Very small hint from Nikon USA

Nikon USA just removed the "New" label for the Nikon D90 from their website. Now only the Nikon D3x is labeled as "New". Interesting timing... right before PMA.


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  • I know what the first comment will be – the D90 was released last August, but why they removed the New label exactly now?

  • rwpl

    because the D3X is the newest one? I have seen on other on-line shops a similar marking strategy a month ago.

  • steve

    I’m still thinking a D400 may be announced as well as an updated 70-200 🙂

    We’ll probably know Monday (I doubt they’ll wait till Tues).

    • I will bet my left arm thath nikon won´t upgrade the 70-200 2,8 with in the next five years…

      Many pro´s use it with the D700 D3 without complaints, i still use “luckley” the 80 – 200 2,8 AF-S for my work and it is tack sharp also in the coners 🙂

      • Pablov

        What exact version of the 80-200 do you use and find it tack sharp?

      • Pablov

        What camera do you use the AF-S 80-200 f/2.8D ?
        Is it fast at when focusing?
        (if you can give me a link where it is for sale, I will thank you)

      • Scott S

        Yeah ditto on the 70-200 upgrade, although I’d bet it won’t be that long but still a while. The only people that complain about the 70-200 are those that use it at the long end for landscape photography or those that shoot brick walls. If you want a tack sharp lens at 200mm for landscape you’ll most likely shoot primes, and it just so happens that Nikon’s 200mm is tack sharp across the entire frame. Plus why would Nikon upgrade a lens that still sells so well?

    • I think we will know late Sunday night (US time)

      • Hulk

        hehe… “stay tuned” 🙂

  • D

    me, I want a new FX D-SLR !

    • Anonymous

      you know you can get a FX ‘DSLR” under $2000, how? buy super old fully mechanical film SLR and a film negative scanner then there’s your FX DSLR.

      • Is KR posting comments here now?

        • Maxime

          Haha! +1

      • Or you can get one used in Tokyo. I just helped a friend get one for $1700 yesterday.

      • Hulk

        For 2000$, you can even get a MF film body and a few lenses.

        Then it is just a matter of personal choice :
        – do you want to spend 3 hours doing photo setup, manual focus, and at the end shoot a film roll.
        – or do you prefer taking 4GB of photos, and spend 3 hours on Aperture/Lightroom to sort them out and try to extract the few most interesting pictures.

  • Pablov

    I f Nikon removed the “new” label from D90 thinking about a new announcement/release, then the “new” one would be something in a similar range I suppose, for instance the D5000

    I don’t think they would remove that label thinking on announcing/releasing a D400 (:( )

  • Nathan Shane

    Perhaps Nikon will announce a D400 as an up scaled D300 and a D600 as a down scaled D700…and I still think we will see (sometime soon) an updated 80-400mm FX VR or perhaps a 28-135mm FX VR (or 20-105mm FX VR) to replace the 24-120mm FX VR. Yeah, I know…wishful dreaming – LOL!!!

    • AZ

      I would love to see an updated 80-400 with AF-S, but I guess I’ll see it in my dreams only 🙂

  • mildred

    D90 was announced on August 27th 2008 – it’s been exactly six months now… no big deal here…

    • true, but why they changed it just now – 3 days before PMA
      yes, it could be coincidence

      • Antoine

        dont get your hopes up it’s a coincidence

        • Anonymous

          It’s exactly 6 months. That’s the “coincidence”.

          • that could be it – they may list a product as new for 6 months, makes sense.

  • Zoetmb

    Nikon USA doesn’t update the website very often and they keep discontinued models on there forever (the D200, for example) with no such indication, so if they bothered to update the website without adding any new bodies or lenses, I have the (sinking) feeling that NOTHING may be announced at PMA.

  • RJ

    If they release a physically smaller 80-400 AF-S or a new 70-200, I think I may die of excitement. Come on Nikon….

  • Leandro – Brazil

    Nikon D200, D80 and D3 continue in line?

  • I would love to see is a new SB-700 speedlight (same layout i buttons ad SB-900) but 20 – 30% smallere, thath would be a real killer for D5000 D60 D90 users!

    • silverfire

      I agree! A SB-800 with the SB-900’s controls would be great to have.

  • afterdarkernikon

    I am really waiting for the new 70-200 2.8 counting five years from now and maybe claiming that left arm bet..

  • Jack

    Can someone tell me what’s wrong with the current 70-200 AFS VR? I know a number of people who use it and love it with no complaints.

    • RJ

      I’ve had a go with a few in and around shops – one was absolutely fine, one had corners that were ridiculously dark (and I’m not one of these picky people that do tests, it was just really obvious on the LCD) and the other I took a photo of a sign in Calumet, which although being straight looked really bowed in the photo – I just think a new one would be more consistent than this if it was optimized for FX – I’m not on the bandwagon, I have looked myself!!

      • RJ

        By the way this was on my D700

        • Jack

          I see. Maybe the people I know have gotten lucky, although I’m not sure if they shoot DX or FX.

          • RJ

            It’s meant to be absolutely stunning in DX – which makes me believe that actually they probably won’t release a new one at PMA

    • john

      On DX its great. Absolutely as sharp and clear as anything I have ever seen.
      On FX If you ignore the obvious Vignetting (because its an easy fix) the real problem is that right down to F5.6 BOTH SIDES of the frame and all 4 corners are obviously soft at 200mm. I dont shoot walls but problems in images made me do it. I dont mean a bit soft but blurred. So you can see it in a medium sized print. It does it at close focus (if you call 1.5 meters close! Thats another problem). So I tried 2 others. Same. Its also bad in the corners on infinity.

      And it doesent come CLOSE to the unbelievably sharp 14 24 or the 24 70. I expect a replacement to match the quality / family design of those two. It matches them only in the centre half of the frame.

      And thats on a D700.Think what it will be like on a D3x or the next generation of cheaper hi res cameras? The other two new lenses ARE up to that. Across the frame and wide open.

      • RJ

        Yeah I am the same, I have the other two that you mentioned (14-24 and 24-70) and they are stunning, but I just can’t justify that much money on a telephoto that is, frankly, average…

        Needless to say I’m not all that pleased by people saying there won’t be a new one for years!!!

    • On film and DX I love mine. I haven’t seen sample variation. I think more than anything people don’t know how to get the most of their equipment. All the manufacturers feed this problem because as long as people keep buying they can keep releasing updated equipment. Sometimes they address fake issues and sometimes they address real ones. People whine about the 80-400 build and the 70-200 sharpness, but the real problem is often the 12″ behind the camera. The 80-400 is great if you don’t drop it and the 70-200 can be made to take great pictures if you know how to take great pictures.

      • RJ

        I wasn’t whining, I just made the decision not to buy it, as clearly my lesser talent in comparison yours means that photos come out significantly softer than what I would expect from something in that price bracket. I’m glad you love yours, but there is a significant number of people who would agree that it would be good if Nikon released something that was more user-friendly for we simpletons with a more limited knowledge of how to operate a lens.

      • AZ

        I also agree with RJ, that it’s to ones decision to buy this lens or not.
        As far as the 80-400, IMO the problem is not the build quality but the lack of AF-S, I played once with this lens, and the image quality is great (for it’s price range), however, the lack of very fast focusing is irritating, not to mention the fact that You can’t use it on lower models like D40/D60.
        On the other hand I agree with You that it’s not the gear You have, but the skills one posses to take a great picture. For me it’s not a problem if the corners are soft or not, as most of the time the main subject is anyway in the center. But it’s up to ones choice either to wait or not for the release of the new version, which I hope will happen soon.

  • rhlpetrus

    Aren’t you a bit anxious? Well, I AM!!! ;))

  • Anonymous

    This is clearly a sign that they are going to come out with a new D400 with 15 MP, HD Video recording, and w/ built in HDR exposure balancing. Isn’t it obvious?

    • So obvious. Except for one problem. Where the heck are Nikon gonna source a 15mp DX sensor?

  • Jack

    Is this really the right time to release a D400? Considering that DSLR are the closest thing to a dispoable item, lower end seems to be where the money is to be made in these tough economic days. My vote goes for a D5000 or whatever it is called.

    Lenswise… anything is possible but my bet would be in order of probability:

    – a replacement for the 24-120
    – one fast prime replacement, probably a 35 mm f1.4 AF-S,
    – a pair of 70-200 f2.8/f4,
    – a new fish eye lens
    – a technologial announcement about a future 18 mm T/S,


    • Hulk

      Yes, Nikon should release something new to cover the 900-2000 euro range.

      The D90 is a nice sensor in a small amateur body, whereas the D300 is a very nice body with an older sensor.
      People dont want to spend so much money (1400eur) in a D300 which is less appealing in term of IQ , compared to D90. I personally know people waiting for the D400.

      At the end, it would be so much easier for companies and consumers if you upgrade sensors (like with medium format backs).

      • Tom

        Nice idea but a bigger sensor needs a better processor and bus speed or the camera slows down considerably.

  • haha… “Tomorrow Never Dies” …without disillusions

  • Chris

    Don’t know what the regulations are worldwide, but here in the UK you can only claim a product is “new” for 6 months.

    Could be why that’s disappeared.

  • Ken D

    How to make a D40 replacement: Take the existing D40 body, give it a DX slice of the D700 sensor and the firmware & electronics from the D90. You get superb low light performance, flash synch at 1/500, and enough pixels for mortals.

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