Nikon instant rebates extended till June 26

Yes, the instant Nikon rebates have been extended in the US and will run again from June 6th - 26th, 2010 (the current program expires on May 29th - not sure if the rebates will be valid from May 29th - June 6th).

The only new addition will be the Nikon Coolpix S1000pj that will be on sale for around $299 after the rebate:

Also, new Nikon rebates program in Switzerland: the Nikon D700 is not part of the rebates this time (rebates will run from May 15th till July 31st, 2010).

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  • Ed


  • twoomy

    Have a nice June everybody! Don’t anticipate much if anything happening soon.

  • Anonymous

    Nikon sucks! No new items before July – August.

    Hello Canon and Sony.

    The question is how long does Nikon want to milk the 12MP crap? I mean, I am not the only one who simply not going to buy Nikon until they make something beyond the 12MP. Sorry Nikon you f_ _ked it up this time.

    • Go buy the 5DMKII or whatever then. Oh, but that’s 2 years old too isn’t it. What new Canon products are you referring to that are wiping the floor with Nikon???

      • Anonymous

        Name 1 Nikon product that is less than $6000 and has more than 12MP and decent video (1080P)

        • canon


          • Anonymous

            D800? Yah, you can go to china and get nice fake D4, D5, D6, D800, D900 etc. you name it they make it for you πŸ™‚

        • Both the D700 and D3 meet that criterion, so there’s two nikons for you. (They both have a resolution of 4256 x 2832 = 12.1 million pixels.

          • preston

            fork – i understand you’re joking, but he did say “and decent video”

          • Anonymous

            fork(), That is exactly we can expect from you so let me rephrase it for you. MORE THAN 13MP. But what can we expect from somebody with a hidious sunglass

          • Come on guys, never seen a joke before? You read it, you find it funny, you laugh πŸ˜‰

          • Anonymous

            fork(), can you do something with those ugly sunglasses? πŸ™‚

        • The visible woman

          I Just looked at some Full HD digital camecorders (card/HDD) on B&H website !
          OMG ! OMG ! OMG (yes, 3 times)
          I was happy with my sharp mini DV camecorder but I was getting more and more lazy to download the videos from the tapes and then do the edditing etc….(I probably spend to much time on Nikon Rumors as my husband always reminds me).
          $699 for a FULL HD sony camecorder with x10 optical zoom !
          And guess what ? It also takes 12mp pictures !

      • Anonymous

        RussB, I did not refer to any new Canon and Sony items. However those two companies offer more than 12MP! Also, since we are here, the NEX sony f_cks in the ass the mighty Nikon D3s video capabilities. Now go back and figure it out troll.

      • Davis

        dont feed the trolls πŸ˜‰

        • Who’s trolling? Not me.. his post says:

          “Nikon sucks! No new items before July – August.
          Hello Canon and Sony.”

          This merely suggests to me he thought Canon and Sony are clearly well ahead of the game, when quite obviously they are not. Sony DSLRs suck big time – you can only buy one decent lens for them, as for the Canon alternative, they are buying adapters to fit Nikon lenses.

          I look forward to reading his comments on the Canon forums πŸ˜‰

          • Anonymous

            RussB, nobody said that Nikon has bad glasses and/or Sony and Canon are much better. What was said is that those two at least offer something other 12MP. Of course Nikon is much better in many areas but I just cannot understand why on earth Nikon knows much better what we want. Look, if Nikon would offer 24MP in a D700 class body (just 1 camera), I don’t think we would argue here. Everyone would find the right tool for the right job but unfortunately this is not the case.

            In addition, Nikon is so slow to do something about it. It’s been almost 24 months now since sony came out with the A900. Think about it.

          • davis

            Sorry, RussB, didn’t mean to infer that you were the troll.

            BUT, to quote anonymous β€œNikon sucks! No new items before July – August. Hello Canon and Sony.”

            REALLY? If you are an actual photographer with SEVERAL or DOZENS of thousands of dollars invested in a platform like Nikon or Canon, you’re not jumping ship to Canon, Sony or whomever just because of one debatable spec on the camera. Also, if you’re in the market for a D700/5DMkII class camera you ought to know that there is a heck of a lot more to consider than MP.

            These are the same folks that used to scream and moan about megahertz a few years ago. How’s that 3.5Ghz PIV treating you now days? My guess is that they don’t even own or use any of the equipment they harp about and are so critical of.

            My advise to anonymous, go buy that plastic 5DMkII or that last breath Minolta (Sony) let me know how that autofocus and flash system are working for you. While you’re busy being so critical of the equipment you’ll never even attain I’ll be out making a living with my oh so “inferior” 12MP Nikons.

          • Anonymous

            davis, one does not fit all! Do not forget that whatever works for you may not work for others. For example, you may find your wife beautiful but others may think she is ugly as hell. See, just because you think that your wife is good chick others may say something else, but the key here is that you have the right to decide what is good for you.

            No matter how smart you think you’re, you cannot convince me that 12MP is enough FOR ME!!! A-Hole.

            Besides that, tell me if you’re so smart why on earth is the cost of the D3x almost 50% higher than the D3s if 12MP is king? You see, perhaps the engineers in Japan were smarter than you but yes FOR YOU 12MP SHOULD BE ENOUGH! Please stay at 12MP forever.

          • davis

            Anonymous, you’re infallible logic must do you well in life. Stay classy.

          • Anonymous

            davis, thanks. I will try my best πŸ™‚

    • Jose

      Again, the history of Megapixel added a new actor, Sony. Looks that optics, accuracy, resolution in High Iso does not important, only megapixels matter. Please ……..?

      • H

        i’m stilled puzzled why people think bigger pixels mean better camera! If you care about camera capability so much why not by a video camera! video camera is build for video photo cameras are for photos

      • zzddrr

        Jose, this new sony NEX has the same sensor that most like the next batch of Nikon’s will have. NR Admin posted a link about a company that will make an adapter for it so you can use your Nikon glass. Somebody in another forum mentioned that Novatech will also make adapters for it.

        At least let’s give some credit to sony for trying to create something interesting. In the meantime we Nikon fans will retire by the time Nikon stops the rebating the old items. I do not want to think about it right now how long it will take Nikon to stock the new products or smuggle them through the pirates and volcanos. πŸ™‚

        • Jose


          The sensor should be the same but other characteristics from sony cameras are no enough and non comparable against Nikon and Cannon. Sony cameras looks like introduce level cameras with fx sensor.

  • Jim

    lol.. fingers stay crossed for july 1st..

  • GlobalGuy

    I kind of wish they would make available the things they are promising TCIII, 24mm, D3s, etc. Seems like Nikon doesn’t care about “in stock” status.

    • Anonymous

      I guess that would be basic … at least making available what they currently have. I wonder when this company will release something new (perhaps next year) it may take another year to get hold of that new product.

      • This I totally agree with. Everyone is holding their breath for new bodies but the availability of those will be another question altogether. The fact that you can’t buy one of their current flagship bodies anywhere is a farce. Given the level of drooling over the D700x/s/D800/D900 can you imagine how long it will actually be until someone who isn’t prepared to pay twice the retail price to get one will actually be able to buy one? Even if it was announced on 1st July, it will take 6 months for most people to see them in stock…

        • Anonymous

          RussB, that’s exactly the point. +1

          I think it is a shame on Nikon. Make it worse, Nikon reps are clearly not telling the truth and lie. I wonder when will Nikon realize that they are doing a nasty job in that are and very disappoint the loyal Nikon customers. People don’t like to be disappointed for a long period of time and this has been going on for almost a year now that stocks are not available.

  • great…

  • InfraRed

    To make things worse: the D3S is (and has been since the beginning) severely back-ordered.
    To the Nikon CEO: You’re right when you tell analysts they should not expect the same growth over the next ten years. With such policy, you’re driving loyal customers to consider other brands. Fired!

  • Vladi

    Enough, Im switching to C….
    Oh wait, I’ve already switched πŸ˜€
    I use both D90 and 40D and cant be happier.
    D90 gives me usable ISO3200, 40D gives me 6,5fps and Canon colors.
    Still too early to switch to FX for most ppl, lets wait until the FX cameras cost less than lenses we want to use with them. When D700 will cost less than 24-70 2.8 i want to use with it, then I’ll consider switching to FX.

  • I’ve seen the Nikon S1000pj on for 249.99 with card and case at certain canadian locations

  • zzddrr

    I guess Nikon will spend the entire year with rebating. Yesterday we learned that all their stock was stolen by pirates and whatever they had left it was burnt by the volcano, now they are putting more rebate on them. MORONS, they should put Warrant on the pirates who stole the Nikon goodies not rebates. πŸ™‚

    • davis

      I don’t think pirates are scared of hair metal bands πŸ˜‰

  • Denko

    I guess Nikon is finally getting their reality check in regards to how many are really interested in their stuff by extending their inventory clear out time frame. If I didn’t have my F801 and scanner I would be furious about…. right NOW.

    To me as a long time (more than half my life) Nikon customer I feel that what Nikon is doing is to cater to stock holders and basically cashing in on the good name that Nikon was. This can be done once… like Sony and TV sets I see this play out. I feel sad. Nope not going Cannon but will try to scrape together enough for a Leica S2.

    • longtimenikonshooter

      of course, all corporations are profit-driven. and capitalistic systems reward owners not customers.

  • longtimenikonshooter

    Kids, just buy Nikon stuff now. Even if Nikon comes up with D700 replacement now, you would be very lucky to get hold of one in 19 months. Seriously, by then the replacement has already become stale and you probably will be waiting for Dxxx whatever the name.

    • Broxibear

      Good point well made longtimenikonshooter, the only thing I’d add is that the new body will be at least Β£500 more expensive than the current D700 price so why not spend the money you’ll save on a few good lenses ?
      If you need a camera right now then buy the D700, if you can wait then stop moaning and wait…it may be some time?

  • Go and visit te pirates!
    The have all the new SLR’s You get your stuf cheap but no garantee.

    • Anonymous

      your’re funny. Hope they will sell D3s for 500 USD. I don’t care about guarantees

  • Jade Watcher

    I really think Nikon is over-stretching itself. I mean, rebates are good and they allow you to get a really good price if you made up your mind about something, but extending them again and this far will probably mean no new equipment available for summer. And i dare say summer is one of the reasons, speaking about people who are serious about photography, for all of the anger and expectations.
    With digital it’s not just about whining over MP, that problem alone is mainly marketing-driven, it’s a problem of new technology.
    Clever people coming from mid-range products and who could afford a D700 or a D3X now, just to make an example, would never go and buy one without even knowing what’s boiling inside Nikon’s secret couldron. Sure, you could buy one of the best cameras of the moment, but what if on July 1st Nikon announces a new camera that’s not just an older model with a higher megapixel sensor, but a new piece of technology? Think of the ISO, ergonomics, weight, software speed and functions improvements of the camera models out now and compare them with their predecessors: i for one wouldn’t buy a camera now, at least not without even taking a peek at newer, expected models. That’s how it goes with digital photography: it’s good to buy something that just fits your needs but the more choices and comparing options you have, the best bargain you’ll get. If the new iterations of cameras won’t be good enough, buying older models then would surely be a wiser choice.
    But what goes on for digital photography, in the end, is the same trend with all electronic goodies: when you think you got a bargain, you have to be extremely aware of what you just bought, because probably the price dropped because something faster, more reliable and less power consuming is coming along next.

  • Greenwood_Geoff

    Do they have such a large stockpile that it is taking this long to move it ? Are a large number of people like me waiting to see what’s next to come out and are unlikely to buy a current D700 ? I have a D90, so do not need a new camera.

    I just want a FX and while the D700 seems to kick some butt, I am holding out for the next generation UNLESS they knock 30% off the D700 price. I doubt they would do that since it would tell everyone to just wait out the mini rebates next time they try this.

    Hurry up people and buy up the stockpiles because i want the next gen D700 camera.

  • Nathan Shane

    In reading everyone’s comments and observations, I think there are multiple realities going on at the same time. Yes, Nikon is a technology company but they are also a business, they are in the business of making money for stockholders. That’s the reason you go into business, to make money. From a business standpoint, Nikon has made really fantastic cameras/lenses that have sold very well in most respects.

    But in regards to VIDEO in a DSLR, well, this is where Nikon is certainly focused at the moment in development. The public has screamed loud enough and long enough that they are willing to spend their money for just such a camera. From a business perspective, Nikon knows they need to come up with a camera that hits it out of the ball park. Stockholders are looking to make money, Nikon is looking to make money. I would rather that Nikon took their time to come out with a new camera that was “without question” the king of the PHOTO and VIDEO cameras.

    I think the paying public is looking for Nikon’s technology and not just any camera that does decent video. Sure they could come up with a camera+video similar in spec to Canon or Sony but I don’t want similar, I want better. If it takes Nikon a little longer to reach this goal, then I’m willing to wait it out. Of course, I understand everyone’s hesitancy to purchase a camera at this point it you don’t already own a camera. I bought the D700 when it first come out and I’d love to see a new replacement that offers great video as well. But if I was in the position that many find themselves now, not owning a D700, and were looking to buy…then YES, it would be very hard to buy a D700 when it seems like a replacement may be forthcoming.

    The waiting for a new camera announcement can be very frustrating, but like I said, I’m willing to wait because I’m waiting for the Nikon to knock the socks off the competition. I think Nikon is more than aware that they need to bring out a new camera that will truly appeal to those that want video but will also change the minds of those that say they don’t need video. I have no doubt that Nikon has been forced to evaluate and re-evaluate what the public wants in a camera and the money that stockholders (and Nikon) desire to make. So I think their hands are forced to come up with a very profitable solution and a win-win for the public and investors.

    After all of this waiting, if Nikon drops the ball on a new camera that everyone is demanding, then that’s when we can say that Nikon doesn’t have a clue. I believe that Nikon knows exactly what they are doing and that’s why it’s taking so long…but I guess we’ll see someday in the future.

    • Anonymous

      Well, if Nikon releases that camera is just one thing. The question is when it will be in stock. Perhaps an another year?

    • I_want_a_D900

      I think you got it right that Nikon is probably just taking their time. There was a rumor of a 24MP D700x no-video prototype. I bet Nikon figured a D700x without video is not going to cut it so the project was sent back to the drawing board. it sounds credible. (but I think a lot of ppl would still buy a 24MP D700x without video, however)

      The best time to buy a D700 was actually the year after it first came out for not having to see a new D700S/D900 to hit the market so soon. I bought it in Aug 2008. If I am in the market for a Nikon “affordable” full-frame today, I would definitely wait until at least July. I bet a lot of people are, hoping for at the least a D700S. Hence all the rebates!

      I bet quite a bit of D700 owners would think the only deficiency of the camera is lack of video. A D700S as a mini-D3S could entice a lot of D700 owners to upgrade – especially when the resale value of D700 is rather strong at US$1800 and up. if you got one for US$2300-$2400, you can take the lose as rental charge and get a 700S without too much financial pain.

      • InfraRed

        Nikon (as well as other manufacturers of DSLRs) can take the time because there is no standard for lenses. We’re hand-cuffed!
        I have nearly $10K of lenses in today’s MSRP value. I’m not going to switch to another brand easily and Nikon knows that. We all know It’s not about the camera body; it’s about the overall investment. If you compare with the market for point-and-shoot cameras where customers don’t face the same dilemma, the life cycle of DSLRs is very long.
        If customers could request a standard for connecting lenses (they can do it for the flash memory format, why not for the lenses!) things would be radically different…

        • Nathan Shane

          Great points InfraRed. I’m in the same boat as you with having already invested a lot of money into their best lenses and Nikon as my preferred camera system. It’s been about 4+ years since I was sitting there trying to determine if I was going to go with Nikon or Canon as my long term camera system. I was already thinking way down the road that I would be investing more of my money into a system and that I should choose wisely. I choose Nikon.

          I think that it’s a lot easier for those who have not invested near as much money in Nikon lenses to jump ship when the next flavor of DSLR comes along in another brand. And that’s understandable and acceptable, everyone’s got to follow their own gear path. But for those of us who have invested a lot in Nikon lenses, there is not near the urgency or even the desire to jump to another brand just for video. I’ve got a really nice Canon HD camcorder I can use for that in the meantime.

          Would I love to have great quality video in my D700, sure I would, it would make for a nice backup video source or better still, the primary video source. I’m a tech-head, I love new gear, I’d love to have video in the camera. So like everyone else here, I’m waiting with anticipation for the next Nikon “full-frame” camera that may be the D700’s replacement (or a whole new camera altogether). And it’s somewhat easier to wait since I’ve already invested so much on lenses.

  • Click

    Doesn’t some company offer a lens adapters where you can use Nikon lenses on Canon bodies or visa-versa. Seems like I read something about this awhile back on a You Tube video. I personally wouldn’t invest in lenses made by more than one company, but I am sure their are some that would. I’ve read previously where Canon lovers would give their right nut to put a 14-24mm on a 5D2 because of how great of a lens it really is.

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