OK make that 100%

I just received what I needed in order to say that I am now 100% sure the Nikon D5000 will be released in few hours. The specs in the previous post are also 100% correct.

Here is a Nikon D5000 size comparison created by a reader:


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  • shivas

    touching self in anticipation!!!

  • OnceNikonUser

    Good job man, keep it up!

  • GeoVu

    Thanks for your work.

    • thanks for being a NR reader

    • Anonymous

      Aye, thank you! We appreciate it!

  • Nice job, NR.

  • Nice work NR, but disappointed that it’s not the D400.

    • Pablov

      Sharing the same feeling….

      Good job and thanks Admin 🙂

      (Maybe we get pop-umbrella next time)

  • ggweci

    So, the specs posted are right… what about the pics here: https://nikonrumors.com/2009/04/13/nikon-d5000-picture.aspx? Are they real too?

    • yep, those pics are real

      • ggweci

        Thanks. Great job keeping us all up-to-date.

  • low

    go NR!

  • Dolor

    Thanks for the input! Any news on the megapixel count?

    • bison

      I’m hoping for 12.n or less.

  • Mattias

    Keep up the good work. I agree that I also want the D400 to pop out of the box, but this is also very interesting.

  • Mats

    Good work!

    But why all the fuss over something so utterly unexciting? I do hope they have more to show tomorrow..

    • Anonymous

      Like an SB-700 perhaps? 🙂

      • Jeff

        Geez, sure would be nice for Nikon to add some much needed FX lenses, or just update some of their current stuff to work better with FX and faster AF/VR 🙁

  • funny

    NR: great job. you got the scoop right way before anybody.

    11point AF system. good job nikon! finally! inspite all the nay sayers…nikon likes to compete!

  • yourst

    It’s real!!!
    Nikon’s retailer in Thailand also update the brand new D5000 and AF-S DX 10-24 DX

  • So what would the price be ” American” price ?

  • woble

    Why so much excitement about this cam when it’s only an entry-level camera. Bring on D700x and more FX glass. >_<

    • Jeff

      Couldn’t agree more!! A friggin ‘nother entry level consumer camera, and another DX lens….while “good” FX lenses are severely lagging behind the myriad of choices in the Canon camp 🙁

  • connor

    Good job, NR.

    but, any news on the megapixel count? Or when exactly this will be announced?

  • Why announce in Thailand first? Just curious

    • International Date Line, perhaps? I think it’s already 4/14/09 over there.

      • connor

        yeah, depending on where you live, it will be about 10pm U.S. central time.

        • OK, that explains why NR seems to get the updates around 11PM Eastern Time.

          What was the time for the announcement in Germany? 11AM? I don’t have a timezone map, but that sounds awful close to our 11PM Eastern / 10PM Central times.

          • OK, this has been the pattern for Nikon at least in the past 5-6 product releases – they always update the US site around 11pm or midnight – this is aprox. the same time when the official announcement is made in Europe. All announcements (for now) are made exclusively in Europe – nothing in the US (please correct me if I am wrong). Of course Nikon can change that at any time. Remember that Nikon sites were down on Saturday – I posted that already, so everything makes sense.

    • mistake maybe?

  • Bill

    This is dumb. ANOTHER DX camera and lens? Stoopid. Im switching to Canon.

    • Nikon admits that most of there cash-flow comes from the consumer “DX” crowd. So why not make more money selling to them? Esp. in times like these. It’s just like how a “Family Movie” can make more money than a “R-rated Thriller.” You sell 4 tickets instead of one or two. I think Nikon is using the same principle.

    • flyb0y

      Are you really that naive? Canon releases more amateur cameras than Nikon. At least Nikon seems to generally have a new feature or two before they release a new camera, not simply upping the megapixels at the expense of image quality (a la Canon 50D). How many years did it take Canon to update their 5D? How badly does their 1D series need a face lift?. R&D takes money, and making money requires sales. Amateur cameras sale well. That’s good for any Nikon shooter. Also, nothing is wrong with DX in an amateur camera. For most casual photographers (the target demographic for this camera), DX is king. Get used to it.

  • Joe

    There is no screw drive in this camera on the lens mount – that’s if the photos are accurate. The screw drive would be present @ the 7:00 position if it had a built in motor… the photos of this camera do not have one… another crippled camera that only does AF with a limited number of lenses.

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