Card #4: “I am Marco Polo”

There was no card yesterday (?) but here is the one from today #4 "I am Marco Polo" courtesy again of Pixelistes:

Previous cards:

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  • benS

    hahaha.. i think im second . I think, nikon shooter so hate this thread about the CARDS.

    • Banned

      I hate it too because we all know it’s for some crappy small sensor compact camera.

      But I have a very slight doubt in the back of my head tho. It seems like they make it such a big deal. I mean, sending 1 card a day to so many people has got to cost a bunch of money.

      If I’m wrong I’ll bite my tongue.

      • JBL

        you’re right it’s for a crappy small sensor piece of shit.

        “I am Macro Polo” This makes me thing it will have a gps.

        • preston

          MaCro Polo!? Do they have a new macro lens coming out! All right!

          • GlobalGuy

            More like “I am a Fish Out of Water.”

  • Max

    I’m not sure why. The very first post was liked by pretty much every one, but then as we learnt it was for Coolpixes, everyone started hating it. Calm down guys, it may not be a new medium format digital Nikon, but it’s still a Nikon.

    • Geoff

      And the Catera was still a Cadillac, but it was a piece of junk. Fewer games and more substance is what I want.

      Outside of this page I have seen nothing on this marketing campaign. I am 100% certain that every person I know has no clue this is going on. If it is a coolpix marketing gimmik, they have failed.

      • GlobalGuy

        + 10

      • Geoff

        I agree completely. Total failure. If it wasn’t for Nikonrumors, I would have absolutely no clue this is going on. Nikon should be paying nikonrumors.

    • Richard

      Well, how about something better in the way of an APS-C sensor? Come on, Nikon. Pentax has a 14 MP APS-C (Samsung) sensor. Who’s carping about a MF sensor? There are a lot more people carping about the lack of a better APS-C or FF sensor than will ever be in line to purchase a $22k +++ camera body.

    • JBL

      Unfortunately, I’m not a nikon fanboy… or any brand’s fanboy.. I don’t give a shit about brands, I want products, tools, that will help me do my job better.

  • papadope

    Do Nikon even make medium formats?

    • No Nikon MF cameras, but there are nice large format Nikkor lenses. D3x with a good lens should give better resolution than some older digital backs & 645 film scan.

  • I sure hope Nikon didn’t spend too much money on this campaign because while they are busy wasting our time with this nonsense, I’m going to buy a new Canon T2i. I was really really hoping to be buying the new replacement for the D90, but Nikon’s priorities seem to be more focused on card games than camera announcements.

    • I’m just curious?
      Why the need to buy the newest camera (from Canon) when there is a tested good camera (the D90) out there?

      The only reasons for this as I can see is:
      1) Your one of the “I need to have the newest [because it’s the best].”-persons (which I also am in other things than DSLRs).
      2) Canon is better at video, but then again, isn’t Panasonic even better?

      • Partially agree with you Daniel. I think the only worthy Canon upgrade to a D90 would be the 7D, don’t upgrade the D90 to a T2i, if you upgrade do a 7D. Canon’s DSLR video options are currently the best, if you need good video in you DSLR, unfortunately Canon is the wisest option. I agree with you Dave about their priorities, but I also believe that they are currently working to fix the video issue, why does it have to take so long though!?!?! I am a videographer as well as a photographer, I own a D90 but it just doesn’t cut it on the video side of things. I also own a Pansonic HMC150 for video, but I need a second camera, and Nikon’s video capabilities are sub-par and I hope they have something new to offer sooner than later.

        • Ronan

          I guess you haven’t seen the video’s made by Nikon camera’s?

          • The Nikon videos (i.e. D300S) are beautiful… as long as the camera is fixed. It can’t handle camera movement well at all. I know everyone hates on HD video functionality in an SLR, but I’m really anxious for Nikon to improve it so I can justify upgrading from my D80. I would love to use some of my lenses (Ultra-wides & 50 1.8) to get some beautiful footage, but with the Nikon quality where it’s at right now, it’s just a tease. If they come out with a D700x or D800 and have rectified the rolling video problem, my cash is on the counter!

      • The D90 is a great camera, don’t get me wrong, but I have to suspect the model to replace it, if Nikon ever gets around to releasing it, will have faster AF, better live view, better video, and more pixels on a better sensor. I don’t care so much about more pixels, especially if it effects noise, but if it does not, then I wouldn’t mind something in the 14 to 16 m-pixel range. I’d also like a swivel LCD display and a smaller, lighter body, but I suspect that isn’t going to happen.

        If you check out the Camera Labs ISO comparison of the D90 vs the T2i, you’ll be very surprised at the results.

        • enesunkie

          I have one simple request too. An omni directional IR receiver so that I can use the remote control from in front and the back too.

        • Doners

          I’m not suprised at all. That is typical for Canon to Nikon comparisons. What you see in the images is the result of different JPEG processing.

          Obviously the T2i is very competitive, but I’m just saying I’m not surprised. I like to shoot RAW and control the processing myself. Either way, the T2i is impressive, though besides the video I don’t see the reason to jump ship, especially if someone has invested in a lot of Nikon lenses/accessories already.

      • PaulRivers

        By all reports, the Canon T2i –
        1. Has the same or better high iso performance as the D90
        2. While also having better resolution/megapixels (and not just the marketing – more detail actually shows up in the shots).
        3. Far, far, faaaaaar better video
        4. Costs $132 *less*
        5. Now also has a user-definable max iso setting

        About the only thing the d90 has now over it is an articulating screen.

        Personally, I’m really hoping Nikon is coming out with some great competition soon, believe me. I would lean back towards Nikon if their low light performance was better than Canon, even if it meant slightly less resolution.

        But at the moment, on paper at least, the Canon t2i seems like a better and slightly less expensive camera than the D90.

        • JBL

          are you high?

        • enesunkie

          If you compare the D90 to most other SLRs (the ones under $3000) on DxOMark, it blows them away in high ISO, including a preproduction test of the 550D. By the looks of it, those T2i owners better not set that user – definable max ISO too high!

          • Or, if you simply look at the T2i vs D90 sample photos yourself, side by side, as is featured in the link I posted in my last comment, you can stop living your life by DXO numbers and base the ISO comparison on real life photography.

            I’ve seen the DXO numbers. I’ve seen the side by side photos. Something doesn’t jive. Either my eyes are lying or those numbers aren’t the holy grail.

            I should qualify my statement by saying I’m pretty much a Nikon man and would rather buy the D90 replacement. But while Canon is creating new cameras Nikon is creating card games.

  • woble

    You go girl!

  • I think this implies geotagging in the lower end Nikon compacts as well…

    • preston

      i doubt coolpix owners would care at all about geotagging. i figured they’re just emphasizing how compact and portable they are. .

      • Worminator

        Working assumption is that this is going to be vaguely a P6000 successor…

        That market would definitely be interested in built in GPS, since travel photography is a what this class of camera excels at.

        NIkon is on what, their fourth try to make a credible alternative to the Canon G / Lumix LX series? It’s really amazing how they keep getting the formula wrong.


        Faster lens. F5.9? What were you thinking!?
        Fewer pixels. The enthusiast market has wised up to the megapixel gimmick.
        Develop a user interface that actually has some sex appeal, rather than just randomly adding buttons and dials.
        Go for the image quality jugular, and cram a larger sensor in there than the competition. No, not APS-C. 2/3″ or thereabouts would be more than sufficient to outgun a G11.


  • twoomy

    Calling out for a D900:

    MARCO!!!!! (silence) MARCO!!!!! (silence)

    Hmmm… not a very fun game.

    • Geoff


    • Anonymous


  • zzddrr

    The next card will be “I am Joker!”

    • Ronan

      Why so serious?

      • Ronan

        It has begun!!!

        • Ronan

          I am Ronan!!!

          • zzddrr

            yes you are!!! 🙂

  • xarafan

    It doesn’t have to lead to a camera introduction. ‘I AM’ is just the new marketingcampagne from Nikon Europe.

    • dave

      I AM SciFi!

    • Banned

      So you’re saying some people are receiving SEVEN freaking card, 1 a day, building up tremendous expectations that something HUGE is coming, and at the end the last card will be:

      “I AM NIKON”


      I think people will riot on this one.

      • xarafan

        I’m not saying there will absolute be no huge announcement in the end of the card sequence, but ‘I AM’ will be a big marketingcampaign not only online, but also in the glossies and magazines. At a recent Nikon-pressevent in Holland where the new, and now released, Coolpix-camera’s were revealed the marketingcampaign was made public. Nikon wants to promote it’s brand, instead of a few recent camera’s. There will also be a ‘I AM Neil Armstrong’ and a few other slogans, and, like you suggested, Nikon also showed a ‘I AM Nikon’ at the end of the presentation if I recall correctly.

        But the card numbers could lead to a new Nikon-dslr. I hope it will be a succesor to the D700. I’ve been buying mainly secondhand primes in preparation for that.

    • twoomy

      I am Jack’s Raging Bile Duct.

  • Mehmet

    Maybe Marco Polo is a hidden message for MegaPixel 🙂

  • ednafzger

    don´t you worry nikon will soon bring out the D 3Xs and D4 and the last card will be oohps no more and the long rumored 100-500 vr 3

  • ednafzger

    card number 3 je suis Leonardo Da Vinci card number 2 to be or not to be well all know who said that phrase

  • alex

    I think it’s L110

  • Well, at least it’s a decent attempt at some serious marketing, Makes a nice change from all those happy, young, trendy people canon and sony like to use in their commercials.

    • Anonimouse

      Along with Ashton Kutcher in the Nikon commercials lol…

    • Geoff

      Serious marketing is TV or Magazine. Serious advertising reaches hundreds of thousands to millions of people. This is akin to some kid on a corner selling lemonade. A few see him and smile, the majority have no clue he is there.

  • venancio

    Nikon wants us to don the thinking cap… ala sherlock holmes… but combining “fun and sexy” with “marco polo” on these card clues is not giving me anything yet except a promise of adventure… there’s a song that said “i am woman, hear me roar”, so this could be a hint there’s something in it for the missus… and for those thinking of T2i, D90 dxo marks still trunches it including Eos 50D and 7D, but you can still say you don’t believe in dxo marks if it makes you feel better towards Canon…

    • Compare the sample photos of both cameras side by side and then explain again how meaningful those DXO numbers are:

      Nikon might want us to don the thinking cap, but Canon wants to sell cameras. I wish Nikon would get into the game.

      • venancio

        I see results on High ISO JPEG Noise preview, maybe with canon taken at 135mm and Nikon at 105mm. DXO takes us to color depth, dynamic range and Low Light ISO. If only Camera Labs could have simulated the other parametric benchmarks…

      • So you want to jump to Canon because their newest model has debatably better high ISO performance over the old D90 that came out a couple years ago? Looks to me like they are just now catching up as we prepare for Nikon to release newer models. I don’t care that much though. A camera is a camera. I point more people to Canon than Nikon at the moment because lenses are a lot cheaper. For me, I have too much invested in Nikon to switch brands and I don’t really care to.

  • NikoDoby

    Card #1 will say, “I am no longer interested” 🙁

    • zzddrr

      or my guess is that card #1 will say that “…Luke, I am your father…”

      I think Nikon is playing some old Jedi mindtrick on us 🙂 …. We are not going to release anything anytime soon but you will buy everyhting we have right now

  • Turn a friendly card

    What we see is probably the split personality nikon and others must maintain to the market, from pro insider speciality gear to mass produced fast moving consumer commodities and that without hurting the other side but rather improve that brand awareness/loyalty.

    What me still puzzles is why a direct-mail campain to target consumer, you use add’s in printed media and online precence for that. To reach the pro user you use controlled circulation of glossies/brochures and direct mail if you have adresses….

  • ItsaChris

    well the last card comes out on Friday (now bc we had no card on monday…) and with the nikon thing on the 8th there must be something added to nikons lineup on that date. I still cant believe there has been no leaks if there is something. but I sill am going with the bet that the cards will end with a nikon evil system under the coolpix name.

    • Downbeat

      The card campaign is in France, The press event is in the UK, during Focus on Imaging fair, recurring every time.

      In the UK was, reported here on NR one add in the papers with similar styling.

      I would not get my hopes up to high…

      • He reported that he knew of the one in England, that doesn’t mean there are other press conferences around that he doesn’t know of yet.

  • Poisonberry

    maybe it will be competition to the G10/G11 family of products? I almost pulled the trigger on a G11 yesterday, but I really want to use my speedlights on whatever compact I get, but I think I am tired of waiting as I can just buy a canon speedlight along with the G11 and be done with the waiting.

  • Ancker

    What about a range finder??

    • Banned

      Impossible nobody would like it. You and 2 of your forum friends don’t constitute a target population.

      • preston

        make that 3 🙂

      • Ancker

        I’m just reading the signs: innovative, fun, Marco Polo (which means adventure, discovery)…
        So, it should not be something everybody is expecting!

  • Casey

    I’m still waiting for the JE SUIS D700x card.

  • venancio

    Patience is the fruit of waiting… 4/3 is the fruit of patience… actually I was hoping someone would have already shared the demographic indicators of those who have received the cards by mail:
    professional photographers?
    serious hobbyists?
    those who bought a coolpix in the last 3 years?
    those who registered their DX in the last 2 years(did you actually mail the form)?
    those with the highest Flickr web footprints?
    self proclaimed reluctant nikonian, nikoneer, nikonist, nikon-uh-phile?

    • Banned

      I think Admin is withholding information!!!

      • preston

        come on NRguru (your new name) 🙂 !

        if this was for coolpixs, they would have been stupid not to have run this several weeks ago leading up to the announcement of the new line!

  • zseso

    8: I am… = the first pieace of a marketing teaser campaign by Nikon
    7: I am fun = easy to use (might even anothar cam w/ projector?)
    6: I am sexy = slim, pocketable, designed
    5: I am innovative = it is the trickiest part! Long zoom? No. Large sensor? No. Built-in GPS? No. FullHD? No. Great IQ?:) No. Then what?
    4: I am Marco Polo = quite similar to innovative, ‘exploring’ new ‘unknown’ territories… + adding GPS.
    1: I am an EVIL by Nikon.

    • Alexander

      Agreed! Good thinking.

    • zseso

      There were some speculation that the No8 means 8 different Coolpixes – but so far, Nikon has never made such a direct ad series for Coolpixes.
      Innovative: other companies made compacts w/ large sensors, extremely long zooms, GPS navigation-built-in, 3D stereophotography etc. Nikon came up w/ projector built-in.
      I think if Nikon would start a website-based teaser – that would be a definite referring for a new camera(system)!

      Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Pentax, Kodak are the rest big players who did not lay out their cards about mirrorless systems. Kodak – I do not think will do ever (or at least, not w/ their own lens-mount-system). Pentax? Without Samsung they have lost a big part of their R&D possibilities not in ‘glasses’, but in micro-electronics/softwares. Fuji is said to be a possible partner in m4/3 (their were some rumours about their possible joint-developement w/ Nikon). Canon, let’s accept, is the bigger player between the remained two.

      Canon’s got the marketshare Ww to respond _last_ to this segment! So, de facto, Nikon should show up their card!

      7days more to come. Has it started?

    • zseso

      Nikon prepares for PowerShot G11 battle

      • I got that and I am looking into it. This issue of
        is out today. Anybody got it? I think it will be few days until it hits the US.
        Can someone tell us what the article is about?

      • gravity84

        Sticking to my prediction in a previous thread RE: a CoolPix “G11” w/ Interchangeable Lenses.

    • Gustav

      I agree with most of what you said except it will never say EVIL. EVIL has got to be the worst acronym I’ve ever heard for a consumer product.

  • Ernst

    Hey guys:

    Imagine NOT having to come up with a strong opinion about everything, especially when you don’t have all the information. Nothing going on here warrants this level of angst.

    Read what the cards say here if it interests you, wait until whatever product comes out, and decide then what you think of it.

  • Bernard

    Let me guess…
    One will be able to buy a D700 or D3S in any of these colors ?… Cute !!! :o)
    or is it a polo shirt named Marco ?… :oD


    Nikon, sorry to tell you, but for the moment the only thing you really are,

    I am struggling with my poor 10MP camera & waiting desperatly for a move to a 18MP-24MP affordable camera (FF or not) with GOOD QUALITY VIDEO. (as canon offers).

    3 years with the same technology is bullshit.

    • Gustav

      Funny how when I look back at some of my photos, some printed at 8×10, look just as great as when I first received them in seven years ago. And they were all taken with a 5.8MP D1X. Yet, you are “struggling” with 10MP. Forgive my lack of sympathy.


    I agree totally with TIBOR, & here’s a


  • I think this clue #4 indicates geo-tagging. They may really announce a replacement for the P6000 (I have no info so far). 8 is the total number of Coolpix cameras, but only 7 were announced so far. One is missing. The EVIL will be a completely new/different line, no way it will be mixed with the Coolpix. The P6000 has been discontinued and is over 18 months old.

    • zseso

      Well, it might be heavily – it is in agree w/ AmPhot. news (G11 battle), it could be the “8th” camera – announced on the 8th…

      Sexy, fun – small, versatile (even in different colours)
      Marco Polo – improved built-in GPS

      But then what about innovative? Nikon should show something new, really!

      To put all this altogether – Nikon EVIL postponed till Photokina…:)

    • David

      Like they have FX and DX for the SLRs, perhaps the Coolpix will have PX and MX.

  • hi,

    I know I shouldn’t post these questions here – but haven’t clue where to turn to else?!

    I’m still working on film (Nikon) but would like to switch to digital. Following the rumours on the D700, I’m still waiting – but probably will buy one in the next weeks – can keep waiting forever 🙁
    I’m a newbie on digital so: my question: how large can a quality print be (lxb) for a raw/maximal resolution photo taken with a D700? What’s your experience
    Or: where can I ask this question specifically for the D700?

    thank you so much !!!

    • TIBOT

      I’d rather advice you or to wait 2 months, or buy a 7d or 5D Mark 2 from Canon.

    • Ernst

      The D700 has the same sensor as a D3. The two produce identical images. And pretty much all Nikon bodies have around 12MP these days, so your question isn’t really D700-specific.

      For an 8×10″ viewed at arm’s length, you can get away with about 2 (two) megapixels. The same is true of any print that occupies the same field-of-view; for example, a billboard 100′ away.

      The problem is that you’re going to want to crop sometimes, and people do like to examine prints more closely, so the real answer is “it depends.”

      That said, the resolving power of a D700 is as good or better than all but the slowest, finest-grained film emulsions. Kodachrome 25 or Velvia 50 on a tripod will beat it – barely. Anything ISO 400 or above? Forget it, the D700 will produce better prints at any size.


    ahahahahah !!!

    ” I AM NAPOLEON ” = Small, ridicoulous, useless, I look like Nicolas Sarkozy lost in Disneyland, but will stay for a long time on the market !!!

  • D
    • Alexander

      100% photoshop my friend.

      • yes, I have covered that one last year

  • Searcher101

    A-C : no way
    D : we have this
    E : we had this
    F : we also had this before
    G : no way , it’s for canon
    H : doesn’t sounds good
    I : I series ? small bodies or compact camera ( EVIL system ? ) .

    It’s just a guessing game for me .

  • Did anyone else play marco polo in a pool as a kid.


    Or maybe the NASA camera. ;/

  • iamnomad

    Full-frame sensor or death.

  • PTG

    User jumpcom on Pixelistes has found this site:
    Under “comercial/image” you find two comercials produced for Nikon:
    “I am Marco Polo” and “I am brave”.

    • PTG, I cannot find it – is there a direct link?

      • low

        its pretty clear a few lines down

        • low

          oh i think you meant the actual commercials….yah i dont know where they are either.

  • Zorro

    Could it be, at last, the rumored D40s?

  • waterproof camera…77 posts and no one has gotten this yet?

    • Doners

      Myles did.

  • Anonymous

    New Coolpix, more resolution than most Nikon dslr, 8hr non-stop video recording, sexy design, 3m waterproof, GPS, GPRS, 3G, wireless & instant geotagged photo email-to-friends button, mobile phone functions, emergency torch & ultrasound dog deterrent !

  • dude

    d4 coming

  • stop it

    dislike vote > like vote



  • janeboyd

    i think, it is a dslr with electronic viewfinder.

  • Anonymous

    for some reason this advertising annoys the crap out of me and almost makes me want to smash all my nikon stuff out of embarassment…

  • Anonymous

    There’s a prediction for the next card on the Pixelistes:

    Check the third post, translation: “I am your father” 🙂

  • DC

    Marco Polo was never entirely sure where he was going or how to get there

  • Aryo

    I wonder if Marco Polo can see in the Dark…

  • NikoDoby

    According to Amateur Photgrapher magazine it’s a direct competitor to the G11.
    “nikon had planned to unveil a competitor to the G11 in it’s recent refresh of the COOLPIX range, but that the camera is not quite ready yet.”

    Apparently on March 8th it’ll be ready.

  • Mistral75

    Card #3 says “I am Hollywood” –> video.

  • grant

    sorry if this has been discussed already, but i think this clue points to geo-tagging capabilities

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