More info on the Nikon Coolpix P7000

The current Nikon Coolpix P6000 model

Here are some more "basic" specs for the upcoming Nikon Coolpix P7000 (replacement of the P6000):

  • 10MP 1/1.7" sensor (P6000 had a 13.5MP 1/1.72" sensor) - similar to the last Canon G11, Nikon went a step back in the MP count
  • 28-200mm equivalent zoom lens with f/2.8-5.6 (P6000 had 28-112mm f/2.7-5.9 lens | G11 has 28-140mm f/2.8-4.5 lens)
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  • That’s less than impressive methinks.

    • Carlos R B

      Back to the past…to be kild by the G12…unless <300 usd….

    • iamlucky13

      Meh. Beats the G11 on zoom range. Should have comparable or perhaps slightly better noise. If the controls are sensible, it should have capture a few sales. Hopefully it doesn’t go over the top with D-lighting for JPG’s like the G10 does. I’ve seen some shots from G10’s where the shadows look horrible.

      It doesn’t sound exciting compared to the G11, but if I were shopping for high end compact, it could be a candidate.

      • Vandyu

        Well, unlike some who always seem unhappy with new models, I find the specs of lower megapixels and higher zoom range enticing. If performance looks good, I’d be interested in adding it to my camera bag rather than a G11/12 or LX5. Just hope it doesn’t come in pink!

        • GlobalGuy

          I agree that the lower MP and larger range are VERY APPEALING to me. Is this going to be sold before mid-September?

          • Greenwood_Geoff

            The problem is, this is a camera where the consumer is going to look at MP and say pfffft. Most of the (non photo) people I know would go for the bigger MP camera when presented with a choice.

            Not that I care much, other than maybe Nikon will learn that MP’s do matter to the average consumer.

            • Maybe selling to the intelligent, informed consumer is ultimately the better road to take. Pandering to the lowest common denominator may make you money, but it won’t bring you respect for your craft.

            • Joe R.

              Lets make a NR shirt that says “Quite pixels not mega pixels.”

            • Joe R.

              It makes a lot more sense if it’s Quiet not Quite.

      • gt

        the G11 can’t even do ISO 400 without getting grainy + noisy

        • ed

          yeah, like any of those nikon can.

    • I Am Nikon

      Fast lens with great ISO handling or bust!.

      Seriously Nikon.

      P6000 has been beaten by the G10. Both got owned by the LX3.

      And you guys did nothing about it while Canon released the G11 and S90 to closer the gap towards Panasonic.

      Screw GPS. Screw this P&S Sensor. Go for APS-C.

  • Hard to tell – it will probably (I am guessing here) have better high ISO, GPS, RAW, etc. The problem is that Canon will release the G12 in mid-September, so it’s too early to compare.

    • Victor Hassleblood

      Whatever, many new posts lately. Nice to read and entertaining, no matter how promising (or not). Thanx.

  • Carlos R B

    “G11” killer? the previous news said larger sensor…and now this? joke to say at least…if is the same G11 sensor it wont have hd movie (not that i care but)…any new feature? STEP ZOOM? EVF? (aka gx200, lx5 )……jehhhhh

    • theoretically the sensor is bigger: 1/1.7″ vs. 1/1.72″

      • Carlos R B

        WOW …good one…lol…

  • Bart

    I like it that Nikon isn’t crazy about MP count , but they really shouldn’t go back to 10 MP. 12 MP is the minimum in my opinion.

    • Rafael

      agree 12 MP is minimum

      • Joe R.

        In a point and shoot? I disagree. I think 8 MP is minimum for a point and shoot.

        I expect early dSLR type noise (D50 maybe) That means usable 800.

        I’m a bit surprised to not see something faster than 2.8. It seems that would be the easier way to make up for lack of high ISO.

        GPS built in would be great.

        • Worminator

          Sensor size is everything, the native resolution is largely irrelevant when the photos are scaled to a common baseline. More MP means you are going to see more noise at the pixel level, and high ISO noise gets a little worse even in absolute terms. Marketing dictates that that’s fine for consumer compacts where pixel count sells cameras, and not fine for enthusiast models where people are pleased to see low noise results at 100% magnification and demand ISO800 to be reasonably clean. So 10MP for the G11/LX5/P7000 crowd, 14MP for everyone else.

          Everyone gets what they ask for, see?

          • Bob Howland

            That seems to be what I’ve observed too. Listening to customers and sales people at places like Best Buy is an education. For one thing, it never seems to occur them that different models have different sized sensors. In contrast, the customers for G11s typically already have a DSLR and want something smaller and lighter.

        • GlobalGuy

          I personally think that 6 MP is the minimum. I am using a Nikon 5 mP P&S right now from 5 years ago, and it does perfectly fine. The size is perfect for Net-use. If NIKON made a 6mp cam that has the exact same quality as the D40, I would snap it up. I don’t need 10mp in a P&S. Give me the D40’s beautiful 6mp, and I will be perfectly happy! For my DSLR, on the other hand, I think 18mp is necessary. I have the D700, which has 12, and when using it for p&s stuff, I always think the size is too big (shouldve sized down), but for artsy stuff, 12mp is simply too small. I think we need to think about monitor use. Facebook vs. Portfolio monitor uses. Incredibly different needs. Even in Facebook ,though you can tell when your friend has a really crappy camera. 6mp is fine — they just need to be GREAT mps.

          • Greenwood_Geoff

            I can shoot my D90 at less than 12MP, so only having 8 or 10 max is not bright in my book. People that do not live on the net searching cameras WILL look at MP when they go to buy.

      • JorPet

        Minimum for what? I just had a print made of a 6MP picture from my old D70s that is amazing. It is only 8″x10″, but could go many times that before it would pixelate and then only if you are so close that you can’t see the picture.

        • Zorro

          For a sensor that size, 6MP is more appropriate.

          • I agree, I still like the images of an old 5MP Samsung over the 12MP G9. But I like the LX5 lens much more, the perfect range for a compact (24-90mm), much faster. I think that could be my next compact.

  • 24 mm

    Not starting at 24 mm this one is NOT going to be my replacement for my LX3, it will be LX5 then, disappointed!


    some more COOL PUKE …

  • John

    G11 killer it is not. Sensor is not sig. larger and the zoom range too large for good IQ – it also starts at 28mm. Another coolpix miss by Nikon if those specs are true.


  • David Carrico

    Less interested now that I have the iPhone4, but still interested if it has HD video.

  • fabulas

    Keeping my LX3. Boooooooo!

  • asu misuh

    +1 for lx5
    +2 for gf2

    • I think I like a fixed lens for a compact, so LX5 is looking good, larger sensor and better lens.

  • Makoto Kimura

    the ONLY thing that makes this interesting is 18-200mm zoom range. is this supposed to be a travel zoom? no other manufacturer has made a 1.7″ with such zoom. the major problem is it is going to be huge. in general though, this has snooze control written all over it IMO

    • Makoto Kimura

      sorry meant 28

  • twoomy

    It was delayed a year for THIS? Looks like Nikon slept for the past year. This is the most boring Coolpix “flagship” I’ve ever seen. There’s nothing really wrong with it except that there’s nothing really right or exciting with it. It’s just another throwaway.

    • GlobalGuy

      C’mon, you need to see the pictures it can make first. You can’t just say that. That would be like throwing away books because you think their covers are boring. Well, yeah, lots of books are boring, but at least read one page before you toss it.

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely! Nikon look to have lost the plot of late.

    • gt

      I kinda agree – I don’t see any significant improvement over the P6000. After a delay, you’d expect an obvious generational leap

  • preston

    man, i was betting on the 17mm sensor that was originally rumored to be in the EVIL to be in here – but no, so i am still not interested.

  • Huggs

    LOL. “G11 killer.” This camera could have been a cool travel cam. sigh.

    • You know, it COULD be a G11 killer despite these specs, IF and only IF it they carried over the UI from their dslrs. The interface P&S Nikon is utter shit. No soft way to put it. It just really sucks. I won’t recommend a Nikon P&S to anyone because of it. Canon is really ahead there. Now dslrs this is totally reversed between the two companies.

      Really, it just shows the division between design departments.

      But as customers we suffer for this division. I really think Nikon would have a killer line across the board if they just fixed the UI in their compacts.

      • Anonymous

        The P7000 would have been a great test bed for NEX tech. An APSC, short zoom lens and new GUI in a “COOLPIX” would’ve been exciting.

      • D700 owner

        I completely agree, Nikons P&S doesn’t resemble anything of heritage of their fine DSLR’s, the P&S stuff from Nikon is as if they were badge engineering some El Cheapo China brand and I really really don’t understand why.

        Nikon should understand the entry into the photography world is NOT an entry DSLR but a P&S for many!!!

        • D700 owner

          I should emphasize what I meant with my last part:

          “Nikon should understand the entry into the photography world is NOT an entry DSLR but a P&S for many!!!”

          Just look at other industries like the car industry, they know (and this has also been written about so not just fumble hypothesis from my side) that is is very important to get a new/young customer to buy their “entry” level cars such as Audi A1/A3, BMW 1 or even 3 series etc as it is a known fact people don’t change brand easily if they have found a brand they like, what does that mean, the logic lies in what I just wrote, it will be utterly difficult to attract a customer from another brand because they don’t change.
          So Nikons P&S portfolio is darn important and it’s time Nikon start to realize it, people don’t go buy a DSLR as their first camera as little as people go and buy the biggest models of a car brand.
          The P7000 is a joke.

  • Bob


    Maybe it’ll have something cool, like a dancing baby…no, scratch that, it’s been done…how about Blues Travelers concert on demand!

    Wake me up when there’s something interesting, like an f/2.0 or faster lens, working viewfinder, no shutter delay, and RAW.


  • Eric Pepin

    why cant they give it a nice prime lens or shorter zoom range to keep it small and the images distortion light then a bit bigger sensor. The equation is so easy
    big sensor
    good controls
    sharp fast lens
    fluff like hd and gps


  • The P6000 was like a toy camera compared to the G10, and Canon has improved to the G11 and the G12 is coming. Unless it gets rid of the silly half raw files, and beefs the camera up to do so much more, Canon will still be miles ahead. Too bad, as I really want to buy Nikon as I always have, but the P&S rangefinder is Canon until further notice. Just look at any pro (Moose excepted) and the P&S is a G1X. Maybe the EVIL camera will be better, but it does not look like thyis will do any wounding.

    • I actually came to like the P6000 a lot, despite its quirks. Enough so that it replaced my G10 and I dragged it to Africa amongst other places. Still, I would have preferred not paying for or wasting the space on an Ethernet port, the battery is too wimpy to power the GPS, it would have been nice if it had NEF instead of NRW, I could do without the optical finder, the tripod socket and hot shoe should have been centered on the lens, and it should have come with a charger. But I certainly wouldn’t characterize it as a toy compared to the G10. It handled some amazingly rough treatment.

      Here’s the thing, though: the P6000 body is the same size as the Sony NEX5 body. Almost exactly. Think about that for a moment.

      • GlobalGuy

        The flash shoe not being centered over the lens is one thing that is incredibly annoying. Its okay if a p&s has the side flash, every one of them does. But if you add an external flash, it should be centered. Theres not really an excuse for that kind of sloppiness. Anyway, its just one point.

        • Discontinued

          Some people put a lot of effort towards a flash, to DECENTER it. I think you are overrating this a bit. The effect is only visible at pretty close range anyway.

      • Thom, what about distortion on the NEXs? Is it like for m43?

        • I’ve really only got the 16mm (24mm equivalent) on my NEX5. It seems pretty well controlled. But if you put the wide-angle helpers on (esp. the fisheye), you’ll get very visible barrel distortion.

          • That’s ok, the m43 lenses, even the “normal” pancakes, show incredible ammounts of distortion. Any news on Nikon going the mirrorless route soon? This talk seems to have vanished.

      • BornOptimist

        “Here’s the thing, though: the P6000 body is the same size as the Sony NEX5 body. Almost exactly. Think about that for a moment.”

        The size is perfect, it’s quite ok ergonomically as well. Give it a 17mm sensor and the new mount with 39mm dia. Bring on a couple of prime lenses, and I would have would have paied whatever it cost.
        With DX-sensor? Naahh, then I would wait.

    • The AF still lacks in the Canon compacts. My G9 misses frequently, my old Samsung never did. The lens in this Nikon doesn’t look good, I’m looking forward to the LX5 to replace the G9.

      • nikkor_2

        “The AF still lacks in the Canon compacts.”

        Interesting; perhaps a carry-over from Canon’s well-known troubles with pro-level AF in the 1D Mark III and Mark IV?

        • WordPress seems to be confused and giving out duplicate comment errors, so I’ve had to post this answer to rhlpetrus here: I’ve really only got the 16mm (24mm equivalent) on my NEX5. It seems pretty well controlled. But if you put the wide-angle helpers on (esp. the fisheye), you’ll get very visible barrel distortion.

          As for AF speed, with contrast-based systems the speed of the sensor update is critical. If you run those older 24/30 fps sensors your data stream is not fast enough to speed up AF calculations. Some engineers tell me that they want 120 fps sensors.

          • Thanks.

            Can you say how good AF for the NEX5 is, compared to GF1 and the Olys?

  • Yeah that is underwelming specs for a “killer” product. I guess will have to wait and see if the Evil is the Canon Killer, cause this certainly isn’t unless its under the hood specs are astounding.

  • I am still on board just to get a PNS that shoots RAW, did not wan G11 cause I wanted to keep my life simple with just Nikon RAW Conversion (PNS & DSLR).

    • (just a note, P&S is a little nicer. “PNS” encourages being read aloud to giggles. Nobody wants a raw PNS.)

      On the serious side: Adobe and the manufacturers need to get together and get more of these cams using DNG. What’s the hold up? Is Adobe charging ridiculous licensing fees or are the manufacturers being paranoid about patents? They already support the 1998 color space. Can the extra step be that hard? What’s the hold up?

      • Aaron Macks

        I believe it is free to use DNG, or at least a minimal fee. Pentax and Leica both use it natively. I assumed that Canon and Nikon didn’t use it so they could lock people into their workflow tools, or at least try…


    Nikon is coming with something BIG they said… big puke ?

  • Merv

    If it just equals the G11 for picture quality, I will consider getting it.

    Then I would stick an Nikon SB-400 on it, making it a reasonably good party camera.
    Maybe it will support the full CLS, something which the P6000 doesn’t do with three groups of flashes, from what I’m reading on the P6000 right now.

  • i have a p6000 and its a great little camera. if they fix the raw compatability, and either allow full eithernet connectivity or add wireless i think we have a great little travel cam. the p6000 is a tough little guy. i just spent a month in the colombian jungle and it didnt complain at all. plus full compatability with my flashes what!
    btww merv CLS with 3 groups is no problem with a sb800.

  • Ren Kockwell

    So may we assume it will kill the G11 by boring it to death?

    Same uninspired body. Still not pocketable. Sluggish lens on the wide end. Interesting reach, though. And lower MPs is good. But not good enough to buy over the LX5, or trade up my LX3. Seems all too little too late. How’s the video? That is crucial in this segment. Very funny that everyone is so obsessed with the G11. Those really into this segment are more enamored of the DP2, LX3, GDR, X1, etc. All more daring and bold in their choices. This is safe and dull. We’re all moving on from tiny sensors, Nikon. Join us.

    • Zorro

      How do you know it’s the “same uninspired body”? The above picture is of the P6000, not the P7000.

      • Carlos R B

        Actually, IMO the P6000 body is pretty cool…much more than the G10 one…

    • Discontinued

      “So may we assume it will kill the G11 by boring it to death?”

      LOL, good one.

    • Hey KR, where you on medication when you wrote that Leica M9 review?

      • preston

        you responded to RK, not KR (who wrote the review).

    • Anonymous

      And the P6000 body is quite pocketable, thank you very much. Moreso than the LX3, and quite a bit more so than the G10/G11

  • Dave

    Another lens with F/5.6 at tele end. My Panasonic ZS3 (my concert camera) has 12x 25-300 lens and at the tele end it is F/4.9 That is why I am able to take nice photos at night at tele end. And that is at 300mm! not 200mm.

    F/2.8 at wide end is nice, but a brighter tele end would be more helpful in my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      Your panasonic has a much smaller sensor, meaning lenses can be designed smaller overall with larger zoom ranges and wider apertures due to smaller physical focal lengths.

  • hq

    I think GPS will only be attractive in little cameras once they support quick-fix, e.g. via GPRS cell-phone-tower triangulation.

  • Anonymous

    So disappointed with these specs, makes me want to sell my Nikon gear lol

  • Jose

    Nikon just don’t get it!
    Another disappointing “””high-end””” P&S.
    Sensor size and resolution is so 2008, and then is the lens: 28mm on the wide end is not good enough, 200mm on the long end is not demanded in this market segment (that’s over 7x zoom, when the segment leaders have between 2.5 and 3x)
    f/2.8 max aperture at 24mm is too slow (segment leaders offer between f/1.8 and f/2.0) and f/5.6 on the long end is just ridiculous, as it almost guarantees noisy pictures on anything but perfect light conditions.
    Nikon just lost it. I’ll wait to see if the Samsung EX2 comes with a connector for a (future) EVF and then get it.
    Bye bye Nikon

  • jon

    How is this a G11 killer?

  • rod

    Hm, cam ok, but two years to late.

  • Tockitman

    I just don’t understand how this will be a “G11 killer.” Seems more or less on equal par, maybe, but not a killer. Had Nikon released this at the same time as the G11, then maybe, but since the G11 is about to be replaced anyway, isn’t a “G11 killer” a moot point regardless at this stage?? Nikon? Hello??

  • Tockitman

    Seems to me that if Nikon’s planning and marketing departments had any sense, they would be releasing a “G12 killer” instead. A preemptive strike, so to speak.

  • Anonymous

    Gawd, I just hope this isn’t a precedence for things to come.
    If so, the rest of Nikon’s bodies are gonna suck.

  • Alex

    Maybe the D700 replacement will have 8mp! LOL

    • iamnomad

      Don’t give Nikon any ideas.

  • exciting!


  • Ala’a

    I first examined the P6000 at Photokina ’08, and I was so impressed that I purchased the camera soon afterwards. For the past two years I used it extensively in my environmental field work, as well as a back up camera in my travels. The GPS function was my main reason to acquire the camera, but getting the fix tended to be slow, and in some cities the numerous high-rises caused a severe case of the multi-path error that no fixes where possible. Also the GPS function was a power drain, so an extra battery was always at hand. The biggest let down has been the RAW issue: I’ve been shooting JPEG only. While the pictures are sharp at the entire range, frequently I wished for a faster lens. Another thing I didn’t understand was the inclusion of the useless ethernet port (I’d be interested to hear from any user out there who actually liked this “feature”). And one more thing that bothered me on many occasions: frequently the plastic lens’ shutter tended to get stuck, requiring firm taps near the front rim to force them loose.

    Overall, I’ve been satisfied with the P6000, but a Nikon should’ve been a better camera. If pressed for a rating, I’d give it a “B”. For a replacement I sure hope Nikon would address these shortcomings – mega-pixelage not important if the optical quality is improved.

    • Carlos R B

      Whats the RAW issue? slow time writing?….

    • I had hoped for a better lens, like the one on the LX5, but Nikon insists on 28 below and very long zoom range. Not my piece of cake, no one can shoot steadly with such camera at 200m equiv.

  • Eric Pepin

    my compact camera would have to be a lx5 or samsung NX10 with prime lens, im just not quite sure yet but i doubt anything nikon releases will beat those, hopefully there EVIL does though, i wouldnt mind sticking with my brand as long as the products are competitive. If its similar to the other companies and same price then why not encourage the brand i buy pro products from.

  • Stepper

    I wonder if Nikon decided to step back in MP count in order to get better noise reduction.

  • Carlos R B

    Admin, please consider trying to squezee a little more information about the camera from your source…who knows, by telling him how much people didnt like it, he would give some more details so that we can smile a little…new features…

  • iamnomad

    Should be 24mm at the wide end.

  • LX3 owner

    I agree, it should be 24 mm on the wide end and it is a MUST for me to buy any kind of upper grade P&S.

    How come Nikon thinks it is a FLAGSHIP P&S???
    This is closer to Panasonics DMC-TZ5/6/7…etc with ultra zoom.

    No Nikon P&S for me yet, will look at LX5.

  • Anonymous

    ALL OF YOU ARE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a G11 killer! It has a longer reach! And probably the same noise!!!!!!! It KILLS G11, ignoring the fact the G11 is about to be replaced, and it’s not really a G11 killer camera.

    Also just wondering if someone from Nikon actually said the words ‘G11 killer’, if they did, they should be sacked. They’ll also probably tell us it’s a P6000 killer, or iPhone 4 camera killer, or Film killer; it’s all marketing.

    • Bob

      Nikon’s still fighting the last battle, which it clearly lost.

      Too bad for Nikon, I hear Canon will be releasing the “Nikon P7000 Killer” shortly–it’ll be called the G12.

  • BenS

    …. all of you who are dissapointed, go wait for the EVIL camera. Better yet get the upcomming D3100 or whatever entry level dslr Nikon will come out with.

  • nikoa

    i’m waiting…

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