I am Nikon dot com

If you go to iamnikon.com you will get a blank page, but if you go to iamnikon.com/images you will get a redirect to europe-nikon.com. Nikon is definitely preparing a new website. The question is whether there will be a real product behind the marketing campaign in France and the "Press Morning" in the UK or just a new website.

The same "I am Nikon" web site exists also in German language ichbinnikon.at and ichbinnikon.at/images also redirects to europe-nikon.com.

If you Google "I am Nikon" you will see few more redirects.

Flickr also has a group called IamNikon which is private for now - maybe the new site will have something to do with Flickr?

IamNikon.com domain name is registered to Key-Systems which seems to be a regular domain reseller.

IchbinNikon.at domain name is registered to an advertising agency in Germany called JVM and of course Nikon is one of their clients (in English).

The news about Nikon working on a G11 killer may or may not be related with the current ongoing marketing campaign and this new website from Nikon.

As of today, I have not received any information about upcoming Nikon products.

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  • Banned

    FIRST!!! My first first!
    It looks like I was right after all. Last card -> I am Nikon. What a joke.

  • Dmitry

    not cool!

  • low

    nikon ftmfw

    • NikoDoby

      ear muffs! ear muffs!

      • low


      • low

        lol 🙂

  • Mark

    Card#1: “I am Nikon” ?!

    • Global Guy

      I feel doubtful that this product is specific to one camera.

      Guys, my belief is that this is a “moment of why” — that is when company’s ask “why does our company exist?” The intention is to answer that question and inform those who may be interested in your products to help build identity and loyalty.

      I am starting to think that the “I am Nikon” really means just that — that the consumer is part of a Nikon culture. And they aren’t talking about any one camera. They are talking about the lifestyle that goes along with cameras in general, specifically the kinds of lifestyles associated with Nikon users or whatever Nikon generally thinks it stands for.

      Nikon isn’t a contrived corporation. They know what they are here for. But I find that many Asian companies in particular have difficulty translating that message to their customers. They tend to win loyalty through hard work and solidly functioning and dependable devices where the focus is on quality at the right price. Its hit or miss in the PS world, but elsewhere, that’s about right. Even Toyota has down days.

      This “i am a nikon” compaign says “i am nikon”, because they are talking about the customer, not any specific camera. “I am A nikon” would be a camera. “I am Nikon” is the customer (without our customers, Nikon is nothing, essentially saying).

      This is a very, very weird way to do it. And there is no doubt they will release a product or several products at the climax (it would be a lost opportunity not to do so), but the overall point is build culture, I believe.

      How many times have we heard “I am Nikon” now — 10 or 20 times just reading comments and posts and flyers and ads?

      That kind of repetition has stickiness and will stay in the memory subliminally….

      • Joe R

        As a D300 owner, I can tell Nikon this:

        I am… about to buy an s90. You have until March 9th to change my mind.

      • bakka

        I am (soon to be) canon/sony etc.

  • Mynameisdave

    Look closer, but you got it close enough. It says: i am A nikon. Which makes more sense thinking about it

  • NikoDoby

    I am Wickity Wickity Wack

    • NikoDoby

      You know this “I am” marketing campaign has been done before. Just substitute the word RAM with Nikon in the following commercial and it all makes sense.

      “My name is Nikon, and my memory card is full” 🙂


  • dude

    f/3.5. that gonna suck!!!!!!!!

  • David

    Am I missing something? I didn’t know the graphic was THE actual graphic from the campaign, I just thought that was a photoshop job of what the final card might look like (but obviously nobody knows what the P7000 looks like yet, nor its specs). Or did I miss something?

    I’m looking forward to finding out on Monday!!

    • no David – this is not PS, I found it on one of Nikon’s pdf files – it is real.

    • I added more text to make it clear.

      • NikoDoby

        That’s a picture of the recently announced COOLPIX S8000.

        • NikoDoby

          So perhaps this is a new website for all of the new COOLPIX models they recently announced and not just a single new model.

  • Anonymous

    Card #1: I am another nikon, prosumer, wide angle, slow, variable aperture, zoom.

  • David

    On closer inspection, looks like the camera photoshoped in there is the new S8000…

    • David

      and not photoshopped :-). Thanks for the clarification Admin.

  • Absurd Burglar

    I am aggravated!

  • inteliboy

    I AM confused by the 18 different coolpixes on the Nikon site. Yes, 18.

  • inteliboy

    I AM confused by the 18 coolpixes on the nikon site. Yes, 18.

    • inteliboy

      sorry – connection dropped out when posting.

  • A re-incarnation of Nikon’s archiving site? (Pictown, Picturetown.. can’t remember the name).

    On flickr, perhaps a Nikon sponsored flickr group. Corporate sponsored groups are popular among amateurs (for the chance to showcase their work, and getting exposure if their images are used). Pros do lament the competition from amateurs, claiming these sites make free use of images instead of paying pros for the work. eg. images for ads campaign.

    But flickr is a lot of fun for amateurs. Some non-sponsored Nikon-specific flickr groups are doing well. Among the 500 images selected by EXPLORE everyday, perhaps up to 10 can also be found in the Nikon or Canon-specific groups. I run 4 new Nikon-specific groups and regularly search flickr for photos/Nikon users. It had been harder than I expected. I have come across more active Canon/Olympus/Panasonic users, less Nikon.

    • I also run a flickr group for cellphone photography. I am impressed with the iphone photo apps, and the ability to edit on the phone, and post directly to flickr/facebook etc.

      I think Coolpix should have more in-camera photo apps (like the iphone types), and wi-fi for easily getting the photos online. That is FUN… when it is easy to create photos and share them.

  • Anonymous

    I AM just waiting for monday


    Nikon seems more & more answering to mass consumer amateur market only…

  • Jimmy

    I AM.. An Amateur! ( ?)

  • Frank

    Nice research…


    I AM ASHTON KUTCHER & My All My Money is invested in Coolpux Stocks !!!


  • I am Nikon…. well at least for the next little while… Check the bog at 6am tomorrow.

  • ehhem *BLOG*

    • Andrew

      I think you got it right the first time. lol

  • Ren Kockwell

    Well, beyond the inexplicably mediocre specs and inappropriately high prices of the Coolpix lineup, the cameras are also fairly fugly. And the serious compact market rewards beautful cameras. I’m hoping they build something sexy. I’d definitely buy an APS-C compact.

  • iamnomad

    I AM underwhelmed.

  • Annatar

    I AM…getting bored.

    • Carlos


  • Prophet

    I don’t know if I stay a Nikon, maybe I will be a Canon in a few days

  • Adrian

    I AM going to sit back and let canon corner the ‘dslr with REAL HD video’ market!
    (dismissing video as a gimmick, as canon, Olympus, et al take our business from under our arrogant noses)

    if it wasn’t for my investment in glass and the god awful ergonomics, I’d be buying canon!

    I AM jealous?

    • jason

      neither nikon or canon will do each other out of business thats why when one or the other, release a product the other follows suit? otherwise prices would drop so they could floud the market and blot the opposition out! something that wouldnt be any good for either and nor us the consumer as we would end up with the same spec kit for years without competition there is no progress , so be happy that nikon takes its time but always brings out top quality kit , one thing i could never understand with canon is why they make some of there lenses that fit different models of canon slr cameras ????
      F-mount is the best way, any lens on any slr!

  • Anonymous

    I AM giving up megapixels to gain beautiful tonality and low noise

    I AM giving up f/4 glass choices to have better f/2.8 glass

    I AM giving up video to have the best still picture camera

    I AM giving up eye-tracking to have reliable autofocus

    I AM a professional photographer, not a technologist

    I AM nikon

    • Steve


    • I AM enjoying photography.
      I AM Nikon.

    • Andrew

      This site isn’t for pros, or people who take photos for that matter. We just love a good rumor……… and Ken.

    • jason


  • rsm870

    I am Nikon,
    I am the heart of the image,
    I am the light,
    I am wasting space on internet 2.0.

  • Annatar

    Go Kenny…

  • MuTaka

    http://iamnikon.bg in Bulgaria
    The site is registered in Germany from Jung von Matt/Spree GmbH. Legitimate and big advertisement company. Also I see a iamnikon.ro for Romania. Big launch, unfortunately I don’t think it’s dslr related.

  • MuTaka

    Here I think is the full list.

    • Andreas

      All those addresses seem to redirect to http://www.europe-nikon.com. Which sort of makes sense, given that they are (almost) all european domains. The somewhat strange exception is .co.za which if i’m not mistaken is South Africa (in addition to .com of course).

      Does this mean that this is a Europe specific marketing thingy? And release of a new European web service, pic sharing service, or somethin like this? But why only Europe? Also somewhat strange that jesuisnikon.fr does not seem to work, given that this all seem to take place in france these days.

      At least big mama Nikon got our attention 🙂

  • mikey

    i am bored

    come on already

  • MuTaka

    Thats right, found the same link.
    It’s a new nikon portal, You can view most of the pages through google cache.
    Nothing interesting.

  • It is a site that will allow users to upload their Nikon images and video.

    I am……… right?

  • Mike
  • Well, the card Marco Polo left me thinking,if it’s a new camera, probably will be resistant to the elements, perhaps professional, built like a ”tank”.
    This is just what I think. Since Marco Polo was an explorer, and a camera to resist to Polo’s journey would have to be really sturdy, IMO.
    About the other cards I’ve the same opinion has nikonrumors.com, Sexy-new design, Hollywood-video capability, etc.

    • kendoka

      Sorry, but Marco Polo was a fake…
      He spent his days in a Sicilian prison and wrote down stories told by other convicts (who had traveled all over the world – which he hadn’t).

      • Aeac

        Anyway think i gave my idea of what it could mean the Marco Polo card.

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