Card #3: “I am Hollywood”

Card #3 probably indicates built-in video capabilities:

This is what we have so far:

  • Card #4: "I am Marco Polo" - probably means geo-tagging (P6000 was the only Coolpix that had built-in GPS).
  • Card #5: "I am innovative" - Nikon will probably introduce a new technology in this upcoming Coolpix camera - could be based on their statement that the "G11 killer" will contain some DLSR technology.
  • Card #6: "I am sexy" - maybe a new design (different from the previous Nikon P6000)?
  • Card #7 ": I am fun" - probably means nothing, just Nikon marketing talking.
  • Card#8 was blank.

Picture via Pixelistes

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  • Harry Angel

    Great if they really make a good G11 competitor!

    • Anonymous

      Card 2: “Who gives a shit”

      • Anonymous


      • Geoff

        I agree with you.

  • twoomy

    You know, I really wasn’t excited about any of this EVIL or Coolpix stuff, but if this ad campaign is really for a high-end “somewhere in-between P&S and SLR” camera, this could actually be pretty cool.

    • Searcher101

      Me neither , I’m not really excited about this coolpixes because I’m still waiting for a competitor for canon’s 5D MII that Nikon might release . But I guest Nikon is not giving us a new DSLR this year . I just couldn’t wait that’s why I got myself an RB67 , for the mean time I’ll just have to practice on this ’70s / ’80s beast until a new entry level FF body be released . Cheaper of course .

      • GlobalGuy

        Can you say that in March?

        There are 3 quarters left in which to release a body and D700 production and sales have clearly slowed. I don’t know if they would make a D300x, but would be very entertaining if they did.

        -D300s (best performer DX)
        -D300x (most resolution DX)

        -D700xs (a balanced hybrid precursor to a more advanced D4, to come).

        -D3s (lowest noise)
        -D3x (highest pixels)

        This sounds like a fantastic strategy to me, if possible.

        • marco

          u r a fox!
          D300x = d900
          D700xs = d800

        • marco

          u r a fox!
          D300x = d900
          D700xs = d800

          D900 is the new d90 but the body will be improved a lot! Guess what!? The red rubber strip on the camera will be yellow!
          Think! It’ not going to be called d9000!
          Nikon is a evil! LOL

  • Third ! (you can erase that stupid “third” comment part, I know you don’t like it).
    Here is something NOT STUPID : a 26 giga pixels (yes, giga pixels) digital picture !
    Enjoy !

    • The top one is the panoramic (made with 16 cameras 21MP each).
      Click on the “photo icons” under the panorama and it will zoom in until it reach the subject.
      Now do you understand why I sold my 12MP Nikon D700 ?

      • HDZ

        I think you need to renamed.
        The Stupid man is well suit. 🙂

      • Searcher101

        You didn’t get me . That’s why I’m still waiting for Nikon to release a replacement or an ugrade version of the D700 that would compete or even level up with the MKII . Switching from one system to another is to expensive for me , that is why I’m sticking to Nikon . I’m just a hobbyist and I don’t want my children not able to go to school in the future just because they have a stupid father .

        • Geoff

          +1 absolutely my boat

      • Zoetmb

        No..I don’t. So that’s a big panoramic made up of tons of individual images. So what? It’s just a technical feat — it’s not the least bit aesthetically appealing. Where is the art in that photo? It’s only slightly more appealing than a super high-resolution photo of a brick wall.

        Some of the best classic photographs ever taken, whether by Steichen, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ansel Adams, Edward Curtis, Berenice Abbot, Diane Arbus, Eugene Atget, etc, etc, are not necessarily super sharp photos. That’s not what makes the image.

        Stop pixel peeping and concentrate instead on form and light and telling a story. That’s what photography is supposed to be about.

    • enesunkie

      Fast forward 50 years from now … 26 gigpixels ! that’s it, if Nikon does come out with a 30 gigapixel body this year I’m getting a Canon!

      • Anonymous

        that pretty much sums it up

  • fiatlux

    What would be funy is if the last card was “I am…. red!” and then we got a new Canon stuff!

  • preston

    wait, i thought everyone had already decided that they hated nikon and would never buy one again because of this stupid marketing campaign? Am i to understand that they were perhaps making this judgement based on incomplete information and, well, flat-out GUESSING what it is about?? Come on people! Wait until the end of the campaign to decide if you hate the campaign or not! You can’t say the sex was bad while you’re still only at foreplay!

    Personally, I’ve found it fun to play detective and guess what the end announcement is going to be! will i be disappointed if it’s for nothing – yes. if it’s for a much improved version of a P6000 – NO!

    • twoomy

      No, but you can say that the foreplay was good or bad. And that will affect the rest of your “experience.” 🙂

    • I agree with you. I hear that the ISO rating of the campaign is just a smidge better than that of Canon’s T2i. Olympus finished up their February “campaign,” which was also a week or two long, with a brand new — get this — web site branded to the micro four thirds. Wow, I was really afraid they might actually release a camera. Thank god it was only a web site. The buzz and rumour about an actual product was tremendous. Needless to say, I’ve crossed Olympus off my list.

      The real question here is this: Are you into marketing campaigns or into actual new products. In other words: Nikon, wasting our time.

  • BurnumBurnum

    I am fun means you can use all the apple iphone-apps on the cam.

  • Ajit

    This is getting excrutiating… waiting for it.
    Even though I am more interested in dSLRs, am curious about the new technology (incl 1080p video) that has seeped into the coolpix line.
    If this trend leads to full 1080p with BETTER autofocus, exposure control as well as frame rate control in the new dSLRs, that would be awesome. Besides video, I am curious besides bonus additions like built-in GPS and better ISO, how Nikon can improve it’s current dSLR line.

  • fotomik

    Has anyone thought about the possibility of the EVIL beig labeled a Coolpix? Why not, they have an open spot (The high-end compact), there’s absolutely no reason for it to be part of the Dxxxx-line?
    After all the D-numbering scheme comes from the F’s, and they have always been SLR, which an EVIL is not. And let’s not forget that Nikon also made rangefinder waaay back, so a camera without mirrors is not completely alien to them. Maybe a Nikon Coolpix S(D)?

    Come to think of it, has this campaign been officially labeled as “Coolpix only”, or can it be a part of something else by Nikon?

  • Ryan

    Card #2: I am good.
    Card #1: I am EVIL.

    • Mynameisdave

      Card#2: i am easy 😀
      Card#1: i am Nikon
      My guess

  • litebyte

    Hollywood..suggests usually lots of spectacle…but little story. 🙂
    With other words 1080P

  • zseso

    I am Hollywood: Improved video feature…

    Still no clue what ‘I am innovative’ could mean? …

  • frank

    I am hollywood: built in camera app to check local movie times

  • low

    so the next might be I AM Brave….meaning not scared to shoot in low light? 🙂

  • jason

    why can’t nikon just let the world know that there is going to be a new FF or DX dslr camera released this year, don’t need to give spec , then some of us can plan for the future im nikon all the way always have since 1987 would never have anything but nikon apart from camcorder thats a sony……….
    come on nikon show your hand!!!!!!

    • Sandpiper

      The way the ad campaign is being conducted suggests to me it is not a mid or upper level DSLR. It does nothing for someone that needs to plan a purchase or upgrade. If it is a serious DSLR, the camera will remain long after the ads are forgotten. It needs to stand on its own merits, not a blitzy ad series.

      But it may prove me totally wrong, as I got tired of the waiting game and bought a used D90 and lens. 🙂

  • Arne

    I come here to read about whats happening on the nikon release front. I favour correct news or rumours to mere speculation.
    I also like correct news and rumors regardless of what nikonrumour they contain; Coolpixes, DSLRs, lenses or whatever. Please dont listen to all muppets who only want posts on D700x or their special brand of 1.4 lens and nothing else. And if it doesnt cost less than $1000 they’ll jump ship.
    Keep up the good work Admin!!

    • preston

      2nd – except that I enjoy pure speculation just as much as correct release news, as long as you tell us you’re just guessing (which you do a good job with).

    • Arne, I will continue to report on this campaign – how can I stop when we don’t even know what is this about?

  • Anonymous

    next will be -‘ i am night owl’- meaning improved ISO

  • Wow I never knew I could care so less about something Nikon-related!

    • Anonymous


      card 100: I am wasting your time

      • Anonymous

        hahah guess I mean “card -100”

  • Carlos

    ADMIN, no tips at all from your sources? thanks…..

    • Nothing Carlos, not a word. This makes me believe that it will be a Coolpix camera.

  • CARD #2

    STOP it !!!!!

  • Chris

    coloured, smal, easy to use

    Livestyle, compact, good looking

    projector, Touchscreen,

    marco polo:
    light, built in GPS

    make movies (720p or 1080p)

    I dont belive that is a DLSR loke a D400 or D900 /800 /700s . It looks loke a new Coolpixgeneration….

  • Chris

    no, DONT STOP IT!

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