Nikon reps in Europe continue to deny any D700 replacement in 2010

In the past few days I received a new wave of email rumors (mainly from Europe) indicating that the Nikon D700 will not be replaced in 2010. The main sources are Nikon reps who spread it to various dealers around Europe. I have never received such a high amount of identical tips on the same topic, which I find to be very odd. It almost looks like this was a well orchestrated campaign, since I don't believe Nikon reps have access to such information. The only way I could see this to be true is if Nikon releases a new line of full frame DSLR cameras which will not be considered to be a D700 replacement. Non of my reliable sources have confirmed this rumor.

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  • f-stop


    • f-stop

      oh I’m first this time lol..

  • Jack

    I’ll wait till july 1st, if there’s no any replacement at that time.
    then I’ll go for D700. D700 is still an excellent camera

    • RussB

      If you wait until 1st July, there is a good chance you’ll miss the current wave of offers….they won’t necessarily extend the deal that I took advantage of (free battery grip in the UK). If you’re prepared to buy it on 1st July if no announcement comes, I have to ask what it is you’re holding out for. The D700 is already a top class professional piece of equipment which I guarantee will expand your horizons…

    • The visible woman

      Why don’t you do as I did:
      Buy a D90 (stinky crapy DX format but same picture quality as the D300s).
      I will sell my D90 when I’ll get the D700x/D900, I always take very good care of my camera/lenses and I usualy get back 75% to 90% the price I paid for it.
      The D700 is really the best DSLR I’ve seen so far, it just need a sensor with more pixels, the chalange for Nikon is to make a 24MP> sensor with the same sensitivity and color quality as the excellent 12MP already use on the D700.
      I have a feeling that the new Nikon 18-24MP sensor will be a killer, can’t wait for the Photokina !!!!

      • Jose

        Invisible Woman, Agree with you, I think Nikon is developing a new sensor with more MP but with the features of D3S. I hope that.

  • Ron Scubadiver

    No D700 replacement in 2010 does not seem all that outlandish to me. Translating that to mean an all new DSLR line seems very far out, as its not time for the D4 yet. Perhaps the admin here has a case of wishful thinking.

    Remember, Canon went 3 years with the original 5D. As for the rebates, father’s day is right around the corner.

    • You could be right, but if there is really no replacement and if they want to continue to sell D700, should Nikon say it officially (or indirectly in an interview or through a spokesperson)?

      • Nikon should be able to make at least an incremental refresh – D700s or D700x, just like what they did with the D3 and D300 – this should be easy.

        • PHB

          I suspect that what is happening here is that the rumors are feeding on themselves.

          Reps read this site, ask their management what is going on, are told that they have no information on a replacement.

          But lets face it, a replacement could mean different things to different people. Is the D300s a replacement or a mid-life refresh of the D300?

          Given that the D300s now matches the ISO rating of the D700 plus we know that there is a D3s sensor, I can’t see how Nikon would expect to keep the D700 without a similar update.

          • disco

            “Given that the D300s now matches the ISO rating of the D700”


          • BONETTI

            “Given that the D300s now matches the ISO rating of the D700″


          • D40-owner

            What are you smoking, dude? D300s matches ISO of the D700?????

          • PHB

            Sorry, my bad, I was under the impression that Nikon had got a 1 ISO stop advantage by changing the sensor technology in both the D3s and D300s.

            Given that the area of the sensor cells is a bit more than halved, one would expect a single stop difference between the two if the difference was due to sensor processing technology.

            There are a few possible explanations, one is that the camera companies only rate ISO in full stops so the difference between the D300s and D700 could still be much less than a full stop (or it could be more!). The D3s technology could be something that does not work on the Sony sensor used as a base for the DX sensor designs.

            But another possibility is that the D3s and D700 are using the exact same sensor and the differences are coming (in part) from selecting the best performing sensors from the production line and putting them in D3s models and the rest go to D700 models.

            If so there would be a permanent difference between the flagship and compact lines.

            Yet another possibility is that the maximum ISO is calculated off the JPEG format rather than the RAW. Changing the JPEG compression scheme and/or using a faster processor would enable noise to be reduced in the JPEG version and thus claim a higher ISO rating.

            I still think the D700 needs an SD card slot. Either that or the EyeFi people need to produce a compact flash version of their card.

        • Ron Scubadiver

          Honestly, the thing that would be more likely to make me pull the trigger on a D700 would be a 24-105 f/4 of similar mass and size to the Canon version. As good as the Nikon 24-70 is optically, it is too big and heavy for my style. Its hard for me to imagine upgrading to a D70 so that I could shoot a Tamron 28-75 for walk around.

        • Jose

          Admin: I really do not remember wich were first, d700 or d3s. But if you add similar featuresof D3s to d700, How many people will buy a camera with twice price if a similar one has a half price?

          Another question what was the sales relation between d3 an d700 and what is sales relation between d3s and d700.

          • D3 and D700 were selling together for a while, not sure if Nikon got burned by this and is trying to prevent it now, but I believe they can make money from both products, even if they sell them side by side.

      • Daf

        Totally agreed.
        If we were told officially there would be no update/replacement in 2010 I would have bought a D700 back in March, or would go out and buy one this weekend.

        If any Nikon people in the know (not “think”) would like to get in touch … ;o)

  • Christina

    they keep saying there isn’t a replacement this year so we will give up the wait, and purchase a current model D700.

    That’s Ok, but I can wait it out. For me, it’s a hobby and I am looking to upgrade to a Full frame, but just not the D700. So, I have all the time in the world. I will continue to shoot with my D90 and be quite satisfied.

    I don’t believe the reps, they want people to buy cameras. They want to sell off the current stock before Nikon releases a new model.

    that’s my theory, FWIW.

    • I was just at B&H today and held the D700 + 85 1.4 (almost creamed right there in the store). But I would have such buyer’s remorse if I buy it and the new one comes out. Don’t get me wrong, if the new one is ridiculously more expensive and doesn’t have much more to offer than the D700, well then at least I can take advantage of the lower price of the D700 that will result in the drop in demand.

      I will not be happy with my D80 until the D700 replacement (not now that I’ve seen for myself all the glory that is the D700) but I will stick it out as well. I actually have been thinking I might be better off getting the D700 + Canon T2i (for video) if the D700 replacement is exorbitantly priced (which would be better for filming behind the scenes videos of my shoots – obviously can’t do that with the camera I’m using to during the shoot!)

      Btw, I asked the reps if I should buy now or if a replacement was around the corner (just trying to play dumb and see if I would get any info) and then they played dumb and said, “some people thought it was going to be the beginning of the year, now their saying the end of the year [or next year, can’t remember]”. But to point out what a commentor previously mentioned on this site, Nikon hasn’t come out with or even anounced any new cameras in a LONGGGG time (the longest, if I remember correctly). I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed for a replacement by July or August. Can’t purchase anything until I move to a new apartment at that time anyway.

      • just re-read my response. please excuse the typos and grammatical errors. sooo tirrrrred.

        • Anonymous

          It’s 7 and 1/2 months +3 days. On June 14 Nikon will reach the 8 months mark of not announcing any new dslr. Look at it this way, basically we have a company that has not announced new product in its most important segment for almost 3 quarters of a fiscal year. This is pretty bad especially when it is clear that many Nikon dslrs are not competitive. The reason why they are not competitive because people do not buy it. The evidence for this is the renewed rebates.

          I wonder how the fu_k will Nikon deliver that much profit it stated in its financials with outdated products? The only way they can do that is what actually they are doing right now. Intentionally keeping low supply to jackup the prices.

          • Not competitive. Interesting take on things.

            Was just speaking with a friend in Tokyo last weekend. She’s a Canon shooter. She said that, “Nikon is kicking Canon’s @$$.” and that “Canon needs to lose some megapixels.”

            While she’s only one person, I find a Canon shooter’s attitude about the Canon vs Nikon situation interesting seeing as many on this side of the fence don’t see the green around them.

      • marinart

        That’s exactly what I did. Like so many other dedicated Nikonians here I’ve been waiting a long time for Nikon’s answer to the 5DMkII. I shoot both still and video for convergence media and corporate presentations including 360 VR, time-lapse, etc. so I’m definitely one of those hybrid users who love the idea of 1080p @ 24 and 30 fps (and dare I dream 60 fps), FF sensor, and above all the ability to use the Nikkor glass I’ve collected and held onto over the years.

        Recently I had a request from a local restaurant chain to produce fresh web content for their site. A mix of stills and video which included lots of low light interior video and very shallow DOF slider product shots which my dedicated 3 chip Sony simply can’t do without a Letus and studio lighting. Instead of forking over the cash for a Letus I needed a bridge camera “right now” and was originally looking at the 5DMkII – but quickly found that the T2i and Novoflex adapter would do exactly what I needed (temporarily at least) and at a fraction of the price.

        A word of caution here though. If you are serious about the video side the physics of these small form factor cameras definitely has it’s limitations. Unless you are shooting locked down, dollied, railed, or steadicammed on every sequence – be prepared for some very shaky and for the most part unusable handheld footage. No matter how good your technique or editing software. Also, anything other than extremely slow pans is not recommended. I found the rolling shutter and Canon’s codec make for some very sloppy and jerky footage at ALL usable shutter speeds with even moderately paced pans or slides. Surprisingly though I have yet to see this issue with rapid subject movement on a locked down shot. It’s counter intuitive and somewhat confusing to me (maybe someone here can explain this). Canon’s codec also shows its limitations at full resolution (HDMI out to HD monitor) with offensive artifacting particularly in the mid-tones. I suspect the 5DMkII would perform better but I don’t know for certain. I found the T2i is great for well planned, controllable shots and is capable of shallow DOF and low light “filmic” footage that just isn’t possible with dedicated video gear costing less than 10-20k – but it is not a general purpose video camera. Good enough for Youtube® and Vimeo® certainly – but if Nikon’s answer to the 5DMkII is what I’m betting it will be my wife will soon have a slightly used Canon. Anyone looking for a Novoflex?

    • pethunia

      Me too, I can wait (with difficulty) and will wait.
      AND I do not believe this ‘official’ announcement.

  • D900_Buyer

    Maybe the D700 was replaced in 2009… But Nikon is waiting for the D700 inventory to be depleted?

    Then this rumor would be true. 🙂

  • Huggs

    No replacement but none in stock. Somebody’s blowing smoke. The suspense is entertaining, though.

  • zzddrr

    Ni-con. This is the new name for this company

    • Anonymous

      CANON COLORS SUXXX§§§!!!!lolLLLL§§!!

      • Anonymous

        CA-CA (means doo dooin french)IS THE NEW NAME for CACA COLORS!!!!!!!
        OH LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A. Hunter

    thisclose to pulling the trigger on getting the D700. Twice. Also considered getting the 5DmkII which after using it for a wedding (w/ the 24-105 f/4 L) last December, found it couldn’t quite cut the mustard in regards to AF and ergonomics although its IQ is still quite fine. Haven’t used it for HD capture as of yet but it’s proving to be a heck of a lot more capable than my DVX100 – well the industry hype is justified right?

    I like the idea of BigN carrying both a D700s and a D700x. A D700s with the D3s’ brilliant sensor and full HD w/ provisions for high bit rate h.264 or RAW video would be ideal I think. Alongside such a beast the D3x sensor in a D700-type body sans video (hi-rez “pure” photog’s tool) would also be swell.

    Anyway wide awake now figure I’ll pick up the D3s new at discount when the D4 hits next year, unless of course Nikon offers up a compelling advanced amateur / semi-pro FX package once the D700 is gone gone gone.

  • Gary

    I can see it going either way.
    On the one hand, Nikon reps would want to squash rumors and sell as many existing D700’s as possible. Plus, if you go by past history, Nikon would release a D700s this summer. I still think that’s most plausible, given what that one Nikon exec said regarding Nikon’s schedule.

    However, I could see Nikon choosing not to release a D700s, if all it added was 720p video and a second card slot, like the D300s. That might invite more derision than anything else, like the D300s. I do think that it’s a bit of wishful thinking, although I too share that wish, for a D700s to have the same processor as the D3s. But remember, right now Nikon cannot even make enough D3s to meet that demand. Nikon may have enough sensors for a D700s and may also not want to short circuit some of the demand for the more expensive D3s.

  • Valadice

    When is Photokina? surely they have to announce something by then. May it be replacement for D90/D700 or new Nikonos (just joking).

    • David Hasselblaff

      For Photokina they will only announce a new PC-E lens.

      • Jesus

        i dont think so.
        perhabs a pc-e for dx 😉

    • Gonads

      Photokina – September

  • Zorro

    The only Nikon DSLR that needs to be replaced is the D3000.
    All the Coolpix cameras do too.

    • Jesus

      i dont give a shit on coolpix

      • You should. It’s a major cash cow for Nikon. It helps fund some of the less profitable things that we might be interested in.

  • I_want_a_D900

    I have a feeling that it might be the D900.

    • Jesus

      and i have a feeling you will have to wait

  • Maybe a d700x (or whatever it’s called) is considered an augmentation to the line, instead of a “replacement’ for the d700.

  • Josh

    I don’t want to wait and I’ve purchased 5dmkII.
    I’m happy with it.

    • Daf

      Nikon – take note.

      Miyagi: Now, ready?
      Daniel: Yeah, I guess so.
      Miyagi: [sighs] Daniel-san, must talk.
      [they both kneel]
      Miyagi: Walk on road, hm? Walk left side, safe. Walk right side, safe. Walk middle, sooner or later
      [makes squish gesture]
      Miyagi: get squish just like grape. Here, karate, same thing. Either you karate do “yes” or karate do “no.” You karate do “guess so,”
      [makes squish gesture]
      Miyagi: just like grape. Understand?
      Daniel: Yeah, I understand.
      Miyagi: Now, ready?
      Daniel: Yeah, I’m ready

      Do – or don’t, else get squished.
      Either release it, or don’t and tell us properly.

  • dude

    so they keeping the antique.

  • Anonymous

    cheap 24MP FX camera with 2-3 frames/s is not a D700 replacement, right? Come one Nikon

  • Tim

    I went and got the D700. Its amazing. if you !NEED! it, to work with, get it. If you shoot cats, and kids, you can wait a bit, cant you?

  • burningheart

    1. Economy down so decrease each production run to 100 D700s at a time to keep cost of inventory down for when a new D??? is released.
    2. Keep low inventory to sell more of the expensive D3s and D3x
    3. Wait until Canon announces the 1Ds MK4 and then announce and start shipping the new camera to torpedo and sink Canon.
    4. They are playing mind games with you Say no new D700 so we will buy up all remaining stock. Then announce after old inventory sold off. That way you’ll buy a D700 and its replacement 3 months later. Double sales for them.
    5. They really have no clue what’s going on.
    6. Nikon has surrendered the Pro-sumer line to Canon. Nikon will no longer compete.
    7. Nikon and Canon are in secret merger talks.
    8. Fuji bought a million D700s so they can release the Fujifilm S6 in a D700 body, so there are no bodies available to make more D700s until they have filled the Fuji order.
    9. Make believe there is a shortage and no new body coming so they can quietly start increasing the price.
    10. They are only going to sell the D700 as a kit with either a 24 F1.4 or 200-400 VRII. But they do not yet have enough of those lenses built yet to do this.

    • Vladi

      Great post, I can’t stop laughing, great ideas with the Fuji S6 🙂

      • Jesus

        a S6 full frame would be great!

  • Phillip

    I think there’s 7 possible paths Nikon could logically pursue with the smaller FX bodies this year:

    1) A D300s like update: video + minor improvements, same sensor as the D700

    2) A D3s like upgrade: D3s sensor + video + minor improvements

    3) A D700x: A D700-style body with a D3x or other high pixel sensor. After the discussion about a D3xs, I think it’s unlikely Nikon will ever use the D3x sensor in another camera; if they were going to, they could have done it already.

    4) A D700-style body with a new Nikon-designed sensor, higher resolution than the D3/D700 sensor, but with at least as good high-ISO performance as it. This option is purely speculative.

    5) 1 & 3: Minor upgrade to the D700 + a high rez body

    6) 2 & 3: Major upgrade to the D700 + a high rez body

    7) No new small FX body in 2010

    • Bob Howland

      As speculation goes, 4 makes a lot of sense, with the D800 being the generalist camera positioned between two expensive specialist cameras.

      • PHB

        4 makes sense, but it is kinda likely that is the plan Nikon have for the D4/D400 so unless there is an out of schedule update the D700 will be getting that tech last and not till 2012.

        It is quite possible that the difference in the D3s/D700 sensor is selection rather than production. Intel does not have different processes for 3.33, 3.5 GHz parts, they make a bunch and test them. The ones that work at higher speeds get the higher rating.

        I have no idea how Nikon are getting the higher response on the D3s. But it is quite possible that a similar performance issue is involved.

        If it is a process issue the cost of setting up a process would outweigh any cost savings between processes. So the D700 is going to use the same sensor as the D3s if they commit to another production run.

        • PHB

          Of course, with ISO steps being a factor of 2 rather than linear, a production difference would have to be pretty big to make a whole step difference.

  • Rudo

    So the D700 will not be replaced, but a few weeks ago there was this rumor that a camera was in the pipeline with a new developped AF with 39 focus points.

    So maybe they will release a D600 (or whatever they will call it) fullframe camera…..

  • if Nikon will say “yes new replacement is coming” the D700 sellings will probably drop, users will wait to know how much will cost the replacement. After that event D700 prices probably will drop a bit and many users will buy this “old” model.

    if Nikon sill say “no new replacement is coming this year” many users waiting for a “better” camera for some uses (like landscapes photographers) probably will switch to Canon.

    So Nikon is in a deadlock, in both chases they will loss something.

  • nobody

    Sadly, this is what I was told by a German Nikon NPS rep, too, a few weeks ago: there will be no D700 upgrade this year!

  • Jeff

    Nikon is focusing on 3D development and retooling for that. If you are not already thinking 3D then you’re already behind the curve.

    • David Hasselblaff

      Ever heard of 2D? Many people have not even figured out how to shoot that yet. They are still in business.

      • Seppl


        Yes, and once Canon releases the 4D technic we all have to begin from zero. Because then you have to accelerate your cam close to light speed!!! And then all the weather sealing will look like toy stuff in comparison to the massive particle radiation shielding you’ll then need!


    I Think that Nikon is Waiting for Canon To Release their 1DS Mark IV So that they can Release the D700x/D900with the D3x 25 Mpx sensor. It will Look like this ” Canon just release their New 1ds Mark IV with 32mpx( that is what the rumors says 32 MPx) for $8000….. Oh Wait Nikon Just Release a Camera with Similar spec(D700x/d900) with 25MPX for only 2,499… That is a Bargaing!!!!!

  • Luc

    As for the availability of the D700 in Belgium, my shopkeeper told me it is difficult to get in Belgium too. He had several on order and Nikon only doing deliveries in batches, he couldn’t be firm on a delivery date. Nevertheless, he was offering it a a very good price so I ordered one. This was last Thursday. It was delivered to the shop yesterday and I will go and pick it up on Saturday. How’s that for quick service?

    So I’m wondering if all of these reports on short supplies aren’t at least partially due to shops anticipating or speculating on a D700 replacement in the near future and therefore keeping their own stocks on a low level on purpose. This is quite different from the D700 being in short supply at the source, i.e., with the distributors.


  • Jay

    D700 will not be replaced doesn’t have to mean D700 will not be upgraded.
    The wording would point to no D800 but a possible refresh within the D700 moniker ie. D700s or x.

    • nobody

      Actually a D700s would be a replacement for the D700, like the D3s was for the D3, and the D300s was for the D300.

      A D700x, however, would not be a replacement but an addition to the D700, like the D3x was an addition to the D3.

  • Donald

    After reading D3S post (below) I am just wondering IF the Japan factory is maxxed out on D3s/x production , might that mean production of any D700 replacement got switched to a factory outside Japan at a late stage causing a delay ?
    Any thoughts admin , or anyone else ?

    • I_want_a_D900

      I think the D3S still in short supply tells us quite something. The short supply of D3 only lasted about half a year into May of 2008 and soon afterward D700 was introduced.

      Now – Half a year after D3S was introduced – D3S is still very hard to get. I seriously doubt Nikon had the production capacity to rush out mini D3Ses – unless they’ve been producing D700s on the side as well.

      The sendai plant is either at full capacity or is busy stocking up on something new. I guess the D700X/D800/D900 (whatever you call the higher MP model) might be the next one to arrive.

  • Tod

    I spoke with a Nikon rep a couple of months ago, and when I asked him about a replacement or an upgraded D700, he said that he couldn’t say anything about that subject. I also asked about the possibility of any new lenses, and his response was the same. So, I think that Nikon Reps cannot be relied upon to give accurate information. Keep in mind that they are all under NDA’s.

  • KoJa

    i HOPE it´s orchestrated. this rumor-business is fun and the crowd of people who scream for new hardware is growing every week, btw i wonder who all those people are.
    they´re shooting all day, so they constantly experience the limits of their wonderful gear. while they are shooting, they also write it all down in photo forums, tell the world their needs, it´s beautiful!

    keep them cooking, nikon!

    D700 was relaesed july 1 2008….

  • Ryans Photo

    I got a 5D mkII and was not happy with the blurred results. Sold it, then got a D700. Now I am happy again 🙂
    Thank you Nikon.

    • Tim

      Amen brother.

      And there is a lot of this going on, at least from people i know.

      Nikon AF (especially with Nikkor) is 100% on, wide open! I really cant see the point of a 20+MP image, without focus.. Could be u call it art, and sell it for a couple of mill…

  • nau

    sooo happy that I got mine in a first 2 month 🙂

  • Ragnar

    Just release cheap full frame camera and I am happy. There is no reason D700 costs almost douple the D300.

    • Kzeon

      Of course there is reason: bigger sensor = bigger price.

      And RnD involved to get there. Big improvment in performance in these domains cost a lost, so you’re paying for it. The price seems fair. And AFAIK, D300s here in Canada is 1550$ while the D700 is 2499$. To me, it’s not double at all

  • D40-owner

    I am still standing by my wet dream new body request:
    A D90-like body, with a physical DX crop of the D3s sensor, having the same ISO and video capabilities as the D3s. Same features and buttons as a D90, just add these 2 items:
    – AF fine-tune
    – full manual video controls

    THAT would be my dream body.

    • Mike

      Nah. D90 grip is too small/shallow. My hand cramps up holding the thing all day. The D700 is perfect size, grip wize.

  • SNRatio

    I guess this has a lot do do with business decisions. They can probably make 2-4 times higher profit on a D3s body than on a D700s, which is why they won’t introduce a D700 upgrade until they have to – and they see the strong sales of the D3X. Hadn’t the D700 and D3s sales been that strong, they might have rushed the release of a D700 update more – now they can announce in, say, November, for release in January and keep their words and stick to their revised business plans.

    They introduce a high MP prosumer body with adequate video first, and right now, they may be more interested in building up demand for that than saturating the market with good D700 offerings. The waiting time now may be mainly because they will make sure not to be outspecced by an upcoming Canon announcement. Except for the video, which was out of their reach then, they managed that pretty good with the D700 vs the 5DII.

  • SNRatio

    Sorry, mistyped – should be strong D3s sales.. D3X sales are probably also strong, but that’s relative to price and expectations, not numbers.

  • Joe

    Nikon never really “replaced” the D50 either. Sure, the D40 was released and was the supposed “replacement” for the D50 with the same 6 mega pixels but many other features were either stripped away or buried in a menu.

    Perhaps the D700 won’t be “replaced” by the D400 ? An FX (or DX) sensor in the D300 body. A definite ISO improvement for the D300s. 1080 video, 51 or 36 focus points, live view, silent shutter, etc.

    And that’s it for the D700…

    Maybe Nikon thinks that if you want pro features – you must buy a pro body (D3s & up). Maybe they view an improvement of the D700 as negatively impacting the pro line?

    If you want pro-sumer: buy a D400

    All else: D3000/5000

  • Alex

    If Nikon really is planning a D700 replacement this year, then they should expect that their reps won’t be trusted for their word anymore. The way they should answer if they want to maintain sales AND integrity is “we don’t know about future models, Nikon does not tell us that information until it’s released to the public.”

    • Anonymous

      Alex, you are absolutely right. It is not the most ethical practice the Nikon sales reps have been doing. This may backfire to Nikon one day. You’re right, people will no longer trust in Nikon and this is kind of happening right now with the different lies around the product shortages.

      Shame on you Nikon, shame on you!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think there will be a D700 replacement because there’s no need.
    Just imagine the comparison in FX:-
    – studio pro (D3x vs 1Ds3) …no game;
    – outdoor pro (D3s vs 1D4) … no game;
    – outdoor portable (D700 vs ?);
    – studio/video portable (? vs 5D2).
    In prosumer line, Nikon and Canon are playing in different field: if you want a great and versatile camera for *photography* you have to buy Nikon, if you want to take HD video and some still photo you have to buy Canon.
    Is there someone that think 5D2 is better than D700? Have you ever shot with D700? Even better, have you shot with both or friends that have both?
    If you do, you have just realized that you can shot everything is moving 5fps while Canon boys are still trying to focus (with the 5D2).
    Nikon dominates in all fields of photography leaving Canon to lead in video (what a pity for a photographer) so who is waiting for who?
    I think that the only way Nikon will produce a new pro camera, will be if Canon produced something better than D3x: this would be the start of a chain reaction that would lead to a D700 replacement (maybe with the sensor of the D3x).

    • D40-owner

      You reasoning is flawed. The 5Dmk2 is the D700 rival in outdoor/landscape use.
      And the mk2 wins because of sheer resolution, even with crappy ergonomics, that are irrelevant for landscaping.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, good point.
        But what about wedding photography whith low light indoor and people moving? I just said that for still photos (like landscapes), it’s good so for the macro. But why buy a light weight pro camera only for still shots? (only for the price I hope)

        • D40-owner

          Then you need D700.
          No, wait, you need a D700s… 😉

      • Kevin

        It has nothing to do with resolution. People buy that 5D Mark II simply because it has 21mp. Forget the fact the rest of the camera is built on a 6 year old system. The only thing it has is resolution and video. The focus on the camera body is BAD and it’s the major complaint from a lot of canon shooters. Who cares how many megapixels you have when the focus is not what you need anyways.

        • jimmy

          People used MF for alot longer than we have had AF. Having poor AF is obviously not ideal but if i had a mkii with the problem i would just MF a lot more, people have forgotten how to do it for some reason?

          Not ideal for sports, but no sport shooter would have a 5d in the first place.

      • Joe Fish

        It does not.

    • Joe J

      Your reasoning about having to buy Canon for 1080 video is PRECISELY why Nikon will release a new full-frame camera body this year (mid- late August is a good bet). Nikon is two steps ahead of Canon in the DSLR still photo range; even the 2 year old D700 is still superior to every new Canon body out there (even the silly 1.3 crop 1D MK IV; might have been a completely different story if it was FF, as all other aspects of that camera are amazing). But just think of how many sales are being lost to the 5D MKII and 7D (which apparently has worse file quality than other models tow years older) because of superior video capabilities (and only for that reason). Nikon obviously has the technology to compete with Canon’s HD level, and they are about two moves from check mate, when they release the updated FF D700 with full HD, and the D3xs with full HD and a few more pixels (not that it matters, but you know ho that silly pixel game is the heaviest marketing tool out there). There’s no way Nikon is going to blow the game when they are so close to clinching the market that Canon somehow has lost from being 75% of the market share only a few years ago by NOT releasing those two types of cameras…

  • stevross

    D700 it’s perfect.
    But it will buy it when will be able to make full hd videos.
    Full HD on DSLR is usefull.

    • Joe J

      you’re right, it is an amazing camera. The updated one with full HD will be amazing. And you are smart for waiting, whether you want the updated one with HD or a D700. Why buy one now when it’s only going to drop 30% in about 4-6 months when the new model is released? I’d rather get a D700 and nice lens at that time for the same price as what just a D700 body goes for now.

  • This is what I think:

    A D700 replacement is ready for consumer production and has been for a year or more. But, A D4 is close to production ready, so you rush it to market and then introduce it alongside it’s little brother: a d700 replacement done up as a baby D4 instead of a D700 upgrade. Greedy Bastards. So, you dress old tech up as new in order to increase profit margins while satisfying the market demands, and still getting critical acclaim for your actual new tech(the D4).

  • chrime

    i wanna see the D700 replacement coming out soon thus i will be getting the D700…
    come on Nikon brings it on!!!

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