Nikon AF-S 200-400mm f/4G ED VR II now available in US stores

Update: Amazon has also shipped the first batch on Saturday (May 29th, 2010).

The new Nikon AF-S 200-400mm f/4G ED VR II lens has made it to the US  - I am told that Acephoto has it currently in stock (their website is not yet updated).

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  • preston

    this seems like the ideal world cup lens, but the problem is most people that aren’t pros that would use it for this won’t be able to get it in time for the event.

    • I also find it weird that this lens is available and the D3s is not.

  • penangdude

    does this mean a d3xs is on the horizon?

    • twoomy

      If Nikon can’t even ship D3s’s (cameras that are actually IN production), a rumored update to the D3x is probably very far away, if it even will exist at all.

  • Enrique

    Anyone have an extra $7K that the can give me???

  • Giblet

    Nikon barely updates anything and jacks the price up. The MTF is nearly identical.

    • iamlucky13

      To summarize some discussion from the last thread about this lens, it’s possible that a price raise was coming for the 200-400mm lens regardless of whether a refreshed version was released. Aside from normal inflation, costs have been changing a lot because of exchange rates fluctuating so much.

      Likewise from that thread, it has been proposed that the minor update could have been applied merely because the timing was convenient and the work to do so minimal. If Nikon produces these high-end lenses in batches, they may have simply taken the opportunity to between batches to add the latest features.

      Whether or not the price is justified will depend on if Nikon meets their sales goals.

  • shivas

    but the Vr2?!?!?

    Who uses this lens without a monopod btw? eh. . .

    • disco

      then i guess you wouldn’t be needing one with this version, eh?

    • Joe R.

      VR =/= Monopod

      • Valadice

        hehe, weighing at 3.5 kg, monopod/tripod is a necessity unless you are on steroids or something.

        Nikon just wanted to jack up the price of 200-400 for the world cup. behold, new version with no changes anyone can see. Target customers will be sports photographers.

        • ArtTwisted

          also wildlife photographers that do handhold these things often enough, the VR2 will be good for them. Sports photographers never need any form of VR to begin with.

          • nobody

            “Sports photographers never need any form of VR to begin with.”

            Finally! Somebody who has a clue!

          • nikkor_2

            “Sports photographers never need any form of VR to begin with.”


  • mark

    how is this a rumour?

  • another anonymous

    yup, i see this with joy, only to have that money 😉

  • longtimenikonshooter

    No rebate?

  • ashley dudd

    make sure check the dandruff!

  • rttew

    i just love how nikon sticks it to its customers. with canon, you can buy a 70-200 non is or is, it’s up to you. nikon comes out with something only some of it’s customers might use and offers no alternative.

    • JP

      But the 200-400 is the lens Canon users envy the most. If you don’t want to use the IS, you can just turn it off. I wonder how much more cash it is costing for that feature anyhow.

      • JPG

        As a Canon user, I’d take the 14-24 over the 200-400 any day. As a prospective defector to Nikon, I’d sure miss my 70-200 f/4 IS.

        If it wasn’t for the cost, I’d be in dual-system heaven, enjoying the best of both worlds!

  • Nikon Canon

    Another lens that requires no update, and yet got an update. A zillion other old & outdated lenses that need rework got no respect.

    • Dweeb

      Yeah, just what is the point of withholding a 300 f4 VR for ten years?

      • plug


  • glu

    I find it weird that there are lenses and cameras where Nikon is not out of stock.

  • ich bins

    I don´t understand Nikon´s marketing strategy at all. An update of a lens which is sold in only 6000 copies for the pure pro market – with a lot of noise – and a “lifted” price tag – and no new 80-400/4-5,6; here a new optical system with VR II would bring more sense; a 70-200/4 in the same quality as Canon´s one with an affordable price tag, a ff-zoom in the range of 28-135/4 as a prime lens … and not to forget a new body of the D700 with a higher resolution … seems Nikon is not intersted to to what the market wants …

  • These comments are similar to ones I used to read on Facebook.
    Ramble on about anything and nothing -negatively, wasting time on superfluous comments instead of going out and taking photo’s with what you have. ……a bad tradesman always blames his tools! – sound familiar?
    What is already out there is more than ample it’s the brain behind the lens that will make the difference. Getting lazy in this high tech world is all too common these days. Sorry if I offended but as there is nothing gained by following some of you with your verbal diarrhoea.

    You’ll be pleased to know that this will be my first and last input.

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