Nikon instant rebates program will end this Saturday (US)

The current Nikon instant rebates (US) will expire this Saturday (May 29th, 2010). It will be interesting to see if they will be extended for another month (FYI: the rebate program got extended twice already - it was initially introduced in March of 2010).

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  • Jim

    Hopefully not, which will lead the way for announcements on the traditional 1st of July!

  • d700 successor in new body. please. now. asap.

    • My bet: No announcement either before or on 1st July.

      • i agree, but dreaming is allowed huh? : )

        if they annouce it. they will in july or august.

  • Anonymous

    I think they will launch a new rebate program related to the World Cup. This will take care of June.

  • Vladi

    I’m actually thinking of getting 1D mkIII instead of D700.
    Their price crashed after 1D mk4 came out, they can be had
    for as little as 1300£ lightly used.

    • anon

      good luck with the AF.

  • I use a D200 body at te moment and I want to go fullframe for better quality and video is also usefull.
    And I’m waiting since the first rumors of a D700 replacement.
    The only reason I havent switched to Canon is I still own some Nikkon lenses from the F4 period. But waiting is not fun….
    So NIKON, get on with it!

    • thewaiter

      same boat ……………

  • longtimenikonshooter

    Still tons of D700/D300s left unsold.

    • Anonymous

      I just did, sold my D300 get a D300s with the rebate 850 § feel better…!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        I stiil want the D700XS? tho!!!!

  • Jim

    I wanna know more about the D90 replacement.. Nothing worth noting to date.. C’mon!

  • Curious, but do these rebates work with the Bing cash-back program?

  • Greenwood_Geoff

    For the small savings I am not certain I would order a D700. I would probably just buck it up and hit the local store. It would make it much easier to exchange if there were a problem AND I hate to wait once I spent money.

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