The latest Nikon instant rebates list

This is an official Nikon instant rebate program:

  • Buy the 70-200mm with a DLSR and get $400.00 instant rebate
  • Buy the 24-70mm with a DSLR and get $300 instant rebate
  • Buy the 18-200mm VRII with a DSLR and get $250.00 instant rebate
  • Buy the 24-120mm with a DSLR and get $200.00 instant rebate
  • Rebates can be combined as well - scroll down to the end of this post for direct links

I compiled a full list of all available instant Nikon rebates from B&H and Adorama (after I received multiple requests from readers). What's new? Adorama also offers the D3000 as part of the instant rebate program and they have also some rebates on the Nikkor 70-300mm lens. Complete list from B&H and Adorama (to be sure you get the final discounted price, please add the items to the shopping cart):

B&H (listed by lens)

Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8 VRII:

Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8:

Nikkor 24-120 f/3.5-5.6 VR:

Nikkor 18-200 DX VRII:

Combo kits - saving up to $700:

Here is another way to get to the different rebates options them: click on each of the models from the list below and then navigate to the “available kits” link for all the possible options:

Adorama (listed by DSLR):

Nikon D3000 combos:

Nikon D5000 combos:

Nikon D90 combos:

Nikon D300s combos:

Nikon D700 combos:

Nikon D3s combos:

Nikon D3x combos:

There are few entries on Adorama that allows you combine one DSLR body with two lenses (24-70 & 70-200):

To be sure you get the final discounted price, please add the items to the shopping cart.

Those are instant rebates, not mail-in rebates.

As far as I know, Amazon is not taking part of those instant Nikon rebates. seems to have some of the rebates listed.

The instant rebate program from Nikon ends on March 27th, 2010.

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  • NikoDoby

    When do these rebates end?

    • Rebates end March 27th, 2010. I will update the post with that info.

      • NikoDoby

        So April and May are looking good for new cameras then 🙂

        • That would be a drag, that means you won’t get your camera until likely June/July which is mid-season for the pro & semi-pros.

          • NikoDoby

            The D700 was announced in July 2008 and the D90 in August 2008. So it’s been done that way before.

          • 🙁

      • Global Guy

        Why did Adorama cancel the D90 + 18-200VR combo?

        I can only find a D90+18-200+70-300 as cheapest combo.

        BH still offers the single lens combo…

        Although if you buy the 70-300 combo it only costs $100 more than BH’s price. That is pretty incredible if you want both lenses from Adorama instead of just one from BH. Its basically like getting a D90 for $550 bucks if you sell the lenses for $400 & $600.

      • $$$

        Thanks Admin for posting this complete list – the D3000 deal @ Adorama is sweet! You almost get a D3000 for free!

  • NikonShooter4Fun

    According to the information on this website (Nikon Rumors) their has been NO confirmed reports or rumors of any reported new DSLR cameras to be announced by Nikon. Maybe someone knows something or has heard something different, possibly a new coolpix announcement on Monday the 8th but even that is pure speculation.

    • NikoDoby

      The 8th is more likely just a website/campaign launch and not a new camera 🙁

  • zzddrr

    I think Nikon has to wait until Sony comes out with new sensor(s). It is hard to admit but I think this is the reality that Nikon cannot make its sensor. I mean why on earth would you surrender so much sales opportunity what the 5DII gets. Make the story worse, Canon is turning on the heat and showing that if you buy a Canon camera we can improve it during its lifecycle. Name 1 Nikon camera that got so many new options/features in a firmware update than the 5DII from canon got. This is something new and offers some kind of piece of mind for the buyer. Nikon on the other hand once a camera is produced only makes minor tweaks. Canon is sending out the message that hey you bought a system while Nikon sends out postcards and Ashton Kutcher to take care of the customer. 🙂

    (Now, here comes the usual bashing…)

    • NikoDoby

      Actually when the D70S came out Nikon also provide a firmware update to D70 owners. We got most of the D70S’s upgrades for FREE in firmware. Canon has never done that. Also canon is rumored to be moving up the 5Dmk2 replacement (5Dmk3). Seems like they are hurrying to have something to “match” whatever replaces the D700 🙂

    • Eddy F.

      As a semi-pro that lurks around here I am going to speak up and agree with you. As much as I like Nikon ergonomics and engineering Canon is sure making a strong statements in the semi-pro market lately. When Nikon was busy releasing a lousy “s” update to the D300 Canon was ready and fully upstaged them with the 7D. Now here we are with no D400 in sight and only speculation on a potential successor to the D700 which won’t surprise me if it’s another lousy “s” update (I truly hope not). Yet, it looks like Canon will probably release an update to the 5D Mk II later this year which will probably combine the best features of the 7D with the 5D Mk II’s sensor and better ISO performance to boot. Unlike Nikon, it seems that Canon is following a more logical and generous upgrade path for it’s users. I imagine Nikon is too worried about cutting into the D3x market even tough I know plenty of amateurs and semi-pros who would never buy a D3x but would jump at a d700 type model with a D3x sensor. Video is yet another sore subject for me. As someone who shoots events it seems like video is becoming a creative frontier in which more and more photographers are venturing into. I imagine it will only be a matter of time before it is expected by many clients. Sadly only the D3s has decent 1080p video…sigh, while now even the Rebel Ti2 offers stunning 1080p video on the Canon side.

      As someone who has been a loyal Nikon user I hope Nikon can find their way and fix their sensor and video woes. If not I suspect Canon will reap the benefits and Sony will make a strong push and supplant them as one of the big two within the next 5-10 years. Which brings up the very obvious question of why tie so much of your fate to the competitor that probably wants to take your market share the most?

      • NikoDoby

        The D200, and 300 never had any direct competition from canon. The 30 – 50D were not really direct challengers. After the success of the D300 canon scrambled to create the 7D and not a 60D (which is still rumored to be on it’s way).

        Sony’s DSLR sales have been abysmal. In 5 years they have failed to make a dent. Panasonic with their EVIL cameras has leap frogged Sony in sales so I doubt they will over take NIKON even after 10 years! Besides Nikon has been using Sony sensors since the D100 and I didn’t hear you complaining back then 🙂

        • zzddrr

          My point was that Sony has the fundamental skills in place. It will be a matter of time that they will get it right. Look, in the pro video segment Sony is a leader.

          My second point was that Nikon is just coming out with 12MP “s” variants lately. I am not a video guy but if they put in something into their top line then at least the sound quality should match the competition and it is not the case. What we see is postcards and pretty soon ashton Kutcher. My bet is that the next thing from Nikon will be some kind of hybrid that uses (and mark my word) a 12MP DX sensor in a coolpix style light body perhaps without mirror and mechanical shutter.

          I think it is nonsense that these nikon execs are coming out and talk about future products when they are pretty much years behind. I am sorry but I think I am not the only one who has the money and want to purchase something over 20MP for the summer vacation to fully utilize the Nikon lenses (I have). Based on the past performance of Nikon, it will happen around September when a new camera becomes available.

          On the other hand, when you look at Canon they clearly demonstrate that they listen. They tried to incorporate features in the firmware many asked. They came out couple of months ago and said that they will make it available in Q1 2010. They kept their word and make the firmware available before the end of March. In the meantime, we have no clue what Nikon has been doing. No indication of when and what we can expect. All we got is “s” variants that don’t add too much for the average user. I am referring to the fact that many rarely go beyond the iso 1600/3200 limits. What they did with the D3s they created a very special camera but is this what most Nikon users have been asking for? No!

          Now once they realized that they made a mistake they sent out the execs to talk BS. I mean, reading some of those interviews it is clear that they screwed up. I am referring to the “balance between iso and resolution” sentence. On the other hand, they are not capable of making their own sensor. As I said before, I think sony will be sooner out with a new camera than Nikon. Then surprisingly the same resolution camera will come from Nikon.

          • NikoDoby

            Give them a chance! They know what they are doing! If you don’t want to wait then switch to canon already since they have what you want TODAY. There are plenty of buyers out there who are willing to buy all of your Nikon gear. So don’t say your lens collection is keeping you with Nikon.

            I don’t need the latest greatest camera to take great pictures. A camera is just a tool. I use what I have today and when Nikon has something I need/want then I’ll buy it. I don’t have a problem with waiting because they’ll eventually leap frog canon right before canon leap frogs them and so on and so forth. 🙂

          • Jabs

            Why do you complain so much?
            The Nikon D3s is a completely new sensor and so far, I have not seen any reference by Nikon as to who makes it. Many, many camera manufacturers CONTRACT OUT their sensor designs and FABRICATION to others and thus quit whining.
            Just buy a Canon and be done with it.
            Canon is the one reacting to Nikon and almost three years later they have not caught Nikon.
            Have you seen the really and mostly awful pictures from the Vancouver Olympics?
            These alone justify Nikon’s stance of releasing well made and superior picture quality cameras instead of ‘specmanship’ based ones like Canon.
            I don’t see Nikon behind in the picture quality race but behind only in video – NOT a big deal, as there are several variants of HD video and they all are interchangeable. Ever looked at the minute differences between 720i and 1080i?
            Apparently not! Do you know at what fps they make MOVIES or FILM? Did the 5D MK2 have that capability when released?
            Canon is now giving us more WORSE megapixels and drumming up this as an advantage to foolish people. Have YOU looked at the results from a 50D, a 7D or the new MK4?
            Probably NOT?
            The D3s is a revolutionary camera and it beats everything from Canon in picture clarity, low ISO and High ISO results – fact!
            Not to mention the D3X!
            Nikon took the more conservative route of actually having a better image pipeline and you want them to be like Canon or others placating dumb or dimwitted consumers!
            The ambiguous statements by their ‘representatives’ were originally in other languages and thus can mean almost anything or get lost in the translation.
            If I state that I will now concentrate on a better balance between ISO and resolution it DOES NOT mean that I have failed or succeeded, but it perhaps means that my next goal is to bring out a different type of camera for a different market – PERHAPS!
            In computers, there are quad (4), dual, triple, octo (8) and hexa (6) cores with them all having advantages depending on your type of workload.
            SAME in cameras.
            The D3s is a PRO camera designed for a specific market (not consumers) and they can’t make enough of them, apparently! It also puts the D3 to shame and Nikon could have even called it by another name, as it is that revolutionary!
            Nikon needs a replacement for the D300 and an ‘s’ update for the D700 perhaps plus maybe a D700X (24 megapixel version).
            Canon is targeting a different audience from Nikon, it seems with well ‘specced’ but lousy cameras and if you want that, then go BUY a Canon and quit complaining.
            I started using Nikons with the F3HP and this fight between Nikon and Canon has been around before that. The 5dMK2 is great and actually the numerous updates are NOT an asset but to correct the numerous SHORTCOMINGS of the camera – and some still remain.
            Nikon does not have to do that often, as apparently they seem to take their time in properly testing a new body. SINCE when does a mistake now become an asset?
            Sorry pal, but Canon is on a roll of ‘specmanship’ and mediocrity and right now their older cameras are way better than their new stuff – if you want the same from Nikon, then you are a fool.
            Go buy an overhyped product then and be done with it – apparently you do NOT know what quality entails.
            There must be an M9 with your name on it then!
            How many firmware updates have they released for the MK4 and to fix WHAT?

            I like my Nikons AS they are as beautiful 12 megapixels are better than horrible higher megapixels. Egomaniacs always like the bragging rights of bigger everything EVEN when the results are horrid!
            Buy what you like but don’t bash the manufacturer who actually IS listening to their PRO AUDIENCE!
            Ever seen the lack of RED response in the new Canons as compared to the old FULL FRAME Canons?
            Someone needs to respond to your incessant complaints here.
            Go buy a 4/3rd system or whatever you like, as soon Nikon will perhaps address their lack of features BUT if these features come at the cost of picture quality, then I will refuse to buy future Nikons.
            Different perspective pal!
            I don’t live or die by SPECS, but I look at results – hence PRO and not amateur!

          • zzddrr

            Jabs, I wonder, are you going to say the same about resolution 6 months from today when 20MP+ would be standard?

            And besides that, still none of you was able to explain why the D3x is so expensive if high resolution was so bad.

            It does not matter how I try to explain to you all. 12MP is the past!!!! 6 yrs old tech!!!!

          • Jabs

            Hey ZZZperson,
            Why don’t you ask Nikon, Canon, Leica and others why their cameras are all so expensive.
            PER its’ performance, the D3X actually is cheap- WHY?
            It is USED to make money and if you buy one and cannot recoup your costs in a few months, then you probably are a LOUSY photographer.
            It is NOT for collectors, profilers or egomaniacs, as it is a mere tool.

            It seems like all you care about is being or having the BEST specs while perhaps not knowing whom or at WHAT market a camera is aimed at?

            Perhaps what if I now was to state that Canon is STUCK at 21 megapixels and Nikon has moved from 12 to 24 megapixels? – but I won’t, as not some juvenile.

            I don’t care WHAT megapixel Nikon goes to, as long as the camera is BETTER in picture quality and not worse than the previous generations.
            You seem clueless pal – grow up!

            I deal with WHAT is in front of me and NOT what is promised, hence a happy human being instead of an incessant CLUELESS complainer.

          • zzddrr

            Perhaps as you said that I am a “incessant CLUELESS complainer” is true. It tells me a lot about the person who you are by calling others names. Thank you so much! I hope I made your day so you let your frustration out on somebody. Happy?

          • Jabs

            I call ’em as I see ’em pal.

            You make incessant complaints here and then when answered you try and turn the person’s words on them.
            RIGHT now, Canon is behind Nikon is resolution -FACT!
            The D3X has been a best seller for Nikon and the D3s is doing the very same thing in the PRO markets.
            Learn this – a TOOL that can make money for you is NOT a cost to the skilled user, as it PAYS for itself perhaps after the first use.

            Your not seemingly grasping that – is what makes you clueless as you rant about YOUR wishes devoid of any semblance of reality.

            Sorry pal but not some idealist who shouts at the moon trying to get my way.

            I spend my time doing things that benefit myself and not barking at others about some apparent shortcoming in equipment.

            Some people are so dense that they expect the whole world to suffer from their apparent malaise.

            Rational minds are able to overcome simple obstacles while fools or dreamers pontificate about what they wish for while unable to deal with WHAT is in front of them.

            One contributes while the other creates discord to make up for their own lack of ability or skill.

          • zzddrr

            1) Nikon does not offer anything that competes with the 5DII. 20+MP at an affordable price. Jeez man, you are missing the point.

            2) Video + Sound. Now name one Nikon product that does 1080P with decent sound. None

            3) I did not call you names because I respect other human beings but I cannot respect your low class personality that allows you to offend others.

            4) I am not your pal! If you would work for me with this style, you would be on the street looking for a job.

            5) The D3x has more to do with Sony than you can even imagine. Go back to around 2004-2005 and read how much money sony put into imaging sensor development. Please do the same excercise for Nikon and you will find out that Sony spent about 10-50 times more on research than Nikon. The bottom line is that the D3x is overpriced! If it would be the price of the D3 or D3s I would not bitch about it. But $5,000 (+ – couple of hundreds) is the limit that many are willing to pay for that. Nikon slapped all of us in the face with that! Before that I purchased couple nice lenses to make sure they’ll work nicely but I refuse to pay 8 grand! So I just sold 2 Nikon lenses. Go figure it out what I am up to. I will take a look at the 1DsIV and if it comes with 32MP I might buy it no matter it is going to be 8 grand. You know why? Because it will take Nikon 5 years to reach 32MP.

          • ok guys, let’s calm down please, I will start deleting comments.

          • Jabs

            The Nikon basher who speaks out of BOTH sides of your mouth here!

            Guess who?

            In one hand Nikon has too low a resolution?
            On the next hand, they don’t listen to their customers?
            On the next hand, they don’t have good quality sound?
            On the next hand they do not have a camera like the Canon 5DMK2?

            Well, here is my response!
            1. They don’t have as crappy a body as the MK2 even though I like the picture quality from this camera, the body has many documented problems and defects.
            2. Canon does not have an answer to either the OLD D3 nor the new D3s!
            3. Canon does NOT have a current response to the older D3X in any camera.
            4. Nikon just introduced a Point and Shoot with 1080i and good sound.

            Next – I really do not care what you wish for Nikon to make to placate you as you probably would complain even if ANY manufacturer gave you all your wishes for ten bucks.
            You do the ‘female doggy thing’ well – sorry for anyone who is around you in real life.
            You buy and sell whatever you wish – MAKES no difference to anyone here in particular.
            I leave dreamers and complainers alone as most of the time, people like that have unresolved issues in life – LOL!
            Some people get a charge out of attempting to bully others who don’t see life or things as they do and then when you tell the person that perhaps they look through ‘rose colored glasses’, they now target you for their hate induced diatribe – LOL!

            No more comments to you pal!

  • Nikkor

    How come B&H rebate is missing 70-300mm?
    So is it confirmed that Amazon is not participating this rebate?

  • Jim

    I just bought a d3s / 70-200 combo with rebate at ephotocraft. Also saw the rebates listed on samys.

  • NikonShooter4Fun

    In response to NikoDoby, “Canon is rumored to be moving towards a 5D MK II replacement. Heck, Canon has to do something, they just released the new T2i for what $799.00, I think it has about 18MP, Full 1080 HD Video, and a display that beats the resolution in both the 7D and 5D MKII (920K dots) with a display of over 1.06 million Dots. Other than it’s light weight body and not being weathered sealed, they have put superior inner workings inside it. If I am not mistaken even the auto focus is better than the 5D MK II, and about the same as the 7D. They will surely have to upgrade the 5D MK II before long, it has several people either in reviews or forums complaining about frequent auto focus problems which they seem to have addressed in the newer 7D and T2i autofocus systems.

    I really want to purchase a new DSLR with Video, I am trying to be patient and wait for Nikon, but you can only wait so long. I am fearful of purchasing the D3s, I would buy one now while they are having the rebates, but I am afraid that it will be old technology and obsolete if they bring something new out this summer. I know anything will ultimately be obsolete in time, I just feel we should be close to a Model refresh by Nikon. I sure hope I am correct.

    I am wondering if Nikon can bring anything to market soon enough to catch the CANON machine. The specs (MP and Video) , of a 5D Mark II or a T2i are far superior to Nikon D3s, I am sure the dynamic range and P/Q in low light isn’t as good, but there is a huge difference between 799.00 1500.00 and 5199.00 for a D3s and it still doesn’t have 1080 HD Video and is only 12MP.

    • NikoDoby

      I agree the T2i is a great package for the price, but this game of seesaw is nothing new between Nikon and canon. It’s actually very healthy for both. People were complaining about Nikon not having full frame cameras or good ISO and look what happened 🙂

      • David

        Agree, the seesaw is nothing new. We are currently in the period of Canon advantage since the ‘s’ versions were a minor refresh while Canon came out with major advances (and Nikon still holds up better than I would have expected if you don’t count that they have a hole in their product line created by the 5d – I would argue that the D700 and 5D fill different niches and are addressed by the other slightly differently, Nikon giving pro body and AF with full frame but not on leading edge MP or Video wise, while 5D focuses on leading edge MP/video at the expense of AF, ruggedness, frames per sec, etc.).

        It will be Nikon’s turn this year and leading into 2011, and it will be interesting to see if Nikon makes any adjustments to product mix/focus to more directly compete with 5D market or not (what I call high quality image, low quality market – and don’t get me wrong, I think there is a large market for it, as the 5D has shown).

        Agree the seesaw is healthy for both, and for the consumer (in larger context,including pros). It means we continue to see more value for the money, even though having our cameras that we just bought immediately superceded can be annoying in itself 😉

        • zzddrr

          If we want to be honest. Nikon would have to replace 95% of it dslr line in less than 12 months if it wants to show that they are the leader in the game.

          Sony will get the video right and get the resolution and will sell it for cheap. Canon already has both while Nikon stuck at 12MP and with a cripled video and terrible sound quality. Make it worst, it is only available in selected models.

          The second problem is the price? I mean $799 for the canon is very appealing.

          To be honest, I just want these nikon execs to wake up while they are talking. I mean they must live in a dream world otherwise we would see something. At least they should throw a bone or something but no more “s” models at 12MP. 🙂

  • NikonShooter4Fun

    I’ll “second” the seesaw effect. The competition is good for the consumer, and I think and Hope that Nikon will answer shortly and very decisively to Canon’s offerings, I just am getting somewhat impatient. Surely the global recession has hurt sales numbers, therefore it’s probably taking them longer to get their return on their R&D expenses. They also need to shed their dependence on Sony for sensor development. I assume that is what they utilize because you usually will see a release of a new Sony camera, then Nikon will later announce the same sized sensor but in a killer camera. You just have to love their build quality, ergonomics and toughness.

    Where and why did Nikon come up with the X or S designations for their DSLR’s? What do they stand for? Why not name a model like D4v (V for Video) or just a D4 without video? Does the S stand for Sound or what? Never really figured that out.

    Since Nikon already has a improved sensor (the 12MP sensor inside the D3s & the 24MP sensor inside the D3x) why not come out with a D4 & D800 utilizing either sensor, especially the 24MP sensor but add HD video as well. They did this when they brought us the D3 & D700 (using the same sensor) They just made the D700 smaller and mostly less expensive for the masses and you would think that they sold the D700 (10 to 1) over the D3 because it was more affordable and think of all those D700 owners that purchased an arsenal of Lenses, software, accessories etc. (like ME).

    Seriously doesn’t Nikon need to sell Cameras in volume or good numbers to be more profitable? They will never sell as many D3s cameras as they would if they came out with a D800 utilizing the D3X sensor inside a D700 body and adding video. I would buy one tomorrow myself, but I am not wanting to pay 5199.00 for a huge D3s because to some of us “Size does Matter” I like my D700, I just want video to expand my creativity.

    Just my 2 cents. Go Nikon !!

  • Anonymous

    Nikon rebates suck if you don’t need a camera body. I wish they had lens only rebates.

    • zzddrr

      Good point. The reason why they have the rebates in that format is because their cameras don’t sell period. People realized that in 2010 the 12MP offer is not enough not to mention the crippled video. Nikon has a stock pile of cameras sitting and cannot sell them unless they sweeten the deal. The problem is so far that it does not really work. People are not interested buying into a technology that is getting outdated. Also, there is some impact already on lens sales because people are waiting for the new models/tech to arrive before they invest into lenses. They see how long it takes for Nikon to respond so they don’t buy until Nikon delivers. Now we can see the results of the “s” variants they came out last year.

      • ArtTwisted

        Heres all im gonna say, from my camera store, Nikon pushes us to sell there products a hell of a lot more then Canon, and Nikon Canada reps care about us a hell of a lot more, so what happens, we sell nikon slr’s 3:1 over canon. This is just one store and one region but I know for a fact nikon is selling great.

      • kendoka

        95% of the negative comments regarding resolution on are coming from a single source (i.e. zzddrr).

        I simply cannot understand why (unless you are a hired anti-Nikon spammer) you keep repeating the same tiresome mantra “…12MP … is not enough…) while it actually is – for most photographers (except for those with a fetish for landscapes).

        Face it, Nikon is selling rather well – despite being “in between models”.

        This said, I, and thousands of other Nikonians, are waiting for the next generation cameras (D4 and D800/900) – but neither resolution nor video are deal breakers for most of us.

        • zzddrr

          You live in a dream world. Go out and take a look at the dry market!

          1) I work for Canon
          2) They actually pay me to come here and bash Nikon
          3) Are you happy?

          4) People like you would still live in caves if others who want more wouldn’t exist. So go back and play with your 12MP camera.

      • Jabs

        Why then does Canon have all these rebates?

        LOOK HERE:

    • Mynameisdave

      Nikons’ strategy is obvious. Those who have already DSLRs are most likely stay with Nikon regardless what. A switch is always expensive. The target group are newbies or people who considering an upgrade.

      • Mynameisdave

        Btw: i read a rumor that Canon is going to make a similar offer…

      • Mynameisdave

        err.. i meant the strategy is to sell more DSLRs that means a greater marketshare and more lenses to sell.

  • Sash

    I wonder why Nikon so worries that with let say D800 will cut the sell of D3x? Ok, it will cut the sale, but won’t cut the income. Money will stay at Nikon either way.
    And those who waits for D800 sure won’t buy D3x instead, if D800 won’t come out.
    Well, I let my self go off the hook and bought recently D700 which is fine for me and I already take photos, which is most important thing.

  • I am in the market for a full frame right now. I joined the Canon 5d MarkII, D700 and D3s forums on flickr. I posted a few questions on each forum looking to find out the likes and dislikes of the cameras. Funny how things turned out. The Canon folks had more dislikes than likes it seemed (focusing problems, poor iso performance, files to big to run on their computers, etc.) I was surprised to here all the negatives. On the other hand the Nikon camp had nothing but praise (minus the video comments) I am not buying a DSLR to take video. Just a question, how many people really need more than 12mp. I don’t know too many people that are blowing up billboard size images. I got caught up in this whole rumor thing looking for the next best thing. I think I am done now. I going to buy the D700 with the rebates and be happy. The D700 is an amazing camera now, if I want video there are plenty of hd pocket cams out there.

    • zzddrr

      Go rent these:

      1) D3
      2) D3x

      Blow up the images from both and make a judgement call

      • Jabs

        Greetings ZZDDRR,
        If you cannot clearly see the differences and the better results of going from a D3 to a D3X, then perhaps you are visually challenged.

        Maybe you get a computer and perhaps try Linux, as the 64bit versions (Ubuntu Studio -for example) will allow you to go past the 100% scaling limitations of many other Operating Systems.

        Maybe your tools are outdated?

        When you get a computer that can show you the obvious differences, then tell me!

        Perhaps you never heard of Laser surgery or even glasses – LOL!

        Sorry pal, but now teasing you for your asinine implication.

        GET REAL!

        Nikon needs above 12 megapixels per your claims YET when they delivered this in a 24 megapixel D3X, it is now equal to a 12 megapixel D3 or worse, you perhaps do not see any tangible differences or benefits – thus defeating your arguments here.


  • Segura

    Dear Amazon,

    Please jump on the Nikon Rebates ASAP.



  • Simon

    Amazon do have some (but not all) rebates listed for the last day or so.

    For instance for the d90 and d300 there is a special offer that states:
    “Save $200.00 on Nikon 70-300mm Lens when you purchase 1 or more Qualifying Nikon DSLR offered by Enter code 7O3OOMAR at checkout.”

    The D5000 has a similar offer for the 55-200mm lens

  • Gary

    Does anyone know if Nikon has done rebates like this in the past?

    • NikoDoby

      Yes they have. I believe the last time was around Christmas 2008. They might have also done it during late spring of 2009 but I’m not sure of my memory on that one.

  • PJ

    Eh? Is this site sponsored by B&H and Adorama???

    Why is there so much focus on driving readers to these stores??

    30 links to B&H and 35 to Adorama! Surely we are bright enough to take one line of the deals they both offer.

  • looking4dslr

    I am looking to buy a Nikon d90 with a 18-200mm in June. Should I pull the trigger now with these rebates or wait–will I just wind up paying $200 more by waiting?

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