“Nikon prepares for PowerShot G11 battle” (Nikon Coolpix P7000?)

The phrase "Nikon prepares for PowerShot G11 battle" comes from the latest issue of AmateurPhotographer that is out today. In the last few hours I was trying to find somebody that could tell me more about this article. Sorry about the delay.

Nikon's UK Senior Product Manager Kevin Egan told AP that Nikon planned to release a Canon G11 competitor with the last batch of Coolpix cameras, but the camera was not ready. The model in question will contain DLSR technology in a "high-end Coolpix compact camera" body. No release date was mentioned.

This news, together with the upcoming "Press Morning" and the current countdown in France makes me think that we may see a Nikon Coolpix P7000 on Monday, March 8th. Also the magical number 8 from the countdown: there were suppose to be a total of 8 Coolpix cameras. Only 7 models were released last month. One is still missing.

And just two more references related to this topic: in this interview Johan Kling (head of Nikon Sweden) said that Canon’s advantages (1080p video in DSLR and G11) will end soon. The Nikon Coolpix P6000 has been discontinued since August 2009. The Canon PowerShot G11 currently sells for less than $500.

For the record: I have not received a single tip about a potential Nikon Coolpix P7000 camera release.

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  • NikoDoby

    Come on Nikon “X1” 🙂

    • Ronan

      it has begun!!!

  • Nikon Fans

    Where is the new FX SLR? Where is 85 1.4G?

    • Adam

      relax dude, Nikon got 2 separate market division to cater for, DSLR and PnS. As all usual Nikon annoucement, its DSLR stuffs will only be announce after the PnS 🙂

      • LGo

        Are you serious?!!!

        You expect readers of Nikon Rumors to relax while waiting for the new FX and the 85mm f/1.4G AF-S VR???!!!


        • Worminator

          No, I expect them to be their usual hyperactive 12 year old selves…

          • Ceiling Cat

            Ceiling Cat approves of this comment

  • dude

    iso 102400 please.

    • Joe R

      I heard it does 102,400. It’s this new 1/2.7″ Kodak chip. It’s comes in an 18MP variant but Nikon has opted for the 14MP to get the better ISO levels.

      • Nikkorian

        why dont they opt for 6mpx? i’ve never needed more in a p&s.

  • EAJ


    Sounds like your piecing it together Admin.

  • Tim

    The new camera ‘will combine some of the technology of Nikon’s DSLRs and the build quality a high-end Coolpix compact camera.’ Not sure what that means. A shutter release! Autofocus! Interchangeable lenses? An APS-C sensor? …could this be the EVIL camera disguised as a Coolpix??

    • NikoDoby

      I don’t think an EVIL Nikon camera would be a direct competitor to the G11. Remember the P5000/6000 had DSLR like ergonomics so I think they might be stretching the link to a DSLR in that way again.

    • David

      Coolpix MP1.. Marco Polo would have loved to have one.

      • Joe R

        Better then 1 MP

  • John

    Let’s just hope Ashton Kutcher isn’t the spokesdork for this…

  • preston

    It was my understanding that the S90 was selling much better than the G11 (same innards, different body). I guess it would make sense if Nikon claims they need to outdo the G11 since that’s the enthusiast version while the camera more closely resembles a Coolpix so that it’ll appeal to the wider group (and sell better).

  • HDZ

    CLS, Wi-Fi please!!!

    • David

      CLS is a strong feature to have! No need to stick a large flashgun on it’s supposedly fun and sexy form. CLS is a must have, I say.
      {btw, which camera, old and new, can be called ‘sexy’?}

  • tim

    And so I wait further….

  • Global Guy

    If they go for the G11 — they should also make an S90 killer.

    I am VERY tempted to get a Canon S90 as my next P&S.
    It is still a bit overpriced at the moment.

    If Nikon really does step up its P&S game this could be a good sign that an EVIL is on the way, as well. Its just logical. Nikon is a lens company. It needs EVIL.

    • LGo

      I already have an Canon S90 to go with my D300 and D700. Its a better camera than the Panasonic Lumix LX-3.

  • Striatum

    The G11 has neither 720p nor 1080p video support – or am I wrong?

  • Captain

    I will never go FX, but I will buy a decent compact to complement my D90 if Nikon can produce one. Neither the G11 or S90 come close. It needs:
    large sensor
    no more than 10 megapixels
    good JPEGs up to ISO 800
    decent EVF
    sensible zoom range (say 24-105 equivalent)
    D90 class performance and handling

    • inteliboy

      why never go FX?

      You do realise full format (and larger) sensors are a think of beauty and the only way to get close to film…

    • Nikkorian

      Go for the Ricoh GXR then. It’s there. I think it’s a good product. Just a bit too expensive.

    • Joe R

      I guess you and I are looking for different P&S.

      Mine dreamer is a prosumer P&S:

      *Excellent RAW at 800 and below.
      *Option to turn off all de-noise processing
      *f/2 Glass wide open (doesn’t need to be a zoom, fixed 24mm equivalent will do)
      *VRII (even for my f/2 lens)
      *EVF optional, even an add-on would be fine.
      *720p60 with dedicated D-movie button
      *210fps @ atleast 480p
      *720p/1080p HDMI or mini-HDMI out.
      *ISO dial- 80, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, +H1, Auto 80-400, Auto 80-H1
      *A, S, P, M, Auto Mom & Dad mode dial
      *Lens Ring ala S90
      *Threaded lens barrel for accessories
      *Face Detection… I would like to take some P&S shots without thinking or looking, you know half-assed party photos.
      *Articulated LCD (not OLED- I’d like to be able to see it in sunlight thanks)
      *CLS Hot Shoe with built-in Commander mode.
      *0.02s shutter lag
      *At least 250 shots on a single battery
      *5-Shot -2 -1 0 +1 +2 bracketing
      *Auto HDR (and tone mapping)
      *< $500.00

      I want a revolutionary point and shoot. I want Nikon to apologize for the ridiculous overlap in low-end crappy consumer point and shoots. I'd also like some nicely lit unicorns to shoot with my new camera.

      • Add a mini battery grip with built-in wifi.

  • Anonymous

    who cares of all theese amateur garbage??!?!?!? give us some D900xYz !!

  • Anonomarse

    Show me something that’ll do 120fps at 640×480 over 1080p that’ll take my nikon lenses and I’ll be a happy-ing.
    Casio and Samsung do this in point and shoot cameras, can’t be too far away.

  • Mistral75

    Card #3: “I am Hollywood” –> video.


    • tim


      • Ceiling Cat

        Ceiling Cat agrees

  • Rock Kenwell

    Card No. 1:
    “I am Rock Kenwell”

    enough said.

    It (me) will be awesome.
    The book will be ready soon.

    Naurally the camera will be called Nikon RK-1

    • Richard


  • Aye-aye Captain. I’ll come aboard with one of those to complement my D90 too.

    Think they can make the lens f2.8-f4 or similar?

    • Captain

      I hope so. 🙂

  • venancio

    Nikon P100 could have outgunned Canon G11 or the 1080p PowerShot SX1 IS… whatever is coming could issue the card I AM THE SECOND COMING…

  • MrMoo

    Give me a Nikon G11 equivalent, or better. I’m OK with the G11’s IQ, but Canon’s menu system sucks major ass, IMO. The top dials are great, but overall operation seems convoluted to me.

  • Jay

    I am a died-in-the-wool Nikon shooter, I have multiple film and digital bodies, yet my point and shoots have all been Canons. Why. ‘Cuz the beat the tar out of any Coolpix yet! I have a G11, and it in no way does 720 or 1080 ANYTHING!.

    From DPReview’s Camera Database: “Yes, 640 x 480 @ 30 fps, 320 x 240 @ 30 fps” for movie modes. I only wish the G11 would do HD video.

    As to the potential G11 killer all I can say is PLEASE! I’m tired of having to buy Canon cameras!!!!!

    I hope the P7000 (or whatever) is a great camera. I would sell my G11 or convert it to IR in a heartbeat!


  • Anders

    Oh please keep the GPS, add 720P video, CLS-commander to the integrated flash, decent sensor and 24-70-lens. And of course price under 500€. 😉 Anders, not so happy P6000 user.

  • Wow, who cares, where is the competitor for the 5d mkII or the Sony A900.

    • fotosniper

      i care
      i cant take my d700 everywhere.

  • david

    @lostinbids: Any good reason why you are looking for a 5d mk II or Sony A900 competitor? Why do we need these so called ‘competitor’ cameras? I use a Nikon D700 and there are more things I don’t like about 5D II. At the same time, it would nice if I could do a little video once in a while. But, a D700 with video would not be a 5D competitor. It would be another great camera with video.
    What exactly are these cameras competing for anyway?

  • Scot

    I wish Nikon (and Canon for that matter) would target Leica’s M line and micro-four-thirds, instead of each other. Two bodies, one APS-C, one FF and a new line of smaller lenses.

  • Jason

    Nikon Coolpix cameras are among the most unreliable and poorly built cameras on earth. There is no way Nikon is going to compete with Canon in the G11’s segment.

    The P6000 was an abomination.

  • Jabs

    It seems that Nikon has been TOO successful with its’ D3 (D3s and D3X also) and D700 line, so now people expect it to compete with other manufacturers of inferior cameras at their price points.
    How ignorant.

    Nikon needs 1080p video for sure but NOT inferior cameras as BOTH Canon and Sony need to try and match Nikon and NOT the other way around.

    If you wish for cheaper cameras in this economy, then I have some air conditioners to sell YOU for your igloo at $25.00 US per unit and they run on ice too (LOL).
    They will cool your ice house while you watch your HD TV and put the tinfoil antenna on your head.

    You get what you pay for, perhaps!

    We are in a global recession – FORGOT?
    Nikon also needs a good ‘bridge camera’ but have you seen the awful results of these cameras which are often almost the same price as a D3000 and lens plus even more expensive than a used D40 or D40X and lens combo!

    WHAT point would a lower capability camera serve other than to separate you from your earnings, especially when cheaper and better solutions now exist?

    Great cameras are already here and people now wish for PERSONALIZED and customized failures from Nikon.

    I am happy that many of you here are not running Nikon.

    Right now, we are at a point where advanced Point and Shoot cameras are approaching or even more expensive than a much more capable DSLR. Why not buy a more expensive 4/3rd camera and be done with it?
    You get the lightweight ‘cute factor’ and you get to spend much more money (sucker)!

    Please try NOT to confuse your ideals with photographic facts or abilities and thus spend your money as you wish but leave Nikon alone, lest you bankrupt them with your ideas for new TOYS when they make fantastic cameras.
    I am glad I am not a Camera Manufacturer listening to all these ‘out of sync’ requests.
    This would surely drive ya nuts!
    You give the people coffee, now they want it delivered in bed every day and then they want you to scratch their backs and ON and ON!
    Lazy bums and dreamers – LOL!

    You can never please fickle people!

    • Zorro

      Feel better now?

  • Joe

    Hi I am Nikon, and I am Canon

  • david

    I am what I am.
    Take it or leave it.

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