Nikon D40 officially discontinued

In addition to the email in Canada rumor, now Nikon Japan officially confirms that the D40 is discontinued:


Translation: "This manufacturer no longer carries this product in its inventory.".


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  • lblaod


    • Willis

      Well its only cool if they replace it with something… otherwise it really sucks.

      Personally, I’m hoping they introduce something with 5-6 mega pixels that performs like the D700. I’d pay D90 money for something like that (well ok. Anything more than $800 would be pushing it.

  • Ken D

    I liked my nearly-two-years-old D40 so much that I recently purchased a new one. Why? Because all recent Nikons have a flash synch speed of only 1/200 0r 1/250 sec. I often use fill flash outdoors with moving subjects, so a flash synch of 1/500 sec makes the D40 very attractive. Any more than six MP is irrelevant if print size is limited to letter page size.
    You might still be able to get a D40 if you look around, and you’ll probably get a great price.

    • Rodolfo Paiz

      I don’t know whether the entry-level Nikons (e.g. D60) can do this, but on my D300 I have the option to use “Auto FP” flash sync. Uses a little more power for the flash, but the end result is that I can sync the flash at pretty much any speed I want. I’ve done lots of fill flash at 1/2000 shutter speeds, for example. Nothin’ to it, and a very nice thing to know about. There’s a tutorial on Nikon’s site if you want to check it out.

      • Ken D

        I don’t know about the D300 and higher, but my D90 can’t do Auto FP with the built-in flash (ie, requires external flash and even then not the SB400). I’m not sure whether the D60 has Auto FP, but adding an SB600 or above negates the lovely compactness of the camera. The D40 is the best solution where fast flash synch is required in a light and compact camera.
        I bought the D90 (a great camera) subsequent to the new D40 purchase but I wouldn’t sell the D40 even at full retail price.

      • Tom

        D90 does this too – with an external flashgun that supports it.

      • CatSplat

        Here’s the thing – the semi-electronic shutter system in the D40, D50, and D70/s can sync with any strobe at any shutter speed in non-TTL mode as they lack the shutter limitations of the full-mechanical designs. My old D50, for instance, can sync at 1/4000 with my Alien Bees, no problem.

    • anony

      what is fastest shutter speed that D40 has? can you sync your flash to its fastest shutter speed?

    • Tom

      Have I understood this right ? You have 2 D40s and a D90 ?

      • Ken D

        I gave the old D40 to my daughter. I have a D90 and one D40.

  • Do not read too much into this camera being discontinued. The Sony sensor that was an integral part of the D40 was delisted almost two years ago.

  • nir.exe

    Imo an a optimistic forecast will be a new FF only at PMA 2010 or summer 2010.
    reasons? Higher end hobbyists and gadget lovers can not afford this days to buy new “toys”. Pro shooters can actually get today all the FF gear they need. so that is that 🙂

    • Anonymous

      yep, totally agree with you, gearheads go crazy over something that don’t even exist… sad, really.

    • MattM

      They have to replace the D40 and soon if they are discontinuing it now. Common sense economics, pros don’t make up nearly as much of nikon’s income as amateurs and enthusiasts do. The 35mm f/1.8 DX shows that nikon is not dropping DX anytime soon, but discontinuing the d40 sends mixed signals if it’s not replaced or matched with a price cut to the d60/90. In times of economic crisis, where there once were a lot of pros making money, buying new gear, there will be fewer and fewer. It happened in retail to circuit city, mervyns, it’s happening to ritz. Pros will be starved out, sucks, but it’s true. The smart thing to do as a company is to go all in on what, historically, has proven profitable.

      • The D60 is still available and isn’t going anywhere soon.

        • MattM

          That’s why I said “…if [the d40] not replaced or matched with a price cut to the d60/90.” Of course the d60 is there, but it’s not going to sell like the d40 if it stays at it’s current price. And if they don’t replace for the price bracket or lower the price on the d60, there will be no proud newbie parents buying an SLR over an advanced P&S because of the minor price difference. No SLR customers means no lens buyers down the line when their kid’s in little league or soccer.

          • Bob

            I have to agree with you Matt. The discontinuing of the D40 will necessarily bring down the price of the D60 a tad or two. Also, the “price gap” between D60 and D90 would probably have to be overlapped in some way, preferably by introducing a new SLR.

  • rjm

    Yep, the D40 has been disappearing from store shelves here in Japan. Pretty much only the silver ones left, and a few double lens kits.

    There were some awesome deals last month though. I picked up a new D40 lens kit for 32,000 yen after you factor in the 10% point rebate at bic camera. Prices have gone up since, go figure.

  • sakaze

    D60 is still there…

  • mel

    the fastest shutter speed that the D40 has is 1/4000, and yes, it can sync your flash at that speed, I do it often.

  • JohnS

    as recent and satisfied d40 owner should i take this as good news, bad news, or with indifference?

  • Nikon D40 RIP
    a true classic of price vs performance

  • ixoye25

    If nikon does make a significant announcement on tuesday I will be pretty impressed with their ability to keep us all clueless.

  • Ruby

    B&H is still stocking the D40 (at least, whatever stock they currently possess).

    However, B&H has officially labeled the D200 as discontinued:

    Nikon USA still shows it in it’s DSLR list with a price as if it was still being manufactured:

    Not sure if that is new news or not here on this forum, but I just noticed a couple days ago.

  • DaveH

    I’m sad that it is gone. I have one that I use for vacations. It is much lighter than every other camera I own so my “hobby” did not get in the way of having fun. I always thought that if anything ever happened to it (would not be the first camera I dropped), I would replace it with the exact same thing. I tried the D60, and just did not like the pictures as much as the D40, and that is all that matters. Vacations, “dangerous” situations, or just something light to carry all day for futzing around. I hope the one they “replace” it with is as good because someday mine will hit the pavement or get knocked into oblivion and I just don’t want to carry a “work” camera on vacation, I just want a fun light one that lets me take amazing shots.

  • Anonymous

    I bought my D40 in 2009. I will keep it for many years from now.The price was 299 USD, cheaper than a compact camera. The pixels are bigger than in D60. Same sensor size, 6mp instead of 10mp. This means good noise, smaller files.
    Good job nikon.

  • photogirl

    Nothing like changing the subject….but….
    I noticed on the J&R site that the Nikon 85mm 1.4 was a “Clearance Item”…. are they discontinuing that lens as well??

    I haven’t gotten enough money to get mine yet, unfortunately….

  • Pablov

    I’m still waiting for some Nikon and Canon announcements.
    (Why Canon? because they both fight each others, and sometimes they wait until the competitor’s move. Besides that I like and use Canon too 🙂 )

    I guess my major dissapointment is no D400 for PMA…. I hope I’m wrong.
    Another sooo long waiting time…
    Not to mention for a Full Frame Nikon DSLR with video….
    Hopefully Canon will have 2 this year (if they include video in the 1D)

    The more competition, the more chances to get better and faster cameras (with Pro Movie/Video)
    Before you ask “Who needs them?”: I do.

  • rwpl

    silence before the storm?

  • ixoye25

    I hope! But given the economy it just could be silence!

  • slowfilm

    I am just a peon with no inside information at all, but I have a D40 – and I like it.
    Today, has the feeling of the day before the surprise – that few if any people anticipate. With the D40, Nikon captured the entry-level DSLR market. However, a simple feature upgrade is not going to ensure their dominance at this price and feature point. Their competition will the emerging prism-less DSLR hybrid. It does not take too much stretch of the imagination with this morning’s pseudo-announcement by Samsung and their attempt to “freeze the market” for this type of camera until they have a APS-C sensor hybrid to sell -later. This will be the new entry-level DSLR entry point. It makes no sense for Nikon to introduce a feature upgraded D40, they will only have to do their work all over again.

    Nikon is going to introduce at PMS and ship within a month an APS-C sensor hybrid, maybe with lenses-or it will take standard nikon mount. We’ll all get caught with our pants down, and flys in our gaping mouth.

  • Zoetmb

    B&H has still got them at $450 with an 18-55 AF-S or for $700 with the 18-55 and a 55-200. This is actually a price increase. The used to sell the 2-lens kit for $600.

  • Bearz

    The Nikon D40 is an astonishing little image machine. The IQ of it’s 6mp sensor can produce some enchanting & magical results. It’s the camera I choose for nearly all my digital work.

  • Leandro

    Hello guys….D40 continues without D5000?

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