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  • *they much have drunk japanese Sake?

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    • lol – maybe they created that last year, but I just discovered today it while looking for PMA leaks – you can’t even imagine the sites I went to… I scanned every existing Nikon site… and nothing…

      • Actually few days ago Google cached the string “D5000” on the front page of Nikon USA and it came up in a search result. By the time I went home and was ready to take a snapshot of it, it was gone. I did not reported this on the blog – it could be a google bug. I cannot get it to appear again.

        • Zenza-B

          Sounds interesting

        • Daf

          Google can sometimes list pages as results if the words you search for are only mentioned in links TO the site, but not on the site itself.
          I imagine Nikon has wised up to all us camera geeks doing such Google searches so probably called Google + got it de-listed.
          If done in enough mass you can force a page to the No 1 result – as was the case a few years ago with searching for “World idiot” or similar that gave the whitehouse website as No 1 result – think it’s called “Google Loading”.

          • when Nikon USA leaked the D3x and then removed it, the D3x keyword still showed up the same way in google cache search results and then it was gone completely, so there is still hope for the D5000. We shall see tonight @ 11 pm EST).

          • RJ

            Why will we see at 11pm? Is that when stuff is normally leaked, or is that when the announcement is meant to be?

          • the past 2 announcements were made on Sunday @ 11pm (EST)

  • Anonymous

    lets place “bets” on the announcement here.

    i bet £20 nikon won’t have anything else to announce because they already made their announcement with 35mm 1.8 AFS and point & shoot digicams 2-3 weeks ago.

    • savvo

      I’ll bet my entire Nikon kit there’s no MX announcement at PMA. Or ever.

  • Nokin

    two bodies and two lenses

  • afterdarkernikon

    I bet that no new announcement but ofcourse I am wishing 70-200 2.8 upgrade for FX

    • Anonymous

      looks like you need to practice more with your 70-200mm and stop the lens down. my 70-200mm is razor sharp corner to corner and doesn’t vignette at F/4.

      • RJ

        For all these people saying ‘you aren’t good enough’ and ‘mine is fine cause I’m an amazing photographer’ – if you’re paying (now) around £1500 for a lens, you don’t expect to have to stop down… therefore there is an issue

      • hmmm

        >looks like you need to practice more with your 70-200mm and stop the lens down. my 70-200mm is razor sharp corner to corner and doesn’t vignette at F/4.

        congrats. now go get your money back since you payed for a 2.8 lens. not a 4.0.

        • RJ

          Exactly. Thank You

  • dino

    3 bodies and 3 lenses

    • “Black Jack” – 4 bodies and 4 lenses:))))))

  • RJ

    With no solid rumors, you get the feeling that they may end up releasing something rubbish, like a 40-45mm f5.6 DX – it may be pessimistic but it seems like all the BIG announcements (D700, D3x, 14-24, 24-70 etc) were known about at least a little in advance… there is such a huge list of what COULD be released (80-400, 70-200 2.8/4, 24-120, wide DX, fisheye, 85 1.4/1.8 etc) that even in releasing a few, there are going to be a lot of disappointed people about

  • Pablov

    I was expecting the D400 to see the new features Nikon will put on it, specifically Video mode.

    If the D5000 appears, I suppose I can extrapolate some of its characteristics to a future FX camera (like D800), although I just wonder hoe long will it take to appear for release.

    At the same time I see some Canon “possible” announcements (most recent a 24-70 2.8L “IS”, and the 1D new release in the next 5 months aprox.) and also wonder about their new implementation of video mode in future cameras. Specially the 1D because so controversial about sport broadcasting rights, etc. If Canon include Movie/Video mode in 1D series I suppose they won’t do it “unprofessionally”.

    The most bothering factor to me is the wait time to see what both manufacturers decide to do about that feature, and how well they do when implementing it….
    Of course, lenses interest me too, but Nikon has manay, basically I would like a 70-200 2.8 VR (III?) with improved optics, although I can’t afford it right now. And Canon could release an improved 24-70 2.8L IS, that probably I can’t afford right now either.
    But it’s good to have the option…

    In my specific case, it’s much more important to be sure what camera body I will purchase, since it won’t be replaced for a long time (no chance to do that in this country, unfortunatelly, due to extremely low demand ad sale).
    The lenses will be there to be bought whenever I can buy them. Budget factor limit the decision, and of course the manufactuers option too.
    Once the camera body brand is choosen and bought, there won’t be a go back…. for long time, and since Movie/Video mode is so important for my work and projects, I still can’t buy anything….. cause neither Canon nor Nikon offer a good solution in that respect yet.

    It is desperating….

    • Pablov

      well…. lot of typo errors…. Typing with a covered keyboard is not a good idea.. I just woke up… 😀

    • fxed

      Sony and other video camera manufactures still cannot get digital still correct in camcorders and so you will be waiting a long time before dslr’s get video recording to the point you expect. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Nikon to wow the world with new or upgraded lenses for my D700 and D90

      In memorium: It will be sad to see Ritz online go. I am fortunate that Ritz sells through the military exchange and give a 10% discount to active and retired military personel. They have treated the military very well.

  • Andreas Lau

    If we are lucky, i think Nikon will release 1 DSLR body [D5000] or whatever name Nikon decides to give it and 2 more lenses.

  • Martin

    Don’t intend to be a pessimist here. I’m preparing for a huge disappointment regarding announcements from Nikon.

    Back when Nikon announced the AF-S 50mm f/1.4 G I was really hoping for some fresh new FX prime lenses … but disappointment: AF-S DX 35mm f/1.8 G
    I mean hey, for crying out loud, would it hurt to make a AF-S 35mm f/2 G in FX pretty please with sugar on it? I have plans to upgrade to full frame in a few years, when Nikon will finally get around making full frame a little more affordable.
    And besides, I still own and use a Nikon F80 (aka. N80) and it would actually be very nice to have some modern prime lenses to use with. Now I bought the old AF 35mm f/2 D
    It’s not about me … because I think there are plenty of people out there who either own a Nikon film SLR or plan to upgrade to full frame and want to be able to buy affordable lenses!

    Nikon will present us with a bunch of utterly redundant point-n-shoots and this ridiculously useless AF-S 35mm f/1.8 G lens. That’s at least what I expect.

  • Pablov

    I don’t expect too much either.
    Only the D5000 (I still don’t like the name/number……. why not start with D1000 ? )

    Seems PMA is not for big announcements from big manufactuers (Nikon specifically)
    If Canon announce their 24-70 2.8L IS, that would be a big surprise for Canon customers.

    One thing I really don’t like much is that Canon and Nikon look at what the other do, then decide what to do. That happens for some stuffs, obviously not everything, but…. anyway… thanks to the economical crisis and some of these kind of decisions we might wait long to see a VERY big new announcement (I hope I’m wrong)

  • Aleksey

    NR site loading very slooow. Is everything OK with a server?

    • Where are you located? I just checked and everything looks normal. Do you still have problems?

      • Ivan

        Loading slow for me too. I’m in New Jersey. Then again, everyone else is slow here too.

  • PJS

    One body; two speedlights; one lens – end of discussion!

  • Pablov

    this particular page loads slow, the rest I guess is normal

    • you know what – it could be this Nikon Connect widget. I will take it down.

      • Pablov

        with my browser (Opera) I didn’t see any widget, I wondered what was all about the “Nikon connect”….. lol

  • Aleksey

    I’m in NY.

  • Nikon Fan

    I am in Southern California and the page is loading very slow here also. Much slower than normal.

    • I am doing some diagnostics and checking the caching, I hope the site is still usable.

  • JR

    11pm est


  • Does anyone have a clue to how much the D5000 will cost? whats your guess?

    • Pablov

      well, if I have to guess, I would say (if it is a really entry level, such as D60 with improvements) $550-$650
      Maybe i’m crazy, was my first thought

  • If its that cheap then I should return the Canon Rebel XS…i just ordered it on friday… Sigh.. lol But i find it hard to believe that it has almost the same features as the D90 (maybe better?) and its for that price? does this means it’s just the body or Lense kit too? it’s hard to believe it would be that cheap considering that the Canon rebel XS is $500 and the Canon XSI is $600… and with the Nikon D5000 vs D90 price your talking about $400 – 500 price gap

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