Nikon expectations for Photokina 2010

Photokina is the biggest photography equipment show in the world and it takes place every two years in Cologne, Germany. The dates for 2010 are September 21-26.

Here is an updated list of what Nikon is expected to release for Photokina this year:

  • Nikon D90 replacement (probably called D95, low chance of being called D8000):
    • Aluminium or magnesium-alloy body
    • 16MP sensor
    • 1080 HD video
    • Somewhere between 6-8 fps
    • Improved ISO (don't know what exactly the improvement is - higher ISO, or just better ISO at the same D90 level)
    • 39 AF points
    • Price: $1199 for body only
    • Announcement: on/around September 15th, 2010
  • Nikon D3100:
    • Continuous AF in video mode/live view
    • New AF points configuration which should cover a very large portion of the viewfinder. Total of 11 or 12 AF points.
    • 14 MP CMOS sensor
    • HD video: 1080p/24 and 720p 30/24!
    • AVCHD video codec
    • In camera video editing capabilities
    • 3 fps
    • Will be sold in a kit with a 18-55mm lens
    • No swivel display
    • Announcement: August 19th, 2010
  • Lenses:
    • Nikkor AF-S 85mm f/1.4G N (priced around $1650)
    • Nikkor 24-120 f/4 ED VR N (priced around $1300)
    • Nikkor 28-300 f/3.5-5.6 ED VR (could be f/4.5-5.6, priced around $1050)
    • Nikkor 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6 ED VR DX (priced around $350)
    • (priced mid to high $5k)
    • The first four lenses should be announced on August 19th, the last one should be released on or around September 15th, 2010

Coolpix & EVIL expectations after the break:

  • More Coolpix cameras: probably 3-4 more generic Coolpix cameras will be released, some with touchscreen LCD. Announcement: August 17th, 2010.
  • Nikon EVIL - new mirrorless system (maybe with a mirror) to be shown at Photokina. A very good chance to have a DX sensor. Expect to see it in stores in 2011.

Everything not listed on this list is of course possible, but less likely. I will continue to post updates as I get new information.

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  • Missing D?

    2002 D100
    2005 D200
    2007 D300
    2008 D700
    2009 D300s
    2010 D?????

    • broxibear

      “Every year since 2003, Nikon has introduced a new single-digit D series:
      2003 D2H”
      But you’ve forgotten the one thing that has happened recently that has affected all…a global recession.
      No point in rushing out new products if there’s no market for them.
      Everyone’s cutting back…even photographers.

      • CLICK

        Apple isn’t cutting back on anything, they’ve released a new product or group of products every 2 or 3 months the last 2 or 3 years and are laughing all the way from Cupertino to Wall Street…….Many companies are doing better than ever in this “recession” thru whatever means necessary like innovation, cost cutting measures, increasing productivity etc. Good CEO’s should guide their Corporations thru any “storm” and be held accountable in any economic environment.

        Nikon is unbelievably boring lately and lacks innovation as I wait to make my first Nikon purchase. Not everyone is a long time Nikon shooter and surely their are many who want to upgrade….Heck 200,000 people each day are born here on planet earth???? Surely some of them will want a new camera or lens..

        IMHO, Nikon currently has a stale product line by not being in touch with market demand or listening to their consumer base. Sure they have great, if not some of the best imaging products made but I believe that “Newer Refreshed products” on a “Timely Basis” that have even subtle improvements will spur public interest and hence, sales. Canon is selling loads of T2i, 7D, and 5D2. Are they any better than Nikon? Yes and no, but the bottom line is they are selling volume. Nikon is hung up here lately offering 7200.00 D3x bodies that aren’t selling worth a crap and has no video at all, constant refreshing of 4,000-7000.00 telephoto lenses and yet you can’t find or order a new 24mm f/1.4 or you are forced to buy a decade old 85mm f/1.4 lens. Why hasn’t Nikon put that D3s sensor and video in a smaller D700 body, I guess I will never know what has taken them so long….Nikon is building less products and with higher prices in order to protect and make those higher margins with those big ticket items. Makes sense to me, but am I a happy camper who want a mid priced 3K DSLR, hell no.. I want a D700s, if you are listening or reading this NIKON…..

        • Anonymous

          No, I want a D700x, not D700s !

          • peter


      • Missing D?

        Then explain to me why the 5D MarkII has been such a success for Canon.

      • Simon

        Your are correct. Statistics does not explain the science of your observations. The reality is about business and the limits of the technology. If we push the resolution of the sensors beyond the ability of the lenses, we start to measure noises instead of signals. We have seen that D3x starts to show the defects of some inferior lenses. It is not the best interest of Nikon or any camera manufacturers to make high resolution sensors and nobody want to buy any lenses, or the new cameras.

        • Missing D?

          Limitations due to the manufacturing of the lens is not going to stop Canon from releasing a 30+MP full frame DSLR later this year.

          Who sees the lens limitations and where? Do you see it on the front cover of magazines? Or in the National Geographic spreads? On the front cover of Sports Illustrated?

          The lens limitations are primarily seen by pixel peepers on the Internet who typically never own such cameras nor print out images to a size where the limitations are revealed. Do you see Thom saying “we don’t need more MP”? Or any other professional?

          As an example, a slightly out of focus or blurred image from a D3X (24MP) can look quite sharp/satisfactory at web resolutions (<= 2MP) when it is scaled down.

          • Anonymous

            Maybe the limitations won’t be noticed, but it’s also a waste of resources. Instead, upres 24mp to 30 and be there. Same applied to transparency scanning. There was negligible difference between 4000dpi to 8000dpi, but it took 4 times longer to scan.

          • After some up & down movements, I believe in a couple of years, full-frame pixel count will stabilize around 24mp with better IQ (DR, pixel sharpness, low & high ISO cleaniness) than today’s.

            As 24mp becomes the standard for FX, the prices will eventually drop, and we may even see D90-sized cameras cw. compact but high quality zooms like 28-135mm VR or 18-28mm for this body size.

            After this evolution, DX may find its way into the evil EVIL system if they may manufacture very compact lenses including teles.

            • Missing D?

              Consider, DXO measured the Canon S90’s sensor and rated it, at a per-pixel level, better than the Nikon D3X.

              At full frame, that S90 sensor is close to 200MP.

              And that’s not even taking into consideration “full color” pixels like Foveon.

              We’re a long way aways from the end of the sensor game in DSLRs although I’m sure there will be plenty of people saying “Who needs more then X MP?” at every step of the way.

            • Anonymous

              Smaller the lens, higher the lpmm figures become possible. The sharpest lenses are that from compact cameras, and the worse lpmm figures are from LF. But this fac doesn’t stop LF or MF giving the highest overall resolution images.

              Roughly total resolution increases by the function of square root of linear format size.

            • Anonymous

              I think you should consider this camera called PENTAX 645D, which features a 40MP, 44 x 33 CCD sensor.

          • Simon

            This is a very simple physical property that one would have learned from high school. Glass is a supercooled liquid and not a solid that has microscopic bubbles in it. It is not unusual using software/hardware digital to enhance signal and suppress noise. The limitations are governed by the number of bits of the ADC unit (analog-digital conversion), e.g. the resolution of 10-bit ADC is ~0.1% ( 1/1024).

            • IndyGeoff

              Nevertheless, from a more common sense point of view, glass should be considered a solid since it is rigid according to everyday experience. The use of the term “supercooled liquid” to describe glass still persists, but is considered by many to be an unfortunate misnomer that should be avoided.

    • Enesunkie

      The problem with this is that the D700 isn’t in the same product line as the D100, D200 and D300.Take it out and you’ll see that there is a 2 or 3 year cycle . As for the D”x” series, maybe they are just getting too good to update every year. This will happen someday you know.

      • Missing D?

        Right, so expect a D400 next year and either D700s or D800 this year.

        • BornOptimist

          or a “D700-someting” next year.
          It took more than 3,5 years from the first generation D100 to second generation D200.

          • Missing D?

            Yes, but the industry was still very much in a nascent phase then, not now. In addition, there’s no public knowledge (that I’m aware of) about when the D700 R&D started.

            But look at it from a different angle – do Nikon want to release two Dx00 cameras in the same year? (2011)

            • WoutK89

              short answer, yes

              People that doubt between FX and DX get a choice what to do, instead of people hanging in between and waiting for a successor to come 😉 Best to give both camps a new camera, so most people can be satisfied (I assume)

  • petry


    D70 was announced with Nikkor 18-70;
    D80 with Nikkor 18-135;
    D90 with Nikkor 18-105;

    What new lens will we get as kit lens for D90 replacement?!?! I doubt Nikon will use an old lens for kit.

    • WoutK89

      rumors for a 18-135VR have been floating around, but maybe they will keep just the 18-200/18-105 combo as kit lenses

    • Anonymous

      Maybe the 16-85mm VR


    24-150mm full frame ???

  • Gary

    It feels like we are on the cusp of the next great leap forward…

    • CanonFanNikonKiller

      I dont see much of a great leap. Going from 12mb to 14mb or 16mb? Why bother.
      Canon will leave nikon in the dust again.

      • Gary

        There’s more than the megapixel count. The AF sounds like it will be a big leap forward, for instance, as well as the noise handling…

        • sword

          agree with you . 14mb to 16mb is wonderful.
          canon’s 18mb is too more? noise handling is not easy

          • WoutK89

            and now I want to correct, we are not talking about memory (Bytes), but about captured light waves (Pixels), so please use MP and not MB

  • I like D95 as the name of D90 replacement

    • sword

      me too

  • Balaji M

    D90 will be called D90 X. I got this info from a Nikon D-slr showroom manager in India. They’ve been informed that D90’s production will be stopped and supply of D90 X will start in a month. He was not aware of the price.

    • sword

      no,that’s not true.
      D90 continue , it’s perfect machine

  • i enjoy photography

    I’ve been told that the D300s replacement will be DX and have the following specs:
    environmentally sealed Mg-alloy body
    16 MP sensor with 1.5 f-stops advantage over D300s when it comes to clean pictures.
    2 CF card slots
    virtual horizon
    1080 HD video with continuous AF and rolling shutter problem solved
    AF motor still there
    new faster AF system with newly arranged sensor points and more cross sensors
    high FPS rate
    no word on the name
    I don’t know how accurate this is so please don’t flame me if it is wrong.
    However, I would like it a lot and upgrade.

    • i enjoy photography

      oh, forgot to mention that it will be announced within the next 8 month and have video with good manual controls, more manual camera settings, and improved in camera dust removal / prevention.

    • Josen

      Sounds great! But right now everyone just hope Nikon can announce the D90 and D700 replacement as soon as possible. :p

  • ERT

    hmm..Sad 🙁 i needed the D95 before October 4 for my honeymoon trip..i shouldn’t sold my d80 last i don’t have a dSLR to use hehe..

    • NiknWontRepairMyGray

      Can’t you rent dlsr body + lenses?

  • Valadice

    Shouldn’t the D90 replacement be cheaper than that? You can buy D300s for 1500. Hardly a gap really.
    D5000 kit is like 750 these days. Shouldn’t D90 replacement be around 1000 mark? and perhaps 1200 for the kit? D90 was 1000 when it got released.

  • Broxibear

    I’ve read and commented on this blog for a few months but it still amazes me that some people are waiting for the “perfect” digital camera.
    Some posters make some great points but many just bang on about the same thing again and again…it doesn’t do this, it doesn’t do that, Canon do this and Nikon should do that…give it a rest people.
    You get the feeling that if a camera manufacturer did make the perfect camera, which was never going to be bettered, someone would come on this blog and complain because they wanted it to have a blue light on top instead of a red one, and they’d be waiting for the x model which just might have the blue light they crave?
    Figure out you budget, find a camera that best fits your needs inside that budget, buy and use it…then after 2-3 years when technology has moved up a step you may want to upgrade ?
    It’s not a difficult concept to grasp?

    • It’s not a difficult concept to grasp?

      No, but that would make sense. Can’t be havin’ none o’ that ’round here!

      • Broxibear

        “No, but that would make sense. Can’t be havin’ none o’ that ’round here!”
        Oh well, I gave it a go ?
        Any news on the D6 yet…I’ve heard it comes with it’s own photographer attached so you don’t even have to take the images ?

    • BornOptimist

      Two thumbs up!
      It is interresting to read about rumors, but it’s particulary interresting to read about patents, and that’s why I daily check this site.
      Personally I have in my mind close to a perfect camera, D700, along with all the lenses I need, so I’m not looking for anything new on the dslr/lens front. The mirrorless otoh, that might make me open my wallet if the lenses are significantly smaller than present lenses.

  • zeissmeringue

    fuck DX, fuck all extra lenses ‘cept a superwide tilt-shift

    • Anonymous

      TS is easily emulated by post processing if you have enough number of pixels. Why bother with a TS lens…

      • You can change perspective in post? I’m too much of a n00b to’ve known that. For some reason I thought that the lens gave me unique perspective and abilities that other lenses don’t have. I guess I don’t need a zoom, either. A bit of extreme cropping and I’ve got my zoom! I get it now!
        Thanks for the advice.


        • zeissmeringue

          but its false .. it can’t be true correction.

          • Don’t worry about me. My Sarcasm Light was on 😉

            • zeissmeringue

              arrrgh too much of that on here.. we’re all tense and on edge waiting for the next development (!!!) i know a ptghr who does the software thing .. but he is also canon and crap in the skillz. maybe this is an option –

            • Ooh, that’s pretty cool. Guess I need to pick up a Pentax 645 so I can use it 😀

              BTW- I just picked up a 45mm T/S a couple weekends ago, so definitely not thinking that software emulation is the same 😀

            • zeissmeringue

              oh 45mm? canon or the pentax 67?
              can anyone interpret this from Mirex Germany:

              many thanks for your enquiry by e-mail from today.
              Our ts-adapter for Pentax 645 lenses is developed for the connection of the previous lenses.
              Till now, we cannot tell you whether the new lenses (Pentax 645D) can be attached to it.

              The use in connetcion with Nikon camerae is possible only as an shift-adapter.
              Due to the higher flange back of your Nikon camera opposite M42, the position does not suffice for this any more.
              (Focusing would open be infinite no longer possible).

              Please inform us about the exact name of your lenses and your camera which you would like to use.

      • D40-owner

        Wow, you can make a focus plane horizontal in post, where you have all from near to infinity in focus, at 2.8?

  • Digitalux


    I’d have expected the D700 replacement to be anounced and then made available at the same time the 24-120/4 would be. As a kit.

    May be the marketing figured it out they would sell a lot of 24-120/4 at full price prior to set it as a kit.

    • Anonymous

      Who knows, maybe D800 kit will be the 28-300mm VR.

  • zeissmeringue

    how can they justify charging that much (D700 and successor) for a pro-SLR with only 95% viewfinder coverage? why is every one so keen to get a low-rez body that is even more low-rez because one must discount the 5% area and cover it with mountboard. scandal. Nikon better bring something decent out for pros as the pentax 645d reviews will start coming in soon along with whatever Canon and Sony is planning. Pentax have a FF slr coming up?

  • The invisible Man

    What ?
    No D800/900 ?
    It’s OK, I’ll wait photokina 2012

    • enesunkie

      Wait, let me see if I can find someone else on this forum who is willing to wait two years for something…………………Nope, I think you’re the only one 🙂 .

    • sword

      no wait,buy D3S…. but it’s big and expensive。
      mm……. keep waiting for 1 to 2 year

  • So the EVIL is the surprise that Nikon was talking about?

  • Kontharo

    If the D3100 gets Continuous AF in video mode/live view, I’m pretty certain that the D90 replacement will as well.

  • Anyone think the D3100 will have exposure bracketing?

    • enesunkie


  • Baytastic

    It seems to me like the d3100 is receiving a lot of criticism, but I’m not a professional in this field. I’m someone who wants to begin taking pictures, strictly for hobby for now, and I was looking at the d3000 until I heard about its upcoming upgrade. Obviously I don’t want to spend thousands on a camera when I have next to no experience with DSLRs, and the d3100 will hopefully fit perfectly into my budget.

    Is this the camera I want to get in order to venture into photography?

    • Lola

      No, buy a used D80 and spend 6 months taking images.
      By that time th4e newer cameras will have come down in price slightly and if you feel like upgrading you’ll be able to make a more informed choice?

    • The d3100 is pure speculation at this point. The features and even name could be totally bogus for all we know.

      The d3000 is nikon’s cheapest/bottom of the line camera. It’s basically a d60, which is basically a d80 without an af motor. Honestly, if you’re that serious about photography, a used d200 (robust build with better weather sealing and autofocus motor) can be had for not much more than a d3000. Used gear is a great way to try stuff out, since you can usually resell it and lose less money than buying new and selling it. Especially with lenses.

    • enesunkie

      The D3000 and probably the D3100 are/will be, both fine cameras to learn on. The lack of an AF motor that a D80/D90 have probably won’t affect you, but the D80/D90 do have some nice features that you might appreciate at some point. This all depends on your budget and if you’ll be happy not having the latest and greatest, which is expensive to do in photograpghy 🙂 . If you think that you might like to do a little video, then wait a bit. If it’s of no interest to you, then go out get a camera now and take some great images!

      • zeissmeringue

        the 31000 doesn’t exist!!!

  • Lupus

    Dear admin, did you hear anything about an articulated screen for those two dslr replacements?

    • Enesunkie

      It’s Sunday and we didn’t get the weekly Nikon news. I think one of the natives here kidnapped admin and wants a D800 for ransom! 🙂

      • I was out of town with no Internet connection. I will try to put something online tonight.

    • WoutK89

      If admin makes a recap of all news he knows so far, how come you keep asking for something he doesnt know? 😉

      • if you would know all what NR admin knows, you would shake like a yello and never sleep again

  • D800

    Oh… my D800…..

    Where are you……?

    • DX2FX

      Don’t you worry; if there’s a D700, there will be a D800. It’s just a matter of time. 🙂

      • Discontinued

        “It’s just a matter of time.”

        This is exactly what many people worry about – therefore it is quite the opposite of a “Don’t you worry”-point.

  • sword


  • Peter B

    I gave up waiting for the d700 update. Im just going to get more experience…keep my nikon d90 and buy more fx lenses.

    • WoutK89

      great avatar you have, perfect for this kind of comments 😛 how many people will follow his example?

  • butcher

    So, does this come with 12-bit or 14-bit A/D conversion? Anyone knows?

    I think that if it comes with 14-bit a/d conversion there will not be a D300 replacement, for a short while.

  • D40-owner

    I have a sneakin’ suspicion that the Admin is not who we think he is…….
    We all have believed for the last couple of years that he digs info and scoops all over the net to

    get rumors on Nikon….. But NO !!! He IS AN EXECUTIVE FROM NIKON!!!!! He uses this site to create

    internet Hype and free market research! He is an insider!!
    Let’s get him, and tie him to a pole. Then cover him up in honey, call in the carnivore ants and make

    him talk!!
    He knows the schedule for the D95,the D400, D500, D4, D5, the works.
    I bet he has even tested the upcoming lenses for the next 5 years:

    The DXs:
    – The “hey, starts at 2.8!” 16-85mm f/2.8-4 N VR DX
    – The “finally!” 16-60mm f/2.8 VR N DX
    – The “holy tube” 35-150mm f/2.8 N VR DX
    – The “Me wants one” 16mm f/1.4 DX
    – The “what it should have been” 85mm f/3.5 Micro DX PC (Tilt-Shift)

    The FXs:
    – the “über” 24-85mm f/2.8 N VR
    – the “insane sharp” 14mm f/2 N
    – The “new standard” 12-24mm f/2.8 N VR (full frame, baby)
    – The “cream machinator” – 85mm f/1.2 N VR
    – The “night owl” – 50mm f/0.95 N VR
    – The “ultra portrait” – 105mm f/2 N VR Auto-DC (automatic variable aberrations for super bokeh)
    – The “howitzer series” – 800mm f/4 N VR and 1200mm f/5.6 N VR
    – The “lens from another galaxy” – 300mm f/2 N VR Super-ED
    – The “WTF?!?” 24-60mm f/4 N PC (independent 360º rotation of tilt/shift axis)
    – The “microscope” 200mm f/2.8 Micro N VR (2:1 super magnification)

    • Discontinued

      Did you take any drugs?

      • D40-owner

        Yes, they’re prescription drugs for a disease called the D95-waiting syndrome. 😛

    • Richard

      I would be very surprised if Nikon did not have people monitoring this web site, among others, to judge the market. I expect their competition does as well.

      • f/2.8

        They monitored this site closely to identify who in Nikon is leaking their secrets and fire them.

        You must be a fool to use this site to judge the market unless your market is to cater to whiners.

        • Richard

          Most companies simply want to know what is being said.

          There have been some instances of companies contacting persons posting on other (non-photography) web sites when they were complaining about problems with the company. Although comparatively few in number, the companies wanted to resolve the problem (and the PR nightmare).

          It is widely believed that more companies than we realize also leak information about future products to judge reaction to them before actually committing to production.

          They are looking over their shoulder so to speak.

        • Victor Hassleblood

          “… unless your market is to cater to whiners”

          Yeah, or unless you wanna be fooled by a few silly fanboys, cheering you anyway and writing “Nikon for ever” here on NR as well as on the tiles of their high school’s toilet. These fanboy guys are really smart. Listen to them and see how fast you ‘ll go down the drain.

          • Richard

            I think they are capable of sorting the wheat from the chaff.

          • Richard

            I think they are capable of sorting the wheat from the chaff.

            The “I want a 10-800 mm f/2.8 AFS VR Nano for $495” posts probably don’t get a lot of attention.

            • Victor Hassleblood


            • IndyGeoff

              When do you think it will be released ? ;-P

    • lol, this is funny!

  • TT

    WHY???!!!! No 80-400mm replacement?!?!? Why Nikon? PLEASE SOOOOON!!!!! Come on man!

  • Kingyo

    I’m expecting a new d700’ish 14-16mp FX dslr w/ 1080p continuous AF video and $3,000 price tag along with everything mentioned above or else… I’M SWITCHING TO OLYMPUS! 🙂

  • zen-tao

    Nikon company is not willing to improve pros or prosumer cameras. Why they should have to to do it? Have a look in PMA: Coolpix, Coolpix and more coolpix. The shots are going to be aimed to other side. Making a serious tweak to actuals DSLR cost a lot of money and efforts and perhaps the market is demanding other kind of cameras. Sony people are changing their minds and have released Nexus-5 . May be the future cameras will consist in a good lens attached to a body like a tobacco pack.Then, you put every farmed out gadgets you need.

    • Talking about Sony and Nex-5. I just read a review claiming that its 14,2 MP APS-C sensor is almost noisefree up to ISO 1600 and usable all the way up to ISO 12800. It apparently beat Nikon D5000 in a side by side test. Sounds amazing for such a small camera. Wonder if this is the same sensor as D3100 will have, and a smaller brother to the 16 MP sensor for the D95…

  • Piewee

    Wow. D95, looks like it with compete against the 7D from Canon right? I mean, for video work. First I wanted to the D3s for video work, but it didn’t shoot full HD. So then I looked at the 5D from Canon, while saving enough cash for the 5D the 7D came out, for even half the price of the 5D. And video results were impresive for that pricetag of the 7D, so just when I was going to order the 7D I took a quick look at this site, because my photographic heart lies with Nikon, and it would be awesome to use my old manual focus AI-S lenses to shoot video with. And then I read about D95!

    Will this be my new camera? It’s hard to say since it hasn’t been announced officialy, but do you guys think, looking at the specs above, that it will be able to beat the 7D from canon, of maybe will be just as good? Because then I will wait for the D95 from Nikon. (Or D8000 as some think it will be called) Please let me know what you guys think.

  • Gordon Freeman

    16mp D95? I find it hard to believe that Nikon would outclass its D3/D3s, D300s and D700 cameras which are all semi-pro and pro bodies, with a higher megapixel camera in the amateur/enthusiast market. I just don’t see it happening. From a marketing standpoint, it would make absolutely no sense (and I work in marketing). I just don’t see it happening.

    • Victor Hassleblood

      14 MP Coolpukes didn’t make sports and wild life photographers switch. Why would one of them change from D3s to D95?

      I can see a 16MP D95 happening and it’s not at all stupid to put 16MP into the amateur/ enthusiast market first, as it puts a lot of pressure on the pros. Every pro has made this experience with one or the other client, art director, project manager, to get asked about the equipment and getting compared with a P&S or an enthusiast DSLR. In other words, every pro will eagerly await the next upgrade and spend the money for it without any hesitation. Fear is a great accelerator and nothing will be worse, than shooting a D3 or a D700 for a client, that has a D95 or a 550D/2Ti.

      We surely will see predecessors of D300s, D3 and D700 pretty soon and the pressure (to buy ’em as quick as we can) will be on us.

      So much for marketing (and I work in marketing too).

      The only thing I just don’t get (from a marketing standpoint) is, why the hell would I stay behind Canon for such a long time?

    • psychophoto

      well, it’s not likely they’ll release another 12mp dslr… from what has been posted here and elsewhere.

      Somebody on this site pointed out that it’s better that nikon compete with itself than with canon. If they can make camera that’ll fly off the shelves, while maintain profit margins, why shouldn’t they? Then there’s the unsubstantiated idea that this model (D90R) will replace both the d90 and d300(s)… that idea is a product of the almost prospecs in the rumor, and the concern that it’d too close to the d300s…

      Who knows… I thought about just picking up a D90 given that its such a steal right now ($750-800!), but I have a weakness for the latest and greatest.

    • Chris P

      You have hit the nail on the head as to why without realising it. Amatuers/enthusiasts are impressed by megapixel counts, professionals are only impressed by what gives them the picture they need. It is also why most, if not all, of the people posting on here re the D700 being only 12 Mp, and are therefore desperately waiting for its replacement, do not actually own one. If they did they would know just how good it is and that going to 15 or 18 Mp really isn’t going to make that much difference to the still photography results.

    • rangefinder bob

      Canon arguably outclassed its flagship 1Ds Mk III with the 5D Mk2–higher ISOs, Digic 4, video. The Nikon D2X was rendered obsolete by the D300 (and by the D3 as well, but comparing DX to DX here)–better high ISO, faster frame rates, better AF. This just means the new flagships are coming out.

      Also, as much as these cameras are all technological wonders, the camera is just the paintbrush–you still need the master to compose the picture.

  • Chris P

    Last post was in response to Gordon Freeman’s question.

  • Anonymous

    NR Admin – can you post something? It is getting extremely boring reading through all these crappy posts of over 300 of them. (With all due respect to the exception)

    If you don’t have anything then just tell us that Nikon sucks and you have no clue what crap they will release.

    I am sorry but I start to believe that Nikon is totally f***d up and will release some 12-16MP plastic crap again. I mean Canon and Sony have more promising news. Nikon simply sucks.

  • S

    The D4 series better have 18+ mp, 2 stops better iso than D3S, 400,000 actuation shutter-life, 3.5 inch LED screen, super high dynamic range..of 14+ stops and good fuji s5 pro color…oh yeah..and a new AF system that changes the DSLR game. Do I really think they will deliver next year…honestly?….YES.

    • Gary

      I agree in the sense that Nikon will release some big breakthroughs in technology with their next gen cameras. As to what it will be, I wouldn’t venture a guess.

    • Anonymous

      First D800, then D4 as ( D95-D400). D4 will be another bulky & expensive camera, which may appeal to a minority, and can wait another year. But a D800 will make a doping effect for Nikon sales.

  • Gary

    From the “grass is always greener” department: Canon Rumors is reporting on a possible new camera having lower megapixels but better low light performance.

    Now this may not be true at all…in fact it probably is not, but the CR guy states:
    “If Canon had spent $5 on market research, they would have discovered there is a massive market for a low megapixel/high iso performance professional hybrid DSLR.”

    What this means is that while many Nikon owners beg for more megapixels, many Canon owners beg for lower megapixels and better high ISO performance. Too funny.

    • As much as I hear crying here, that CR statement is backed up by what I’ve heard from a few of my Canon friends. Not saying that what I’ve heard is representative of the majority, but it is telling that there are some in the Canon camp that aren’t happy w/ the current Canon direction.

      • Discontinued

        Yes, keep hearing the same. In fact I personally know 1,374 Canon users and about 1,100 of them would be willing to shift to Nikon – are even eager to do so.

        The only thing that keeps these guys hesitating is a widely spread fear, that Nikons might eventually evolve as well. One hears that there are some rumors out there pointing into that direction.

        • Anonymous

          Why is high-iso that important. Who needs ISO 12800? I sometimes wonder how people managed photography at film-era with just ISO 100 😉 It means any photographer who is not even happy with D700 & still asking for more like D700s must be really spoiled. Imo, high resolution up to a level that lenses may cope, ise more essential. We urgently need a D700x, but not a D700s.

          • Roger

            We urgently need? No, YOU urgently need.

          • Who needs it? People that shoot in conditions other than daylight.

            I find myself shooting at ISO 5000~6400 enough that I wouldn’t mind having a bit more on the top end.

            As for how we got by before, we just didn’t take the photos that High-ISO shooters are taking. Or they used flash.

            • Roger

              I wouldnt mind having a LOT more on the top end. I shoot in low light often, so wake me up when Nikon makes a perfect sensor that reaches the theoretically maximum performance. We’re not there yet, despite Thom telling you otherwise. Until then, I’ll take any improvement I can get.

              People who say “We dont need this or that” are nothing more than people who lack vision, and people who cant comprehend that we dont all shoot the same things, some of us actually go outside and need to shoot in low light.

  • Simon

    I bought my first Nikon lense, 85mm f1.8 in 1969 for USD$110 and AF-85mm f1.4 in 2008 for USD$1,150. More than 50% of my pictures were taken by 85mm, because I enjoyed taking portraits, especially for my children. I certainly don’t think I need VR function as I can take photos at 1/15sec. My question is: should I pay USD$1,650 for an AFS 85mm f1.4 without VR?

    • broxibear

      As Mr Rockwell says on his blog “What’s the best camera? It all depends on you and your style of shooting. What’s best for you may not be best for me, and vice versa. ” © 2010 KenRockwell

      I don’t know which Nikon body you have Simon but the shutters on D3, D3s and D3x really clunk when released and cause way more vibration than something like a D90 or D80, ( I’ve never used a D300 so I’m not sure if it’s the same there)… yes VR helps from a 30th down but unless you shoot a lot handheld at those type of shutter speeds you’re not going to see any benefit?
      Spend your cash on something else.

      • Simon

        F2, D50, and D300S.
        Thank you!

        • Broxibear

          Here’s a far better explanation of Nikon’s VR system than I can give…

          Nikon F2 ?, nice camera, closest I had was an FM2 but I had to sell it to pay for upgrades. Don’t have the same feeling about my current D3 that I had for my FM2…maybe it’s just some film nostalgia ?

          • Simon

            Yes, F2 is the pinnacle of mechanical cameras in the world.
            -:). BTW, it is still working……

  • pher

    They are going to be killing if they are first out the gate with raw video. You’re passing over Nikon land and heading straight for people looking at buying Scarlet instead.

    • jimmy

      Very few people have the computing power to utilize raw video, so i don’t think it will be a major selling factor – but may set up a nice niche market.

  • D8000 will make more sense than D95, if together with D800. Then Nikon may choose to drop 2-digit naming convention & will definitely gain a similar momentum at Photokina like they did with D3 & D300 combination in 2007. D3100 among them seems to most unrelated and unnecessary model.

  • S

    Yes..At the Photokina event, knowing what I know HAHA!!, I fully expect a joint D90X + D700X (naming most likely D900) release. Both these cameras WILL be announced with 2-3 lenses. You guys will love it. Period.

    • Anonymous


  • Joe

    Mmmh, nothing for me, I’m waiting for a compact full frame and a 35mm 1/1.4. Maybe I should switch to Leica. 😉

  • Frank

    The D95 will have a plastic body just like the D90.

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