Bob Krist. Again.

If you have missed my previous Bob Krist post, check it out. Of course his copter shots were published with the release of the 24mm f/1.4 lens - one month after my post.

What do we have today? On his blog post from June 19, Bob Krist wrote about his recent trip:

"Unfortunately, I won’t be able to share the results of this shoot in the Four Corners until the publication drops in late September"

Nikon D90 replacement maybe? Sure! But wait, there is more: Four Corners? Interesting. Wait, that's next to... Arizona... right?

"If you want to beat the crowds and the forest of tripods at the famous Antelope Canyon, the popular slot canyon, try visiting another, slightly smaller but no less spectacular slot canyon located on private property and solely accessed by the folks at Overland Canyon Tours."

Canyons in Arizona again? Maybe the same place where Nikon shot some commercials for a new camera? Too many coincidences...

I guess we will see some nice canyon pictures from Bob Krist once the D90 replacement gets released. I say the D90 replacement because "the publication drops in late September" and I just wrote earlier today that the D90 replacement is expected in mid-September. The D3100 will "drop" in two weeks.

BTW, Bob Krist a big D90 fan - this is his main camera as far as I know. Perfect match. Again.

This time I promise I will not contact the tour operator 🙂

Update: the picture on his blog was taken with a D700 - maybe he was shooting with the new FX lenses as well?

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  • If it was a shoot near Page, then didn’t you report that it was for the D3100?

    • jay

      Sounds likes a landscape camera – d700x

      • Anonymous

        I agree, D-(single digit) bodies are too bulky to be lugged around in places like canyons, mountains, jungles, etc. And the existing D700, though beig an excellent camera, does not have enough pixel count for serious landscape photography.

        How long will Nikon persist with D700 being the only mainstream FX body; even to be superseded by their own DX types soon, before thinking Canon & Sony’s offerings.

        • D95, with rumored 16 MP, would add “pixel count” as you put it.

        • Not a camera for serious landscape photography? What do you mean by that? How serious are you about it then?

        • Anonymous

          Join the Army or the Marines. you will learn to carry 60lbs of equipment nd hike for a whole day.

          • Anonymous

            “Join the Army or the Marines. you will learn to carry 60lbs of equipment nd hike for a whole day.”

            Become a shape-shifter and turn into a pack mule and you will carry a lot more than any marine. What is your point?

            • Anonymous


    • The Page thing was 3100, but it is the D95 (or whatever it’s called) that isn’t expected until September. The dates fit better.
      Landscape camera?

    • It still could be the D3100, let me explain – when I first for the tip about Page, AZ I was told that the camera was small, not PRO level. At that point the D3100 was first to be announced. I did not have a date for the D90 replacement and I automatically assumed it was the D3100. You have to understand that the announce date is very important aspect of every rumor. There are many products ready to be released, only the few that have a scheduled date will see the light of day. So after I got the D90 replacement date today, I figured that it may not be the D3100. Maybe the shoot was for both cameras. Remember, it’s all rumors.

      • jay

        I mean, the Bob Krist camera used for landscape shots, must be d700x

        • SGN

          Bob Krist, on the linked blog, maintains that he is a DX shooter, and had to borrow a D3S for the 24/1.4 and 16-35/4 shoot. Do you like that Miami skyline shot any less for that???

  • Anonymous

    I’m close to commit suicide with so many rumors none of which about D700 replacement.

    • Makoto Kimura

      you should probably stop visiting rumors sites until photokina then. i’ve considered it myself, knowing full well there is nothing I can do except wait; I refuse purchasing anything when something new and shiny is just a month away.

      its just a camera people. for some of you its your livelyhood/profession. in that case you probably already have a d700 and it suites you well. its not gonna kill you to use if for another couple of months. When the replacement comes out, in 9 out of 10 instances it wont make much of a difference versus the current version for your business.

      i’m telling you… nikon will have the last laugh! the d700 replacement will be a scooter with wifi, projector, and printer.

      • Victor Hassleblood

        You’ve considered it as well ? What, harakiri ? ? Well that’s what one would call dead loyal customers.

      • AHC

        Had the same principle like you.. not wanting to buy anything else and just save for a new body in Q4 2010.. but.. too bad (good perhaps??), I was too tempted by 24 f1.4 😛

      • Anonymous

        Did the quality of the current cameras decline all of a sudden? How did we ever live with film?

        don’t be a victim

    • Rafael

      if you do, please leave all your gear to my name? maybe a list of clients…?


  • You

    Good idea to visit another canyon not available to the crowds 🙂 The statement regarding other spectacular canyon belongs to Canyon-X. See:
    Maybe we have to ask Charly (owner of Overland Canyon Tour) for more rumours 😉

  • zeissgit

    prophotographers all in a canyon at same time? keep it tight and in one place .. it must be a D4.

  • Jabs

    Yeah Administrator,
    You nailed one again – LOL!

    Lens and body perhaps being tested.

    • of course it could be a lens, but since he said late September, I am guessing D90 replacement or the new 200mm f/2.8 lens (?)

      • Jabs

        Hey Administrator,
        You really believe that Nikon will eventually release a 200mm F2.8 lens?
        Isn’t that a little too close to the 180mm F2.8?

        People have been talking about a 200mm ED of other than the F2.0 variety for eons, but the closest that they came was the excellent 200mm F3.5 ED-IF of the F3AF.


        • No idea about a 200 f/2.8. If they release a new 200 f/2, I doubt they will go for a 200 f/2.8.

      • pp51doodoo

        Not sure a closed in canyon is the best place to test a 200mm, but then again I’ve never been there.

        • WoutK89

          Maybe typo, did you mean 20/2.8 admin??

  • I bet they are shooting the commercials in a canyon so that when a prospective Canon buyer types “Canon camera” into a search engine, the search results will start with ‘Did you mean “canyon camera”?’ and a link to Nikon.

    • Wow, great catch! I can’t believe I missed that one!

      • Well, after I got the Page AZ news few days ago, I visit the websites of all usual Nikon suspects, incl. Bobo Krist, but for some reason I did not see this specific post about AZ. It wasn’t until today that a reader sent me the link.

        This is why I asked all readers to check their favorite Nikon photographer’s website/blog and look for pictures of canyons taken near Page, Arizona.

  • Mike

    Admin, are you suprised spy shots of the 85 1.4 AF-S have not surfaced yet? This is what I am most eagerly awaiting!

    • We haven’t seen any spy shots and Nikon has several products in the pipeline. There is still time 🙂

  • eru

    I strongly doubt there will be a D700 replace any soon, and in some way I hope not because if it is soon is gonna be a D3s sensor which would be not such a novelty

    • jay

      d700x is not a d700 replacement, not d700s.

      I would get either the “x” or the “s” with good video

      • jay

        i meant “nor d700s” would be a d700 replacement.

  • cyron123


    in the slot canyons is a lot of dust. Not the best enviroment for “not sealed” D3100. This could be an good advertisment for a new PRO sealed body like D700x… 🙂

    • Unless the rumored magnesium body for the D95 includes sealing. If that is true, it could replace both D90 and D300s.

      • human tripod

        I agree that D95 has to be a D300S killer.

        • enesunkie


  • Vladi

    You are right, Bob Krist shoots D90 as his main camera, he confirmed it on one of the Nikonians podcasts. He likes small, lighter body and there is no such camera with FX sensor at the moment.
    For the 24mm 1.4 testing, Nikon sent him D3 and D700 so he could test it properly but as i said he uses D90 for his regular work. Atleast this was true when the 24mm 1.4 was released.
    So its very likely if there will be someone testing the D90 successor he will be the main suspect.
    Well done NR Admin on this one, more and more interesting rumors rolling in every day, just like good old times.

    • Vladi, just remember that slow times will come again one day and I will have to write more “filler posts” 🙂

      • preston

        it’s funny how you can go from hated to loved so fast! you’re like a politician in disguise 😉

  • this is turning out to be like a flippin agatha christie mystery. o__O

  • Gary

    Yes Bob Krist is the perfect one to handle the marketing shots for the D90 replacement. He’s probably the best known pro to use a D90 as his main camera.

    Given that he got to shoot the 24 1.4, I wouldn’t be surprised if he also gets to do the shots for one of the new lenses.

    • preston

      Let’s not forgot that he didn’t disappoint with those shots from the 24 1.4 – they practically had me drooling!

  • Eric Pepin

    i just sucked it up and bought the d300s now. I need a metal body when school starts in september, and anyone else who needs a camera now just buy what you want. Trying to get a hold of new cameras will be difficult. IF the d95 is magnesium WITH weather seals then it may be good but the dual slots of the d300s plus bigger viewfinder and potential 8fps still keeps it alive so far.

    No way the d95 is as good as the first rumour was at that price, theres a catch somewhere.

    • BenS

      hmm… maybe and maybe not.

      Remember Nikon promised to “SURPRISE” us all. This may be the start of their “SURPRISE” attack. Byt the time Nikon relases their GPS guided new SLR / Lenses , Canon will be in SHOCK and AWE.

      NO harm in wishing…go NIKON !

  • Fat Ho Z

    no D700 replacement news… (T_T)

  • Uncle Herb

    Lol. The Overland Canyon is $160.00 for a photo tour. Again, there are other non-tourist slot canyons in the area that are free or cost a few bucks to enter. Don’t be bilked.

  • dgm

    I never heard of Bob Krist before (shame on me ?) so I went to his website and was absolutely gobsmacked by the quality of this guy’s pictures some are absolutely magical

    if nothing else, thanks a lot, Admin, for introducing me to this guy’s work. He’s a hell of a talented photographer.

  • lolcatmaster FTW

    This is kind of a silly report… I mean he has blogged before about assignments that he couldn´t share at that particular time because they weren´t printed (advertising, magazines, etc.) … It is common for professionals to wait till the client has the photos running before even attempting to put them online.

    :/ this is getting silly…

    P.D. I love his work and his positivism, he is one of the few bloggers that is always a delight to read because there are awesome photos and awesome articles.

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