Nikon Imaging website will be down for maintenance this Thursday

Many European Nikon websites were down during the past few weeks (especially on weekends). Those outages could be caused by technical issues, but I am not sure how this is possible with the current web servers technology (redundant/backup servers, staging servers for pushing new updates, etc).

Anyhow, the main Nikon Imaging website is also scheduled for a 4 hours maintenance this Thursday:

"Product line up pages will not be accessible due to maintenance during 1PM to 5PM Japan time in Jun. 17, 2010."

On several occasions in the past Nikon has brought down their websites in order to update them for an upcoming announcement.

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  • Astral Photo in Montreal is selling the Nikon D90 with the 18-55mm VR kit zoom for $799.99. This is the lowest price I have seen recently and leads me to suspect they are clearing out the Nikon D90 to make way for an upcoming replacement. . . Of course it’s a great incentive to buy a D90 kit now. I think they will even knock $50.00 of of a second telephoto zoom lens if it is bought at the same time as this $800 D90 kit.

  • This is the Nikon D90 kit that is being sold in Montreal for $799.99. Astral Photo is the Quebec version of Black’s Photo.

    • Eric Pepin

      its 899.99 which is still a low price but not 799.99. also theres very little interest in the d90 with 18-55 kit. Id say 70+ percent of d90 sales are with the 18-105, its a main reason why people upgrade from the d5000 to the d90.

      and i work at blacks photography which is the same as atral as you mentioned.

  • ghyz

    More than 90 comments on a news about maintenance of a web site which could give a hint of a start of a disclosure of a new model ! It is indeed a geek site, if any doubt of it 🙂

  • serious is hidden in the joke, joke is hidden in the serious…

  • Marc Ruby

    I have a list of things I need to upgrade my setup and based on the number of items that are not available it’s obvious Nikon isn’t sending anything to dealers. Maybe they’re going out of business…

  • Stew Davis

    I really hope they come out with something new. If not bye bye nikon for me and hello Canon. Would rather not switch but right now I’m liking what’s going on over there on the Canon side.

    • Eric Pepin

      just curious, what are you missing from the nikon side ? hd video maybe but other then that ??? . I wouldnt change a whole system for video unless your a
      videographer at which point id get a video camera.

  • low

    i think its time for canon (5th time this year already)

  • Mishima

    Just out of curiosity… what time would the Nikon website be updated? I’m currently at the timezone of (GMT +8). =)

  • 2 more hours lol!!!

    • Hiker

      Which might or might not immediatly bring a visible update that might or might not be about potential future products

    • Anonymous

      Wouldn’t it be more than that? If they’re doing maintenance from 1-5pm japan time that’s 12-4am eastern. So there is actually four more hours and eight minutes. Or am I wrong?

      • Its a Coming…

        I see what your saying yes(4 hours till the end of maintain), so go to sleep then in the morning D700s will be waiting for you. (I seriously doubt anything will be updated)

        • If they announce something, this would be the first time I would not have a clue 🙂

      • Yes, you are correct – I don’t think I will stay till 4am, if there is something we should have seen leaks by now.

  • Its a Coming…

    Here it is the D700s.

  • Its a Coming… is your friend Anonymous. It Begins in 5 mins

  • Peter

    Im prepared to be disappointed.

  • Mishima

    Weird… At landing page, there is this announcement:
    “Product line up pages will not be accessible due to maintenance during 1PM to 5PM Japan time in Jun. 17, 2010.”

    I till manage to browse through the product line though… right below the announcement… =P

  • Ryu_Nikon
  • thefunk

    Two hours to go until nothing happens.

    I can’t wait.

  • Anonymous


  • Mishima

    Ya..literally nothing……… =(

  • Razz

    Not true!!! they removed the maintenance maintenance message:P

  • Anonymous

    OMGosh, they removed something!!

    I’m hoping they’ll ADD SOMETHING,

    Man if Nikon dont get a move on, I might have to go to the evil side.

  • Kenny

    Nothing changes.. Just purely web server maintenance? Indexing ?

    • thefunk

      The good new is that my FM2 is still ‘in date’.

  • Pat Mann

    The site looks a lot different to me; not sure I like it, but perhaps it will grow on me. All those FXs and DXs are kind of distracting.

  • D40-owner

    Hey guys,
    The D90 update will happen next week.
    I have a 100% reliable source for this: I am about to purchase a used D90 on Friday.
    So the update will come out Monday.

    • Razz

      im about to sell my used d90 on friday to a 100% reliable sucker who thinks there is a firmware update coming out next week.

    • Hi D40-owner!
      Same luck here.
      Today i got my brand new D90, this means a D90 successor will be released next week!!


  • On the Nikon Site where the cameras are listed, there is no longer a “new” sign next to D300s. I think that is the only change!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      F**k, finally Nikon admitted that the 12MP D300s is not a new product! Great!!! 🙂

      • D40-owner

        That made my day..
        – Nikon President: “We admit defeat. Our D300s is not a new camera compared to the 7D, so we cannot list it as new…”

  • D40-Owner: Are you pulling our legs?

    • disco

      obviously your arms too

  • Anonymous

    Ha um espaço em branco para ser ocupado por uma DSLR!

  • yee yee

    sad! nothing happen. tomorrow i will go for canon 550D.

  • Anonymous

    Could be the beginning of the war against the Canon G11, introducing a new Coolpix P Serie?

  • Luca

    Could be the beginning of the war against canon g11, introducing a new Nikon Coolpix P Serie?

  • Well it was never going to be anything on the D90 or the D700 while the current offers run until 30th June 😉 The next date something is possible is 1st July… 2 more weeks to go until nothing most likely…

    • Discontinued

      Yes, most likely.

      WHAT A LAME, LAME YEAR ! ! !

      Feels like being stuck with a manufacturer of pinhole cameras.

  • venancio

    they just said their site would be down… but i do wonder why thom hogan did not update his site yesterday…

  • Anonymous

    Nikon is big piece of shit this year. It even stinks.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Nikon, Sony may overtake you sooner than you think. Check this out.

    Brand Click share Clicks
    (of 1,225,209)
    1. Canon 29.9% 366,728
    2. Sony 16.5% 201,922
    3. Nikon 16.3% 199,237

    • Interesting stats, though stats never tell the whole story; are there more Canon Products than Nikon on there for example, or more articles around Sony than Nikon? Who knows. The ‘top cameras’ list is interesting, but surely just the most recent announcements will get the most views – I’ve looked at the Sony NEX kit too as a possible DSLR lite alternative for myself, but after reading the review on there I have absolutely NO intention of buying one, so what does that tell you in the stats?

      • Discontinued

        You are right. But what do a 200K of Nikon clicks tell us? Nothing but many desperate people out there, checking several times a day …

        Saab cars got clicks like a major car manufacturer, when the fist full of owners thought the company is going to waste.

  • Nicole

    Well, i think that the new look Nikon site is a big improvement. But maybe that’s just me. 🙂

  • Jim

    Just checked the Japan site… nothing new.. (was it 1pm Japan’s time.. in this case, already past?)

  • As I remember, there used to be the D60 very recently, it’s gone now !

    Plus, the page design has become weird now, with huge blank spaces under D3s & D300s !

    • dave

      In the USA, they list the D40 instead of the D60… at least today they do. I don’t keep a constant vigil.

      • Anonymous

        I think they use the D3 and the D40 as space holder on the site. We know both products are discountinued long time ago. We can safely assume Nikon will introduce 2 cameras in the next round. I think July 1.

    • Anonymous

      Not much variety. Either you get 12MP (or 1 10MP camera) or D3x. This is why Nikon is in trouble. 2/3 of the 8 camera posted should be replaced.

    • I thought the D3 was discontinued? Are they still manufacturing it?

      • Anonymous

        RussB – That is my point above, on both the Japanese and the US site there are two products (US site D3 and D40, Japanese site D3 and an empty space) that are discountinued. This makes me conclude that we’ll have two new cameras on July 1.

  • Ren Kockwell

    I just got a hot rumor that Nikon’s janitor is taking a day off this Monday. In the past, anytime he’s taken a day off, Nikon has released a new DSLR.

  • Ren Kockwell

    P.S. Nex cameras BLOW. Few to no manual overrides, clumsy menus and no pancakes. Why offer an enthusiast camera with nube feature sets? Typical Sony mentality, assuming all consumers are morons.

    • New-gen Nikon cameras will be Japanese text only 🙂

  • Ninon+Cakon

    Possibilities of the Mk3 coming to town…

  • Ryan

    Even though it has been discontinued, has the P6000 been on the sites all along? ‘Cause it’s there now.

  • Anonymous

    NR Admin, please post something new. Perhaps we’ll have 180+ comments after if any of the Nikon execs fart or burp. Has Nikon hired a new janitor? Or, anything… 🙂

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