The latest Nikon rumors

This information is from a new source, I have no way to verify the validity of this info:

Nikkor 135mm f/2 AF-S G N VRII

  • Both f/1.8 and f/2 versions prototyped
  • No DC feature - apparently most of the subtlety regarding the feature in the existing can be replicated in post.
  • No word what so ever of a 105mm sibling.
  • Provide a significant step up in sharpness over the existing old design

Nikkor 85mm f/1.4 AF-S G N VRII

  • It has been tested in the field and will be released in the next couple of months. Incidentally the announced Sigma, especially the MTF caused some waves...

Mirrorless Nikon

  • 1" (25.4mm) sensor (2.7x crop)
  • This will just be a concept announcement at Photokina (if at all!) - you are not getting your hands on one of these till 2011.
  • Be prepared for a pleasant surprise when it comes to the image quality and the form factor!

My comments:

Update: here are the MTF charts for the current (AF) Nikon 85mm f/1.4 (left) and the new Sigma 85mm f/1.4 (right):

Update #2: as some of the readers already noted there is a link between the 1" sensor and 17mm lens image diameter see this table on wikipedia - a type 1" sensor has a diagonal of 16mm which should fit perfectly in the 17mm lens image diameter.

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  • Rob

    FINALLY Nikon has some news 85mm 1.4 I want it sooo bad

  • King Of Swaziland

    This Sigma 85mm f/1.4 MTF graph is available from the Sigma France website.

  • Anonymous

    MTF is also available with this link:

    • thanks, that’s the one – Sigma US and UK did not have it (or I couldn’t find it).

  • A guy at the photo store I use to go told me about a new Nikon 85 1.4 to be released this year, no info about VR, but it sounds kind of weird, 1.4 with VR on an 85.

    • King Of Swaziland

      Re: VR

      Think video.

      • Queen Of Swaziland

        VR is predictive delta based. Will not work with video.

        • Uhhhh…sure looks good on the d90 with current VR lenses. What do you mean it won’t work? It does!

          • glen ryan

            VR definitely works on video – in fact it’s almost essential for hand held – can shoot video handheld Ok with 70-200 VRII and 105 Micro VR on a D3s but using the current 8%mm 1.4 it is almost impossible to get smooth enough footage without a tripod or stabilisation. A new 85mm with VR will be welcomed by anyone shooting video on Nikon …. although not as much as a new body with better compression and framerate options!

    • I Am Nikon

      It ain’t weird.

      Use an 85mm f/1.4D, set to aperture priority, use it wide open. set ISO to 200, point it to a low light area. Check your shutter speed.

      Now imagine your shutter speed bumping 2-3 stops faster still with the same aperture and ISO.


      • Jose

        Hmmm, I am not following you correctly. Last time I checked, VR would only correct camera movement, not subject movement…

        • not everyone shoots peolpe you know. or moving subjects.

          • Anonymous

            people or not there are still limits

          • Jose

            Maybe I was not thorough enough in the idea I was trying to convey:
            VR is not a substitute for higher shutter speeds. Additionally, VR is not a full substitute for using a tripod, which in most cases, is the best practice for shooting static subjects.

  • randini

    Finally something on the mirrorless! I hope it pans out. Thanks for the rumor admin.

  • Carlos

    Admin…cant you tell us just a little bit about the “surprise” regarding the mirrorless system?…..and 2011? God, thats a long time to wait…i had the G1 but IQ sucks when it comes to high iso noise and DR….SO PLEASE NIKON HURRY UP…..

    • I don’t know anything more than that, no idea what the surprise will be.

    • Jose

      If current info is correct, I would not put much faith in high ISO performance for the ML/EVIL/iLC/DVC Nikon. The sensor would have HALF the area of current m4/3 and optoelectronic tech does not advance at the same pace that Moore “Law” describes for transistor densities.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe it’s only 8MP or something. There are ways to get fine ISO from a small sensor. It’s just that the MP war isn’t over yet.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe de evil has three tiny sensors for the primary colors? Who knows?

  • Click

    Great news on the rumored new products. I will take one of each. I

    just hope it doesn’t take forever for Nikon to begin shipping them to the masses like the D3s & 24mm F/1.4 both of which are basically non-existence…

  • mogando


    if u really want a quick EVIL solution, check out the new Sony NEX. The high ISO looks a lot more promising than current m4/3 offerings.

    but here’s Nikon’s dilemma – if they release a new mount without a full AF-enabled adapter for current F-mount, it’ll undermine their market dominance. and yet if they do primarily use F-mount lenses with a couple tiny pancakes just for EVIL, they’ll be way too heavy and bulky that undermines the whole value of EVIL, which is small size, light weight and convenience

    • Carlos

      Mogando, i didnt check the NEX system closely yet, but heard some complainings about the manual controls (or the lack of it…) and i need a VF, evf or whatever, external or not….thanks for the tip

    • Sony

      Does it take the funky sony flash shoe too? and MS pro DN duo HG X etc etc?

    • PHB

      If you want a 500mm f/2 then you could buy the Nikon EVIL and slap a 200 f/2 on it (!)

      Or alternatively make a 300 mm f/1.4 from an 85mm.

      The shortest effective focal length from a useful F-mount you are going to get is 135mm from a 50mm.

      The 10-24 would turn into a mid range zoom!

      Yes, there is going to be some point to doing this for some people. But for most purposes its going to be a different system altogether.

  • Astro

    not sure how you can get much sharper than the previous 135mm, but still looking forward to it. One of my fav focal lengths. Such a perfect working distance.

    • I am currently lacking a fast telephoto lens, and I have been considering the 135mm for some time now. The problem is just that my local dealer tells me that delivery time is around three months, and that I’d rather not want a screw-type autofocus. An AF-S update would be most welcome.
      I’m not sure whether or not I want the DC feature. The soft-focus effect one gets when setting DC5.6 with aperture 2 looks wonderful and is -not- achievable in post.

      • Yeah, if you get the right camera body, 3-series, or D700) …then the 135 f/2 focuses lightning fast, is very accurate, and *kinda* quiet. If you’re the kind of person who can be cool with owning a previous generation even when a new one comes out, you should try the 135 and I think you’ll love it. I know some people are OCD about owning the newest gear, but personally I’m cool with owning the next-older generation if it’s still a quality product. I’ll be buying a D700 when it’s replacement comes out, and if the new Nikon 85 comes out and costs a fortunte, or if the Sigma is a failure, I’ll be buying the 85 1.4 AFD…

      • older gen lenses can be great.
        i wanted a 70-200mm 2.8, but 2500 was too much. so i bought a used (in perfect state though) 80-200mm af-s, without the VR.
        perfect lens, af-s is great to have!

      • I just heard about a used 135 in Tokyo for just under $600. I picked up mine last year in Tokyo for just over $600. They come and go in the shops over here. Love mine (altho’ an update would have me slobbering).

  • they can’t be called VRII because there were no previous VR versions of the 135 and the 85.

    II is not an indication of VR type, but the version of the lens.

    the 18-200 VR II, 70-200 VR II, 200-400 VR II, 300 VR II all had VR versions before.
    the 16-35 VR and the 85 3.5 VR didn’t, so they don’t get the II tag.

    • longtimenikonshooter

      if you read the fine print, it says VRII. example, AF-S 105mm f/2.8G VR.

    • I Am Nikon

      Um no.

      VRII means it’s the 2nd generation of the VR Technology by Nikon.

      VRI = 2-3 Stops*
      VRII = 3-4 Stops*

      and just like what the guy above me said,
      the 105mm doesn’t have a VRI version either, but the current one has the VRII. got it ?

  • longtimenikonshooter

    Where can I pre-order 135?

  • Matt

    Since they’re so hard to find, I bought the old 135 DC back in April (it’s not discontinued btw), but I haven’t taken it out of the box (waiting for my birthday). Maybe I’ll sell it if they really come out with a new and improved model.

    • Um, seriously? Get that lens out of the box and put it to use! Now.

    • longtimenikonshooter

      I took a delivery of new 135 f/2 DC last week. Right out the box, the lens exhibits both front and back focusing on four different bodies, F6, D700, D3s, and D3x.

      • Matt

        I used a rented one for a week and fell in love with it; it really is an amazing lens. I just hope that if I do choose to keep it that it focuses properly!

      • Andrew Garrard

        LONGTIMENIKONSHOOTER – are you over-cranking the DC to get soft focus? The manual warns that you’ll have to manual focus if you do this, because it confuses the AF system. If you’re just using it at the right setting for bokeh control, the AF seems to cope.

        • Matt

          Good question! I never did this when I rented the lens (at least, not on purpose!) and I always had perfect focus.

        • longtimenikonshooter

          No, I didn’t use DC at all and it stays at N position all the time. I believe I got a lemon because it has terribly annoying AF noise except when the lens pointing straight up to the sky. I purchased the new one because the old one dropped dead after years of service.

          • Anonymous

            That sucks. Did you send the new lens in for service?

          • Andrew Garrard

            Ouch. I assume that means your old one was okay?

            I only got mine fairly recently; I’ve yet to peer really closely at the results (last weekend was photographing; this weekend in Photoshop), but now I’m nervous! It does sound like a dodgy sample, though; mine certainly doesn’t make any funny noises. Best of luck getting it fixed. (Btw, *good* camera selection!)

          • longtimenikonshooter

            Can’t send it in because it is a grey market lens.

          • Andrew Garrard

            I could be wrong here, but I thought a) the Nikon warranty on lenses was global (unlike the warranty on cameras), and b) you can always pay them to repair it. Even if you have to pay, it may not be cheap, but it’s better than having a $1500 door stop (or shooting live view for ever more).

  • thinking about the 25.4mm sensor but the 17mm patent.
    What if its like the GH1 the sensor is larger than the image circle. with this size of chip one would think the cost to make it slightly larger would be small (and bc there is no set size like FX, DX or 43rds). If it is a square sensor, with a push of a button one could be given the option to change from landscape to portrait (3:2, 4:3, 16:9) and even use the full 25.4 square if a normal nikon lens was used.

    That would be a surprise and welcome one! But 2011…. It will need to come out b4 my sisters wedding in summer of 2011. and with a larger than 3 lens set given how far behind nikon is in the mirror less range.

    and Admin didnt Nikon say there were going to introduce more cheaper lens this year? I do feel the 35 85 135 and 200 1:1 is needed but also cheaper primes are needed just as badly.

    • Astrophotographer

      I think the 17mm – one inch issue is in nomenclature. Old video sensors were measured by the tube that contained them. A 17mm sensor is a good fit to one inch. A good reference here:

  • Andrew Garrard

    Re. the 135 DC, “apparently most of the subtlety regarding the feature in the existing can be replicated in post.”

    Um, no, it can’t. Unless you go over all your backgrounds with a smudge tool, anyway. The effect is to smooth off the edges of the bokeh circles (effectively weighting the light contribution differently according to distance from the optical axis). It’s a very neat feature, spoiled slightly by the bad LoCA at wide apertures (beautiful smooth backgrounds, shame they’re funny colours). Sounds like I’m glad I picked up my DC when I did; if they kept the DC, fixed the LoCA and added VR (although the weight helps – I was shooting in a dark disco over the weekend and getting something usable at 1/20s) I’d feel more foolish.

    Sharpness wasn’t the primary design objective of the DC lens – it’s for portraits, and it’s often more flattering if they’re not tack sharp – and you *can* sharpen in post. Not that I’ve had major objections to the sharpness of my 135, but then I don’t own a 200 f/2 against which to compare it. Or a D3x, which might show it up (a D700 isn’t all that demanding to a decent lens). At the distances from which a 135mm photograph has the correct perspective. it’s plenty sharp enough, anyway.

    • Tim

      I agree. I have the 105mm. The DC bokeh is beyond words. People always ask “what apature is that?”

      I just smile.

  • M!

    2.7x crop on an evil. Hmm. So I you want 27mm you need a 10mm fish eye on it. A 70-200 becomes 189-540, that would be an alternate use for this camera.

  • AdamJay

    A 1″ sensor is based on a “tube” diameter of 25.4mm. The actual sensor size (4:3 aspect) is 12.8mm by 9.6mm with a diagonal measurement of 16mm – which would work with lens elements designed to produce a 17mm image circle.

    I couldn’t tell if the admin’s comments were that the 1″ sensor didn’t match with the previous patent applications or that they did. By my understanding, they do.

    • kurotsu-kun

      … totally right, was just about to post that myself:

      A 16mm sensor makes perfect sense for lenses calculated for 17mm image circles. Doesnt proove anything about the rumour of course.

      Nikon going for smaller sensors seems like a good idea, with sensors getting better all the time the only disadvantage will be increased DOF. With smaller optics (and lack of mirror!) the aperture can be located closer to the sensor, thus reducing sharpness problems due to diffraction. With DX and FX, we are already at a point were sensors outresolve anything but top notch glass.

      • PHB

        I think it a good choice for many reasons. But one of the most important for me is that there is the option of using a dedicated video camera sensor.

        It will be interesting to see whether the geometry makes a 3 sensor system feasible. This was done a lot in the CCD days, not seen it done for CMOS though. May mean that it no longer makes sense I guess.

  • Alan

    Finally a moderate telephoto prime!!! Nikon, just don’t make it too big and heavy!!!
    I would buy the AFS135/2VR fore sure!!!

    • I hope you know that Nikon has had a 135 f/2 for years already, the rumored update is just about AF-S and VR.

  • nobody


    “1″ (25.4mm) sensor (2.7x crop)” cannot be right.

    A 25.4mm diagonal sensor has a crop factor of 1.7, as compared to an FX sensor.

    A 2.7x crop sensor has a diagonal of 16mm.

    • AdamJay

      A 1″ sensor is based on a “tube” diameter of 25.4mm. The actual sensor size (4:3 aspect) is 12.8mm by 9.6mm with a diagonal measurement of 16mm – which would work with lens elements designed to produce a 17mm image circle.

    • PTG

      Nobody got it wrong! 😉

      In fact, I think most people would get this point wrong. As already explained by
      AdamJay, a 1″ sensor has a diagonal of 16mm. If you do not believe, check it here:
      This weird naming scheme dates back to the time of video tubes, when a tube with an outer diameter of 1″ produced an image whose diagonal is approx. 16mm.

      In fact, this detail makes the rumour quite credible. If you want to fake specifications, you would usually not include details most people would stumble over

      • Jose

        Is interesting how this Nikon offering would “plug” the gap mentioned in the article.

        • PTG


    • RT

      I’ve heard about this strange 1″ rumor before, especially WRT a video-centric camera. But who makes 1″ sensors other than for industrial use? Haven’t even heard rumors of one

      • PHB

        Sensors are the easy part, you can make them bigger or smaller as you like. There are tradeoffs of course, but the size thing is just a matter of dialing it into Verilog or whatever.

        Lenses are somewhat different. The laws of physics mean that if you scale every element of an optical system up or down, the result will be the same. But even so there is a lot of manufacturing equipment tied to grinding particular pieces of glass.

        Nikon make and design lenses for all sorts of devices, not just cameras. Choosing an existing standard may well help them get to market faster. They may already have an in house design they can use by just adapting an existing mount. Or they can buy in designs from other companies if they need to broaden their range quickly.

  • mtf charts look rather fine for sigma, but as always, they measure it differently then Nikon. Nikon is very conservative while sigma cheats where it is only possible.

    • Bob

      Agreed. I wouldn’t buy Sigma for several reasons, including poor resale value, lackluster durability and terrible quality control. I won’t play the “find the needle in the haystack” to find the one good copy. Too many reviews of Sigma’s primes read alike–nice try but the lenses are soft wide open and in the corners, especially in full frame, where it really matters. Why bother?

      For the money Sigma is asking, I’d spend a bit more and get the real deal Nikon.

      • Anonymous

        I’m thinking “a bit more” will end up being double at retail.

  • ffip

    I hope Nikon will update the 180mmf/2.8D as well. It would be even better suited for shooting in a concert hall if it has VR.

  • sixbysix

    I have my fingers crossed that the mirrorless camera gets put together by the SLR team and doesn’t get handed to the Coolpix department…

  • George Washington

    >1″ (25.4mm) sensor (2.7x crop)

    This looks like something of a typo.

    1 inch = 2.54 cm

  • George Washington

    Duh, scratch that. Didn’t look close enough

    25.4mm = 2.54cm

  • A lot of things smell funny about this rumor, I sense wishful thinking.

    As others have pointed out, NO, the DC effect is not achievable in post. Strike one that makes me think this person doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

    (Just pointing out the facts. Personally, I don’t need DC, I’d much rather give paramount priority to sharpness and bokeh)

    Secondly, the VRII notation. As others have said, Nikon DOES have two versions of VR, and yes they ARE calling it “VR2” if it gets 4 stops of stabilization, HOWEVER, all the lenses that actually have VRII in their official nomenclature are all mk2 versions of the lens. This is strike two for me- A new Nikon telephoto may very well have VR2, but I think the official name would just be VR. Like the 16-35 and 105, etc. etc.

    Strike 3 is the general wording of the whole thing. It just sounds like a hobbyist jotted down a standardized prediction. The part about “a significant improvement over the previous model…” As others have said, how can you significantly improve on a lens that is already incredibly sharp? If it were a real announcement, they’d probably be talking about CA, ghosting, nano coating, etc. etc. Just look at any official Nikon lens announcement, and see how they word things. Then go read a dozen rumors on DPR’s forums, and see how they word those.

    Anyways, that’s my opinionated opinion! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be proven wrong; I’m waiting eagerly to see an amazing new 85 and 135!


    • D40-Owner

      re: Matthew Saville
      “Personally, I don’t need DC, I’d much rather give paramount priority to sharpness and bokeh”
      Sir, you are contradicting yourself. The DC feature (Defocus Control) controls the amount and shape of spherical aberrations in the defocused portion of the image.
      The idea of the different values is to be able to optimize for each aperture, and for foreground or background.
      DC is NOT a soft focus effect, unless you set it wrong.

      • PHB

        I think we all agree that the DC feature goes beyond smooth bokeh. The 85 f/1.4 has smooth bokeh but no DC.

        The question is not whether DC is a good feature, but what else has to be given up to get it.

        Given that the zoom is f/2.8, maybe you really want something more than just a f/2 for the prime.

      • Andrew Garrard

        While I use the DC mostly to control the bokeh, the manual specifically suggests setting the DC “wrong” to get a soft focus effect. I’m prepared to believe that some people get this lens and use it as a very expensive equivalent to Canon’s 135 f/2.8 SF – although certainly not *everyone* does.

    • D40-Owner

      … and by spherical aberrations I mean the ability to make the the defocused circles smooth and creamy. Hence, good bokeh.

      By the way, correcting for spherical aberrations helps to get sharper images in the focused part, so there is a trade-of here. And that’s why it is VERY hard to make a very sharp lens have good bokeh.

      • David

        “correcting for spherical aberrations helps to get sharper images in the focused part, so there is a trade-of here. And that’s why it is VERY hard to make a very sharp lens have good bokeh.”

        I don’t know whether I understand that statement here. But what I do know is that, when I am shooting my Leica lenses, especially the Summilux 50mm f/1.4 ASPH, the results are incredibly sharp at the focus part, and the bokeh is more pleasing than any Nikon lens I own (except maybe the 400mm f/2.8). So perhaps it remains true that it is hard to make a sharp lens and also have good bokeh, but certainly not impossible.

      • Interesting facts, thanks for bringing it up. If DC can actually aide in sharpness or bokeh, I’ll be in favor of keeping it. I thought incorrectly that DC actually had to sacrifice bokeh or sharpness, in favor of doing some un-explained voodoo that I didn’t fully understand.

        Either way, I just want sharpness, bokeh, and a decent price / weight. The Canon 135 f/2, for example, is quite an ultimate…


    • rich

      “how can you significantly improve on a lens that is already incredibly sharp?”

      Easy! Just make it as sharp as the Canon 135mm F/2. Now there’s a lens that blows away the outdated Nikkor 135mm F/2 with it’s DC soft-focus gimmick.

      Cant wait to see if VR in new 85/1.4 will compromise the optical design, just like it did for the 16-35VR, not to mention make it absurdly big.

  • santela

    Okay, I’m fine with no DC feature, now how about make it a 1.8? if not, make it cheap, like $1000, that’s how much the Canon 135/2 cost, which is one incredible lens.

  • Tim

    No DC feature – apparently most of the subtlety regarding the feature in the existing can be replicated in post.

    You have to be kidding me right?

    1. Even if i could make the exat same subtle changes, witch are amazing, it takes 5-10 min of PS to do. For one image? Really, change a great optical feature witch take 1 SECOND with post? Its like saying: let get rid of AF, apparently you can focus manually.

    2. I think i see what happened here; I guessing the VR somehow interfered with the design of the DC. VR? Really? Who takes portraits with 1/18s from hand? If anything i need more speed in flash sync, or lower iso… You see portraits usually include LOTS of light…

    I hope you read this Nikon, dont ruin whats good.


    • santela

      I think that most people just don’t get the DC feature, and Nikon isn’t getting the sales they were hoping for. So instead they decided why not just throw out a normal lens will sell just as much copies if not more, with less technology involved in it.
      Business is business.

      • Tim

        I think you are right. I heard “I dont even use the DC feature” so many times.. Oh well. Maybe they will sell the “old” metal ones for the New super duper VR one. 🙂 Keep an eye out people, for great deals, if this will happen. It seems this will (or already is) one of those lenses, people dont even know how good it is until its “gone”

        • I’ve checked with all my dealers in town about the 135 DC. Nobody has it in stock, not even the distributor higher up in the chain. They tell me I’ll need to wait three months for it to be produced at the Nikon factory. That means there won’t be any “great deals”, there aren’t any lenses to sell out.

          • Andrew Garrard

            I bought my 135 DC a couple of months ago, when everywhere in the UK had sold out, in case they were about to disappear (the 135DC was, along with the 14-24, one of the reasons I jumped to Nikon from Canon – the other was a big holiday just after the D700 came out but before the 5D2 was launched – but I wasn’t in a rush until I thought I might have missed my chance). Suddenly, several showed up in stores. I suspect Nikon let stocks run down to zero before making a new batch – either that or they found some in a warehouse somewhere; when there seemed to be none available, Greys of Westminster certainly claimed they were still expecting some, and had a waiting list. Just because they’re hard to find at the moment, I wouldn’t guarantee that they’ve disappeared entirely – more may be on a ship. (Only on the basis of my experience trying to buy one in the UK, not from any insider knowledge. Things may have changed in the last couple of months.)

        • Tim

          Im saying look for them, if owners decide (read:are silly enough) to switch for the newer version.

          • Well, we don’t know if it’s silly or not until we see the new lens. I’ve been told two different Tokyo Nikon reps two different things regarding this lens (an update is coming/ NO update is coming), so *anything* I hear about this lens is immediately suspect. Maybe it will have DC.

          • Tim

            Agreed, even this rumor seems suspicious.

    • David

      “You see portraits usually include LOTS of light . . .”

      That’s just a false statement.

      On post for DC. I own the DC lens, I do love it. But I can come pretty close to the effect in post on CS4 (now CS5) using a combination of the Gaussian blur tool and layer mask. It dosn’t take 5-10 mins for me; but does take about 30 seconds or so.

      • Tim

        I usuly have some light in doing potraits, but that depends on your preference its true. Still i prefer the DC ove VR.

      • Tim

        OH, an im curious: How you get around the issue of hair on a model when enhancing bokeh?

        • David

          Hi Tim,

          Depending on the depth of field you are talking about, but I am not sure exactly what it is you are referring to; can you elbaorate a bit and I’ll share what I do? For me, when I am shooting models in studios, I am usually shooting at f/8.0 or above because, as much as I like the shallow depth of field, getting everything in focus on a moving model is of higher order of importance, and then I post he image thereafter. If you look closely at Russel Jame’s work (famous Victoria Secret photog and incredbly good one at that), typically does the same thing cause you can pick up the Gaussian signatures on the bluured portions (including the hair). As you probably already know you also have to consider the printing process and be mindful of what is actually tranlsated to print on fine details of textures such as hair so not every fine tweak gets in there.

          But, for a creamy look, I usually don’t shoot Nikon. I usually go natural light and use my Leica M system because I do think the Leica lens have superior bokeh, especially the 90mm f.2.0. Beyond that, the medium format or even the 4X5 cameras are really the way to go for awesome fade-out on the face (e.g., Martin Schoeller’s famous celebrity portrait series). Of course, if you look at the works of legendary Irving Penn, who had no access to anything fancy like a defocus lens, one can also realize that no bokeh is necessary for really great portraits.

          • Tim

            Good insite! Thanks David!

  • Ren Kockwell

    Unless it’s ultra tiny and shoots amazing video, I sure hope the 2.7crop factor isn’t true. That blows! The APS-C sensor in the Nex-5 is the way to go.

  • bonzo

    Uau! Nikkor 135mm f/2 AF-S G N VRII, when will it be available? Seriously.

    What about 200mm f/2.8 AF-S G N VRII and 300mm/4?

  • SNRatio

    Matthew Saville:
    “Strike 3 is the general wording of the whole thing. It just sounds like a hobbyist jotted down a standardized prediction. The part about “a significant improvement over the previous model…” As others have said, how can you significantly improve on a lens that is already incredibly sharp? If it were a real announcement, they’d probably be talking about CA, ghosting, nano coating, etc. etc. Just look at any official Nikon lens announcement, and see how they word things. Then go read a dozen rumors on DPR’s forums, and see how they word those.”

    I tend to agree somewhat, but not about the sharpness part. Being optimized as a portrait lens, the 135 DC is sharp, but not incredibly. If you look at Nikon’s MTF, you will see that the distingusihing feature is even sharpness, not extremely high. (Compare to the 200/2 for example)

  • Alain2x

    Why do we read “announced Sigma 85/1,4” ?

    Every correspondant in Tokyo could have told you they are in every store in Japan.

    • They may be, but they’re not showing up on the websites of major camera stores here in Japan.

      Yodobashi? Nope.
      Bic Camera? Nope.
      Kitamura Camera? Nope.

  • Alain2x

    As a wish about the future 135mm/2 or 105mm/2, they may be of more fluent production standards, i mean with less variations between a sample and another, like on the 85mm/1,4D.

    These three have to be carefully chosen, if possible, to get a decent sample.

    Thanks to nikon, recent lenses seem to be more predictable (70-200VR2 50/1,4G 35/1,8G or 24/1,4G)

  • SNRatio

    “I think that most people just don’t get the DC feature, and Nikon isn’t getting the sales they were hoping for. So instead they decided why not just throw out a normal lens will sell just as much copies if not more, with less technology involved in it.
    Business is business.

    Nikon has probably not been too disappointed with the sales of the 135/2 DC over the many years – but it remains a specialty lens, with very low sales so far, compared with the all-round Nikkors. Probably less than 20 000 total since 1995. This kind of sales figure is not that much higher than what a 135/2 AF-S VR could expect in a year.

    And if there is demand, Nikon will probably keep the old model. But you can’t seriously ask them to keep <$1500 lenses selling only a few hundreds a year in the lineup. I would also be astonished if Nikon drops both the 105 and 135 DCs. I think they will keep the 105 DC in any case, maybe just updating it to do something about the LOCA issues.

  • rich

    I’ll be praying there’s no VR in the new 85/1.4.

    Why compromise the optical design and make it too big and expensive? For what?? So you can shoot at 1/10… ooooh, you cant, the subjects will be blurred then.

    VR IS USELESS IN A 85/1.4.

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