Nikon D300s LCD screen leaked?

Should I say BREAKING NEWS: I just received this - a picture of Nikon D300s LCD screen?


The image was taken from an official Nikon USA site. Note also the date: May 14, 2009 - this picture is new!

Update: note also the SD card logo on the lower left side of the screen - dual card support (the initial Nikon D300s specs were correct).

Here are some screenshots of the actual Nikon D300 LCD screen - it clearly says D300, not D300s: dpreview &ย digitalreview

Let's see how long it will take Nikon to remove this picture.

What do you guys think?ย I say Nikon D300s release probability just jumped to 99%.

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  • afterdarkernikon

    Now that is something. Updating screenshots ๐Ÿ™‚

    I wonder which lenses will be announced this time.

    • Bjamy

      I wouldn’t mind an upgrade of te 10.5mm fisheye, AF-S series.

      • Anonymous

        Whats wrong with the old one ? -__-

        • I’m w/ you. Don’t know what’s wrong w/ the 10.5. Love mine. Just about as perfect as can be. Faster would be nice, but I like the compact size, too, so I can handle it being limited to f2.8.

  • Paul

    That looks pretty legit.
    Let’s hope the specs are better than what was leaked.

    • STJ

      That sums it up I guess… Maybe I’ll just add: “good catch admin”.

  • Jack

    They must have done that on purpose. Either that or they don’t care if it’s leaked since it’s nothing major or they just suck at keeping secrets. Whatever the case I’ll make sure not to tell Nikon that my friend Andy is coming out of the closet next week.

    • Andy

      JACK!! YOU OUTTED ME!!!!!!

      • Jack


  • Good catch by whoever found that. Good confirmation of the latest rumors (pretty much the last nail in the coffin). Makes perfect sense that this wouldn’t be a D400 as there’s been nothing technology-wise that seemed worth crowing about.

    Would imagine this’ll be the point where the dam bursts and a lot more “rumors” start leaking out before the official announcement.

    • STJ

      Maybe Nikon found that all these rumors actually equals free publicity?
      Now they even advertice “rumors” on the official Nikon homepage; is this accidentally or purposfully done?

      • Anonymous

        It’s nothing new, many companies have been doing more and more ‘viral marketing’ over the last few years. Nikon is probably even a little behind the curve on it.

      • My guess is that the marketing hounds @ Nikon are reading each and every post here and over @ DPReview and trying to leverage how/when/where they’re going to plant the next “bomb” in order to maximize coverage.

  • low

    it has begun

  • Narna

    D300s. Hmmm. Was really hoping for a D400, not a slight refresh. Mostly because that means the D400 is probably at least a year off.

  • Jack

    I see humor is not appreciated here.

    • no, humor is appreciated but the words you used will trigger NSFW google ads – that’s all…

      • Jack

        Oh I see. Sorry about that. My friend would have found it hilarious though. I’ll keep it SFW from now on.

  • Pdf Ninja

    Wow, the D300s just gained instant credibility. Note that the folder name contains D300S as well. This also confirms that it’s going to have Secure Digital support (note that SD next to the file name). That’s awesome, because it’s far easier to find a notebook computer with built-in SD reader than with CF.

    • good point – I missed that one… I updated the post

      • Anonymous

        oh admin, you do need to look at what you publish, at least.
        What are you afraid of? Start acting like a journalist and become the one and only true rumor king!

        But still excellent information here! But having a D300 it does not make my mouth watery.

        How long did it take from the D70s to the D80? About a year?

        • happy

          there is always someone that is not happy…

        • Michael

          You mean someone that has to be better than everyone else. The admin does a good job. I and most appreciate what he does. If you don’t, well… find your happy place and don’t take that away from the rest of us. Please. Thank You

  • Very positive proof there… also noted is M = 6.8 MP if anyone knows what Nikon’s normal size ranges that should be good confirmation of the number of Megapixels one can get out of the camera.

    • Pdf Ninja

      M = 3216×2136 on my D300. So it’ll probably stay the same resolution.

      • Eric

        Seems like it will have the same MP count. First thing I checked when I saw the picture.

  • Syncros

    Nice find! This is the nail in the coffin. Even the directory name says 300s. The SD symbol is the bonus – SDHC is cheap and notebooks have it built in.

  • NikoDoby

    Can I be the first “should I get a D300S or wait for the D400” post? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Followed soon by, “D300S?!That’s it?! I’m switching to canon! I need better blah, blah, blah”

    • Should I start w/ the “What lenses work best on the D300s” thread?


    • Nikondreamer

      Switching to Canon? Good luck!! Can you please tell us where you are selling your
      Nikon gears? Please be good to us and sell it cheap since you dont like it!

      • NikoDoby

        No way In HELL am I selling any of my Nikon gear Nikondreamer, keep dreaming! ๐Ÿ™‚ I was simply being sarcastic as to the kind of post that are sure to come up when the D300s is officially official.

  • I am already spending over an hour on the Nikon School page looking for other leaks – need help ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Very cool. If the specs hold up, I’ll keep my D300. I hope they introduce something that really changes the game like the D300 did.

  • yawn – all the buzz is canon 5d2 – vidoe and cinematic film prosumers and commercial operators who have never even thouhg about DSLRs are buying every bit of stock going – plus lenses now that is manual control. This is a whole new market and a market with money to buy optics. And what do Nikon bring out D300s……….. There must be 50 websites already up just about the 5d2 … I wonder when the first D300s site will eventuate…. yawn…

    • donde?

      I don’t care what canon does

  • grumps

    I know we always get excited every time our beloved Nikon brings out something new, especially in their premium products… but I can’t help thinking more ppl are more excited about the news than they will be actually running out and buying this Windows7! (Oops, I mean Nikon D300s.)

    I really think the D400 will be a MP increase, and for that to happen, the D4 needs be released, and could mean a repeat dual release when it does happen.

    I still think 2010 is the big year for most companies (incl. Nikon) and not this year, which to me… unfortunate ๐Ÿ™

  • I’m 99% sure the D300s is coming soon. I just hope it comes sooner than later considering I just sold me D300 in anticipation of it’s arrival.

    (lost only $100 on the purchase price after 1 year!, hehe).

  • Anonymous

    Anyone see other screen shot leaks on Nikon’s website?

  • Joe

    Maybe ‘s’ stands for ‘small’, and there will be no CF card slot. :O

    • Alex

      I can’t tell if this was sarcasm or not, but I’ll respond to it as if it wasn’t. I doubt that “s” stands for small. Look at the D70s. It was just a little update to the D70.. not any smaller.

      • Eric

        Haha, I think that was sarcasm ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Stupod

    I ordered a D300 about an hour ago because I got sick of waiting!

    Does anybody know if the price of the new D300 (D300s? D400?) will jump back up to the original price the D300 was at when it was released? If it will, I’ll just stick with my current order, but if not I’d consider quickly canceling my order.


    • Alex

      If it can do video, chances are that it will sell for a higher price than what you just bought your D300 for. Don’t be sad, though. The D300 is a fantastic camera. You will not be disappointed.

      • Stupod

        Yeah I know the current D300 is ace, but if a new one that does video and other goodies is released in a week for like a few hundred more, I’d be slightly, well, you know…

        • Alex

          perhaps you should cancel your order and see how it plays out. Decide if you want to buy the D300s when the price is revealed. The D300 will probably still be available some places. If not new, it will definitely be available used. I bought my D300 refurbished, and it was like brand new, other than that it had a few hundred shutter actuation on it (which is tiny when you consider that it can take about 150,000 before it dies)

          • Stupod

            The D300 refresh rumours have been around since mid-2008 though, so I’m kinda sick of waiting. I only ordered today because I was totally sick of it. An hour after I ordered I see this post! Hmmmmmmmmm

          • Stupod

            Ignore all of this now. I’ve decided to just go with it. I really am sick of waiting, even if it means seeing a new D300s available tomorrow morning for $500 less than I’ve just paid for the old model. Don’t care. Done!

          • fotosniper

            you could probably sell your d300 for a slight loss in a few months and get a d300s then. its always better to have a camera and get shots than sitting around watching beautiful sunsets and thinking about the camera you are getting in 3 months.

  • Mike

    Great find admin.

  • Anonymous

    probably to build up some kind of suspense for the camera. but it does seem interesting. if the d300s specs are true the changes may or may not sway d200 users, the sd/cf card usage is nifty tho

  • Dave

    Sometimes the marketing guys spend so much time trying to make sure one of their products doesn’t take away market share of another of their products, they forget that other companies are out there trying to get their customers as well…

    And in case some folks haven’t been paying attention. The D400 doesn’t need a D4 to share a sensor with (D400 = DX, D4 = FX). It needs a new Sony. And Sony just announced a whole bunch of new DSLRs not too long ago. I think they are doing a D300S now so that they can have an announce in 2010. Even if the D400 will have missed it’s window of opportunity by 12-18 months.

    But none of our wishing will make it come true any faster, if at all. Nikon will do what they think is in their best interest, whether it makes sense to us or not

  • Dave

    Did anybody check out the other images on that site? Does the D300 show you the histogram for selected sections of the image?

  • John

    The proportions of the lcd seems really wide.
    Compare the 300s LCD to this one

    • Alex

      I think that’s the D5000’s screen though, which is 2.7”. I say that because in the 4th image, “a3” is “Live View Autofocus.” On the D90, a3 is “Built-in AF-assist-illuminator” and on the D300 a3 is “Dynamic area AF”

  • jon

    Cool ! Looking forward to this D300s as my workhorse D70s’s wish to retire and I’m in much need of a camera with a vertical grip. Hopefully the new cam will be out by the end of the year.

  • Alex

    I’m trying to figure out what “C” is (to the right of “sRGB”). I know it’s stating the picture control setting… but “MC” is monochrome, SD is standard, NL is neutral, and VI is vivid. I don’t have any other options on my D300.

    • Alex

      Nevermind, I figured it out… It’s nothing new. It’s a “custom” picture control preset.. you can do that on the D300, I just haven’t had a need to yet.

  • I’m not sure if it has already been mentioned or not, but the other screen shots clearly show a very different RGB+D histogram than the D300 has. It appears to have a zoom and pan/scan feature to inspect the histogram over selective areas of the image. (Dang, now that’s something I could go for.)

    • Alex

      Good catch. Go here, scroll about 1/4th of the way down, and you’ll see that the D5000 has a similar setup:

      What’s interesting is that in the picture on DPreview, you’ll see that it says “Nikon D5000” in the lower left-hand corner. In the shots on NikonUSA, there’s nothing. Perhaps they edited “Nikon D300s” out? Maybe they forgot to do so on the others ๐Ÿ˜›

    • dave

      Hey… I asked about that like five or six posts above this one! So you are saying the D300 doesn’t do that? Sweet. The D300s may have some nice firmware upgrades that make it more compelling than the D300.

  • Why can’t i find the need for a 15mp camera? That’s the thing i am waiting for. Canon has one at a cheaper price of the d300(s). if it wasn’t for my expensive lenzes i own, i would change if this rumor is true

  • Anonymous

    hmm, wouldn’t the SD card slot slow the camera down? Not sure, but are the fastest SD fast enough to cover the D300’s 8fps? Wouldn’t that reduce the number of pictures one can take in a row?

    • RSM

      Don’t panic! ๐Ÿ™‚
      It would only take a bit longer to dump the whole series to a SD card then it takes on the fastest CF. But that wouldn’t change the actual pictures in a row more then using a higher sensitivity or a motive that creates pattern that compress badly.
      In everyday use you wouldn’t note much of a difference. And after all: Canons flagship models offer SD slots, and they definitly aren’t inpaired by it.

      • Chris

        How about if.. NEF goes in CF card and jpeg goes in SD card slot… and do it simultaneously?

    • Chris

      Maybe there’s more buffer in the new camera. It’s been 2 years afterall. I’d welcome the dual card support, if it comes only with an SD slot, I’ll complain XD.

      Most likely dual card support, else there’s no reason to have an SD icon at the bottom.

  • Somebody is going to loose their job over this mess up…. wow, it doesn’t get much more true than this…

    The website link with the D300S photos are still up as of 1244 AM PST on June 12

    • No, someone’ll get a raise for a job well done.

      Two words: Viral Marketing

  • Dan

    Kudos to whoever caught this!
    I’m hoping for some more improvements to the high ISO performance, say like perfectly usable ISO 3200?
    Improved Live View perhaps with 10x magnification & a live histogram seems to be minor additions that can be easily done along with a dedicated live view button.

    • Anonymous

      I wouldn’t expect it to have much, if any, better high ISO performance than the D90 has. Remember this probably doesn’t have a new sensor, just tweaks to the existing one.

  • Jason

    When the D70s came out, there was also a firmware update that gave existing D70 owners most of the same advances that the ‘s’ had – maybe we’ll see the same with the D300s, if it proves to be real

    • regular

      My only hope is that the Nikon D300s will be the same street price as the D300 or lower.
      I would be really pissed if Nikon take the opportunity to raise the price back to D300’s original price.

      • dave

        If they raise the street price much, it’ will be in the $2K+ range and then the D300s would be competing with the only slightly more expensive D700 (which I’ve seen discounted down to the low $2Ks). And it would leave the $1K to $2K price point empty. The guys in sales and marketing would never allow that.

  • zen-tao

    Nikon might launch this model but if they do it it would be the evidence of their weakness. D300 is a professional photo cรกmera and video profassionals have a lot of good video cรกmeras. I don’t believe at 100% this rumour. I think it’s a lure to hide another models or may be they have nothing better to offer or they want to avoid and advertising campaign using this site.

    • alex

      “the evidence of their weakness”


    • Evidence of their weakness? Rather the strength of the model (D300) that’s been out for a year and a half which requires no major upgrades* in order to stay at the head of the pack.

      *Ok, video could be a “major upgrade” but it doesn’t impact the quality of the D300’s main function: still photography; therefore I’m not counting video as a “major” upgrade.

  • Daf

    Bah humbug.
    I want a D400 or D700x/s. Anything else and my hand isn’t going to go anywhere near my wallet.

    • GR

      Exactly !

      • Chris

        Not true for everyone. I’m still using a D100 (almost have enough for a D300 now), if the D300s is just slightly more expensive (hopefully) than the D300, I’d get the D300s. ๐Ÿ˜€

        That said, I hope the D300 don’t go out of stock too fast in my country so I’ll still have a choice later on…

      • STJ

        Such a long wait for adding an “s” to the name. If you dont use video (we are a few that buys cameras for taking still-pictures only) then the 300s really lacks any hint of “wow”…On the other hand if you are really desparate for video then this migh do the trick… I’m not impressed and will wait to change for a d700xwy with 9fps and even better dynamic range. Also I hope Nikon splits their models in two lines: a) 12MPIX super dynamic range, high fps count for sports, b) >20MPIX, ok dynamic range and >3fps for nature and studio use. Could be fun to know how many would want an “a” camera vs. a “b” model respectively….

        • regular

          would be much more simple to have dynamic pixel binning and keep a single product line.

  • GR

    Now lets hope that 24mm 1.4 thing is true, if so i will be converting to a nikonian hands down!

  • MentalRaymond

    I personaly dont see the point. In the past Nikon has always released the d100 range in 2 years cycles, the d300 came out almost 2 years ago. The D400 is indeed due to be show cased this Summer with a Christmas 2009 release.

    In the past Nikon normaly waits for Canon to bring out a product, and then replies with a better updated version themselves. Canons 5D Mk. II it out and making record sales. Nikon needs a response to that, or they will loose sales. If they are brining the d300s AS WELL as a d400, fair enough, but this again doesnt make much sense to bring both out. I personaly wish for the d400 and d700x next to get me excited.

    • Neil

      Incorrect. There was over a 3 year difference between the D100 and D200.

    • Eskimo_Nikonian

      With the recession, the previous business model doesn’t necessarily apply.

    • “the d300 came out almost 2 years ago”

      Incorrect. The D300 came out @ the end of November 2007. A year and a half, Yes. “Almost 2 years ago?” Not quite. 5 1/2 months is a considerable chunk of time.

  • Anonymous

    The time it takes Nikon to take down the image, might have a strong correlation to when it will be announced. My guessfor the publishing is next Monday to 2 months

  • Steph

    3 things:

    1/ in the page you linked to, the other images are really interesting – seems we’ll be able to “zoom” the histograms to some specific points in the image. Great new feature.

    2/ The crisis certainly slowed Nikon’s release schedule. There’s no reason why you’d want to release a “game changer” like the D3 was in a tepid market. It’s normal strategy to just hold the fort and build your next offering for when there’s a more receptive audience. So, no D400 and D4 this year.

    3/ It will take some time for Nikon to catch up in the video field with Canon and Panasonic. The experience of these guys doesn’t count for nothing. And we haven’t seen Sony getting really involved yet. So, as much as I love Nikon (proud D3 owner here), I’m not expecting them to come on top for video this year – I imagine it’s high on the list for the D4.

  • jsa

    When the D2x became D2xs, wasn’t it possible to have most of the s features added to the older D2x, wonder if a steroid injection (or maybe just a short black cofee) will be available for the D300 to pump it up to D300s ish levels.

    2nd thought, the D400 must of got sent back for more competitive development (video), hence the associated book got canned, so a stop gap D300s is born with what was to be D400 DNA.

  • Looks like Nikon yanked the page.

  • Tolf

    This snapshot from Nikon USA is 640x360px = 16:9 ratio = the same ratio than standard HD videos… hรฉhรฉ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • zen-tao

    I wonder if Nikon uses to launch rumours in this site in order to make a free market research. Well, they should read all these posts and think to issue another model.

    • NikoRyan

      You are soooo right. Keen…and dead on. Of course Nikon uses this site.

  • AARGH! That’s it. I’m seriously considering switching to Canon. Nikon refuses to take the Canon 5D Mark II seriously. Nikon has ZERO competition for that camera. The D300 and D300s can’t touch the 5D Mark II and the D700 can’t match the 5D Mark II’s low ISO performance. Such a joke. I’m so sick of NIkon being 3 years behind Canon on everything.

    • Anon

      At least my $1600 D300 can focus, unlike your $2700 5DII. =P

    • frankchn

      Funny that the Canon guys says the Nikons are 3 years ahead and the Nikon guys says the Canons are 3 years ahead.

    • Max

      Just switch then.

    • So go buy a Canon and quit griping. We’ll be seeing you around when you get mad @ Canon’s upgrade cycle and quit them next time around. Just DO it and quit bothering the rest of us ๐Ÿ˜›

      “the D700 canโ€™t match the 5D Mark IIโ€™s low ISO performance.”

      Hmm. I haven’t seen any of that news. Did a new 5D mkII come out that was much better than the mkII that just came out awhile back? Saw one comparo where it looked like the 5D mkII might’ve had a slight edge at the high ISO end, but it was pretty minimal and that was w/ excessive pixel peeping. But hey, if you’re convinced, then what are you waiting for?

      Put up a For Sale list so we can see if you’ve got anything that we’d like to have ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I’m OK waiting for the D400. I’m broke anyhow, so my D300 will have to sustain me for a while longer–which is fine, because it’s still an amazing camera. I think the 300s will be geared to those people on the fence who would probably have purchased the 300 anyhow.

  • JM

    So. The only difference between my wonderful D300 and the “s” is the SD dual card slot, and movie mode? I think I’ll pass. I don’t participate in the mania of replacing cameras just because a new one comes out. Heck, I still have my 1st and 2nd dSLR’s — my Finepix S1 Pro and my Finepix S2 Pro which I still used on occasion! I purchased my D300 February 2008 and now over 80,000 + images it is still working peeeerfectly and I have it setup exactly as I want. So, why mess with perfection.

    • Who would’ve thought there’d be someone sensible among this group? Holy cow.

      Now if the others’d only bother to take to heart what you just wrote…

  • bandwagon

    Great find! I’m just ready for something to come out by now. I’ve been patiently waiting over the last 5-6 months. Using a D70 which is working very well, but ready for an upgrade. A D300s will be a worthy upgrade, I believe. The D300 was top on my list, but if there are a few improvements, I’m willing to wait a little while longer, but not too much! ๐Ÿ™‚ Probably not a worthy upgrade if I owned a D300, so I feel the wait will be rewarded with a solid performer just like the 300.

  • Dave

    This would be a ridiculous update and just goes to show that Nikon is at the mercy of Sony for sensor development. Why would anyone even consider going to this camera if they haven’t already purchased a D300?

  • shivas


    This is super exciting news – and def confirms everything, so now it’s a question of time and price – my first guess is $1999 MSRP?

    To all the D400 whiners out there, remember, Nikon usually refreshes mid-cycle (which is around now), THEN waits another 2 years for a full over haul.

    Which means Aug 2007 D300/D3, August 2009 D300s/D3s or h!!

    I’ve been hankering for a 24 1.4 in the short term anyhow, so this update is great because I can then swing for the “old” D3 (hopefully at a new MSRP of $3999?)

  • Zoran

    Also the screen looks 16:10, not 4:3 as d300 today.

  • Chad Dyle

    I was really hoping for something that shot better video than my D90 (for weddings). It looks like a 5D is in my future.

    • funny

      relax man, every single dslr ever released from now on will have video. sadly nikon doesn’t get the point yet: motion jpeg sucks, bring manual controls, bring 1080p

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