Nikon Europe preparing their website to accomodate the new Nikon D7000

Update#2: the D7000 link I mentioned in this post was changed and now it also leads to an error.

Update#1: there is also a new placeholder setup for the Nikon Coolpix P7000 camera:

Several of the official Nikon websites in Europe already have an active link for the Nikon D7000 (D7000 is part of the URL):

If you go to this page you will see a broken link/image:

If you try another unannounced model name, let's say a "professional Nikon D800" you will get an error message:

Clearly Nikon has setup a template and a new link for the D7000 and are ready to populate it. I think they did that in advance in order for the search engines to get familiar with the new link.

You can see that same D7000 link also on Nikon Poland website:

on Nikon Italy:

and few other European Nikon websites.

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  • Matt


  • NikonFFuser

    it’s coming

  • Kevin

    When used D90 prices drop to ~$550…

  • The UK site has the D7000 place holder ready.

  • __jerem__

    I bet on a developper mistake! who commited his code on the prod server 😀 !!


    I hate it when I’m put to these decisions… I am a very pleased d90 owner at the moment, and have been since the d90 launched. D7000 now or D700 replacement later, which would you choose?

    • haha, same here – I’m a proud d90 owner, waiting for d700 replacement, but considering d7000 (only for video). If I needed it only for photography, then I’d definitely wait for d700 replacement, no way d7000. Just because I’m involved in videography I would like to have d7000 before getting the brand new d700 replacement with superb video capabilities.

    • JorPet

      I am about the opposite. I have a D70s and a D700. Trying to figure out what the next body I want to get. I am thinking at this point that a DX body would be the way to go as it will give me the same lens lengths (about) as a 1.4 TC without the speed penalty, so my 2.8 lenses will still be 2.8.

      Hmmm, decisions…

      • D800

        How about a 24mp D800 that you may use its DX crop along with the versatility of FX.

      • Teun

        D7000 would give you a neat line up. The next camera you should by after the D7000 would be the D7.

      • Daniel Larsson

        A f/2.8 lens will give similar depth of field behavior on a DX body as a FX body with a 1.4x (or rather a 1.52x) TC.

        • Greg Webb

          And, IMHO, about the same noise performance as if you’d lost a stop there too, from what I’ve seen.

    • Fun

      For me it’s the D90 or D300s replacement. But then neither D700 / D300s replacements are coming this year…

  • venancio

    D800… OMG… i don’t mind being taken for a ride, as long as i have the D7000 to fall back on to…

  • Baked bananas

    Hey admin….quit reachin…its a mistake. Nice try though. I should just man up and buy a d700. Heck Ive even made a video of myself begging for the replacement in front of nikon headquarters.

  • Jürgen

    Sorry – but there is no such hint!!!
    I tried each of these links – NO D7000

  • Intermanaut
  • suboniki

    stupid question:
    has nikon in the past always announced evety year a prosumer camera? should we expect a d300/d700 replacement?

  • Dweeb

    Should read “new D700”.

  • OT: Nikon seems to be very aggressive with rebates, 4 Nikons (including D3000 at #3) are among top 10 seller at Amazon at this moment, all digital cameras:

    • venancio

      3 coolpix cams and 1 entry level DSLR for Nikon in the top 10 bestsellers of amazon indicate why Nikon has this marketing attitude that befuddles others… there is no longer any need to ask why the major announcements are being dominated first by coolpix and d3100…

      • The internet “experts” about camera markets are always saying Nikon is doing so poorly etc. Actually, they never sold as many cameras as today. Projected dslr sales for current year are circa 4.2 million bodies (+-35% of whole market, including mirrorless cameras) and lots of lenses. P&S modles another 13-14 million units.

        • zzddrr

          rhlpetrus at the same time you may want to take a look at how much Nikon declined when it comes to unit price. They are trying to make that up with higher volume items. What we are witnessing is that Nikon turned its back to the serious photographers. Otherwise we would see something decent and not just the coolpix level dslrs with sony sensor.

          • JorPet

            The didn’t turn their back on “serious” photographers. They have the D3s, D700 and D300s, plus others. All of which can take a better picture than the people shooting them. I doubt there are more than 2-3 people on the entire planet who might actually be held back by the current Nikon gear.

            Do we want more? Sure, just like in computers. Not that we can’t already do everything we want/need to do, we just want more. More speed, more storage, more settings. Interestingly nobody talks much about really needing higher IQ.

            • zzddrr

              JorPet – read some of my older posts in which I am bitching about Nikon wasting too much time on the video and neglecting IQ and some other functions developments that would benefit those who are still interested taking still images.

              And yes, I think the entire Nikon lineup is outdated. Nikon milked too long the 12mp sensor. 🙂

            • IQ is NOT an issue of the D3x. Which is why I want one. I just can’t justify the price. Yet…

          • Roger

            Yeah, “they turned their back on serious photographers”, by producing incredible D3s, D3x, 24 and 85 primes.

            If that’s turning their backs, I’m all for it! lol

        • Zoetmb

          While I agree with you in principle, several years ago, Nikon had a 40% share of the DSLR market, so they’ve actually lost share.

          The big surprise is that they’re continuing to do well with the Coolpix line in spite of the fact that there’s almost universal agreement that they’re really not a very good line of cameras. But with the advances in cameras within smartphones and devices like the newest iPad Touch, for both still photography and video, I think the market for P&S cameras is pretty much doomed, especially the low end. So if Nikon has a new concept to compete with m4/3, they’d better get it out fast, but we all know there’s no chance of seeing anything before 2012, if then.

          • Roger

            I believe you’re onto something here. I’ve been thinking something similar, and I can no longer justify buying a digital point & shoot. Way too expensive for what they offer.

            I wouldnt mind a Nikon mirrorless to replace my point & shoot, or a Sony NEX, as long as the price is right.

            • Greg Webb

              The problem with mirrorless for me is that they’re still so big.

              With a pancake prime, I agree – they’re tiny. But I’ve seen Panasonic G1etc, Olympus Pen, Samsung NX, all alongside a D3000. With a standard walkaround zoom lens they’re so close to the D3000’s size as to completely negate the benefit for me – why should I buy a whole new set of lenses and sacrifice an optical viewfinder for a maybe 10% shrink? Or, if I’m buying it to use the F-mount lenses I’ve already got it makes even less sense because I now need an extension tube to cover the difference in flange distances and I’ve got a camera that’s literally the same size as my existing DSLR, but still minus features.

            • Roger

              Oh I agree with you, Greg. They really are too big!

              I’m hoping someone (Nikon?) will come out with a much smaller system. That’s why I’m hesitant to buy any of these cameras yet, I’d hate to give up all the goodies (cant live without an optical finder), and still end up with something that’s not small enough to be a perfect replacement for my point and shoot.

        • Roger

          “Experts” are also saying DSLR cameras are dead, and yet they’re selling like crazy. I’ve realized a long time ago not to take those “experts” very seriously.

    • Enesunkie

      The D3100 is the 9th best selling DSLR … and they’re still just taking preorders!

  • Jeff T.

    I didn’t see any reference to a D7000 on any of the above mentioned websites. Maybe they have been changed already or am I missing something.

    • Ronald

      The reference to the D7000 is in the title of the link 😉

      • Ronald

        If you change D7000 for e.g. D400, you will get an error, saying webpage not found.

  • very insightful admin!

  • The invisible man

    Cool !
    Thanks for the infos.
    I triedto key the D900, I did not get an error message, instead I got :
    “In your dreams”

    • Ronald


    • Anonymous

      In my attempt, I’ve got a “wait till 2011” popup 🙂

    • pethunia

      ..Another try got me re-directed to the D700 promotional text, singing the virtues of 12Mpx and the “pure photography” philosophy (no video).. 😉
      And somehow, seeing it written in de right font, surrounded by the so familiar black-and-yellow signature style, made me happy.

  • Vladi

    Cool, will be great camera, but if the price is £1000 body only then i rather get 2x D90.

  • PLAleks

    Finally! d7000 has coming to us, we wait for 15 september, the L E G E N D will arise…

  • Andy

    Admin – if there was a d800 you wouldn’t find it in the consumer camera links 🙂
    but then again there is no place holder in the professional cameras area

    • Yes, the screenshot is of a “consumer” link, but in the actual URL I used “professional”. Anyway, you get the idea.

      • SGN

        Not also, that D7000 is listed under consumer, not professional.

        That hints at a D300s Replacement, the line is NOT dead yet.

        • I noticed that too SGN. It’s a shame for me, I was hoping that they were going to combine the lines.

          I’m still on a wait and see basis with the official announcements. I’m still hoping the d7000 will be banging though.

        • Greg Webb

          We’re assuming that a D300s replacement would be DX though….

          The D7000 spec rumours still sound very like a D400 to me, far closer to the 300 than the 90. The Dx00 line has historically been pretty much a shrunken Dx line one generation (ish) behind – perhaps the answer is that the D7000 will become the top performance DX model and the D300s’ replacement will sort of become a D700h?

          • SGN

            So, are you trying to say there will be no “professional” DX camera?
            It’s proved here that Nikon thinks D7000 to be “consumer” and not professional…

  • D800 is (not) coming

    I tried this:

    and with D900, D950, D700x, D700s, D750, D400, D500, D600 too. All gave the same error_5001 (page not found)

  • D800 is (not) coming

    Changing to “professional”, I tried D800, D900, D950, D700x, D700s, D750, D400, D500 & D600. All gave the same error_5001 (page not found).

    • I haven’t try the new lenses. Will try now.

  • Simpleman

    great work admin !

  • The invisible man

    BTW Minolta had a 7000

  • I hope that i will not disappointed with a lack of manual controls on video….

  • Nice work! 😀
    I tried it on the Japanese website but no similar results lol.

  • i_still_want_a_D900

    Damn, I almost misread the title as “to accomodate the new Nikon D700” !

    it was almost a heart attack !

  • CE

    It’s infuriating that in all the rumor specs admin never includes any mention as to manual controls in video mode. That is the thing people are waiting! (ever since the D90 – rest in peace – came out). It doesn’t matter if it has AF, if it does slow motion, whatever, if it doesn’t have manual controls in video mode!!! In that case I’ll just gladly stick to the ones that delivered: 5d and 7d. (And this time around another voice appears, and it says: “Please Nikon, frustrate us once more, so I won’t have to reconsider my lens strategy!” – I’m about to buy a Canon EF 50mm 1.2L)…

    • I don’t know anything about manual control, my guess is that you will be able to set the aperture before video recording, just like on the D3100.

      • Andy

        Weren’t you able to change the aperture and the iso while filming on a D90? should be at least the same…

        • I hope this time`s different and they give manual control to video… The D3100 is an amateur camera mostly for average people who want film video the easy way so it`s reasonable that there`s not manual controls over video. Now the D7000 should be different….

  • eric

    I’ll buy the 35mm 1.4 and wait for the D700 replacement. 😀

  • comicalalien

    The lot of you are like little kids waiting for a chocolate biscuit.
    Give me, Give me, Give me, …now, now, now!

    When this D7000 is announced next week, the rumors will start flying again for the D700 replacement.

    When the D700 replacement is announced early next year, the rumors will start flying again for the D300S and D3S replacements.

    When will the average consumer actually be happy with the camera they have?

    Why not learn to become a photographer producing exceptional image quality rather than consumers with exceptional cameras producing mere snapshots?


    • Am-Expat

      I think the problem is worse than that….have you ever seen a compelling video done by a still photographer on a DSLR? Me neither. It is a toy for amateurs claiming to “need” advanced capabilities.
      Actually, the advanced still cameras now in everyone’s hands did not seem to change the level of photography either with the single exception of extreme low light setting in sports with a D3s.

      • NiknWontRepairMyGray

        You should do more research before babbling your mouth off. There are plenty of compelling videos done on DSLRs. The final House episode of last season was done entirely on Canon 5Dmk2. Vincent Laforet did several videos (using DSLRs) that caught a lot of attention from some people in the film industry. Laforet was still photographer.

        So how do crows taste like?

      • Roger

        There are good videos, but I dont think many people realize it’s gonna take a lot more than just “grab the camera and shoot video” to make something good.

        Vincent Laforet made a half decent video with 5D Mark II and a great video to promote the 1D Mark IV. But he did it with an entire crew and a hefty budget. It’s not reasonable to believe Uncle Bob will make similar videos just cause he bought a new DSLR with 1080p video.

        • Simpleman

          there are allot of amazing videos , being made , with dslr’s and i am not talking about big budgets , look at dvxuser community , some users there have really used the d5000 and d90 , to its best , and also in a little search in vimeo , youl find good exemples of dslr’s amazing footage without big production

          does it mean EVERYONE who has the equipment can do it , certainly not !

          but without manual control , you are very limited in even trying , its true that still camera’s video feature wasnt suppose to be a vid camera replacement , but it turned out to be much more than a toy , and therefore the demand

  • Eric Calabros

    “accommodate” is correct.

  • Rosco

    The new 35 1.4 on a D700; that would be me set for the next 3 years! 🙂

  • Patros
  • Wimha

    If you write a bullshit name in place of the D7000 you will get the same error message in the screen.
    Will Nikon take the name “bullshit” as a type name?
    I think it is a standard error nessage of Nikon’s site.
    I am also waiting for the new D7000 as a lot of you people.

    • Patros

      … did not give the Error message for “D7000” two hours ago… 😀

  • Ronald

    Now the link to the nikon website about the D7000 gives an error too:

    somenthing changed?

  • the D7000 link now also gives an error, everyone that missed it – take a look at the screenshots

    • Patros

      … Yes, they removed the dummy webpage after You reported about it… another proof someone at Nikon Europe does visit this site, too… 😀

  • Catastrophile

    any more photo’s of the D7000 (apart from 2 or 3 pix that were posted in the last few days)?

  • wayne

    It is default error page. I do not know why people are exciting. You can type anything you want that the page does not exist will appear with the same page.

    • Kevin

      the Nikon admin had removed the link page after NR’s report

      • yes, all links now lead to an error page

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