetmb

      If you knew anything about marketing and manufacturing and the organization of large companies, you would know that the two things have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

      Do you think the camera designers or the engineer is charge of developing the machine tools to manufacture new models has been taken off their jobs to work on the booth? Booths are generally designed by outside service firms anyway and are managed by the sales and/or marketing departments.

  • sgts

    i just wish nikon would quit boring us all to death with their non existent products.

    • JorPet

      Funny, I have three different Nikon cameras and a dozen or so lenses.

      Since when did Nikon not have any products?

    • Anonymous

      He means D700 successor. Irony…

  • Lola

    If you zoom in really tight you can see sign that reads “No d700 replacement untill next year, get over it.”

  • The invisible man


    Here is an interesting and very well made site about ND (neutral density) filter, enjoy !

  • How many of you have shot with the D700’s competition ala 5dMKii? At my school we have 5dMKiis as our studio cameras because thats pretty much all they can do. Lowlight AF yea good think canons focusing system has the manual override, action photography what with 9 focus points and a 3.9 frames per secon? my D200 shoots 5 and its much older,

    I love canon cameras because they truly are the only competition to Nikon. That being said Canon really Screws with their customers. If you want to shoot low light sports you have to get a 1D because the high ISO performance of their 7D isn’t anything great and the 5 d is a joke for sports photography.

    Nikon on the other hand gives their users a great compromise in the D700, Excellent low light performance as well as a fantastic AF system and 8Frames a second is just a MBD10 away

    • Eric

      my school has Nikon D700, D3 for most work and MF backs and 4×5 view systems for studio use as it should be. I agree the 5dii isint all roses and that my d300s has considerable advantages over it in some regards.

  • Kingyo

    I used the 5dmkII a few times and my impression was that the resolution wasn’t as amazing as I had expected from a 21mp camera. That being said, the video feature was pretty sweet 🙂

    As for this Photokina booth..well I’m just wondering -since I know nothing about what has gone down with Nikon at previous Photokina events..and this only happens every 2 years.. would they really just be showing up to reveal this D3100 & D7000 and some coolpix stuff?? I mean, everyone already knows those are coming..why even show at the booth?? Of course I realize the importance of showing off the new lenses & flash, but it seems like there will be 0% impact from Nikon at Photokina this year as far as new cameras go. At least if they kept the lid on the D3100 & D7000 till the show I’d understand 😮

    • Denko

      The important stuff is what they do not show on the floor but in the closed room for their investors. That’s where the new stuff is always shown first. Once that goes over well things will be unleashed after photokina. Obviously this was far easier a decade and a half ago.

  • Anonymous

    Is 99-100% finder & built-in flash together technically possible?

    • Anonymous

      I mean FX

      • Eric

        yes… they can easily put a flash on top of anything they want, just means the prism would be a few mm bigger then it already is, no big deal. Flash is not my concern, my concern is being able to trigger my sb900 without pocket wizards.

  • FX new body coming soon!

  • Bob

    All those boxes must mean that Nikon’s new camera will be a pinhole box camera.

    • phil

      + 1

  • A slideshow of some boxes turns into a D700 replacement thread. Again. From what I’ve read on this site about 80% of posters seem to have more money than god. It’s all FX body this and $2000 lens that ;P

    I’ll be made up if the D7000 or whatever is half decent so I can retire my trusty 6mp D70 😉

  • phil

    no d700 replacement, i hate nikon….

  • Does anyone actually know what that little presentation is supposed to mean? What’s the information value here? I feel like I’m missing something.

    • Lola

      It means nothing, someone at Nikon is having a laugh at the expense of people who come here.
      They’re probably running a sweepstake to see how many replies they can get by “leaking” some information true or fake ?

  • Jørgen

    And how ill the nikonrumors-booth at Photokina look like?

  • Anonymous

    Nikon is still mainly a 12-mp company. Such a shame… What they offer out of the 12-mp frame is as below:

    * 24mp D3x (too expensive & big)
    * 14mp D3100 (non-pro dinky body)
    * 14mp Coolpix (no need to comment)

    Where is the 20mp D800 FX? Where is the 16mp D400 DX?

    • Jørgen

      They are inside some of the boxes at the booth. But will they open them at Photokina?

  • Wormwood

    Nikon, give me a D700 with video please…

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