Nikon D3000 body only option discontinued

B&H lists the Nikon D3000 "body only" as discontinued:

The D3000 kit version is still available. Nikon D3000 is expected to be replaced in 2010 with a new version.

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  • at least we are heading in the right direction for rumors :/

    • Dont really care for the consumer stuff though.

      • aetas

        @ Vince. Dont worry about anonym. If you ever did and not that my ideas really count but I think your images are great. As a fellow photographer I know that its what your clients wants not just some nameless guy putting you down. I dont have a site yet but when I do I would like your ideas on how to make i better not just mindless critisism(sp) as a fellow photographer not a couch jockey.

      • Iceman

        Admin- Is this really the forum for this kind of unsolicited malice? I would prefer rudeness be elimintated, it’s really not necessary.

  • Aaron

    Sounds like a glitch to me. The second newest (D3S) body is the first of the current lineup to be discontinued?

    • Dad

      Going into the Canon cycle of 1body/year I guess.

    • James

      The D3000 is not competitive with its 10 megapixel CCD sensor, and they need to do something about that fast. I expect the successor will be substantially the same camera, but with a 12 megapixel CMOS sensor and live view.

  • Worminator

    D3000. One of Nikon’s least interesting, least competitive dSLRs. It will not be missed.

    • Dad

      Probably did well against Canon’s 400D 3 AF point monsters

  • taurui

    I just can’t understand Nikon. The D3000 is one of the “newest” offerings. It’d really be weird if it would be replaced before the D700, D90, D5000, D3x …

    • PHB

      It is very simple. The D3000 makes a lot of money, far more than all the professional cameras put together. So frequent updates are a top priority.

      I would expect a refresh of the D3000 and D90 at a bare minimum this year. Quite likely an update to the D5000 as well.

      On the professional series equipment, Nikon has this quaint idea that people who pay $1000+ for a camera body don’t expect it to be replaced by a better model every 12 months.

      Adding live view and 1040i HD video to the D3000 is a no-brainer. I would expect the D5000 to be essentially the same but with the flip out video screen and a few more pixels.

      If you want to buy a camera from a company that does not do consumer models then pay $30K for a ‘blad and hope that the company is still in business when you need an upgrade.

    • Eric Pepin

      The D3000 does outsell all other SLR’s and theres a decent enough profit margin there im sure. Also with the D3000 nikon still makes an occasional lens sale. And ill agree with PHB, if i had spent 2-8 grand on my pro nikon body and it was replaced right away I would be wary of upgrading for a long time since it too would just be replaced but if upgrades come once every 2 – 4 years then i would upgrade each time if not every second time atleast.

    • Worminator

      The entry level D40-class camera has been updated much more frequently in the past than the more expensive models. D80->D90 vs. D40 -> D40x -> D60 -> D3000

  • The visible woman

    This is SOOOO SAD I was planing to buy one for my husband, the D3x was a little to heavy.

    • I_am_Nikon

      wait what ?

      You’re choosing between D3000 and D3x ?

      • H

        if you are going to suprise him by getting a D3000 over D3x please don’t as he would have an heart attack!!!

  • jimmy

    D3000 is less than a year old, but also one of the very few, if any, entry level DSLR models without a live view. Will be interesting to see if the successor will be better image quality wise than D3000, which have gotten quite poor reviews.

  • sd

    Maybe they’ll replace it with the D40x

    • Jesus

      Perhabs they would, if there weren’t a d40x already

      • it was a joke and a funny one honestly – if they would have added live view and video to the d40 they’d still be selling like crazy

  • Anonymous

    1) Nikon found a new place where they can put the 12mp sensor (just kidding) It will be the D4000 (But this is going to be 14MP. Mark my words for it. It will use the same sensor as the 14MP new sony recenetly announced
    2) Nikon has to come out with the D4 early. It will look ridiculous (for the image of the brand) that lower end models have more MP.
    3) We may see an D400 as well
    4) D90 replacement

    • If I’m not wrong, a couple of years ago Canon fell into such a situation. They introduced 450D, their first 12mp APS-C slr on the lowest-grade body, while upper-grade 30D was still 10mp, and FF 5D mk I was 13mp.

      But then in a short time, they skyrocketed in the mp race with 5D II & 7D, which Nikon fell quite behind (I exclude the D3X because it seems at another planet in terms of price, plus I’m aware of the sayings like 12mp more than any photographer ever needs, blah blah.)

      • Eric Pepin

        the D3x is now $8,000. In Canada the 1ds M 3 sells for $6,999. I would say not a that a less then 20 percent difference between the two top models is not that odd.

        • The problem is not at the flagship model price, it’s the lacking 5D II equivalant of Nikon. Nikon simply can’t offer anything more than 12mp in an affordable range & usable size, but Canon can. Well the mkII may not be the best still camera, yet it’s out there for only $2500.

          • Oops, I forgot Nikon’s new 14mp compact. It easily falls into the definition of being affordable and usable size.

        • Uncle John

          the 3dx outperforms the 1ds3, in terms of SnR, high ISO, by quite a bit according to many sources (who own both sets)

      • jimmy

        40D – 10 mp, 30D – 8.2. Still way better image quality than the 450D.

  • Anonymous

    Well that didn’t last very long.

  • Seppl

    I’m loosing track now a little bit. So this year we’ll see
    – the D4
    – the D400
    – the D800/D900
    – the D8000
    – and the D4000
    And all of this in the remaining 6 months. Boah. So we’re up to a firework of DSLR releases of Nikon.

    • Let’s see the D800/900, well I don’t care the rest 🙂

      • I still don’t believe that’s going to happen until Q1 2011. The reason being that Canon appear to have no intention of replacing the 5D MKII until then either….

    • Loona

      Oh and you forgot the D4s, the D4x not to mention the D5D, the first joint camera between Canon and Nikon that accepts both lenses ?

  • Dan

    I have a feeling the replacement will be called the D3100 instead

  • Anonymous

    Boooh, what a bad news. I was about to buy a D3000 with no kit lens, because I had a 600mm f/4 VR to put in front .

    Nikon, you shouldn’t do it to your best-ever, most-wanted dslr. Now, I can’t afford it with the kit. Life seems completely meaningless :((

    • Anonymous

      Dude, what ever you were trying to joke about, it fell apart even before you started…

  • Christoffer

    I need a D90 replacement with awesome video functions like 550D!!
    Instant buy!

    • Eric Pepin

      im in that boat now aswell since i damaged my current D90 although the D300 , D300s and D700 are all calling my name.

  • EG

    I want a D4000 with 6 Mpix and iso102400. That would make me buy one.

    • I’ve always wondered whether it’s possible to improve ISO range by further lowering mp thanks to bigger photosites (to be called eg. Nikon D500, FX 6mp, 4 stops better than D700, plus video, coupled with a new 45mm f/1.0 lens) For sure, there will be a market for such a camera as well as the opposite way which I’m longing for years.

      • Uncle John

        +1 to that. I’d go for a D90/D300 body sized DX that could do a clean ISO6400. That’s only 3 stops better than current DX. I’d be better off with the smaller file sizes too…

  • Chad

    Anyone have an idea where I can find out clearance D3000 for cheap? BestBuy typically has some great deals on the stuff is discontinued.

    • Cheapest price in the UK is £279 at the moment – according to my resources that is the cheapest price yet for the D3000 – pretty good bearing in mind it is cheaper than almost every Nikon lens too…

  • Ed

    Someone saw that there is no need to sell the d3000 body only option since the buyers of that camera probably will buy it with some kit lens…

  • geoff

    Nikon’s naming convention is stupid, or at least it will be if they release a D4000. They should follow BMW/Intel’s lead on the naming front (3/5/7 series).

    Entry level: 3xxx series, next model would be D3100
    Mid-level: 5xxx series, next model would be D5100
    D90 replacement level: 7xxx series, first model would be D7000

    This would leave the door open to a D9000 series as well, wedged in between the D90 and the D300. It would also cover them in the naming department for the next 10-20 years depending on how often they release a new body.

  • chuck

    The D3000 was a camera that should have never been. Nikon blew it mashing a bunch of old features togather. IMHO they should have simply dropped the D90/D5K into the D40 body with Video and 3 focus and would have had a better and more competitive product.. But what do I know I am former user/owner of D40, D5K, D300, and D700…

  • Peter

    They should have never done the D40x or D60 either.. D40 would even sell today.

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