What to expect from Nikon in 2009

According to Kamera & Bild (Sweden):

  • In 2009 Nikon will release as many products as in 2008: 3 DSLRs, the D5000 being the first one (from the translation it is not very clear whether Nikon said that). I am sure someone from Sweden will clarify.
  • Nikon has a long list of lenses that are almost ready for release - is the translation correct here? Hallelujah!
  • The author also speculates about a "diet version of D5000". I also got at least one report of a D4000 being released soon after the D5000.
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  • Anonymous

    looks like amazon has just listed the d5000

  • Phoggy

    I’m waitin’ for the D400 not the D4000 (too many zeroes) Not really looking for a dumbed down D5000, although it would probably be a more suitable replacement as an entry-level DSLR for those who are looking.

    • 2ch-hk

      I am also waiting for a D400 =w= It might be my first DSLR

      • Futurologist

        D4000 will be out soon – D60 body with similar specs to D60 but with fixed 2.7″ screen and D90 sensor.

        • Phoggy

          That’s what I was guessing would be the specs. Other possibility is just the same basic camera with articulated screen, but no video. That should bring down the price.

        • antiq

          And without video I guess.. if the image quality is the same, I’ll go for it, I need the smallest lightest camera with good low light image quality available.

          • anon

            Me too! That is exactly what I’m looking for as a walk-around camera!

        • rjm

          Be nice if it was a D60 with the sensor AND the high rez LCD of the D90… that would be tempting.

    • LMP

      I’m waiting for the D400 so the price of the D300 will drop to a price I would be willing to pay!

      • Anon


  • wishful thinking

    oh pleeeeeeease can I have an AF-S 85 1.4!

    • Cookie Monster

      Fortune cookie say, ” If you have time and money, all your wishes will come true. “

      • Sven

        what exactly do you find lacking in the current 85mm f1.4 AFD?

        To give you an idea of what I am pointing towards…

        Nikon 50mm f1.4 AFS
        Nikon 50mm f1.4 AF

        The AF is faster on a D3 than the AFS.

        And the current AF f1.4 is as sharp as you like

        • pete

          what do i find lacking ?

          1. its bloody noisy
          2. its freakin slow
          3. no MF override

          as for the speed issue, the 501.4G is not a true IF designed lens, i suppose to keep costs to a minimum. one would expect that the 85/1.4G will be an IF lens at that price point which means it will have similar AF speed to the 24-70.

        • wishful thinking

          pete said it already, I love everything about the current 85 1.4, but it’s too loud, there’s no MF override, and I really hate that I can’t have the lenscap and the hood on at the same time.

          focus speed is a non-issue if I have a MF override

        • pulu

          there’s not too much that would make me rush out and buy a replacement for my 85/1.4d, but one thing that would be huge is teleconverter compatibility. this is what i am hoping for in a replacement.

  • Gentoo

    A D4000, that would likely prove what I said in the forum about the D60’s days being numbered.

    Can I please get a D400?

  • heartyfisher

    This rumor is consistent with most of whats been rumored and have come to pass.
    To expand I think that the lenses that are on the way are probably mostly DX lenses. and the D400 will be one of the DSLR’s to be announced. Sorry, FX fans.

    • Futurologist

      Sorry, but the next lenses will be fast FX primes and the 80-400. DX just got it’s lenses for the year.

  • Dweeb

    Good, onto the next rumours. I’ve heard the same ones via channel sources. Remember, some of this can show up as late as week before Christmas as in the case of the D200.

  • Smart Alec

    Of course, I knew this all along.

    Maybe you guys would like to confirm what lenses you have heard about against my authoratative list ? 😉

  • Phil

    Makes perfect sense to release a D4000 since the D5000 is not an entry level SLR purely based on its price point. The D4000 would be the true D60 replacement and should be priced at $600 including lens. To get the price down, Nikon would probably remove the movie mode, slightly slow down the continuous shooting speed, and maybe even remove the articulating LCD but keep everything else the same.

    • Desinderlase

      Then what would be a difference between replacement and D60? 12 mpix sensor + a bit larger and heavier? I don’t think so…

      • phil

        You’re forgetting 11-point autofocus vs. 3 point on the D60, live view, and active D-lighting (the D-lighting on the D60 changes the image only after it is taken). Also, since this guts of this camera would be similar to the D90, I would expect high ISO performance on the D4000 to be better than that of the D60.

        • DNHJR

          No, you are wrong about the Active D-lighting on the D60. It does it as you take pictures and even has it’s own button to turn it on or off.

  • PHB

    I agree that FX frame fans are in for a lean year. I think it highly unlikely we will see any wide angle FX lenses other than a possible fast prime or two. This is a DX year. There is absolutely no problem with the FX lens lineup (except possibly the 70-200 falloff issue).

    A D4000 would make perfect sense. Drop the articulating screen and make the thing as small and compact as possible and you have a very powerful package.

    But the fact that Nikon has a huge supply of unreleased lenses is hardly news. They always have a huge inventory of designs. The question is how many make it to market. They do not rush lens design.

    They don’t take much notice of these forums either, they know that the folk here are not representative of their market which is far more interested in DX format than FX and will remain so.

    That said, I think it is clear that every AF lens that is not already AFS will become so in the near future and that the built in motor drive will be increasingly limited to the pro bodies, the Dx00 and Dx lines. So expect the 85mm and the 80-400 to get their long delayed update and expect there to be some new primes sometime in the next 24 months.

    Also expect a lot more production to move away from Japan.

  • DreamOn

    – Reading the Swedish version the 3 dslr’s is an estimation by Kamerabild based on Nikons claim of releasing about as many products this year as in 2008.
    Kamerabild further speculates that these 3 dslr’s would be a stripped down D5000 (D4000), and a D700x besides the already released D5000.
    – Yes, that part of the translation is correct. Nikon does have a bunch of lenses ready of release over the year.

    I wish that nikon would come out with a light weight, weather proofed, compact style body with DX sized sensor and Nikon F mount for interchangable lenses. When will that happen??
    Keep on dreaming.

  • David

    please something along the lines of semi-professional to professional dslr that would be fantastic

    • Brent

      You have the D90…

      • Brent

        D3x, D3, D700…D300 (?) how many more do you need?!?

  • Eli

    I think (hope?) the D400 is released before the D700x. It would just make sense. Maybe all of them are coming!

    • Anonymous

      actually, it would make sense for the D700x to follow about 6 months after the D3x, regardless of the D400

  • Mike

    This naming nomenclature is driving me nuts. D5000? Why not D1000 or Dx10? What will the names be in the year 2015? D50,000? If Nikon is aligning themselves against Sony, then a stripped down D5000 makes sense as Sony’s Alpha 300 and 350.

    The 70-200 does not need an immediate refresh. The issues spoken about are only in very specific instances that don’t affect DX cameras and only when it’s focused on infinity at small apertures. It is a beautiful lens as is. Besides, I can only speculate that the AF-D lenses will get refreshed before an AF-S VR lens does. Eventually yes, years after Nikon stops producing screw drive AF lenses will they cease to make pro bodies compatible with AF-D lenses.

    • who cares for naming? and 70-200 would need only bigger front element to remove the issue, they would unlikely do it but rather come with something more aggressive, like 50-200. pros really feel the evils of 70-200. i seen it first day i had 70-200 in hand, returned it back and kept 80-200 AF-S

      • Rob


        It would need a lot more than a larger front element/group.

        I think you need to do a little homework my friend

        Try… google…optics & ignorance

  • Pablov

    If there will be a D4000 then is one less to count in the mid/top range….

    Is it Nikon trying to make cheap DSLRs for mass sales?
    That would imply a less featured DSLR too…..

    I hope for prosumer / pro DSLR to appear soon, I guess Nikon has enough 12MP DSLRs now and two also with HD 720p24 (with no manual control and a limit of 5 minutes of HD recording, and old MPEG codec)…

    The good: swivel LCD and some better AF system for an entry level, but still nothing too exciting

    • Anonymous

      have you been hiding under a rock? HELLLOOO! everyone is going through hard economic difficulties and like 2% of people can actually invest in expensive gear. nikon is going down the cheap market path where more people can afford those no problem.

      • zack

        I disagree. What about ‘I’m not rich to buy cheap stuff’ motto ? To me, D5000 is too close to D90 price -wise and feature-wise. I think Nikon missed a point this time. Slightly cheaper D400 would’ve been a hit. This round I’m afraid goes to Canon.

      • Pablov

        under a rock? no, in Antarctica, would you like to come and take some cool drinks? 🙂

        D300 are still selling and getting out of production.
        So a D400 should be in the way.
        If Nikon don’t include Full HD in D400, then they are doing a VERY BAD move indeed…. They better work hard on video for DSLR, 720p24 is just fine for entry-level, not for high-end

  • Personally I think the D5000 is a great entry level camera. A large number of customers would think heavily about buying something more just because it isnt the lowest model out there. Like the D40 sold like hot-cakes, but as soon as the D60 came out it immediately was the “hot” camera.

    The 10-24 is nice. But it looks like a plastic mount. And I was really REALLY hoping for that 10-18 f/4 rumored previously. Give me a DX or FX version of that and I am a customer that would buy new things from Nikon for life. fisheye or not, distortion or not just give it to me.

    Personally the build quality of the pro glass is extraordinarily tempting. So things like the 17-55, which I own, are what I look for. I am wanting to stick with DX but still get some actual good gear.

    So a DX version of the 10-18, the 17-55, and a new pro-sumer 55-160 f/2.8 VR w/ tripod collar?

    Listen here Nikon, if you make that I will give you my credit card number and be first on the list for ordering.

    • Get to FX and buy the 14-24 f/2.8 if you’re so eager to get wideangle and pro build…

      • Rob

        10mm on FX???????

        Dream on buddy!

  • Mattias

    I am swedish:
    The article also talks about the 10-24 lens, and that the when the journalist talked to the Nikon Rep he got a glance of some documents that showed that the Nikon lens was better in many aspects, but not all, compared to the 10-22 from Canon.

    Its true that the article speculates about a slimmed down version of the D5000. That presumably would lack the svivel LCD. And place it close but above the D60. That in combination with a version of the D700 with the D3X sensor would fill in the last gaps in Nikons product line-up.

    Regarding the release of other products this year, the article had the information that as many products would be released as in 2008 and that the D5000 was first out in the DSLR. And that we should expect 2 more models this year. No speculations in what that should be. However the discussion above hints towards what the article writer speculates.

  • Anton

    Your translation is pretty much correct, but there are some corrections.
    * The D4000 and the D700x is just a speculation from the author. (Quote “A guess from me is that we will see a diet version of the D5000 with a fixed screen and a camera with the D3x sensor in a D700-body.”)
    * The list of almost ready lenses was showed by a exec during the press conferance in Denmark. (Quote “At Nikons press conferance in Copenhagen, a exec says that there’s a long list of almost done lensens. Now they are finishing of the work and we’ll see which lenses are done first.”).
    * There are some more minor things, but nothing really revealing. He says that acording to Thomas Lorenzen (Nikon Denmarks product specialist) the new 10-24mm will not officially replace the 12-24mm, but in the reality it’s going to because the 10-24mm is better.

    That’s all!

  • NikoDoby

    Does any one else think that if Nikon names their next new cameras D4000 and D400 that its going to lead to a lot of confusion? Nikon Thailand already listed a D50,000 on their website. So maybe the D300 replacement wont be called D400? Perhaps a D301 instead?

  • Nikkorian

    D4000 sounds good, it’s in my reach. Swivel is nice, but I don’t have to have it. Which I don’t need at all is the scene stuff, I shoot manual only. But if I should upgrade there has to be some advantage over D40 besides the sensor. My wishlist:

    – dof/aperture preview
    – separate AE-L, AF-L buttons
    – some dedicated iso button (besides the fn button)
    – bracketing
    – more AF points

  • Anonymous

    i am so happy im not married to women like you guys… wanting more, more, and more cameras, just like wanting more, more, and more purses.

    to you guys, enough is never enough, right?

    • Nikkorian

      if you don’t know what you want, you’re dead

      • someone

        Is this a serious comment?

    • NikoDoby

      Wow! And I thought the Dpreview forums were hostile. Like I’ve mentioned in other post, I’m still using a D70 which I bought brand new in 2004. I’ve invested in lenses rather than camera bodies. I’m holding out for a D300 replacement to retire my trusty D70.

      • Rob

        Most people who use this forum only take pictures of their children and pets. Trust me.

        • 10two20

          Most people only take pictures of their children and pets. Trust me.

          There… fixed that for ya

  • IMHO, D4000 (downgraded D5000) will have name D1000, to reserve names for downgraded D6000 etc.

  • I’m looking for D40 replacement with 1/500s flash synch!

    • Char

      Won’t happen. That was because of the electronic shutter which was related to the 6MP sensor somehow – D50, D70, D70s, D40 had it (D100, too?). The new sensors do not use electronic shutter anymore.

      You can rather easily circumvent the problem by using a grey filter, though. Just need a slightly more powerful flash, question is: Did you often reach the problem of having too few flash power so far?

  • rwpl

    Good job admin in the last 2 weeks! 🙂 I was a bit worried a month ago that NR = Nikon News but… 🙂 good work!

  • Anonymous

    I wish for all that video madness to stop. At least no video in the Dxxx and Dx models. They should focus on picture quality. And most important some nice lenses.
    That is all 🙂

    • taschmahal

      u r right!

    • TTI

      50% agreed… SLR should b focusing on taking ‘still’ pictures… not motion one !!

      however, what’s more you need to seek in terms of picture quality ? my D300 surpasses my old EOS5 since ages ago when ISO800 work way better than those film era !!

      i do event photo for a few years now, and i can do 20*30 print for clients since my old D70s w/o them complaining…

      i think now, lens are what we should be hoping for… but sadly, nikon likes to do the ‘so-so’ lens with ‘so-so’ price (16-85/18-70/70-300vr)… or ‘godlike’ lens with ‘god-reach’ price… (14-24/24-70/70-200/200-400 etc…) why cant they focus on ‘good/great’ lens with affordable prices !?!


    and I hope one of those lenses will be the 80-400mm AF-S VR II or something like it that goes to 400mm.

    • rwpl

      NO! first we need f/4 lenses 😉

      • TTI

        we do got some F4 lenses in the past… and now for those big tele (ie 300 F4 which i love)…

        but if you’re talkin’ ’bout those common ranges… i agreed !! i envy my friends who use his Canon F4L for ages !!

  • Jens

    What’s wrong with a D60x? 12,2 CMOS, liveview, bracketing, 5 focus points, 19 programs… I can go on. Who in his/her right mind wants a “brick on a string” like D5000, when they already love the petit D60 housing? Oh, I just heard Canon 500D passed Nikon in a drive-by shooting in 15.1 CMOS!!! C’mon Nikon! What the… are you doing????

    • Anonymous

      There doesn’t need to be more megapixels, why do you think the nikons have better high ISO performance and dynamic range?

      • pulu

        the 12mp sensor nikon uses has better noise performance than the 10mp. it’s newer and better tech, so that’s why the upgrade.

    • TTI

      +1 with the guy above…

      pixel war is only for marketing terms… look back thru the time where Fuji F30fd (6mp) works wonder and beated the hell up of other compacts of the same generation… or even Pana LX3 now that the quality is truly amazing in its own sense…

      i own a D300 and still shooting JPG M/Fine for my traveling shots… (RAW is only when i need to squeeze the quality for work on those ‘photo trip’ of mine)

    • Anonymous

      Those “drive-by shootings in 15.1 CMOS” are one of the major reasons why I am switching to Nikon. There is no future in putting more and more megapixel on those small sensors.

  • MB

    From what I have heard new stripped down Nikon D5000 will be named D3000 and is already ready to market and will be released as soon as priced down D60 is sold out.
    New 10-24 has metal mount, but is a little late to DX market, almost everyone already has Sigma 10-20, and now you have new faster Sigma and new cheaper Tamron, but I personally will almost certainly go for this new Nikon.
    And for D400, or something, we will have to wait a couple of months, but I do not think it is worth waiting that long, it will not be very much better photo camera than D300; if you are serous about stepping into photography, and you do not use camera professionally every day, D90 is probably best buy Nikon is offering and is available today.

  • Zoetmb

    I don’t think you’re going to see as many new lenses in 2009 as 2008. I don’t believe Nikon will make the investment in manufacturing when the economy is so bad. More on that below.

    Nikon has released (including all recently announced lenses) 98 AF, TC and macro lenses since 1992. They released 9 in 2008. The only other times they did that were in 2001 and in 1994 and 1993, when the new AF line was being introduced. The average number of lenses introduced in any given year is 5.6 and I would say that in addition to the two announced, they’ll be only three more lenses this year.

    The economy: CIPA DSLR shipments were down 42.5% in January and 30.5% in February. CIPA Lens shipments were down 34.4% in January and 27.3% in February as compared with 2008. (In 2008, DSLR shipments for those same months were UP 17.9% and 24.2%, respectively and lens shipments were up 25.3% and 27.2% as compared with 2007.) So even though the losses are declining, it’s a really bad year. We should be hearing about Nikon’s fiscal year end around May 7th.

  • Robert

    “At Nikon’s press conference in Copenhagen one executive tells that there is a long list of lenses almost completed [for launch]. They’re being finalized at this time and we’ll have to wait and see which are ready first.”

    At the D3x launch event on Dec 1st 2008 Nikon Finland’s country manager told me and members of the Finnish press “there are 13 lenses in the pipeline at the moment”, “pipeline” referring to advanced stage of development. When asked more specifically what lenses we can expect to be launched soon he said “expect G-series and AF-S”.

    Then came the 35/1.8DX and 10-24 DX. Still leaves us lots of glass for 2009.

  • The Nikon D5000 is tooo pricey.. out of reach

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