Nikon D40 firmware update v1.12 now available

Modifications enabled with A Firmware Ver. 1.12:

  • Remaining battery charge is now accurately detected for Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries EN-EL9a.With firmware Ver. 1.11 and earlier, the number of images that could be captured (battery performance) when an EN-EL9a was used was less than when an EN-EL9 was used.  By upgrading A firmware to Ver. 1.12, EN-EL9a performance is maximized so that more images can be captured (battery performance) when an EN-EL9a is used than when an EN-EL9 is used.  
  • Number of shots possible (battery performance) with EN-EL9a (1,080 mAh)
    • Single-frame shooting mode:  Approximately 510 shots (with testing according to CIPA standards*)
    • Continuous shooting mode:  Approximately 2,400 shots (with testing according to Nikon standards*) 
      *See the D40 user’s manual for details on test conditions.  

Windows link

Mac link

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  • Al

    I never downloaded the first firmware update. Any reason why I should? And if I do upgrade, do I go straight to the second or do the first one first?

    • “The camera’s B firmware must be Ver. 1.11 to upgrade A firmware to Ver. 1.12. Be aware that proper operation of your D40 is not guaranteed with the combination of A firmware Ver. 1.12 and B firmware Ver. 1.00 or Ver. 1.10.”

      Better safe then sorry?!

  • Neil

    Always get the latest when you update. The newest always rolls up previous updates.

  • Niloy

    Why can the D40 take five times more photos in continuous mode?

  • iamlucky13

    Notice that the testing methods are different. This can have a huge effect if you’re not doing things like reviewing for 2 seconds after every shot, refocusing every shot, turning the camera off and on again every couple of shots, etc. There’s probably at most a small gain in continuous mode.

    By the way, my D40 has some kind of power malfunction. If I leave it plugged into a USB port, the battery will drain completely in about an hour. Anybody else seen this? I don’t normally bother to update firmware, but I’m thinking about doing so in hopes this will be fixed.

    • Anonymous

      the usb cable is only used for data transfer. leaving your camera on and plugged will only drain the battery. read the manual?

  • Oogabooga

    That’s …. it?

    Weak sauce.

  • shivas

    does this apply for D40x as well??

    • Your answer is on the support page:
      “Thank you for choosing a Nikon product. This guide describes how to upgrade the camera firmware for the D40 and D40X. If you are not confident…”

  • iamlucky13, the camera will remain switched on when connected to a computer, unlike in normal operation (where it will switch automatically to standby mode). It should take a bit more than an hour to drain though.

  • David

    I wonder if this will benefit third party batteries, that’s it, if they ratings are real.

  • i would more hope for cleaner 3200 ISO. there is too big step from nice and clean 1600 to 3200. If they would pack similar code making debayering on D700 to D40 it should have comparable output having only slightly higher pixel density and being CCD (generally less noisy).

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