Nikon D3100 listed in Best Buy inventory system


Nikon D3100 is already listed in Best Buy's inventory system. The SKU is 1222817, the description reads "Nikon D3100 DSLR w/ 18-55mm v", availability: 9/18/2010. No other information is provided other than the box dimensions. BestBuy does not create SKUs based on speculation or rumors, however price and availability date is always subject to change.

There is still no listing for the Nikon D90 replacement and that makes sense since the official announcement will be a month after the D3100. The D3100 is expected to be announced next week and usually new products are available in stores a month after their release.

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  • AHC

    Is there really not gonna be a D700 replacement this year? Or will it be up to Sony..? :/

    • woble

      Give it up already. D700 replacement might only come right before or after D4 is released. In any case it is reasonable to think that it will house the features of D3s with some extras and some things removed. And as of right now Nikon has no reason to replace D700. If you want a “compact” full frame DSLR, then get D700 now and be happy.

      • Rafael

        D4 who needs to replace the amazing, beautiful and very capable D3x? nobody!

        be happy and get a D3x or D3s

        • Thank you giving me a sponsorship and cutting the D3X’s bottom half to give an acceptable shape 🙂

          • I couldn’t agree more. The vertical grip should be optional and not built-in.

        • The D4 will replace the D3s for action and low-light shooting, high fps rate, more pixels (18MP?) and new AF system. It’s not a D3x replacement.

          • …hopefully not the D3x price tag either.

      • Rafael

        no reason to update the D700?? lol… its called 12 MP thats the reason.

        • Interestingly, while my D700 is in for service (died on me), I’ve been doing rather nicely with only half of what it offers – 6Mp in form of a D70s.

          • Rafael

            depends on what kind of output you put your work to, prints? no problem.

            • I’m totally with you. All the pro-level gear you need is in place. A D700 with a D3x sensor is a no-brainer and there’s definitely a market for it, hence the popularity of the 5dmkii.

              However, I will say that for landscapes, I’ve got a few shots from 2005 on a d70 that still look great at 20″x30″.

          • Rafael

            web images? no problemo

            • I have to admit – they reside on my computer. But a few of them might make it to print at some stage.

    • Broxibear

      There won’t be a Nikon D700 replacement until the 4th quarter 2011.
      As woble says, if you need a full frame Nikon body urgently you’ve got a choice of a D700, D3, D3s or D3x…if one of these don’t suit perhaps you should look at Canon, or as you mention, Sony ?
      Perhaps there will be no perfect camera for you and you’ll have to compromise… when people are looking at you prints at your next exhibition I’m pretty sure no one is going to say, “if only he’d shot it on the new Nikon” ?

      • “when people are looking at you prints at your next exhibition I’m pretty sure no one is going to say, “if only he’d shot it on the new Nikon””


      • Rafael

        I disagree, the gap between 12 megapixels and 24.5 are not just MP, is dollars.. I think there are photographers out there that need a FF camera that doesnt cost $ 5,000 usd and up, that is why would a professional photographer have to put $ 8,000.00 for more than 12 MP? yep thats the only way a Nikon user can get the benefits of a high MP camera, there is no other option, no other way..

        so its Nikons way (the D3x) or the highway (Canon or Sony) …

        Before I had my D3x, I thought I was never going to get one. Except for a very friendly client that believed in me, and I got lucky and he bought it for me to work with him (under a long term contract) , but I still think, if it wasnt for him, I would still be stuck with 12 MP and my 13 Nikon lenses. Yes my other Nikon gear is pretty large and that has deterred me from ever changing to Canon or any other brand, besides that I truly love Nikon for too many reasons, (that it would take too long to mention here) but.. I think that there are way too many photographers out there that would love more than 12 MP in a full frame body , that dont cost 8 grand.

        Personally I never deliver prints of any of my work, lab prints and home printers work perfectly with 12 MP or less. I only work editorial and Catalogues and in that field, you can easily see that 12 megapixels are bearly what you need for a full page cover, (cant afford any cropping) , but if you do a centerfold image, its hard to print from 12MP. Sure 12 Mp can print a full page magazine or catalogue page, but no room (or to be fair), very little room for cropping etc. Im pretty sure that a FF sensor with something between 16 and 18 megapixels would be very appreciated by lots of Pro Photographers out there. Also After using my D3x I can see that a large megapixel sensor is truly amazing, and you can see how it truly takes advantage of what Nikon optics can do, yeah.. you can see Nikon optics are sharp enough for more than 12 MP , way more! the D3x shows you that, it is something that not too many Nikon users get to experience.

        • Anonymous

          Agree 100% I publish all my work and I could do very well with a 18 mpx sensor in a full frame camera , hopefuly a new D700x

        • Broxibear

          “I think there are photographers out there that need a FF camera that doesnt cost $ 5,000 usd and up, that is why would a professional photographer have to put $ 8,000.00 for more than 12 MP? yep thats the only way a Nikon user can get the benefits of a high MP camera, there is no other option, no other way..”
          I think you’ve missed my point Rafael, I would love a 24mp Nikon that was as low light capable as the D3s and cost the same as a D90… but it doesn’t exist and never will.
          I bought the best Nikon I could afford that met my photographic needs…for me that was the D3, for others it might be the D3x, D90 or D700.
          I know I can get a 20×16 print that’s as good as, if not better, using my D3 as I can using my FM2 shot on Ilford PAN F… that’s good enough for me, if I need more for a particular shoot I’ll hire a H3D.

    • AHC

      Look fellas.. I was merely wondering whether there will be a D700 replacement. I already owned a D3s and don’t think theres any better out there for what I’m shooting. However, why I asked is because I would love to have a walkaround FF camera.. and at the moment there’s only the D700.

      The D3s is too expensive & bulky to be a walkaround camera. I rather save the D3s shutter for a paid job. I am more than willing to grab the D700 anyday but then some reliable sources advice that replacement will come. Just a matter of time. Do not need it urgently either. Hence the wait..

      • AHC

        And Broxibear, I’m pretty sure my comment didn’t shout..


        Like Rafael, I’ve already invested in a dozen fantastic Nikon glass over the years.. I’m not tied to brands whatsoever and am willing to try 5DmkII. BUT I HAVE TRIED CANON. And the ergonomics of it just does not impress me one bit.. Actually my first DSLR was meant to be a Canon 50D just for me to change my mind to a D90 while testing both at the shop.

        • Broxibear

          Nothing personal AHC…it’s just that some posters seem to have been asking for the D700 replacement the day after the D700 was announced?
          This place was a blog where rumours about new models, new technology etc would surface and now it’s turned into a crazy wish list where some just whine about what they want ?
          I’m not suggesting that’s what you do but many do, and to make it worse they post the same question again and again when it’s obvious that only nikon have the answer.
          Somebody pass me the aspirin…and leave the bottle.

  • I Am Nikon

    Any link or screenshot on that Best Buy Inventory?

  • Ashton Kutcher

    do you guys think the D3100 will be image stabilized so I can use it when I’m cruising on my tricycle? i go kinda fast… :-/

    • Jabs

      @Ahton WANNABE – LOL
      Maybe you need turbo-boost on yer tricycle or GPS too.
      Stability in your head is missing too.
      Open da pod door bay HAL!

    • I Am Nikon


      Buy an image stabilized lens.

      • Makoto Kimura

        The image is INSIDE the lens?! That is great news! I can usually get up to 1.12 G forces when I go into a gnarly turn on my tricycle (1.14 when I pop a wheely), do you think the lens can get stabilization given such immense forces?

  • iamnomad


  • Ken Elliott

    I might have to buy one just for use as a video camera. I usually shoot with a D700 and D300, but the D3100 might be cheap enough to buy for video alone. It looks like it will be cheaper than a good F-mount to video adapter.

    • Jesse Nash

      Yeah, it looks like a good option for video, think of that myself… if only it had an autofocus motor to for my old lenses. Dang

  • abo

    With all the rumors about canon 5dIII and 1dV (if i am right) nikon would play a dangerous game not releasing any horse power this year… but that is just me thinking loud (and crazzy for a d700 replacement)

    • Anonymous

      this will make our lazy Nikon a bigger looser. Yes, Nikon will be two generations behind Canon when it comes to MP and video. BTW, the 24MP D3x is a sony sensor so Nikon had not much to do with it.

      Shame on Nikon you will give us more plastic crap. It will be interesting to see that the new 14MP sony sensor will outperformorm the D90, D5000, and D300s. Great job Nikon you really f****d it up!

  • Jacobus

    Did they pull it? I do not see a Nikon D3100 DSLR w/ 18-55mm v

    • spoonman

      Jacobus, check tagzone. Either enter the sku manually or just search “nikon” and sort by date. It was in there earlier today. BB rarely ever pulls the sku, however they will sometimes rename it.

  • Jivee

    Any idea what price the D80 kit/body dropped to once the D90 was announced/available?

    D90 with 18-55G is now ZAR9000 (USD1200) in South Africa from a good R15 000 at launch with 18-105VR 2 years ago.

    I’ve got a DAY LONG gig on the 2nd October, and wanted to shoot with D95 and D90, but looks like that won’t happen. But maybe I can get a good deal on a new/hardly d90, then go D400 or whatever in a years time

    • fork()

      I bought a D80 with the 50 1.8 in December 2008, around six months after the D90 came out. Paid the equivalent of ca $700. Possibly one of the best deals I’ve ever made, and the same thing wil probably happen to the D90 in six months. Remember that this was in Sweden, where prices are generally much higher than in the US.

  • The invisible man

    No box’s SKU for the D900 ?
    Or it may be sold in a black/yellow plastic bag !
    I don’t mind, I only keep the box when I plan to re-sell the camera (like my D90).

  • nameless


    I wonder how D3000’s price will change once the replacement is announced. Depending on the previous experiences, what do you expect to happen? Will it increase, decrease, or stay the same till it is sold out on websites like Amazon?

    • David

      No reasons to keep the D3000 around after the D3100 is released. The D3000 was a terrible DSLR; I bought it as an alternative to my D700 and D300 for purposes of traveling and wanting to shoot with a light-weight camera. The delay in image review was ridiculous. I promptly sold it on eBay thereafter.

      • Enesunkie

        You had Active D-Lighting on I’m guessing. But how were the images?

  • Anonymous

    I should be an interesting next couple of months with the start of the next actual refresh of the camera lineup. I wonder what Nikon will actually bring to the table. I am hoping that Nikon will release a 35 f/1.4 within the next couple of years.

  • limirl

    All you D700 owners are the equivalent of a little kid in a car asking are we there yet ? Enough already.

    • The invisible man

      So, are we there yet ? I need to pee !

    • Enesunkie

      Hey, I think we went a whole day without somebody asking admin if he heard anything about the D800! (like he wouldn’t post it if he did)

  • I’m curious about two things: the supposed new AF system and the 14MP sensor, if that is the case. Will it be better than the present 12MP for stills? Maybe not, and that, for me, is a big if. I’d hate to see Nikon, for the first time, increasing pixel w/o IQ improvements, at least at base ISO (DR, colors, etc).

  • John

    As a D300 owner I see little reason to upgrade to another pro-level DX body as I’m strictly an amateur that uses some of the advanced capabilities of the D300 that the DXX bodies could not give. 12MP will do me just fine as most, if not all, of my lenses really can’t support much more resolution on a DX body.

    If Nikon were to come out with a, lets call it, D400 that had 16MP + some sort of half-baked video capability I still would not be tempted. I’d rather Nikon also come out with an affordable FX, smallish (D700 or smaller) body that was the same cost as the D300/D300s replacement, but lacked video, super high frame rate, etc. , etc.

    That way you could choose either a high end 14MP or 16MP DX pro-level body, or a less pro-level 12MP FX body for about the same cost. This would get more people into FX faster and help to get the sensor cost down a bit via increased volume. Heck, some amateurs might even own both a DX and FX body if the FX body was low enough in price.

    Just some thoughts from a complete amateur trying to get back to using his small wide angle lenses on a reasonably-sized DSLR body.

    – John

    • Anonymous

      I’m right there with you…I’d much rather have a 12MP (or even less) FX sensor in the body of the D300s, at a similar price point. I’m an amateur photographer, and have no need for anything higher than 12MP. More pixels than I’ll ever need, at much more file space on my hard drive than I desire.

      • Well, yes and no. To make it the price of a D300s, the body would be much weaker and at this point, same amateur here, I’m ready for better AF, better VF than Dxx lines. The difference in IQ from a D700 and a D300s is basically high ISO, then all lenses are more expensive, etc. Is the high ISO such a big deal?

  • To John: I have NO INTENTIONS of selling my D300. LIke yours it has been a keeper. I have never had a camera produce so many wonderful images. At some point I am going to add a Nikon DSLR with video capability better than my D90. We own six or seven video cameras. My guys look at Canon T2i images almost every day. My D700 has no onboard video. So that is my #1 target. I do intend to see when Nikon introduces whatever it is taking soooo long to produce… it is rated by serious users. If I had a big high end shoot coming up I might think differently. My next photo safari is in September 2011. In some cases you just got to run what you brung!! I do also have D70 and D200 images that are really good!

    • Ren Smokescockwell

      @dave… I have EVERY INTENTION of selling my d300. Its iso capabilities are not good enough for shooting at night. Its NOT a D3 or a D700. I hope and pray the d95 is the bomb diggity camera i think it will be. Yes my day images come out wonderful, but for what I mostly do…..I need….. no we all need and want….a prosumer camera with superior high iso functioning capability. NIKON WILL GIVE US THIS SOMEDAY. And that day is coming soon. I can feel it. Anyone who wants better video, or any video for that matter, can switch to wont be missed.

  • ERT

    damn..i really need the D90 replacement before October 🙁

  • ukj

    say this in a chant,, D90 replacement, D90 replacement, D90 replacement, I’m sick of waiting just sick of it.

  • So whats the surprise the nikon exec. was talking about?

    • Henwas

      Yellow and Black Nikon Shoe Laces *crosses fingers*

  • Really?

    Best Buy, now there is a laugh

  • The truth is, travelling around the SF Bay Area last month I saw more Nikons in the hands of amateurs than any other brand. Then Canons, a Sonys or Pentax here and there, not a single Oly. Nikon’s sales ahve being stronger than expected this year, w/o a single new body to show. The D3100 and the D90+ will certainly bump sales by holidays’ season, Nikon is being smart, saving D700+ and D4 for next year, which will be a big one.

    • And D400 and D5000+, so we can expect 6 new cameras from now until the end of next year, not bad.

  • S

    Who wants a d3100 plastic bottle piece of crap. No one who is remotely serious about photography really cares about a D3100, let’s just pretend it doesn’t exist. When it releases…what do you want me to do ..fall onto my hands and knees like that pathetic loser of a human being like in that other video… praise and thank Nikon for not giving me a D700X/D900 but giving me a 3100 instead?!?!
    Get your act together Nikon. You techie bastards, you can do better.

  • MB

    So no one here is interested in D3100?
    D3000 used to sell really good though, and D3100 will too.
    Even with good old trusty 12Mpix CMOS (D300) sensor it will be ideal first DSLR don’t you think?

  • Peter

    basic dslr models is silly, new ones every year.. then there will be a d3100x and blablabla…

  • Dite

    As a prospective newcomer to Digital SLR and a prospective D5000 buyer (not enough cash to think about FX let alone a D90) all the speculation about the D3100 interests me greatly.

    Sure, it will see off the D3000. But won’t it mean curtains for the D5000 as well?

    • enesunkie

      The D5000 is a fine camera as I’m sure the D3100 will be also. There are just a lot of DSLR snobs here that are just too good for it.

      • Dite

        Thanks for the reply. Yes, the D5000 still seems to hold up well against similarly priced Canons et al. However, as I’m one of those vile Philistines who finds built-in video an essential feature, I’ve read that the D5000’s ‘rolling shutter’ effect can be quite noticeable at times.

        I’m hoping that the D3100’s (allegedly) improved video spec will include less of the ‘rolling shutter’ , but still provide the good high ISO performance of the D5000 🙂

        • Broxibear

          “There are just a lot of DSLR snobs here that are just too good for it.”
          You could be right enesunkie, you can get great images on any camera.
          Yes some cameras will make it easier for the photographer to get the image, but a bad photograph taken on a Hasselblad H4D is always going to be bad, and a good photograph taken on a Coolpix L21 is always going to be a good.
          Terry Richardson uses a Yashica T4 ?…

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