Nikon D5000 and new lens now available for pre-order

Pre-orders are always first-come, first-served:

Nikon 10mm - 24mm f/4.0G ED-IF AF-S DX @ Adorama


Ritz (US): Nikon D5000 (body only) / Nikon D5000 kit

UK: D5000 pre-order option

Japan: D5000 pre-order option / 10-24 lens pre-order option

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  • Cris

    I like how you didn’t say where… Pretty much just stating the obvious, kind of a waste of an article.

    I did find it on Amazon… The D5000 w/ 18-55 costs $849.95.

  • chris

    that was fast,


  • eatyourwords

    For those users posted the word “fake” prior to the leaked photos, please eat your own words. You guys are really a bunch of “smart aleck”.

    • Smart Alec

      Please spell my name correctly.

  • Jason

    Pass. Why can they not release a budget WA lens? There are plenty of expensive ones to choose from.

  • MattM

    That ultrawide is overpriced. We still need a D40 replacement. @ $850, the D5000 is not it.

    • Will

      It’s not that expensive really. First it’s a Nikkor (first party) lens; secondly compare to third party tokina 12-24mm II (with motor) cost 560, for a third party lens; then the Canon version cost around 1k.

      Nikon opted the Canon tactic, it replaces D60 and make D60 the D40 replacement.

  • Jack

    For my wallet this is not an option. At this price I might as well save up a bit more and get the D90, or get a D40/D60 which I can actually afford at this point in time.


  • Anonymous

    Price of the new lens seems higher than the street price for the 12-24 Nikkor but the marketing man said the quality of the new lens almost reaches the existing one; almost as good, not better, but a similar price if not slightly more expensive.

    Something weird is going on here.

    Is there any chance of a firmware update for the D90 to include some of the new features like interval shooting and perspective control ?

  • Aarron

    Any reviews for comparison ?

  • I’m always interested in the speed of information.

  • jestik

    $900 for the lens!!!! Are they crazy!!!!! I really thought it was going to be about $400-$450 and not the same cost as the 12-24mm f/4. I don’t see it to be a hot seller at that cost.

    • Anonymous


    • Justin

      I think I’ll be keeping my Sigma 10-20mm.

    • Phoggy

      Yep. No fan of the price on that one. Probably the last lens I would want to buy for that much $$$$.

      • More Money Thn Sense

        Even I won’t be getting one.

        Nikon needed a budget ultra-wide for D40/60 people. Instead we have two expensive ultra-wides in the lineup. That’s Nikon competing with Nikon for who can make the most expensive ultra-wide. And at the moment it’s a tie. But Nikon will eventually win this with the 9-16 f2.8 DX for $1,200. That’s if Leica don’t start making them.

  • PHB

    $900 is exactly what I expected this lens to sell for. It may well drop a little over time but it is the same price as the 18-200 super-zoom was at introduction for essentially the same sort of capability. 15-35mmm equivalent is an astonishing range for a zoom.

    The only puzzle here is why launch it with the D5000 which costs less than the lens. This is really a match for the D300/D400 bodies. This suggests that either the D300 replacement is going to be announced after this lens is expected to be available or there is another lens to launch with the D400, possibly refresh of the 70-200 or could we hope for the long overdue 80-400 AFS? Surely Nikon must be planning to update all its lenses with AFS now it is withdrawing motor support from the lightweight bodies?

    If the quality matches the price it will be sold out for years like the 18-200 was.

    This is not going to be the absolute best lens ever, there will be some compromises to allow such a wide range. But it weighs a lot less than the 12-24 and it gives an DX body almost the same range as an FX lens. Better in fact as you need four zooms to cover 14-400 on the FX platform (12-24, 24-70, 70-200, 200-400). On DX you can cover the range 15-600 with just three lenses (10-24, 18-200, 80-400) with less weight and lower cost and you get some overlap to boot.

    I would prefer an 8-18mm zoom of course, but you can’t have everything.

    I will wait for the reviews, but this lens has gone straight to the top of my ‘must get’ list.

    • Desinderlase

      10-24 lens anouncement has nothing to do with D5000. Nikon wanted to catch up Tokina and Sigma, that’s why they introduced it now.

      • shivas

        at that price, they ain’t catching up, they are setting themselves up for failure!!

        The sigma f/2.5 may not cover as large a range, but it’ll be half the cost!

        For the photographer, sometimes, that matters more. . .

        • PHB

          Hence my question as to why launch it with the D5000? It is a lens for the D400 and D300 crowd and to a lesser extent the D90.

          Competion is not a major issue. There are many Nikon users who would not consider a third party lens regardless of cost. The Tokina lens might as well be a Canon mount for all I care.

          Give it a few years and you will be able to pick the lens up for $700 just like the cost of the 18-200 has dropped. But it was never going to be a cheapie.

    • Anonymous

      Astonishing that the same range is available for almost half the price = Tamron

      Astonishing that the 10-24 weighs a massive 5 grams less than the 12-24.

      WOW. Definitely on my “Nikon’s biggest stuff-up” list. That price is a joke. They need to paint a gold ring on the front, and fast, before anyone realises.

      • Eli

        If you actually look at the specs it focuses closer. Closer focusing = you go closer to things = more wide angle niftiness. Furthermore, it has a much bigger rear element than the 12-24 so (in the vein of the 35G) it might work well on FX!

    • Nikkorian

      I totally don’t understand your reasoning. I have the cheapest Nikon you can buy, so can spend the money on good 2.8 lenses!

  • Pells

    You should do a poll on how many people are thinking of buying this camera. I like the specs but I don’t get the sense that people are going to jump on it like they did when the D700 came out. That surprises me since the entry level cameras are so old and its their largest market.

    • PHB

      Folk who read this blog are a tiny and unrepresentative portion of Nikon users.

      Sure, a lot of folk who read this and dpreview jumped on the D700, but that is still a low volume seller. The D5000 is clearly at the DSLR sweet spot. There are a lot of D40 and D60 owners thinking about upgrading.

      • Nikkorian

        well, yes, but not for that price 😉

      • Pells

        Yeah – how do you know? OH do a poll and find out. Brilliant idea

      • Phoggy

        I am only a D40 hobby user (don’t have the kind of money for pro-grade stuff) but I still like to know what’s out there. I read this blog just about everyday even if it’s only just to dream about owning the expensive high-end stuff.

  • I know a bunch of people were interested in the Canadian MSRP for both the D5000 and the 10-24mm. Here you go:

    D5000 – $1059 w/ 18-55 VR –
    10-24mm – $1099 –

    No body only price yet for the D5000. Future Shop is now taking pre-orders for the D5000 at $1099…

    • shivas

      body only MSRP on is $729. . .MSRP for the D90 is $999, so this was intended to slate under the D90, and above the D40 and D60. . .not sure if this was for the consumer that wants video???

      It doesn’t look like they’ve discontinued the D40 or D60 though. . .that’s a +. . . .

      Guess I’ll buy the D90 now, I hope it would bring the price down, but if anything, it’ll keep the price up since the D90 does everything the D5000 does without the ghey screen and can handle AF’ing older lenses. . .

  • Jessi

    Please forgive me, I am new to all of this. Does this D5000 announcement today mean that a D60 replacement is not going to be announced today? I have been banking on a D60 replacement that would make the current D60 discontinued leading to a great price drop…

    • Justin

      The D5000 is meant to be the D60 replacement, thus pushing the D60 into the entry level area. Nikon may come out with a new entry level with video at some time in the future, but this is all we get for now.

    • Anonymous

      I think most thought the D5000 would be the replacement of the D60. However, looking at the specs/size/price it is looking more like it is a camera to fit the gap between the D60 and D90.

  • Josh

    I was planning to order the camera, but not at that price.

  • bigmouth

    So what’s gonna happen to 12-24 DX? I assume a lot of people will dump their 12-24 and go after 10-24?

    • Dweeb

      Only if the specs are better ie distortion.

  • Willis

    Price seems perfectly fair to me. The Tokina 11-16 goes for $600-$700. This lens is a Nikon, and has better range. If it can match the Tokina’s optics, I’d say its worth the price.

    I think if the preliminary reports come in favorably, I might try to sell my Tokina. If I can get at least $500 for it, I’ll probably upgrade.

    • Confused

      How is a 2.8 to 3.5+ an upgrade?

      • Willis

        @ Confused… sorry just notcied that in the specs (they are so small in the picture). See my comment below.

      • It’s not, but wide-angle is often used for landscape photography, which is usually associated with a tripod. Ultra high shutter speeds are probably not a priority for the type of photography associated with UWA lenses.

        If optics are close to the Tokina’s excellent 11-16mm or 12-24mm, I’d gladly compromise the variable aperture for the larger focal range.

        • I should qualify my comment – the pricing of the Nikkor 10-24mm is significantly higher than that of either Tokina in Canada. That would probably make it a tough choice between the lenses, given similar optics.

          My main point was that I’m not writing the Nikkor off solely due to the variable (and smaller) aperture.

      • wingcommander

        >How is a 2.8 to 3.5+ an upgrade?

        Because it’s a Nikon! How can you even ask??

  • Willis

    Check that. I just now noticed that its a variable aperture lens. I think I’ll stick w/ my Tokina F2.8. The optics are solid, and its a good stop faster. Only reason to own this Nikon over the Tokina is for the AF.

  • A new Nikon fanboy

    From looking at the preview on dpreview, there are features I like, don’t like (mainly the price), and still want. And I wonder how the extra megapixels will affect image quality.

    Overall, I don’t see myself buying the D5000 ever.

    I think now, I’ll wait until the D90 or even D300 gets discontinued and gets cheaper. Best Buy sells the D200 for $600 these days. If the D300 ever gets near that price, I’d probably jump on it.

    As for the lens, it’s too expensive to consider without waiting on reviews. I’d love it though.

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