Nikon D5000 and Nikkor 10-24 polls

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  • Anonymous

    im happy with my D70 (yep, single zero) and got good nikkors so… no thanks.

  • Pells

    I think a lot of people are happy with their current gear. I just got new batteries for my F1 and F3. They are just as much fun and much lighter than carrying my D700 around. I think overall though the D5000 will be a nice camera for Nikon and when the price falls around christmas it will be a big seller.

  • Caprea

    I think there should be a simple “No” answer, too. “Never” may imply an aversion to the product, which is not my case.

  • No D5000 for me, might be a nice present for the other half when the price drops down a bit.

    The 10-24 may be on the shopping list, though dependent on two factors, how well it performs for the price point, and if I could actually get one before a job that is coming up in two months time, that dictates I have to get a superwide.

  • A new Nikon fanboy

    I voted never, but after thinking about it, I may buy one on eBay in about 10 years.

    • jsa

      Is that tiny avatar a Mk1 Escort ?

  • alex

    i love these polls


  • Chris_M

    I voted never cos i don’t see the point of this camera. If I want a small and compact body I can buy the D60, which also has that electronic rangefinder feature and focusing is easier with the af-d lenses, for example, although it doesn’t have a motor in the body. And if I want more features and auto focus motor in the body, there’s the gorgeous D90. They need smart and aggressive marketing for this one…

    • Alek

      D5000 electronic rangefinder work in M-mode. And D60?

  • Pablov

    It seems most readers of NR will not buy this entry level model.

    But I guess many would buy a higher level one, maybe D400 ?

    We are still waiting to know more about it …

  • My answer was never, but not for an aversion to the camera. It is just that my current D40 offers great pictures already. The only things that I would want that it can’t do, this camera doesn’t provide. Only logical step is D90 or higher. I am a no for the same reason that I would be a no for a D60, D40x etc. I suppose if my D40 went down, and I couldn’t afford the price difference between the D5000 and the D90, it would be a yes, in a second. It is just the lack of commander mode and lack of an in body focus motor make it not a meaningful step up for someone who already owns a D40.

    • Magistos

      I voted no for the exact. same. reason. Nothing against this camera. If I was entering the market now, I’d get it. But I already have a D40 that I am happy with. My next step would likely be a D400 or whatever the equivalent is in about 5-6 years or more.

  • MB

    And they are here, finally, as we did not know everything about them over a month ago.
    As for what to buy, I really don’t need point and shoot DSLR, but 10-24 is another matter, I am sure to buy it.

  • Desinderlase

    Wow, most people voted here “never” on both polls.

    For D5000 I understand. We are not the target market. It’s attraction for new customers that want to enter SLR or video market.

    But 10-24… People complains all the time about not having good enough lenses, but when new stuff is released, nobody want’s to buy it… 🙂

    • Char

      Well, probably most people already own a superwide, or an FX camera, or both. So the point is that many will not need such a lens. Or they want to go FX in the foreseeable future, then buying such a lens does not exactly make sense either. And still, there are some people who said they will buy it. Myself, I will have a look on how it performs and later this year, when I decide which way to go in the longer run (FX or DX), I will think about lenses again. If I stay with DX (which is not too likely) I might consider this lens even though I do own a Tokina 12-24. But, alltogether it is not very likely that I will buy this lens.

      Basically Nikon is offering already pretty much everything I need (including fast primes like 85/1.4, 105/2 DC, 135/2 DC, I do not need AF-S and just have to decide whether I want to go for those lenses), so I can be pretty relaxed towards new products. Still, it is interesting to see where Nikon is heading.

    • Martin

      In my case:
      My initial thought about the 10-24mm: “Great! Nikon finally did it!”
      Then I read the asking price: “I’ll buy the Sigma!”

      It’s just that Nikon missed the pricepoint. A 10-24mm is not worth that kind of money. At lest to me. I like a superwide – but I’m not shooting that much superwide that I’d be willing to drop that kind of money. So I’m going to pass on it, regardless how good it might turn out to be.

      That’s my thoughts and I fear there are quite a few people out there, thinking the same way.

  • Phoggy

    Right now I have a D40 and I’ve been interested in upgrading for a while now. I’ve been eyeballing the D300 or the D90, but now it appears that this D5000 fits all my needs and then some, but should be a little cheaper. Seems to have the same sensor as D300/D90. I’m gonna let the price drop some more before I buy it. I’m also wondering about a possible D400 if they release that and see what features it might have.

    • Phoggy

      Actually, after further review, there are several key features missing from the D5000 that I would miss if I chose it over the D90 (or a possible future mid-pro range camera like maybe the D400):

      -No AF for older lenses
      -No Depth of Field preview button
      -No finger wheel in front
      -No top LCD window
      -Less substantial size = less durability IMO

      The only key feature that the D5000 has that I liked was the Vari-angle screen, which I would have used for high/low angle shots. Not worth the sacrifice of other features for that one luxury, which I will probably seldom use. So I probably will not buy this camera, now.

  • I can’t vote for the D5000 simply because it isn’t in my category for gear.

    The 10-24 though may be. i need a wide angle lens (wider than my current 17-50) so I may consider this lense along with the new Tamron 10-24, and the existing SIgma 10-20 or the Tokina 11-16mm. I thought the Tokina was a lock formy next purchase but its IQ is lacking compared to the 2/3 of a stop slower Tamron. So I want to see side by side comparison of the Nikon and Tamron and Tokina first.

    • shivas

      i’d stay away from the tokina 11-16 for a bit, I had pre-ordered mine recently assuming their QC issues had been hammered out, and the copy I got, made IN JAPAN, and with a production date of March 2009, has soft focusing issues in the center AF mark. . .unfortunate, but it’s so nice and FAST, I cry thinking of parting with it!!

      I am considering the Nikon 10-24 for QC issues alone, everything I buy from them is gtg out of the box. . .but my Tokina is $567 and f/2.8. The Nikkor is $899!

      They are smoking crack at that price! I guess they wanted to complement the 12-24f/4 in pricing and dimensions, but they need to lower the price to $399 to be competitive. . .

    • Sloaah

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the Nikon 10-24mm is made by Tamron, like the 17-55mm (which is based on the 17-50mm Tamron). The image quality will be a quite a bit worse than the 12-24mm f/4, and a lot worse than the 11-16mm (if you can find a good copy). The Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5 looks interesting though…

  • Anonymous

    I really would buy a 10-24mm Nikkor, but I am absolutely happy
    with my Sigma 10-20mm. Sorry, to late Nikon.
    Still interested in the D400!

  • bashveank

    D5000, no AF motor. 10-24, not fast enough.
    Too bad.

  • wow, I was expecting more people to buy it – still, it doesn’t mean it won’t be popular for regular folks that never go to

    • shivas

      i think they’re banking on that – some newb at Ritz (or what was Ritz) buying a D5000 could potentially look at getting the 10-24, 35 1.8, 60 f/2.8 or 50 1.4 to use on their lamo video/dSLR. . .

      sorry, the pricing on these products has REALLY disappointed me. . .

    • Pells

      Thats why I suggested the poll. I don’t think this camera seals the deal for a lot of people. Also if you give it 1080p HD then what is the D400 going to offer?

    • Sloaah

      I think its probably a version of the Tamron 10-24mm, like the 17-55mm is based on the Tamron 17-50mm. While the Nikon wide angle will be a *bit* better image quality, most of the difference will be in build and focusing. The Tamron has had quite poor reviews, so I don’t expect this to be a terribly good lens.

    • Anonymous

      My sister is about to buy her first DSLR – the D60 plus 18-55VR and 55-200VR. She can get these in a kit for less than the 10-24 lens or the D5000. She really liked the 18-200 but thought it was way too expensive.

      For a lot of first time buyers, price is THE issue. I don’t see either of these new products being a success. The poll, limited as it is, supports this.

    • JeJoKu

      I actually don’t think the scores are all that bad for buying both the lens and camera. A lot of people are happy with their current gear or are looking for a different level camera or type of lens.

      Given all the categories they can choose form there are quite a few going for these new products.

  • Nikon Sucks

    Leica makes better cameras

    • Eric B

      Thanks for that, Ken.

  • Dweeb

    I’d like to see tests before considering a 10-24. If it’s better than my 12-24 I’d be somewhat interested. My 14-24 blows both of them away but I sure miss polarization. I do 90% of my shots wider than 90º so I tend to invest in WAs.

    If Nikon discontinue the 12-24 “pro” I think it has bad implications for their DX line for upscale use. In any case they’ll continue to make, market, and promote anything that makes them money, whether it’s considered pro or not.

    • Henry Nikon Fan

      Nikon has not produced a Pro Level DX lens for years now. I do not think that there will be anymore DX Pro Level lenses in the future.

      The future of Pro Level lenses will be full frame.

  • Willis

    I voted no on the camera. But if I didn’t own a camera, the 5000 would be the right one for me. Its got what I want in terms of features. Since I already have a D40, this camera doesn’t make sense for the price. If I were going to spend that much on an upgrade, I’d get the D90 instead. It’s worth the extra $100 for the better LCD (more pixels, but doesn’t swivel) and the AF Screw. Throw in a second knob and top side LCD and I’m sold. If I didn’t previously own a camera without these features, I wouldn’t know how useful they are, which is why I see most new adopters gravitating towards the 5000. T think this is better for film \ heavy live view use as well.

    BTW does it use a D40 battery or a D90 battery?

    • D40 battery.

    • shutterdancer

      Wouldn’t it be great if Nikon started an options program….like the car companys…you know….a new D5000 with a high resolution screen,and no video…or a D90 with no video but high resolution swivel screen…I could go on and on , but I won’t… get the picture!!

      It would be nice if everyone could get exactly what they needed.

      • Sloaah

        Go modular with Red…just expect to lay down from a five grand to about forty grand for what you want

  • Anonymous

    most gearheads voted never because they want GREATEST, LATEST, and NEWEST cameras which are usually in the professional market (D3, D3X, D4, D5, D9X, etc).

    • Pells

      Many voted never cause it makes no sense to them.

    • Henry Nikon Fan

      I voted never because I have been using a D300 for the past year and a half and will for the next few years. I will skip the next version of the D??? DX body and move to a FX body, but not for a few years. So for me this is an issue of a larger plan, not that I am a gearhead.

  • I waited until the official announcement this morning just to see, and then went ahead and pulled the trigger on a D90.

    If the 5000 had included an AF screw in the body, I’d probably have waited a month and picked it up. It looks to be a similar size to the D50, which I’ve been using since August of ’06 (and racked up over 90k clicks on), and to be honest I don’t rely on my top LCD, so I could have lived without that. But, of my six lenses, only two (the 18-55 kit lens and the 35mm f/1.8) have lenses in the motors, so I grabbed the D90 from Cameta for about the same price as the D5K (that should tweak the Canon guys) is supposed to launch at.

    I do agree that it will pick up a bit of a following, primarily from people looking to move up from P&Ss or even those who just want the added ability to shoot video, and are willing to pay a little extra for it.

    If I didn’t have any old lenses, there’s no question I’d have chosen the D5K, the biggest challenge was talking myself out of waiting for the D400. Hrmm…Maybe a trade-in in a few months…

    • shutterdancer

      As an aside…I could absoutely kick myself in the behind for not jumping on a D 90 at Christmas…when they were selling for $829.00 . I told myself…hey they will drop even more after Christmas because of the down turn in the economy. And now…they are 70 bucks higher…no wonder I lost my A$$ in the stock market.

      • I picked up one of the refurbs from Cameta for $790. They come with a 90-day warranty from Nikon and a year from Cameta, so I was willing to forgo “brand-new”.

        I am glad I picked up my SB-900 at Christmas though, when it was $399. If there’s one thing to be happy about my SB-600 dying on me, it’s that it did it during the holiday sale season.

  • Weston

    I’m already bored, where’s the D400 🙂

    • Henry Nikon Fan

      Don’t forget any new AF-S primes!

  • rhlpetrus

    I’m getting the D700 and may eventually update the D80, not now. I have the 12-24, so it doesn’t make sense for me to get the 10-24.

  • Dweeb

    I don’t get it – Canon has the Rebel and I thought Nikon was going to introduce the Pirate today. That place in Austria seems pretty expensive for such a cheap camera introduction. Remind me, who’s paying for all this?

  • NikoRyan

    D5000: Yawwwwwn. Some noteworthy and interesting individual features, but the overall camera is not a package I would buy. It’s too consumery. Perhaps someday if I earnestly need a smaller, lighter package, it would be considered. The D300 serves me well now. My next purchase will be D700 or its full frame successor.
    PS: My mom may like this camera so someone will buy it.

    10-24: What I and many other Nikkonians need is more choices for better prime lenses and pro constant aperture lenses, not more compact DX consumer zooms with variable aperture.

    • Henry Nikon Fan

      Exactly! Variable aperture lenses do make any sense for me. For me it is better to invest in quality glass for a long term investment. Not mention if I ever do sell any of them the resale will always be strong for quality lenses.

      I have the:
      AF-S 50mm F/1.4
      AF-S 14-24mm F/2.8
      AF-S 24-70mm F/2.8
      AF-S VR 70-200mm F/2.8

      So now I will wait and wait for new primes, but the longer they take the less money I will spend.

      Bodies come and go from year to year, but quality glass will last for years. I will simply move from body to body after skipping one or two cycles and ultimately spend less money by doing so.

  • Mr_Fastbucks

    I own Nikon and Canon APS DSLRs. I will avoid purchasing any more DX-only gear because I believe full frame sensors DSLRs will come down in price relatively soon. I will purchase more full frame lenses and maybe a speedlight while I am waiting.

    • Henry Nikon Fan

      I think that your are correct. FX bodies will come down in price, the only question is how low and when. So if you are moving up in quality why buy DX lenses. This does not mean I think that DX lenses are bad, just different place in market.

  • jsa

    I have a D300, so never for the D5000.

    I have an 11-16, so too little too late for Nikons new wide, makes it a never as well.

  • Tomas

    This is a rather interesting camera. As a light backup or as a holiday cam it makes a lot of sense, provided the price is around £400 or less. 100,000 shutter lifetime is a major improvement, and so is 11 point AF. Sensor cleaning is also improved. (I currently use Canon 30D + expensive glass, and I am looking into using both systems, maybe Canon tele, primes and Nikon wide to standard + macro). It actually offers a lot of benefit over 30D, maybe except the size and layout of controls. Nikon D700 is really what I *want* though, but just no yet at the current price.

    DX lenses at this price point is not my cup of tea. If I wanted one 12-24 FX would be the one.

    • Sloaah

      Why don’t you just stick to one system? It’ll end up a lot easier for you; if you need f/1.2 primes then go Canon; they also have macro lenses and a very good wide lens (the 10-22mm will probably be better than the nikon 10-24mm). But you already have Canon glass, so stick with Canon.

    • Henry Nikon Fan

      I have the AF-S 14-24mm F/2.8 lens and it is absolutely great. It is just expensive and heavy, but that is what will pass the test of time. It will also have a great resale value.

  • Aaron

    Next camera will be at a minimum the D700x or what we currently think that will be. I can’t imagine stepping down to a focus system less than the D300 or D700s that I currently have.

  • funny

    the camera is too entry level and the lens is DX…which I’ll never buy again.

    so great strategy nikon 🙂 how about some primes?

  • Scott

    You should have put a ‘I have a better Nikon already’ button. I just got the D90 so I won’t be buying a D5000.

  • EB

    Built in intervalometer is the reason I’m buying it. Among other things, like the lauded sensor and the swivel screen and the movie mode.

    As a semi-pro film maker this is a gem. High quality time-lapses easier than ever, and I’ll be getting the 10-24mm as well. The quality on that should be fantastic and rectilinear 10mm…( or 35mm equivalent ) is hard to find in film production and not for near this price with this kind of low-light quality. Too bad its 720p though as 1080p / 2K is really the bottom for any kind of theatrical release, but even so, the IQ should be high enough so that the few shots in 720p will be unnoticeable.

    • Sloaah

      except for the jello effect…also I doubt that the 10-24 will be that great, as its based on the Tamron (which is pretty awful until you get to f/8). The only good movie-mode DSLR at the moment is the 5d mkii, although I don’t know about the 500d. I’ve used the D90 to try and shoot some stuff, being interested in filmmaking as well, and I was severely disappointed, to the extent that I’m happier with an XL1s.

      • Anonymous

        Look at the MTF charts; they’re done wide open. The new lens is almost as good as the 12-24 f/4.

  • Ennan

    Most people who visit this site are nikon users already and since this is aimed at entry level I dont see many people here voting yes. If I was entering the market now I’d certainly pick one up but those entry level days are long behind me now!

    • Henry Nikon Fan

      You are absolutely correct. It is probably a great camera and will sell very well, but not to people that already have a D90 or higher unless they are looking for a backup or lighter travel camera.

  • Steve

    Hello everybody, I’m just looking to jump into the DSLR world. My first digital camera was a Canon Powershot G5 (ironically with an articulated lcd screen) :P. A friend of mine bought a D50 a few years ago and an 18-200mm VR lens and let me use it for a time, and I’m pretty much sold on DSLR now. I’m planning on a 3 week trip to Europe this summer, hiking through the Alps, and figured now would be a good time to pull the trigger. A few weeks ago I started my research and it was a toss up between the D90 and the D40. I liked the smaller form factor and the light weight of the D40, but the D90 seemed to have more bells and whistles. “Consumers love specs” and I do my best to navigate through them as best I can, which is difficult without really knowing how all the specs come into play as I haven’t shot DSLR for any real length of time yet. So the question is this: for a first timer in the DSLR arena who is able to afford a body and the 18-200mm VR lens, but doesn’t want more features than he’ll ever really use (I’m not really interested in video on a DSLR, for example), what would be this group’s advice? D90? D40? D5000? My first instinct is to avoid buying a 3 year old camera (D40) despite only ever hearing good things about it. I’d like to hear your advice for someone in my shoes. Thanks, and congrats to NR on the rumor.

    • personal opinion – get the D90

    • Henry Nikon Fan

      Absolutely, buy the D90. It has the latest technology, plus the AF-S DX VR 18-200mm lens will be front heavy on the D40 body and not very balanced. It will be very balanced on the D90 body.

    • Justin

      I too just jumped into the DSLR boat after having an EOS Rebel 2000 35mm and borrowing a cousins EOS Digital Rebel.
      I just bought a D90. I was looking between that and the T1i. After playing with the XSi (basically same build as t1i) and D90 in store the D90 feels much better in my hands, and IMO better build quality.
      D40/60 IMO is too small especially with quality lenses attached. Very imbalanced and I don’t feel a battery grip would even it out enough (also defeating the purpose of the compact size).
      the D90 is heavier (more than the Rebels also, not as much as the 50D) giving a much more balanced feel with a 18/70-2/300mm lens.
      I was seriously considering the T1i and was pretty sure that would be my camera. But I feel the Pentamirror viewfinder, build quality, 18-105mm lens (compared to 18-55mm canon), top lcd, flash commander built in, included screen protector and lens hood justify the 200 dollar higher price in my oppinion. Yes, Canon comes with more software, but I don’t plan on using it over what I already have.
      You should really look into the D5000 I think, but for my wants the D90 was a better purchase.

      • Justin

        *edit: I meant pentaprism
        Canon T1i = pentamirror
        Nikon D90 = pentaprism

  • william blake

    While I had to vote “never” it should be qualified. I have the D300, and am awaiting a D700 replacement, and I have the 14-24mm, so why the 10-24 lens? The questions are valid, but they do require some context.

    rgds from Canada

  • Given the type of user that is on NR, I wouldn’t expect a lot of yeas for the D5000. For me, it’s mostly the price that made the decision. I would do much better buying a couple of SB-900s than the 10-24.

  • Cesar

    I just hope de 12-24 drops in price, then I’ll buy that! 🙂

  • stageshadow

    Why i vote never on the D5000:

    -the low res screen
    -read about a smaller viewfinder (against D40)
    -no battery grip (all other Brands have one in this camera class)
    -price point (at the moment)

    -I already bought a D90

    I don´t think this is a bad camera, if i would like to buy a entry Level Nikon camera, it would be this one.

    I also think it could be a good backup camera for someone who has a D300…
    (same sensor in the camera, and a video mode to play with)

    I have to agree with many others about the price point of the 10-24 (what was nikon thinking), it should been priced nearer to the other “advanced Amateur DX Zoom”-Line Lenses (16-85 / 18-200). If the price goes down to this price point, i will buy one instantly.
    I don´t think we need a cheap priced amateur WA – zoom , but maybe a cheap 14 mm Prime

    I hope they redo the whole gold ring DX line, because i want a cheaper 17-55 (maybe variable aperture [2,8-4] + VR) and a new 10.5 fisheye (with af-s).

  • Justin

    I said “never” because I just purchased a D90 4 hours ago.
    I like the vari-angle but don’t like the way it was implemented. Olympus way would have been way better, allowing a battery grip still.

    Personally I would have rather had the Sony’s tilt-LCD over the swivel screen.

    • Justin

      Hand-held self portraits… that’s what cell phones are for. Haha.

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