AF-S DX NIKKOR 10-24MM F/3.5-4.5G ED

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Same drill - click on image for high-res and URL:

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  • Anonymous

    2nd btu can’t click images

  • funny

    photoshop again nay-sayers? wasn’t there an SB700 in the works?

    • Anon

      There was more nay-sayers during the 16-85mm AF-S leak, even that turns out to be the real thing. 🙂

      I now own the 16-85… should I be collecting nay-sayers lens now? XD

  • Dan

    No word on price yet?

  • Captain

    I probably want one, but what is it for?

    • Anonymous

      it is for really really really really wide pictures like for landscaping, skateboarding, architectures, or really from cool angles for unusual views

  • Anonymous

    Nice. The fact that these are coming from the Swedish site is making me very excited.

  • shivas

    77mm filter fit too??

  • Anonymous

    Weird. The 4 of the 24 in the first shot looks like a photoshop job.

    • Anonymous

      Oops sorry – meant the 2 of the 24.

      • Anonymous

        Scratch that – ALL the 2s look odd.

    • LOL!

      • Anonymous

        It’s only in the small picture – it’s something to do with the rendering on your site ?

        • looks ok on my mac – what browser and OS are you using?

          • Anonymous

            Work computer – XP SP2 and IE6.

          • weird – maybe IE6 is too old, they now have IE8 – can you upgrade?

  • afterdarkernikon

    Wow another lens 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Hmmm… sarcasm ? genuine excitement ? For me, I already have the 12-24 and I’m very happy with it, so I have no interest in this lens or body, except to see what direction Nikon might be taking.

      The last two lenses have both been aimed directly at the amateur end of the dslr range right ? Where the money is right ?

  • sadd700guy

    Let me get this straight. I buy a D700 thinking that FX is the future, and since then, NOT A SINGLE FX LENS is released. Argh. Still dealing with my 28-105, which is OK, but sure does have vignetting at 3.5….

    • happyDXshooter

      You mean, except the 24-70, the 14-24, and the AF-S 50 1.4? You thought Nikon would design a budget kit lens for its professional camera series?

  • afterdarkernikon

    I already have the 14-24 for FX and 12-24 for DX and I wont buy this new beast.

    I just love to see Nikon to see doing good on business.

  • Will

    How much will this cost?

    Any reason to get this over the Tokina 11-16, I heard from multiple sources it’s better than the Nikkor 12-24mm.

    • Anonymous

      “Multiple sources” ??? The lens isn’t even official yet. Please reveal your sources – NR would love to know who has this lens and what tests they have run. Hell, everyone here would. Please back up what you say if you can.

      • I think he meant the Tokina 11-16 is better than the 12-24 Nikkor. No need to jump all over him…

        • Anonymous

          Maybe, just, jump, all, over, his, punctuation,,,,,,,,

      • Anonymous

        They are saying that they heard that the Tokina 11-16 is better than the Nikon 12-24. I have to say that the 11-16 is a very good lens, and it’s cheaper.

  • Al

    The only weird thing about the lens is that 18mm and 20mm is very very close together…?

    • Anonymous

      I expect the lens will cam out at both ends of it’s range and the number spacing is to do with the cam system.

      If this is designed to be an amateur lens (made in china ?) then the glass quality is likely similar to the recent 35mm DX. Very sharp but prominent CA with reasonable flare control. Should be a winner. It might even kill off the 12-24.

      • Anonymous

        I fear it’s just the kind of lens they’ll make in Japan first and have thailand make it later…like the 18-200/24-120VR

  • connor

    It’s up on the Nikon UK site, so is the D5000.

    It’s official, good job NR.

  • Segura

    Looks like Nikon filled in what lens part #2181 is . . .

  • Svend

    MSRP in Norway is 8990 Norwegian kroner = 1 362.08389 U.S. dollars. Got the price from here:

  • Ian Dudley

    Nikon have had their money’s-worth out of the HB23 lenshood design! Now yet another use for it! I hope it fits more securely than on the 12-24. It is ok on the 18-35, and when I had a 17-35, I don’t recall it being loose, but the 12-24 fit is lousy.

  • schung

    About God damned time they come out with a 12-24 DX replacement. The 12-24 was WEAK at the corners on the 12mm end and started to look dated compared to its competition (Tokina 11-16, Sigma 10-20, Tamron 10-24).

    I am sick and tired of these whiners who complain about the 10-24 not being “Pro” because it’s variable aperture. LOOK AT THE MTF CHARTS!!! Beats up on the 12-24 esp. at the wide end. This lens is a BARGAIN for the optical performance it will have.

    My 12-24 will be put on SALE when this comes out.

    Congrats, Nikon!


  • Anon

    The variable aperture doesn’t really bother me, but it’s almost twice the price of the Tokina 11-16. And that’s a 2.8!

    I’d buy it if it was close in price to the Tokina – a 10-20% premium for Nikon over Tokina is fair. But RRP in the UK is £800 versus the Tokina around £500. No contest.

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