What is BJP talking about?

This was published by BJP just few hours ago:

"As BJP went to press, Nikon unveiled two new digital SLRs - one entry level and another semi-pro - as well as new lenses. Both new DSLRs come with a high-definition video mode, with the entry-level model, the D5000, also offering a swivel LCD screen - a first for a Nikon camera."

Is this a clue that the next Nikon semi-pro model (D400?) will have HD video?

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  • Offcourse will there be video in D400! D3x should be abel to be upgraded with video firmware.
    It would be stupid not to inlcude video in D400, maybe wee well se a sweevelscreen too.
    I think the D400 will be released in summer early july, plus SB-700 Speedlight.

    • Anonymous

      video ๐Ÿ™

    • Will

      D3x doesn’t have the mic port, and I don’t think Nikon will include such a big software in a firmware update also.

    • Don’t count on video in the high-end models anytime soon. If what I’ve heard is correct, video facilities were only installed in the Thai plant, not in Sendai.

  • Steph

    Mh! Juicy! I guess one newspaper is going to get whacked on the fingers for not paying attention to what they were supposed to let out… or not!

  • Loa

    swivel screen = a first for nikon!


    My trusty coolpix 5700 had one about 1 zillion years ago! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • monty11

      Except it isn’t a DSLR, now is it … hahahah ๐Ÿ˜›

      It sure is the first on DSLR cameras.

      • It’s not the first on a DSLR (Olympus & Sony had them first), but it is the first for a Nikon DSLR.

        • yea, and Sony’s swivel LCD is quite sad. Sony even calls it simply “Tiltable”.

        • monty11

          Yep, that’s what I meant … but the previous post was already about Nikon’s first, so I just left it out … my apologies ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • shivas

    i hope to bloody god the D400 doesn’t get a swivel screen or video!

    It’s a PRO CAMERA!!

    I think I’m going to break down and just buy the D300 now then. . .sigh. . .

    • Phoggy

      It’s not offensive to me if D400 has video, but I can certainly see it turning off some pros. It’s really only a semi-pro camera, not like we’re talking D3 here, but I also know many pros use the D300 as well. Video doesn’t mean that it cannot have pro features and performance. I would expect full HD if it does. Swivel screen is debatable, but I’m a hobby shooter so I would like it, pros may not.

      • Ennan

        I own a D3 and really wish it had a (decent) video function. I’d find it very useful and since it doesn’t harm the still image quality I dont see a problem in putting it in. I’m hoping for a D3s with video and a microphone input, but would settle for a D400 (as long as it had the mic input)

        • it honestly has yet to be prooven that video function doesn’t harm the still image quality… the ability alone should not harm the still image quality, but quite frankly it has yet to be prooven how using the video function on a still camera sensor will affect the output of the sensor over time. IMHO, the jury is still out and video (for now) should be kept to the entry level market untill it has been sufficiently tested in real world aplication for a professional who could potentially use both the video and still function on a daily basis.

          • Stephen

            First off, it has been proven. Video cameras have been using CMOS sensors for a few years now and they can log thousands of hours without any sensor issues. In fact, I have about 4,000 hours on my Sony, and have never had a problem with the sensor. I think that comes out to like 300 million exposures.

            So what this really comes down to is a “Pro” who is afraid of new technology and making claims about it that have no substantiation.

            I for one would love to see a pro-level full frame camera with video. When I am doing multimedia shoots it would sure be nice to not have to lug around my sony or much larger canon video cameras. I don’t care much about the whole interchangeable lens things, it’s great and all, but not my first concern.

            However, here is my one big concern for the using this professionally. It only has one CMOS sensor. All pro level video cameras have three CMOS or CCD sensors in it.

          • Anonymous

            Stephen, they did have 3CCD up to 2/3″. Look at the large format Panavision Genesis, Sony F35 and all the cameras from RED, they are all large single chip.

          • Stephen

            I know some of the newer, larger sensors are single CMOS/CCD, however, I’m still not convinced of the overall quality. Also, they are all cinematic 24fps. That’s fine for a lot of things, but in multimedia, we slow things down frequently and I like to have true 60 fps. That gives me plenty of padding to slow things down and not have to interpolate between the frames, or make it look stop motion. However, I think RED has solved that issue, but I can’t remember and don’t want to spend the time on their obnoxious site to look it up.

            Anyway, I’m all for new tech, so lets add video to our DSLRs, It is not likely to harm anything. Also to the guy I responded to previously, if you’re worried about video effecting your sensor, don’t use it. really, video is not cheapening your equipment, it’s making if more usable for more people.

          • Video cameras also use a MUCH smaller physical sensor, which in turn generates MUCH less heat and wear on the chip itself… there is a very good reason that both Nikon and Canon have, as yet, limited the amount of time or memory that their video files can take from the still camera based sensors… so with that, NO Video function using a sensor sized and designed for a Still camera has NOT been thoroughly tested on exactly how it will affect the current designs for CMOS sensors.

          • Chevypower

            Douglas I always thought it was the FAT 32 file formatting which limited files to 4GB, which is ok for still cameras, it also means the cards will be equally compatible with Mac or PC. It could be Mac OSX formatted cards, but PCs wouldn’t read it, or it could be NTFS and Macs would read it, but not write to it.

        • rhlpetrus

          IMO video will in all cameras released from now on, entry, semipro, pro levels. It’s a just a marketing thing. I hope Nikon gets its act together and develop:

          1) Decent LV focusing.

          2) Decent video.

          • iamlucky13

            Very much true. Video will be there because it’s one more spec to list, which may or may not sell cameras, and because once you’ve got hardware capable of Live View, video is pretty close to free (a few more man-hours of firmware development).

      • Yea, I don’t understand the hate for articulating LCDs. If people don’t like it, then they won’t swivel it out. What’s so wrong with having the functionality there?

        • Ah, I just read Zoetmb’s comment further down that swivel LCDs have the potential of breaking for heavy-use road warriors. Good point.

          • Gustav

            Everything that moves has some amount of friction and has the potential to break down – including shutters and mirrors.

            But if you’re really worried about it, don’t swivel the screen. Problem solved.

    • twoomy

      Folks, let’s get over the idea that “PRO” cameras aren’t supposed to have cool features like LiveView, video, a swivel screen, dust-shaking sensor, etc. You may poo poo the idea, but some of us photographers welcome all of the new creative possibilities that some of these features provide. They might not be for everybody, but that’s fine — most of the existing features aren’t for everybody.

      If you don’t want any new features in your camera, still to what you’ve got and ignore the future.

      • Ennan

        Exactly. If you dont want them dont use them. I welcome video with open arms.

        • Marc W

          Now, if they added a 1/8″ mic plug, I would be happy. I could then mount my funny looking shottgun mic. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Stephen

            Hmmmm, hypercardiod goodness.

          • PHB

            I would prefer that they provide a means of attaching my Sennheiser K6/ME67 shotgun or any other XLR mic.

            At some point Nikon should bite the bullet and produce a V1. But which I mean a high resolution video back that uses the F mount lens and is capable of capturing 4K or better.

            They would sell one heck of a lot more of those than they ever would if they delivered an MX format camera.

            Each time I take a trip I have to decide whether to take the D300 or the Canon Vixia HF11. Would be nice to have one camera does both.

          • Denz

            how about Hot shoe mount mic? they can enable it thru firmware update.

      • TTI

        @Ennan / Marc W

        the only problem with incl. the video = increase in price… ๐Ÿ˜›

        in actual sense, i think that incl the video is no problem, but aren’t incl the mic will reduce some kinda weather sealing ability ?

        personally, i’m okay with the video, liveview… but no the swivel screen… i broke my own canon Axx series ages ago…

        • Adding video didn’t seem to raise the cost of the D90. The D90 came out at approximately the same price point the D80 (w/o video) did when it arrived on the scene.

  • Dweeb

    Hahah good catch. I hope “high” definition doesn’t mean 720P. I wonder if you can order that D400 book now?

  • Nikkorian

    I wonder if it’s worth putting a D400 to market – just for video. Or what else will have changed since D300? Can the sensor be that much better?

    Compared to any APS-C Canon camera, D300 is great stuff and a good seller. I think Nikon should wait until fall, when the Canon 60D is due.

    A D700x with higher resolution and video to compete 5DII seems more pressing!! And as we know since D3x’s release, it’s possible.

    So my bet is, we’ll see a D700 update within two months, and a D300 update late sommer to fall.


    • rhlpetrus

      Makes sense. Observe semi-pro may mean D700x, not D400.

      • PHB

        In your dreams. No, Nikon are not going to sell you a D3x at a third the price three months after it launches!

        The obvious model to bring out is the die shrink of the D3x sensor which would be a 24Mp DX camera. Absolutely killer for macro photography.

        Of course the FX folk would turn green because it might just call into question the superiority of their format. Why go FX if you can get the top FX sensor a few months after.

        But I don’t think the D400 is coming out soon because why launch a $850 camera and a $900 lens together if you have a $2000 camera on its way? Not unless you have an even more expensive lens coming out.

        Nikon seem to launch zooms with new cameras if they are going to launch anything. A 24MP D400 would fit really nicely with an 80-400 AFS. But thats as close as I think the FX folk are likely to come to getting anything else this year. Maybe a new 70-200 if they is lucky. The D700x is clearly not going to come for a year to 18 months and when it does come it will be because the D4 is not far off.

        FX format is going to be king once we get up to 50 MP and beyond of course, no disputing that. At that point the DX bodies will only be able to push 800 ISO max and 200 ISO will be the new normal. It will be back to the film days. Or we will be into on camera HDR processing to push the ISO up or eliminate camera shake.

        • Lars

          Yeah, 24 MP in DX… can you say “noise”? Everything else being equal (which it never is), photosites will have half the area of the D3x sensor sites and hence half the sensitivity. Which means it would top out at ISO 200 or 400. That just won’t sell in today’s market. Sensor tech needs to be improved before going past current pixel density.

        • rwbenjey

          Actually, not necessarily back to the film days. Black silicon is being researched and apparently it’s way more sensitive to light than standard silicon. Imagine the impact this would have on the film and camera industries.

    • Don’t hold your breath on a D700x having video.

  • I would hope the D400 doesnt have a swivel screen. The Dxxx series is too robust to have such a liability. That swivel joint will be hard to weatherproof. I think we’d all be at a loss if our LCD suddenly shorted out on the job. I would take video though. Just something fun to play with.

    I wont be jumping from a D300 to 400 anyway. The 700 will be my next upgrade.

    • RThomas

      I’m with you on this, I want a D700. The only DX camera I can see myself buying is another D300 when the price starts to really drop after the D400 (or whatever) is introduced. I’m sure that the newer cameras with video, swivel screens, etc will appeal to many users, but I like the current models just fine.

  • Anonymous

    so now everybody wants a video on super expensive DSLR’s just to film their kids and pets?

    • Phoggy

      Quality high definition video may be an attractive tool for some mulimedia professionals.

      • Ennan

        like me. I really want the flexibility of using my Nikkor glass for video. Would be very handy indeed.

      • Stephen

        I like the idea, but in the end, my three sensors seems better than one for video.

        • Bill

          Someone (cant remember who or what site) had comparision video of the D90 vs a 3CMOS or 3CCD vid cam. Both were the same exact shot in low light, a boardwalk along a water front I believe. The D90 ruled it because the single sensor was bigger than the vid cam.

          • Stephen

            I’d like to see that, but I’ll trust you. However, sensor sizes are getting bigger on cameras anyway, including ones with 3 sensors. However, a lot of companies are going to one massive sensor, like RED. As for video, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, I’m saying it may not be a good replacement. One of the issues with using a single large sensor is speed. The D90 and now the D5000 all run with jello cam pre-installed.

            However, Canon doesn’t seem to have that problem, and I would like to know why. But there low light performance is not as good as the D90. So do you have to make a trade off. Do you get the jello cam and exchange for low light performance. We’ll see. Hopefully Nikon will resolve the issue.

    • It would be great for me, especially working with the press at times.

      Now, it is getting to the point of where some of the newspapers want photographs for the printed, they are also wanting the video for their web sites, so instead of having a photographer and a videographer out there, or having to take both the Nikon with lenses, and also a video camera, a high quality video source on a DSLR would be superb.

      • Anonymous

        great… one more without a job …

        • Jeff

          true. make fewer people do more work for the same money. Good bye photojournalism….

    • Che

      Yup I sure do want video on my DSLR (heck its only software)

      and while your at it I’ll take a 10-17 f/2.8 the 17-55 f/2.8 and a 55-200 f/2.8 VR. Unfortunately Nikon only makes one of those.

      • Micke

        No. Nikon actually makes both the 17-55 and the 55-200VR (cheapest tele out there :P)

        • dan

          just to point out, he said 55-200 f/2.8 which is certainly not in production.

  • low

    yah baby!! wheres my new camera!!?

  • mike

    the d400 will come in store in autumn and will have a full frame. this news i catch up in a nikon store in bern, switzerland.

    • Sloaah

      i’m sorry, that’s rubbish

      • Anonymous

        1)no Nikon store in Bern
        2)think about the price of a single FX sensor, compared to the price of a single DX sensor…
        No way D400 can be FX…

  • D40000000

    In Japanese garbage site, it is rumored that something will be taken in place on 28 Apr as well as 14 Apr.
    I don’t know whether or not it was incorrect information of 14 Apr and what something is.

    • anon

      Hopefully a D4000. I would very much like to see the sensor of the D90/D5000 in the form factor of the D40/D40x/D60 and without the swivel screen. If such a camera is released in the near future I will definitely buy it,

  • Q

    Better get screenshots of those pages before they disappear. Could be something that is set to be linked to their main page today and they’re just waiting, so it’s posted and ready to go. Or, could be a part of a couple of releases they had prepped, not knowing if one or two DSLRs were going to be announced and they just haven’t removed it yet. Date of April 15th could update. Who knows.

    But, I like the comment form the person who talked about a D400 full frame. Given the number of D300s they sell compared to full frames, it would make sense to keep producing that sensor at a greater volume to get further ROI, while introducing a new full frame sensor for the D700/D3 category for market differentiation. A boy can dream…

    But, when I looked at the Canon 60D rumoured specs I thought… why bother. No big deal. Then, I saw the rumour they may rename it the 7D and thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if it was a low-end full frame?”

    The first company that introduces a sub $2000 USD full frame is going to gobble up market share quickly (and future brand loyalty) if the other company doesn’t get on board fast.

    Are we about to see some increasingly ruthless competition between Nikon and Canon? In these economic times, anything a company can do to hold on to its marketshare (or increase it) even at the expense of fat profit margins, will position them exceptionally when the market bounces back. Right now the name of the game is market share, not huge margins.

    Could be good times for consumers. Or, perhaps I’m just dreaming…

  • Theo

    I guess they are talking about D90 and D5000.

    • low

      this could very well be what they were referring to…

      • monty11

        D90 isn’t a newly unveiled camera, I don’t think they were talking about a D90 unless they have been in a slumber since mid summer.
        Or did I totally misunderstand your post?

  • Ben


    Just for the record, the 2 source listed at the top of this rumor are not, in fact, two independent sources. This is really not a big deal, but if, by making reference to two sources, you intended to invoke the idea that two independent sources substantiates a rumor, then you might make a note of the fact that Source 2 is really just a link to the printable version of Source 1. They’re the same source, just formatted differently.


    • Sloaah

      They’re making the same announcement (from BJP) and I think that’s pretty clear, as he’s done Source:BJP Link1/Link2, rather than Source 1, Source 2. It’s just if one is changed, the other will still be there

      • actually I did change it after Ben’s comment, Ben was correct – it was confusing the way presented it initially as source 1 and source 2

  • uh

    I hope the D400 doesn’t come out for at least a year. Then I’ll feel better about my D300 not being obsolete and I won’t be at a competitive disadvantage on my second camera body.

    • Gustav

      Either the D300 does what you bought it for, or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, then you shouldn’t have bought it.

      Digital technology moves forward at a fast pace. If you have some superficial need to have the latest and greatest, then you better have a lot of money or find some other field of interest.

  • I’m waiting for the d400 to come out, before I get the d300 (Hopefully, on the Cheap). Both cameras I have are obsolete. (Nikon d60 & Nikon F100) and I don’t like them any less, than I did when I first got them.

  • for me a D400 releas in summer is perfect,
    the D300 will fall in price and I can buy the D300 a year after planned.

  • Josh

    I didn’t realize that the D5000 was officially “entry level”. It’s not an entry level price.

    • According to dpreview, the d40 kit was $599 and the d80 kit was $899 MSRP on release. This puts the d5000 in between these with features mostly surpassing both. I think the MSRP for the d5000 is reasonable. Especially when you realize that only early adopters will pay MSRP.

    • And who pays MSRP anyway?

      • Those of us in Japan sure seem to, unfortunately ๐Ÿ™

  • Zoetmb

    The BJP thing is just an error, IMO. If you go to their news page, they announce one camera and one lens. Some idiot was probably called from the Nikon event and told to get something up quickly and screwed it up.

    I actually do hope that future Nikon bodies have the swivel regardless of whether they have video. I shoot a lot of music shows and I have never been able to shoot over people’s heads because I always aim wrong. Having a swivel would enable that. I admit the swivel is ugly and probably easily breakable, but it serves a very definite purpose.

    Also, I’m all in favor of true 1080p HD video on my still camera as long as it doesn’t interfere with still shooting functionality, which seems fine on the D90. I’ll never buy a separate video camera, but to be able to use a large sensor and Nikon lenses to record video makes sense to me for the moments when I need video. A shot of the bride shoving wedding cake into the groom’s mouth, a few minutes of a concert, something cute that the kids are doing, etc. I’m not a big video fan, but being able to shoot video this way is very compelling to me. But not this 720p stuff. Gotta’ be 1080p/60f (maybe)/30f/24f. And on the pro cameras, they’ve got to have inputs for pro audio.

    Making a statement like, “if it has video, it can’t be a pro camera” is absurd. And I don’t buy the “if it has video, they won’t let you into places” argument either. The availability of tiny video recorders and video on cell phones has killed the ability to monitor this stuff. The only argument that holds water is “if they include video, the camera’s going to cost more and I don’t want to pay for something I don’t intend to use,” but you can say that about almost any feature.

    • monty11

      At least here in Estonia they won’t let you in to any event if you have a photo camera with exchangable lenses UNLESS you have a permit from the organiser which usually isn’t hard to get, especially if you give/sell them the pictures. I really don’t see that the video would be an additional obstacle.

  • 2ch-hk

    but y D400 is semi-pro? =.= D400 should be pro class =.=

  • Anonymous

    why haven’t anyone did further researching on the internet?!

    http://www.KEH.com is the sweet sweet spot. i just snatched a used D300 body only in excellent condition for only $899.99.

    why wait? too late.

  • Craig

    I’m no fan of video in a DSLR (have some nice HD video gear already) but if the D400 has some other features that make it worthwhile, I’ll get one and my D300 will become my backup camera. If they do indeed add video capability, I hope it’s comparable to the 5DmkII and better than on the D90. Still, I’d rather they focused their resources on making a better still camera than one with video added on.

  • Gentoo

    “so now everybody wants a video on super expensive DSLRโ€™s just to film their kids and pets?”

    No, some of us would use it to capture behaviors of the wildlife we shoot that cannot be conveyed properly in any photo no matter how good.

  • 10two20

    If there were a D400 coming out, what sensor would it have. The same sensor in the D300, D90 and D5000 doesn’t make sense.. it’s not any better and I can’t imagine a D400 without a different sensor than the D300. The D3/D700 sensor would be awesome but I don’t see the D?00 series going full frame yet ( but I’d love it ). Is there any other sensor that they could license ( ala D3x )? Better high ISO performance? Better dynamic range.. that would support video?

    If it’s a FF, I will be moving to FF earlier than expected and shooting a lot in CROP mode with my DX lenses.

  • alex

    i think it’s a mistake. probably nikon presented the new d5000 and d90.

    d300, or the future d400, is not a “semi-pro” camera. it’s as pro as you can get.

    • Eric

      The Dxx line is advanced amateur, the Dxxx line is semi-pro, and the Dx line is pro. Just because Nikon’s made some full-frame cameras doesn’t mean the D300 is suddenly professional when the D100 and D200 weren’t.

      • Eric

        Correction: D70 up is advanced amateur, D40-D60 and D5000 are entry level.

  • NikoDoby

    Since the D5000 isn’t really a replacement for the D40 or D60, what’s to say that the D300 won’t really have a replacement either. The D400 (or whatever it’s called) could in fact be a step up from the D300 but still be below the D700(x). The D300 would remain in Nikon’s line up at a price drop and the new model would be priced around $2,000 but would feature lots of extra goodies the D300 doesn’t have. Like HD video, yes, but more than just that. Perhaps it could become the worlds “cheapest” camera with a full frame sensor at $2,000?

    • Jeff

      how exactly would you propose that since the D700 is almost exactly a D300 body with and FX sensor instead of a DX one. In fact, the D300 body outspecs the D700 in some regards, 100% viewfinder vs 95% coming to mind.

  • alex

    how hard it is to understand that DX and FX are different systems?
    nikon’s pro dx camera is d300 currently. even with d3x release all fx cameras are pro level. the difference is the sensor between fx and dx, not features.

    the only semi-pro camera is d90. that dude probably wasn’t thinking right.
    or he’s a bit dumb if he thinks d400 would be semi-pro.

  • AZ

    alex – I will disagree with You, with the introduction of D3x, it became the nikon’s pro dx camera – yeah I know it’s a FX, but with the DX crop it has the same amount of MPx as D300 with a better body. OTOH would love to see D3x with more than one expeed processor (9fps in FX in 14bit NEF).

    • Jeff

      wtf….when does resolution make a camera “Pro” technically the D90 has more resolution than the D3. would you really run a D3x in DX mode? fail. Oh also if you check the original press release …”NIKON INTRODUCES THE NEW D300 PROFESSIONAL DIGITAL SLR CAMERA” http://press.nikonusa.com/2007/08/nikon_introduces_the_new_d300.php

      The D300 is pro grade.

  • Daf

    BJP have altered the copy now.


    ALL Nikon new cameras should have Nikon. Why? Because new buyers expect to have it on other manufacturers’ cameras so if Nikon would make the BIG mistake of not putting HD video on ALL their new cameras, they would systematically lose many sales!!

    Even on Nikon pro cameras, they should update the D3X, D3 and D700 to all have 1080p video, if possible at several fps say 24 fps but also at 30 fps and if possible at also 60 fps.
    Yes, a few pro would not mind adding video clips of weddings for instance. Just one example among many.

    So, Nikon, if you do not want to lose sales of your cameras, you better put HD video on ALL your new DSLR cameras (even on pro DSLRs, and even on P&S cameras!!).

    • Costs money to upgrade facilities for things like this. Money’s a bit tight right now, I imagine. I’m sure they’ve taken your points into account long before we ever even had a whiff that video would ever be a feature in Nikon DSLRs. While we may not see the wisdom of what they’re doing, there’s always a plan. If it were only so simple as to plug a little gadget into the inside in order to give a camera the ability to do video, don’t you think they would’ve done it already?


  • Anonymous

    jessops camera stores in london are selling d300’s for ยฃ549 this weekend?
    they are a big branch and wouldnt be getting rid of stock if they wernt expecting
    something else…

    food for thought

    • Anon

      They’re not getting rid of stock – a quick Google reveals that there are only 5 D300s available for that price on Saturday only. I predict overnight queues…

      More usefully they are reportedly doing 10% off lenses.

  • funny

    hopefully the d400 won’t use montion jpeg!

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