Nothing happened @ 11 pm (EST) - no announcement, no website changes, nothing... last chance: midnight tonight or maybe Tuesday.

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  • Pablov

    this page loaded as fast as always, no problem to me.:)

    (PMA is likely to dissapoint many people this time…)

    • Tom

      Last PMA we got the D60, 16-85 DX, 60mm micro, 24mm PC-E and 7 P&S style cameras.

      So far this year we have one DX lens and 8 P&S.

      Already seems disappointing ?

      • This year we also have the largest financial crisis since the Great Depression in the US. And now that has spread worldwide. That just *might* affect Nikon’s roadmap.

      • Pablov

        well. to me is’s dissapointing if we don’t get any FF body and lens.

        P&S are released anytime in the calendar too, and are for the mass market. It’s an important key for sale, but not a very big exciting new stuff

        • FF cam was released less than a year ago in July 2008. Do believe the 50mm f1.4G was released at the end of 2008 (what? 3 months or so ago?)

          That seems pretty recent to me.

  • where will the announcement be? which website are you looking at?

    • I am monitoring Nikon US, Nikon UK, Nikon Germany, Nikon Japan and Nikon Imaging websites.
      In addition I have a little secret tool that will tell me if a new product page was added.

      • Eric B

        admin’s war-room is at full alert 😉

      • Zenza-B

        google cache?

        • I made an advanced search for D5000 in nikonusa. Two results were returned but they pointed to invalid pages. I clicked on the cache link on each search result and it brought me to the nikonusa home page. Maybe a google glitch – that’s why I did not report it.

  • A D40 user

    D40 is discontinued in Japan. The Japanese D40 web page on Nikon Imaging is announcing that the manufacturer stock of this product has ended.

    • The google translation sucks, what exactly does it say? Do you know if this info was just added?

      • A D40 user

        That announcement has been displayed as a gif image. The google translation must not be able to translate any sentences in gif images.
        The url of this image is:
        You can find this image upper right on the Japanese D40 page. It says “the manufacturer stock of this product has ended.”

        • thanks – I will post this for everyone to see

          • A D40 user

            Additional information: I found this announcement on 14pm Feb. 27, 2009 JST.

        • rjm


          “This manufacturer no longer carries this product in its inventory.”

          or in free translation,

          “The D40 is discontinued.”

          It’s true, many of the big stores are no longer showing the black body or kit, just leftover silver models and the more expensive double lens kit. has jacked the price of the single lens kit to an astonishing Y66,780!

  • Jack

    I think Nikon and other large companies are simply in survival mode. Don’t expect much of anything from anybody.

    • true, but they have to keep up with the competition, otherwise they will get hurt

      • Tom

        And they haven’t laid off any R&D people in Japan, who will still be working away….

      • Jack

        I don’t think the competition is coming out with anything either and what Nikon has right now is very competitive with the everyone else. There doesn’t seem to be a need for Nikon to announce many new products when what they have is doing very well.

        I could be wrong, but I just think all bets are off with this global economic crisis.

        • Tom

          I see no reason for your idea except a general attitude of worry.

          Do you think Canon, Nikon, Olympus, et al, have all decided on a gentleman’s agreement not to try to get ahead of each other and freeze development ? It’s exactly in times like this that the competition increases and weaker competitors are forced out. Pentax might have problems; Canon certainly won’t; and Nikon has no other business except cameras and optics.

          The market just shrank – it didn’t vanish – demand still exists and the companies will focus on meeting that demand and maximising their market share and expanding into growing markets like India and China; they will certainly continue to compete with each other.

          If you look at differentiated product lines then we might see FX development slowing, especially lenses. But the P&S and budget DSLR sectors won’t; Nikon already have a D90 sensor waiting to be implemented in the smaller bodies. They are already developing lenses and will continue to move forward with these; certainly the ones already in the pipeline.

          So long-term, in some sectors, you could be right. Short-term it seems nothing more than a misplaced hunch based on pessimism and not economics. Maybe you watch the TV news too much ? 🙂

          • Jack

            Didn’t you read that one blog online that said the world will end in 2012?? GEEZ, get with it! This is serious stuff here! 😛

            Well, I don’t think Nikon will stop making new products or anything, I just think we will see a marked slowdown in new product announcements. In uncertain times, it would seem that being more conservative might be the better approach.

            I say all of this, hoping that Nikon will see my posts and want to rub my nose in it by releasing every lens and body that’s on everyone’s wish list. Can’t any of you realize this?? 😛

          • I agree w/ your points in general. Can’t say that I watch too much TV, tho’. I pretty much detested most TV in the States when I was there and that’s carried over to here in Japan, as well. Programs here are not worth the electricity it costs to turn the TV on. That being said, maybe I’m a global crisis worrier. Maybe it’s all the jobs I see disappearing. Ghost cities here in Japan springing up. Companies surrounding mine facing the prospect of complete closure. Seeing people in the streets with their houses of cardboard. Cutting staff and salaries where I work.

            I don’t need a TV to see that the global crisis isn’t a figment of someone’s imagination. At least, it definitely isn’t here in Japan. For me to see what’s going on with my own two eyes and to try to think that competition will continue unabated would be simplistic at best. Like I said, I agree w/ your points in general. But in very broad terms. I think the market’s going to be pretty darn thin for awhile. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a Pentax fold. Never know- even Nikon could be absorbed by someone. Really don’t know how it’ll play out, but as much as I wish for the best, I have to wonder what the playing field will be like in 5 years’ time.

  • Ken D

    Don’t hold your breath people!
    This PMA will be a non-event as far as Nikon is concerned.
    The D60 is the D40 replacement.
    Be happy with what you have. Today’s Nikon gear is still better than anything the opposition will announce at PMA ’09.

    • Eli

      “The D60 is the D40 replacement.”


      I’m hoping there is a new entry-level model with the D90’s sensor. Maybe a bit less MP, that would be ideal. Not for me, as I already have a D40 and don’t plan on buying another DX camera, but for new buyers.

      • Justin

        You want a D90 sensor with less mega pixels? How does that work?

        • Anonymous

          I assume he referred to a 6-10 Mpixel CMOS sensor, which is still missing badly from the lineup.

    • nir.exe

      stole the words out of my mouth..

      • Tom

        Quite agree too. A new model placed between the D90 and D60 offered in a kit with the 35mm DX, to hit the shops sometime before the summer.

  • Dnikon

    Nikon is announcing a new 18-55: superb, sharp, and built like shit

    • Tom

      Haha…yeah it becomes a 19-50 after 3 months…

    • Cin


  • Newest news from Nikon Finland (1.3.2009). When someone buy Nikon D90 kit between 1.3.-31.3.2009, and register it in Nikon Finland’s homepage they send you an MB-D80 for free.

  • Nickname here

    It is amazing to see such a lengthy conversation on a topic titled “Nothing”

    • Tom

      Yep, and we have another whole day of wondering if nothing is nothing, if nothing might be something, or if something next to nothing is the next something.

      • I’ve got nothing to add to that.

      • Cin


  • rhlpetrus

    Easy folks, why would it change (site) on Sunday/Monday, before announcement? It’ll change when camera is announced. Anxiety killed the …

  • rhlpetrus

    There may be some cat/mouse going on with Canon on this one. Neither called for a press meeting at PMA, neither wants to announce and right after be upp’ed by the other, like Nikon has done a few times lately (1DsIII/40D – D3/D300, 50D – D90).

    So, patience, there’ll be something.

  • fxed

    Ya gotta love NR Admin. “Last chance: midnight tonight or maybe Tuesday.”

    I’m giving you till the count of 3. 1, 2, 2 1/2, 2 3/4 ….. just playing with your head NR Admin. Now, get out there and pond the pavement for some rumors even if their not true 🙂

    • Cin

      who ever said it was fact?

  • Last suggestions (IMO)

    Two new cameras with 15 mpx and 12mpx

  • RJ

    Ah well I’m happy for PMA, my 14-24mm f2.8 arrived today! 😀

    Would still like an updated 70-200mm…will I ever be content?! lol

  • Anonymous

    The DX & FX lens wil not slowing this year. D60 will replace D40, D5000 will be right in middle, between D60 and D90. D60 could be replace at the end of the year. D60 (& D60 replacement) will be the only one with CCD in Nikon lineup. Do not expect for many changes from D60 replacement. Nikon is doing like this: one big step forward, one step foward with some improvements(and many firmware fixes, more mature). The new lens will come, more AF-S some DX, some FX. No rumors until now about new flash

  • RJ

    Do Nikon have some sort of keynote speech where they are likely to announce stuff, so I can check after that instead of sitting here checking every two seconds like a muppet? As in is there a time allotted to them to announce stuff?

  • According to the PMA09 schedule, today, March 2nd is the following:
    “12:00 noon – 3:00 p.m. PMA Sneak Peek 2009 – Press Only
    Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel”. Could that be where announcements may be made?

    • RJ

      I hope so! Is that 7pm-10pm UK time? I don’t want to lower my hopes too much cos although there was nothing announced last night, according to dpreview no company at all released anything so it’s not as though Nikon are the only ones….

      I hope you’re right!

      • It is one hour from now, so I think that is 8-11 PM UK time.

  • I sold my D80 a week ago and am holding out to replace it with the D400. I can’t wait any longer! (I guess I can still use my d700 if I could ever pry it out of my wife’s hands)

  • Anon

    Nikon UK has just put up the price of the D300 – from £1279 in January of this year to £1449 on the new March price list. It was £1174 in December 08.

    Such a price increase means to me that the D300 isn’t being withdrawn just yet…

  • Anon

    Update: perhaps more interesting is that the D90/D60 have not gone up in price, while the D3,D700 and D300 all have.

    The worst price increase is the 300mm 2.8 VR – up from £4099 to £4999!!!!

  • Jørgen

    I think Nikon will introduce a new camera-strap.

    • dpreciated

      Wow that’s exciting. I was thinking more along the lines of a new Ni-MH AA battery recharger that will “EXCEED YOUR VISION AND ENHANCE CREATIVITY WITH YOUR AA BATTERY POWERED NIKON COOLPIX CAMERAS”.

      Just a though.

      • RJ

        I doubt they’ll go that far in this economic climate – maybe they’ll slightly change the shade of gold on the boxes. That’s a more realistic prediction.

  • the sneak peek is over now. Is there really NOTHING?

  • Otis

    I would look to nikonusa’s website late tonight to see anything that we shown to the press today. I would caution all not to hold their breath since I have been told that PMA is a non event. Nikon has 8000 square feet of space at PMA which is a lot for no news. Keep in mind that Nikon committed to the space a year ago when things were rosier.
    I hope I am wrong and lots of new glass show up.

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