It’s almost here: Nikon D5000 and Nikkor AF-S DX 10-24 ED!!!

Check this out:

The front page is updated with the D5000 and the new Nikkor AF-S DX 10-24 ED lens that was reported a while back:


They added one too many zeros...

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  • woohooo! 😀

  • OH MY !!?? whens it gonna be here !!?? Im getting over exicted !! HAHA

  • anony

    Only time will tell how well it sell in this tough market environment.

  • anony

    the Thai side lists it as D50000 tough

    • confusion…

    • Anonymous

      Either the webmaster over at Thailand is just as overexcited, or too much coffee to rush his work… thus shaky hands 😛

  • coffeebreak

    look… not the d5000 but d50000

  • Neil

    DX lives on. 🙂

  • joseph

    The poster must’ve been too excited to write D50000.

  • Al

    Nikon D50000!

    Moar megapixels!

    • hahaha 😀

      8 comments after a few minutes… looks like there’s a lot of F5’ing going on 🙂

  • Peter

    nice 😀

  • rhlpetrus

    No news abou new FX lenses? Likely later with D700x. 10-24 a bit of a surprise, but it’s a hot lens range for lots of people and Nikon has lost market to Sigma, mainly, because of 10-20 for DX.

  • Eric

    Dang was just about to buy a 10-20mm sigma, may have to wait for reviews on that 10-24. Any idea on what price range it will land in? less than the 12-24?

    • rhlpetrus

      My guess is yes, a simpler design than 12-24 which is constant aperture, also lesser build quality. My bet is in the 600 USD street price range.

      • Jason

        I hope it’s cheaper than that, but you are probably right.

      • shivas

        I’m thinking $399 – they want to undercut the market, like they did with the 35/1.8 (which is sold out everywhere and get marked up) and 50/1.4 (also marked up), they’ll intro this to either compete with the new Sigma 10-20f/3.5 or the older one. . .

        the Sigma 12-24 f/4.5-5.6 still is the widest on film and can be used on digital, but this new Nikon at least takes filters. . .

        • Eric

          $399, are you kidding? If Tamron will sell theirs for $500, the Nikkor will be at least $800.

          The new Nikkor 35mm was only cheaper than Canon’s because it’s DX and cheaper than Sigma’s because it’s slower.

  • funny

    yay the lens that everybody said it was fake is real!. too bad is yet another DX zoom! Is nikon going to triple overlap their lens lineup with more DX junk or are they ready to move on at last?

    hopefully they get this out of their system now and we can move to better things as the year moves along.

    • heartyfisher

      Dont think so.. I think there are more DX lenses on the way.. if you sell 95% DX cameras don’t you think that at least 50% of your lenses should be DX? Think about it.. it only makes sense..

  • low

    long live dx! (even though im secretly moving to fx!)

  • Anonymous

    lady: “hello ritz, i would like to buy a new beginner camera”
    ritz: “we recently got 5 nikon D50000’s in stock today”
    lady: “D-fifty thousand?”
    ritz: (imitates a retard) “yeeeeah”

    WTF, it’s a really bad name for a camera

  • Lance

    Some speculation that the 10-24 is just a rebadged third party lens? A quite knowledgeable friend of mine was telling me it has the same specs, size and weight as the new Tamron, I think?

    • funny

      that’s just canon trolls spreading fud. don’t pay attention to it.

    • NikonMan


      the pictures of the Nikon that have been leaked have the focus ring closest to the camera and the zoom ring up front (as per some other Nikon designs)

      the Tamron has the focus ring up front and the zoom closest to the camera

    • Anonymous

      Are the specs for the Nikon 10-24mm available anywhere?

  • Heavok

    Finally, 0:05 in Germany and I can finally go to sleep xD

  • just found this in the german
    don´t know who is the author
    don´t know if someone postet it here before

    the size of the D5000 is almost between D90 and D60…

    the F-Mount is the reference…

    • funny

      good find. it should put to rest all the melodramatic comments that it was as tall as a D700.

      • whats realy funny is the fact, that some people said it is as big as the D700 and other said it is smaller than a D40 😉

        • rhlpetrus

          If legit, likely caused by need for space for swivel LCD, but could be also due to larger flash housing, as some have mentioned.

          • I think it is not for the LCD – this is attached at the bottom.
            a bigger, better, swivel-flash would be ok 😉

    • John

      Actually it looks like it’s compared to the D40, NOT the D60

      • oooh. I´m sorry….

        D60 = 94 x 126 x 64 mm
        D40 = 94 x 126 x 64 mm


        but you are totaly right!

        • John

          Yep you’re right they are the same size – I thought the D40 was smaller than the D60.

          In some sense I was hoping for a body the same size as the D60 because I was looking for a compact body to use my AFS lenses. I already have a D80 that I was hoping to replace with a D300 and D60 for a large/small setup.

  • Jack

    It will be 16.7 megapixels. The 5000 in the name refers to the number of pixels horizontally.

  • Phoggy

    Common, D5000 is a FANTASTIC name. It will be the greatest camera the planet has ever seen. God has a hard on for the D5000, because it kills every camera it sees. To show its appreciation for so much power, the D5000 keeps heaven packed with fresh cameras, coldly discarded by those who chose the superior D5000. God was here before the D5000, so you can give your heart to Jesus, but your ass belongs to the D5000!!

    • rekaone

      haha @ full metal jacket thing

  • Oygle

    Is there any truth in the rumor that the kit lens will be AF-S 18-135 3.5-5.6 VR?

  • heartyfisher

    OK hand up all those who said it was fake !! lol! ..

  • its fake

    dude. check this out thats not nikon thailands site lol.

    • no it is not, but this is the official distributer – this will explain the leak

  • David
  • David

    From Nikon Sweden here is the official pics

    • rhlpetrus

      Thanks, looks good. I wonder if you can turn LCD and attach it with screen up, to use menu, etc. If not, a bit complicated for my taste.

  • Dave

    Just wondering what makes this rumour legit? Just because somebody in Thailand puts a couple of images on a web site. Has this guy got a good track record?

    • “read” the comment above yours 😉

  • iggle

    Surely an April fool joke?

  • Dave

    OK so I should look at the whole site before commenting!

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