Weekly Nikon related news/links

I am late with the weekly Nikon links - there was not much going on last week:

  • Sony is rumored to release two new sensors in early 2011 - ExmorHD 24MP and 30+MP with "very good High-ISO performance up to 12.800 ISO". Maybe Nikon will follow (I have no reliable information on this topic, this is just FYI).
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  • Makoto Kimura

    first. wow you guys posted a lot in the last post.

  • jay

    Why 80-200/2.8 or /4 is rare? I thought there were lots of them floating around. If you didnt mention I almost forgot i have one too.

    • Jabs

      There is a mistake in the link.

      There was an old HUGE 80-200 F2.8 ED zoom with a 95mm front filter thread along with an equally HUGE 50-300 F4.5 ED zoom.
      THAT older 80-200 ED zoom is rare and not the newer 77 mm front thread ED zooms of different varieties.

  • I wouldn’t mind seeing those sensors in a Nikon as long as it’s cheaper than the crazy price of the D3X. I value high ISO over high megapix but having the best of both would be great as long as it’s affordable. I’d like to see a bigger push for greater dynamic range instead though.

    • LGO

      This makes it more likely that the sensor in the D3X will eventually find its way in a D700-type body, in what most here would call as the D700x. This could be released late this year or early next year to counter the Canon 5D Mk III or 3D. Then true to form, Nikon would incorporate the new Sony sensor in the D3xs where it would combine high-ISO high-megapixel and HD-video capable with fast AF during video.

      There is a rumor though that Nikon may decide to go it all alone in developing its full frame sensor and this in turn raised the possibility that if this materializes, Sony may be forced to stop further development of new FF sensors after releasing their 2nd generation FF. Sony is not selling enough FF dSLR to justify the development and production cost of a 3rd generation FF sensor.

      • El Aura

        And what sensor will the 5DIII have? The one from the 1DsIV? But wait, the 1DsIV has not even been released yet.

        • LGO

          Its anybody’s guess what the sensor will be on Canon’s next FF dsLR. I am inclined to believe that it will be the same 21mp FF sensor as the 5D Mk II but it will likely feature the improved AF system of the Canon 7D, making it a more lively competitor against the expected D700x. But since this configuration would give the advantage to the D700x, Canon would most likely have something more up its sleeves to make the fight a more even one.

        • LGO

          From Canonrumors:

          “Hybrid Flagship

          The 2nd part of the same email spoke of “A dream camera for any pro photographer and cinematographer that needs the ultimate image and movie quality in difficult light environment”

          The camera has been in testing for a short time now.

          – A lower mp full frame Sensor
          – Dynamic range optimized
          – Raw video
          – Continuous focus on video mode
          – Smaller form factor than 1D series.”

          “Take this with a big grain of salt. However, such a camera is very possible.”

          Personally, I am rooting for Canon to release its new FF dSLR. This seems to be the only way to get Nikon to do the same! 🙂

          • Roger

            “A lower mp full frame sensor” ?

            That’s your clue right there, 100% nonsense. The only new Canon full frame sensor you’ll see introduced soon is the 1Ds Mark IV with the never before seen number of mp. 😉

            Dynamic range optimized? Another clue ….

            • Victor Hassleblood

              “The only new Canon full frame sensor you’ll see …”

              They are going to do both (according to CR) …

              … the only smart way to go, as there is desire for high ISO and another desire for high MP in different fields of work. Hope Nikon is going to do the same (already did with D3s and D3x) and will offer even more differentiation in future.

            • WoutK89

              they also did with D2H(s) and D2X(s)

  • yrsued

    What’s the news about the Belt Buckle??

    I have one of them!!

    I got it back in 1983 when I was going to Brooks, I still have it!!

    • cp

      They’re not all that rare. I got one on ebay about a year or so ago for 20 bucks. I saw one go last month for 2.99 and still one on eBay is listed for 99 dollars — just waiting for a blog like this to talk about it I’m sure and some schmuck will buy it for the $100.

      I’ve been wanting to buy another one for keepsake cause the one I have I wear regularly.

  • Simon

    According to the following website:
    http://www.photosynthesis.co.nz/nikon/lenses.html#SuperZoom :
    the serial numbers for the 80-200mm zoom lenses are: 181091 – 182629, i.e. less than 1,539 of them sold.

  • Anonymous

    See, Nikon cannot do anything without sony. If sony gets the sensors right for the second time around then Nikon rather cut prices or by, bye.

    • not really. nobody cares for sony. A850 is best overall camera on the world and yet nobody cares. it is sad. If sony would make F mount and at least normal flash mount, then nikon would be catched red handed 🙂

  • I totally have one of those buckles. They are awesome and super heavy cast brass.

  • About the purse. The person who made it photoshopped D3 onto his D50 or whatever it is. Why on earth did he do that?

    • I guess it’s so you think you can fit a D3 into the purse when in reality you probably can’t.

  • fork()

    Admin, you have the wrong link to the info about the 80-200. This link is correct:



    • fixed, I was watching this lens before – I guess I did not copy the link correctly

      • fork()

        The error was very minor and could happen to anyone. I am very grateful for this site.

        Happy to help! 😀

  • Jose

    Reading the sensor article, I wonder why Sony guys are so excited about a pellix (or prism splitter: would be heavier, but better) camera. Not sure if they are aware that their viewfinders will be significantly darker (like ND 0.6) and that all their lenses will suddenly be 2/3rds of a stop slower, probably defeating any gains from improved ISO sensitivity… Did anything Minolta survive in those guys???

    • Roger

      They’re excited because they are clueless about the drawbacks of such a thing.

      Ignorance is bliss.

      • Tabitha Green

        But faster liveview & video AF!

        Considering Sony points most of its attention towards the low-end consumer-class cameras, this makes sense that they would focus on this. 😐

  • oh, the bag is nice sh/t. pretty trap for chicken women, dont seems to be for photography.

  • Robbed!

  • Nicola

    The perfect purse if you have a lot of money,no sense of elegance or style whatsoever,use a whiplash in you bedroom and by chance have a digital nikon instead of a film leica.

  • Click

    Photokina is rapidly approaching (September 21-26th) so hopefully we will be learning of more leaks and rumors shortly. Why is Nikon offering rebates/discounts for the D700 and D300s if they don’t plan on replacing them shortly. Any ideas??

    NR Admin posted very recently that he only knew about the D700 body 17 days prior to the official Nikon announcement. That just goes too show us, that anything is possible before now and Photokina.

  • Chris Crpwe

    New Sony sensors early 2011 – hence no D700 replacement until then.

    • Click

      Your assumptions are more than likely true. If we get any new FX body prior to 2011, I will be amazed.

      • as for me, they can keep new sensors for D4 and put that old useless alreadypaidfor D3x sensor into D700x 🙂

    • LGO

      Canon’s new FF dSLR will likely prod Nikon to respond sooner than later.

      • Roger

        No, Canon’s new FF DSLR will likely make Nikon stick to the schedule they set for themselves many many many months ago.

        • LGO

          That’s a lot of months … wouldn’t it be easier to just say a year or two? 🙂

    • Roger

      Genius, 3 out of 4 full frame sensors in Nikon cameras arent Sony.

      • LGO

        I count only three sensors in Nikon’s FF camera with one being Sony:

        1. D3/D700
        2. D3x
        3. D3s

        What is the 4th?

  • hope to see that kind of rebate in the states 🙂

  • Jabs

    Hey Administrator,
    Your heading points to a RARE 80-200 F2.8Ed ZOOM on E-Bay, but your other link points to the more common 80-200 F4.0 non-ED ZOOM.
    Actually, there were several 80-200 F4 zooms plus the better 80-200 F4.5 zooms, which I had and loved.
    80-200 ED zoom was HUGE like the old 50-300 F4.5 Ed zoom and probably had 77mm or 95mm front filter size.
    80-200 F4.0 had I think, 62mm front filter size.
    80-200 F4.5 which came before the F4.0 version had 52mm filter size and some of the models had zoom creep.

    • fork()

      The link is now fixed and points correctly to the 2.8 version.

  • Victor Hassleblood

    “… and probably had …”

    It had 95mm and was better than the first 80-200 AF. The 50-300 was not bad either. I like old AIS glass. Many of them were way better than the first generation of Nikon’s AF lenses (I sold the whole lot). The electronic will never make up for solid mechanics around proper designed optical formulas.

    Thank you Nikon for keeping the F-Mount and for supporting AIS with your pro bodies. Enough teasing, could I please have a D700X NOW and some more AF-S designs.

    • Jabs

      @Victor Hassleblood.

      Yeah, 50-300 was huge but great, though F4.5 was a little slow and filters were really expensive. I had the later ED version. Ever tried to buy B+W or Nikon 95mm polarizers and other such filters? Ouch!
      The first AF lenses from Nikon were not well built (or had a look like they were contracted out or farmed out to another lens manufacturer), except for the F3AF ones (80 F2.8AF and 200 F3.5ED-IF AF – both with built-in motors in lens) and the first 80-200 ED AF was great optically, but built to look like ‘plastic-fantastic’ and compared to traditional Nikons, was odd looking – lol.

  • Nicola

    By the way,what level of performance should we expect from the D95?

    If it is too much,equal to the D700 for example,to announce it for Nikon before the D4/D800 would be a bit like chopping his testicles off, in terms of D300s/D700/D3/D3s sales.And Nikon won’t do that.

    A wild guess could be halfway between D90 and D700(D3),and if you sum to that the expected gap with the flagship Fx models,you’ll ask yourself what the hell are they working on for the D4.

    I mean,yesterday i had to postproduct a NEF taken with a D5000 of two women talking in the backlight of two small torches. I had to edit it because the D5000 instead of capturing just the flat black silhouette it had also recorded almost all of the two faces!Hell,a D5000!

    What are they bloody thinking to do with the D4?Capture photons behind things?Get around EPR paradox or Schrödinger’s equation?

    • LGO

      D700 level ISO settings. Not necessarily D700 low-light level performance.

  • Kingyo

    I think it’s finally time to accept the fact that a D700 replacement won’t come in 2010.. even worse, it will probably come after the D4 (late 2011) 🙁

    • Nicola

      It WILL probably come after the D4

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