Nikon D5000 already on Nikon Sweden website

Update: the images were removed, anyway the D5000 is already officially announced ๐Ÿ™‚

Click on image for high-res and check the URL:

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  • Hor

    Wow…it’s real!
    great job ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Q

    What, no swivel flash! LOL! Interesting pics. Love the slightly taller, more pro look. I’m a big fan of swivel screens (useful on tripods and for taking pics of the kids without getting down on my aging knees). I suspect this will be a big seller at the entry level. But, I think the Canon T1i will also be a tough contender. Look forward to seeing the specs for this. Still longing for a D400. Guess not this time…

    • Jack

      The D400 project has been canceled (not a big enough advance). D500 coming PMA 2011.

      • Brian

        What makes you say this?

      • Wild speculation.

  • EaGle1337


  • beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚ loving the swivel screen. can’t wait to compare image quality to entry-level canons, but i may have to wait a while …

    • Anonymous

      quality come from lenses… not the camera.

  • Anonymous

    So, no video then… I was a kind of hoping that it will become a standard in DSLRs.

    • low

      it has an hdmi out..but that doesnt mean it has video

      • Anonymous

        Looks like it has a mic above the d5000 logo and a speaker lower right of the lcd screen. If so, why would it have that if it didn’t have video capabilities. Maybe the record video button is on the live view screen once LV is turned on.

      • ToaDR

        Looks like it has a mic above the d5000 logo and a speaker lower right of the lcd screen. If so, why would it have that if it didn’t have video capabilities. Maybe the record video button is on the live view screen once LV is turned on.

    • funny

      somebody hasn’t used a D90: hint, there is no VIDEO button.

      • No Name

        Maybe there is no video button, but it doesn’t mean there are no video function built-in the camera.
        Maybe press two buttons together or something. We’ll see.

        • Eli

          Exactly, the other poster was saying there is no video function since it doesn’t have a dedicated button. Well, neither does the D90, but it still shoots video.

          • jwylie

            I am sure it will be the ok button just like the D90.

    • Pablov

      mic and speaker…… that tells video

  • STFU

    Anyone notice how good the plastic body actually looks? Looks very serious and solid, and not toy- like.

  • Yes…GREAT job Nikon Rumors!!!!

  • Q

    Another kudo to Nikon rumours for catching this.

  • Jeremiah

    what makes you think it doesn’t have video?

    there’s a mic on the front and a speaker on the back. i’m pretty sure the 720p video that was previously mentioned will be in this camera.

    as for me, this will definitely be my new camera. i was REALLY hoping it had a swivel flash, but oh well.

    now i’m just hoping the price of a the body will be decent.

    • Anonymous

      the D3 and D3X have built in microphone and speaker and it don’t shoot videos.

      • CatSplat

        Their mics are on the back pf the body, not the front.

  • Trevor

    Notice the audio in/out next to the bottom right of the LCD? could it be for videos?

  • Anonymous

    Why 2 info buttons (one on top the only bottom left)?

    And GPS input on the left side.

    • my guess is that nikon has optimized this model for single-handed operation, especially with the swivel-screen for live-view. perhaps the top button can also be customized to perform other functions.

      • doh!

        perhaps the top button can also be customized to perform other functions.

        No. It is for camera settings.

    • doh!

      The bottom left info button is for playback info.

  • Anonymous

    It is prepared for GPS

  • jon

    yay..selling my d3 to make room for this d5000…i think the more the digit the better..

    • Anonymous


  • Joe

    No AF !

    • Anonymous

      so? learn how to manual focus. all greatest photographers in the world focus their lenses manually.

      • thank you

        yeah! in fact I’ve read ALL the greatest photogs out there actually disable the autofocus on their cameras so it doesn’t get in the way!!

  • Anonymous

    And also the 10-24mm on!

  • Luis Bonetti

    What about the Sensor???

    • thank you

      oh that thing? that makes the picture I read.

  • corra’

    better then porn!

  • Carlos Liso

    Great work!!!! NR, look nice, but I’m still waiting for the D800, Je Je

  • Mark

    so is there a way to put LCD back into closed position but the LCD screen is towards the user instesad towards the lens?

    this is not a good design if it cannot do this.

  • Ken D

    Can’t see any advance on the D40 here. Nikon’s missing camera is a decent compact.

    • thank you

      Of course you can’t. None of us can. They haven’t released all of the specs yet. Jeez, man… calm down.

  • bison

    My crystal ball (a calculator and the Gimp) says this thing is 126mm wide and 101mm tall. In other words, the same width as a D40/60, and just a hair shorter than the D90.

    • Soap

      Perhaps I can grip it without my pinky finger being left dangling, then.

  • I shall call it The “5Dk”

    The hell is Nikon thinking with these product names…

    • Phoggy

      Do you mean “D5k”? although 5Dk sounds better IMO

    • thank you

      I guess you never followed their film camera names, huh?

  • dan

    Why the comparison to Canon T1li or whatever it is called? That is MSRP $800 US with lens. If this comes in there, it will be above current D60 cost and D80 too.

    • Jeremiah

      it’s actually 900 with lens and 800 w/out. [amazon]

      i’m expecting this to sell for (hopefully 600 for body and 700 w/ lens) that would keep it distinct from the [street prices] of the d90 and the d60.

  • Stu Mannion

    Video specs? Anyone? All I care about is video specs. Can it do 1080p at 24 & 25 fps? Does it have the ‘jello’ problems of the D90?

  • Brian

    I bet there is no microphone input, in which case that totally ruins the video function for me. Why have HD quality video but terrible audio?

    • Anonymous

      if you want HD video, buy a friggin’ camcorder

      • Brian

        For the record, I already own an HD camcorder. What it doesn’t have however is interchangeable lenses or a large (for camcorders) APS-C sensor which will provide me with a narrower depth of field and good low light performance. Such a camcorder would cost much more than a D3.

        Those of you who say “just get a camcorder” are the ones who have no idea what you are talking about. If you knew anything at all about video or the associated equipment and their costs you would be singing a different tune.

  • I’m not seeing a finger wheel. Is it really just the thumb wheel?

    • Yup, looks like an aperture button on top to switch the wheel from shutter to aperture. Lame…

      • David Chu

        Were you actually expecting a finger wheel on an entry level body?

  • This Pic looks sick!


  • Anonymous

    there is a HDMI output plus a mic above the D5000 logo, this is no way that this camera cant take video!!!

  • jomomma

    The key questions:

    Will its pop-up flash serve as a CLS commander?
    Will it have AF microadjust?
    Will it have a grip?

    Call home,

    Jo Momma

    • Brian

      Yeah, I’m curious how a vertical grip would function with the articulating screen, would it be locked in place when the grip is on? Did the d40/d60 have a vertical grip?

      Being able to shoot without the LCD screen on would be cool, it would be a good battery saver and bring back some of the suspense of shooting film.

  • Mike

    nobody thought you guys were right… good work. love this website, keeps me up to date. now im a little made I bought a d60 last winter, but I did only pay 480 w/ the kit lens…

    • there will always be a new Nikon model, at some point you just have to pull the trigger – I am waiting for a FF Nikon DLSR with video, once I get it I am sure a better model will be released

      • thank you

        and then a better one. and then a better one. and then a better one. life’s hard!

  • Funny, they left the EXIF in there. From the first one:
    Phase One P25
    Photoshop 7.0 (surprising)
    2009-02-16 – File Created
    2009-01-11 – Date Taken (TBH I haven’t ever seen two separate EXIF dates like this.)

    I thought they usually cleared the EXIF before putting them up… We already knew about the P25 though.

  • rics

    kudos to nikonrumors for posting another first nikon headline. you surely have a trained eye! lolz ๐Ÿ™‚

  • web

    sorry but i just hate articulated lcd screens.

    • Brian

      Why? As someone who shoots action sports I think it would be really helpful in getting low shots close to the ground where you can’t look through the viewfinder. Considering the fact that you can leave it in the normal position I don’t see how this offers anything except more possibilities. What can a non articulating screen do that an articulating one can’t?

      • There are drawbacks, very few that I can think of, but articulating displays mean there needs to be a hinge, which takes up space. Clearly this D5000 is taller than the outgoing D40, partly due to the space the hinge takes up along the bottom of the camera.

        Although the increased height improves ergonomics somewhat for people with wider hands in this case.

      • web

        well, to date they are bulkier (and, IMO, ugly – but that is obviously subjective). more moving parts usually translates to more and easier ways for things to break or fail. lastly, with the d5000 vs. the d90 we get an articulating lcd at the expense of a smaller screen with significantly lower resolution – not a trade i personally would ever make.

  • Siletto

    I’m surprised no one is questioning why the heck is the viewfinder so tall(or i just missed that). Well, my speculation is that Nikon probably put a secondary live view sensor in the VF to enable live view without flipping up the sensor(like the Sony’s), or some other nifty stuff for video(low quality video but with phase detection auto focus maybe?).

    Anyway, really like the thing but it is kinda chunky and probably quite a bit heavier than the D40.

    • Very good point – I did not think about that. We should know all the details in another hour or so.

  • NikoDoby

    I don’t know…. these pictures look photoshopped to me. The one with the reflection doesn’t line up if you draw a line vertically to the reflection! I call fake…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • look nice! cant wait

  • bison
  • PL

    There are now side views, too:

    • bison

      Looks pretty thick; maybe 66 or 67 mm.

      • bison

        My crystal ball failed me; it’s 80mm thick. 80mm! It must be the swivel LCD.

  • Weston

    this looks like a worthy successor to the D40, can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  • I have lost respect for Nikon.

    This is one of the ugliest cameras I have ever seen.

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