Nikon D90: another price increase (UK) and LV bug

Amateurphotographer reports another 10% price increase of the Nikon D90 in the UK starting next month (May, 2009). The reason - exchange rate fluctuations. Expect this price increase to trickle-down to other countries as well. Now, the D5000 pricing will not be so close to the D90 price.

According to this post in dpreview, Nikon support confirmed the D90 LV bug "in LV mode the shutterspeed is frozen at the value taken at the moment of activation" and a patch is expected soon.

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  • Trevor Nelmes

    Now, let me get this right.

    The D90 body is about £620 in the UK right now (about $800 plus tax), and has been since the start of March 09. The pound was at about 140 Japanese Yen then. The pound is now at just under 148 Yen. so, prices SHOULD fall about 5%.

    And they say it will go UP by 10%. Do they take maths in Japanese schools?

    • Adam

      Hmm… Since when economy is based on math?

    • Lardinio

      The yen/£gbp rate is back to what it was in Novemeber, having bottomed out around 123 in late Jan 09. I reckon that they are working 4 months behind, so I don’t reckon prices will start going back down till around June ‘ish, if not a bit longer.

  • Mike G

    They can claim its exchange rate fluctuations all they want. Really, its the fact that so many retailers that carried their products are in chapter 11 or 13 bankruptcy. They’ve lost a ton of money recently, eventhough sales are very high.

    • PHB

      Nikon will have used a factor or insurance against the chance of default. So they are not out the actual cash. But the price of the insurance will have gone up sharply.

      The other concern they will have is to protect their remaining dealers by keeping the margins high.

      That is probably a forlorn hope. I exp[ect the camera business to be forced to go the same way as Sony has gone in consumer electronics and set up a network of product centers in malls that exist just to demo stuff but hold next to no stock. You can buy a Vaio from a sony style store, but you pay full retail and the ‘sales’ staff are probably not on commission, they really want you to go to a regular dealer or online.

      Nikon and Canon can afford to go that route, but most of the competition can’t

  • rwpl

    people will just move dlsr shoping plans in time as a response to this or look in th C,P,S or O direction. I know I will soon if N dont stop this madness 🙁

  • Michael

    I have the cash ready to buy a couple of new lenses and either a D300 / D400 or a D700 / D700x. I was just about to purchase a D700 when the prices went up in the UK.

    I will not be purchasing until the prices drop back to their ‘normal’ level, hopefully by then the newer D300 / D700 will be released also.

    Till then my trusty D50 will suffice.

    • Anonymous

      the longer you wait, more impossible to buy. the prices for D300 and D700 keep upping, FYI.

      • Michael

        Prices don’t go up, they typically go down as the model becomes older. The D700 has all I need (even in the future), as such I’m waiting for the price to drop because of model age or the rebound of sterling. Sterling is now rising as appetite for risk returns to the global bond and equity markets, this can be seen by the pounds recent advance against the dollar and yen (17th April 09).

        If Nikon keep raising their prices as a result of currency movements then Canon will massively eat into their margins.

        Finally, I have enough cash in my account to easily afford a D3x, however I’m not going to as it is priced too highly and does not offer value for money. A D700 is well within my limits, yet I will not be buying one until the price comes down.

        As I said, I’m quite happy with my D50 for the moment, I do not need to chase the latest camera in order to take ‘better pictures’. Better pictures come from creativity and practice primarily.

  • Anonymous

    don’t anyone find it funny when people keep rebelling “i won’t buy until they drop the prices!” but the prices go the opposite direction by going up then they start to whine.

    like i said before, great photographers don’t wait

    • rwpl

      lol ofcourse – people that NEED photo gear for proffessional reasons will buy but tell me what is the % of the pro and non-pro in the market and who gives nikon more money? 😛 So if non-pro decide to wait the nikon WILL need reduce the price.

      • Anonymous

        it won’t happen because nikon wants YOUR money, they don’t care if you’re broke.

        it’s not like nikon is going to feel sorry for you, “awwwweee, you are so poor! no, we aren’t dropping the prices just because you’re broke”

        there are no such thing of “professional” because it could be PROstitute, PROstate, PROchoice, PROblematic, etc etc. only working photog’s would buy right away when their cameras fail or breaks on them. most multimedia services don’t care about price increase and they just pay up.

        most of so-called professionals are either amateurs or professional photographer wannabes, they whine… real working photog’s don’t whine because they buy it right away

        • rwpl

          I’m just saying that with the insane pricing nikon will loose non-pro segment which gives him most of the $$$$

        • Bill

          Dude, that is probably the most asinine statement Ive read on here.

        • PJR

          Give me a break. Just because someone is a “real working photographer” doesn’t mean that they have endless amounts of money. While many professionals go after the best gear possible, they too are trying to save on costs. That’s how business works.

    • Michael

      You can buy all the new kit that you want to, that in itself has no bearing on your quality as a ‘great photographer’. It just makes you a gadget geek.

  • Hrmm…Glad I bought my D90 on Tuesday.

    • Anonymous

      I think anyone who buys a D90 will be pleased. A few £ $ etc here or there doesn’t make much difference when you actually get to own and use one.

      I hope you enjoy it !

  • Anonymous

    A patch is not “expected soon”.

    Some idiot tech support agent at Nikon was surprised to see the “issue” and surmised that it would be fixed soon.

    There are two problems:

    (1) There is no issue. I just verified that shutter speed changes made after you’ve entered liveview mode are honored for the exposure.

    (2) For a tech to assume that because he discovers an issue it will result in a firmware update is just naive

    Nikon Rumors needs to be a little more careful about what dumb dpreview posts it chooses to feature.

    • How do you know? This site is called NikonRumors, this is not CNN..

      • Greg Tommers

        I think you missed the point. He wasn’t claiming to have some sort of inside knowledge, just that the dpreview post was stupid (and incorrect) and Nikon Rumors should have known better.

        • oh, I see now – I thought he was refering to the expected patch, not to the descibed problem.

        • reader

          Admin is right, I also read somewhere (not dpreview about this problem) – maybe the problem is not present on every camera:

          • Greg Tommers

            Huh? That link has nothing to do with what we were talking about.

        • see below the comment from Ken D for details on this bug

          • Anonymous

            Um, it’s not really what I’d call a bug. It’s just how the implementation of LV works.

            And it’s certainly not what is being described in the admin’s original post.

      • funny

        CNN isn’t any better fact wise. cnn is also rummor mill 🙂

      • Justin

        What was your name again Nikon what?

  • Tomas

    I was thinking of Nikon, and that made me stick with Canon. Good move Nikon, basic maths skills could help.

  • Pablov

    About the D90 bug:

    I don’t have one, so I couldn’t check it.

    BUT IF it’s true, then I wonder HOW Nikon didn’t notice it before releasing the camera?

    • Eric

      And no one have really complained before now? I have never seen this mentioned on any forum..

      • Greg Tommers

        That’s because it’s not correct. I just tried on my D90 and it works fine. I’m guessing operator error.

        • Anonymous

          Mine’s fine too. There are a LOT of online idiots at dpreview and it seems one or two at Nikon Support IF IF IF that post is genuine.

  • AZ

    I think that Nikon is once again trying to f**k with their customers (sorry for strong language). There’s no economic reason to increase any Nikon prices right now, as the exchange rate fluctuations stabilized. If there gonna be any price increase, it’s gonna be to enlarge the gap between the new D5000 and the rest, so it will look cheaper – and if so it’s simply not acceptable way of doing business. I’ve been using Nikon for last 10 years, and I think it’s a really good piece of equipment; although the last 6 months made me wonder if I will use it in the future. Olympus was giving away lenses for their customers when You were buying E3 (and had any previous of their dslr), Sony has a d3x equivalent -a900 – (when You don’t need higher iso) for a price of d700. Nikon, that’s is not the way to do business in this times.

  • MB

    Nobody noticed the bug because nobody is using LV on D90 seriously anyway.
    If you could lock the mirror up at least in LV then it will make some sense, this way it is only something that enables you to make very slow point and shoot camera out of your DSLR.
    On the other hand saying that α900 is D3X equivalent is exactly like saying that you do not really know anything about anything at all.

  • Willis

    I’m calling BS on this rumor. The pound has done nothing but go up against the yen (so has the dollar for anyone paying obsessive attention).

    I can see them doing this more as a way to position themselves in the market. The D90’s price was artificially low because of a gap that Nikon had in its product lineup. The D5000 fills that gap, so they are putting it back above $1000 but still substantially less than $1500 for the D300.

    • Mike O

      finally somebody who knows what they are talking about. they will raise the price because they have the new product in between price points… sure, they may attribute it to exchange rates, but in reality I think its just so the d5000 can have a reason to exist, and that the d90 maintains its own portion of the market.

      • zack

        In my opinion NIkon just killed D90 with this release. D90 was never a professional camera and was a hit cuz of movie mode. Now with d5000 having almost exact features and much better LCD (in manipulative terms) D90 almost became obsolete over night. Similar to D300.

  • Anon

    Willis – you beat me to it. I agree completely.

  • Joe Boston

    Glad I bought mine at 799. Thanks B&H.

  • Ken D

    I have a D90. In P mode, the shutter speed and aperture _displayed_ on the LCD does not change after LV activation when moving from light to dark subject, but the shutter speed and aperture _used_ is correct for the subject. After the shot, the shutter speed and aperture _displayed_ is updated for where the camera is pointing at the time and is again frozen until the next shot is taken. Exposure is always correct though.

    In S mode, _displayed_ aperture is locked at the value metered when LV activated. Aperture _used_ is correct. Displayed value updated after shot.

    In A mode,_displayed_ shutter speed is locked at the value metered when LV activated. Shutter speed _used_ is correct. Displayed vaue updated after shot.

    So there is a bug. It affects the _display_ of shutter speed and aperture settings but actual exposure is always correct.

    Do I care about it? Nope.

    • Anonymous

      Er, how is that a bug ? It seems it works fine but doesn’t give you live info. That’s not a bug. If that was a bug then shutter lag would be a bug too.

      There’s nothing wrong – it just isn’t a perfect camera.

      • George

        HELLO! If I’m in live view and change my exposure I sure would like to know what I changed it to. When I’m looking thru the view finder it updates when I change the shutter speed.

        PS live view can be handy when your on a tripod and/or your using manual focus since you can zoom into 1:1 on the LCD

  • Ken D

    Why don’t I care? Because I have not yet found a use for either live view or movie mode. Both are either cumbersome to use or not well implemented. I have no objection to them being built in (maybe one day I might use one or the other) but for now I use the D90 as an SLR was intended to be used.

    • alex

      but movie mode sticks to the settings available when you enter LV.
      so maybe a user with time to check the manual could tell us if it isn’t already specified. maybe the locked displayed value is about movie mode alone, so you’d know which one is available when you hit record button. maybe not the smartest way of displaying a pair of settings but who knows.

      i don’t own a d90 so if i talk nonsense sorry. but i remember the crowd of users when d90 was released that didn’t know you could lock exposure for video.

  • CV

    Logical. Central banks are printing money like crazy. More money = less value per unit, so prices expressed in fiat paper currency will go up. If you say “I won’t buy untill the price drops” then you can wait forever…

  • zack

    They’re increasing the price and can’t release the firmware upgrade for it? Everyone knows Dmovie has so many flaws which are software related. Well, if they don’t do it, I’ll sell all my gear and switch to RED. One thing is to make a mistake and the other is to skin people during a recession.

    • CV

      You want them to skin themselves?

    • alan

      are you going to shoot still with RED? or are you switching from photography to videography?

      Dmovie was meant to be an “extra feature”. D90 wasn’t meant to a camcorder.

      remember all of those who had doubts about AF on lens? or the zoom lens? remember when they sucked and the zeiss, leica folks didn’t jump on board quick enough….they’ve got pwned and that’s why an assload of the market is shooting either a Nikon or Canon?

      Stop bitching and moaning and let the Nikon folks do their job.

  • Jessops in the UK are selling the D90 with kit lens for £739 which is £60 cheaper.

    Argos is selling it for £743 and currys do a price match + an extra 10% the difference.

    Prices are going down.

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