New Nikon UK price list is out

The previously reported second price increase in the UK materialized today: here is the latest Nikon UK price list. For comparison, here is the January 2009 price list.

I hope this is the last report in the Nikon price increase chapter.

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  • RJ

    Those prices are bloomin’ ridiculous … £1899 for a 70-200?! If they release a new one that’s gonna be well over £2000!

    How can they justify that when a few months ago it was about £1049?! They aren’t going to make more money they’ll just p**s off people who want/need to buy their equipment. What a joke.

    • Anonymous

      nikon is trying to piss gearheads off. 🙂

  • V Man

    I was lucky I got this lens 6 months ago for like £1,196!! SRC told me the price was gonna go up by a crazy amount but that is nuts!!

    • RJ

      Argh you’re so lucky! Looks like I’m off on safari with a 24-70 as my longest lens – that’ll be interesting ‘if you look at that spec you can just make out an elephant’

      Having said that with the prices the way they are, I could just sell my D700, 24-70 and 14-24 for about £4,000,000 and buy myself an elephant…. Goh that’s so annoying, way to ruin my day/week/holiday

  • Great timing on a price increase by Nikon when the stock market just tanked to 20 year lows. I’m sure there will be tons of buyers right now. Good luck!

  • Anon

    This price increase actually made me buy a 70-200 today. Got it for £1300 and the way things are going will be able to sell it in a year for what I paid for it! I don’t reckon there’ll be a new one soon, why would the price have gone up if it was about to become the ‘old’ model?

  • Anonymous

    D700 is now more expensive compared to the CANON 5D II.

    My choice is done.

    Good bye Nikon

    • Anonymous

      so you’re switching to canon because nikon increased their prices?

      what would you do if canon increase the prices too?

      commit suicide?

      • Anonymous

        hahaha… so true

  • Anonymous

    I was planning to get a D60…. and thought that maybe after PMA the price will somewhat go down. But since the price of 18-55VR has increased, the kit price is also affected. I suppose I’ll stick with my 9 year old Finepix A101..

    • MattM

      If you don’t mind refurbs, I just bought one (2 weeks ago) from a reputable dealer with kit lens for 400. Yes it arrived, with everything, yes it works, and I’ve been shooting/enjoying the hell out of it.


  • Well I guess those of us who bought our gear earlier actually made a good investment. One of the only times a purchase I made went up in value.

  • jettblack

    Has anyone ever done an a price analysis comparing all the different prices in different countries (e.g. US, Japan, UK, etc. )converting the currencies, all to one (say USD) in order to see where the prices are more expensive and where they are least expensive? In other words, is the current pricing the same across all countries, or are some significantly higher than others?

    Also I am thinking that Nikon really does not want EVERYONE to be able to afford their DSLR’s. Maybe this is the way they keep their ‘premium’ brand image up. Not everyone can drive a Porshe. If they did, they might not be worth as much. Just a thought.

    • jon

      “Not everyone can drive a Porshe”..err..did you mean ferrari maybe?

    • Tom

      The cheapest prices have always been in the US (bulk + low duty) and Hong Kong (no duty, free port).

      Europe is a nightmare of high sales tax, high import duty and high retail costs. It’s a great place to sell stuff second-hand on Ebay.

      Funnily enough, every time I’ve been to Japan I’ve found it be more expensive, even after negotiating the 5% sales tax off. It’s a great place to get second-hand stuff though.

      Lenses make great overseas purchases because they have an international warranty but bodies have local-market-only warranties.

    • rwpl

      Such a comparison is pointless – because they will not sell i.e. D3 for cents in a poor country “X” only because its poor. There are diffrences in price but rather coresponding to currency exchange rates variations.

      HK was a paradise for photography equipment buyers – but now its the same as the rest of the world.

      • Anonymous

        I got my D90 on the first day it was available for HK$7,000 (US$900) – that was back in September when it was US$1,000 or more elsewhere. I got the 16-85 at the same time for HK$4,100 (US$525).

        A paradise is a bit of a stretch of the imagination but it is cheap if your shop around, learn to bargain, and learn a little Cantonese.

        Gei ‘chin – ah ? = How much is it ?
        Or m-hai loy-hung ! = I’m not a tourist !

        My Cantonese is rubbish la !

  • Anonymous

    any chance on a third price increase?

  • jcvjcvjcvjcv

    Well, looks like the UK is back as the country with where the stuff is the most expensive, like it has always has been.

    Anyway, admin, don’t call this a Nikon price increase. Nikon really can’t do anything about the GBP dropping in value compared to the JPY.

    Check this graph:

    In August ’08 the GBP was worth around 200 JPY. Now the GBP is worth only 140 JPY. So for Nikon to get the same amount of JPY they would have to increase the price in GBP by 43%!! Offcourse profitmargins of the retailers as percentage could drop while they still have the same absolute amount and offcourse there are local costs, but this huge price increase IS realistic and easy to understand if you follow the exchange rates. Just before new year was THE time to order stuff from the UK, as was summer ’08 THE time to order stuff from the USA, when their dollar was very weak (and the oil very expensive).

    • Tom

      Agreed – not a Nikon-greed price rise but a banker-greed-which-we-all-pay-for price rise.

    • not true in my opinion – if this was because of the GBP/JPY ratio, why did Nikon increase prices in Japan:

      • Ravell

        Also concider that Nikon need to buy quite a bit of raw material and certain parts from suppliers outside Japan, so the exchange rate works in their favour at that point. Plus some of their gear isn’t even manufactured in Japan anyway.

      • Tom

        Economies of scale. They sell less but have the same fixed costs so the price must go up for the same profit margin. It’s basic economics.

        I don’t know why some people seem to have a persecution complex about price changes in a free market economy. It’s just crazy.

      • jcvjcvjcvjcv

        Because the Japanese Central Bank is also printing money, causing inflation (money buys less), so Nikon needs to asks more money, because they need to pay more for the same.

        It’s as simple as that. If I would invent a very cheap way to make gold and that would be scientifically prooved and I would get the privilege to be the only one allowed to produce gold that way and I would announce that I would start mass production, what would happen to the price of gold you think? And what would happen to the price of Nikon gear in expressed in Gold?

        Yes, that’s right. The more gold I would put out, the less an ounce of gold would be worth.

        Now replace the word ‘gold’ with the worth ‘Yen’ , the word ‘I’ with ‘[the central bank]’ and read it again… because that’s what the central banks do. They ‘supply’ money to the market. But simple economics teach us that the more supply of anything, the lower the price of that thing. The same goes for money.

        For those too lazy to look it up themselves:
        At some point people started trading goods. Like ‘I have too much food, can I have some of your tools?’. At same point that became inpractical so we used gold as a universal good to pay others. But then it got more difficult to transport gold safely. So we wrote a paper saying “at anytime you can trade this paper for x ounces of gold with me” so we could simply pay with a paper so we didn’t have to take the gold everywhere. But then people started to never cash those papers and simply use those papers to pay. That’s how money was invented. At any time you could change your paper saying “worth x ounce gold” for x ounce gold.

        But now we have money that isn’t backed by gold. You can’t go to your bank and say: “Here you have your paper, I want my gold.” And what the central banks are doing, is printing (and today the electronic variant of that) money. So you say that they create gold. Now is creating gold simply impossible (it’s not, but creating an ounce of gold costs more than an ounce of gold). So the effect of them ‘creating gold’ is that it’s worth less and less.

        Check the price of gold for example:*&fd=1&fm=1&fy=2000&ld=28&lm=2&ly=2009&y=daily&q=volume&f=png&a=lin&m=0&x=

        This is the price of an ounce of gold in USD over the last eight years. You can cleary see that the printing presses are making overtime at present…

        The check other timeframes, etc.:

        History learns us that sooner or later every soft currency crashes.

        A typical thing to keep in mind: the people that got out of Vietnam when the Americans withdrew took gold and silver with them, not paper money!

        • jcvjcvjcvjcv

          I want to add:

          The bigger we blow the bubble, the harder is the burst. The sooner we stop this inflating, the softer is the crash.

          Those who live beyond their means are destined to leave below their means. This is true for individuals AND for nations. Every nation with a growing national debt is living beyond their means.

          Please think about that when you’re in the voting booth next time. Lower taxes isn’t the holy grail. Inflation is in fact a big tax, but people don’t understand it. The governments print money, they use it first. Your money becomes worth less. Sacrificing short term candy will reward you with a lot more long-term candy.

          • GT

            Just WAIT and see what the corporate world comes out with in the last week of MARCH – its going to be “shocking” and will be the peak of the madness that is “the Financial Crisis”.
            TRUST ME!!!

  • nikonmonster

    lucky i got my 200, 300 and 500mm lens already.

    • GT

      NIK ON this!!

  • Tom

    Hey, the D40 is still listed ! So much for it being deleted around the world. Maybe Ken Rockwell will move to the UK ?

  • Chris P

    The reason for the price increases in the UK is nothing to do with Nikon, blame the man who has been in charge of the economy, and wrecked it since 1997; Gordon Brown. In order to help his friends in the banking sector he has dropped the Bank Rate to its lowest value ever while allowing them to still charge 5-6% interest on mortgages, 9-10% interest on personal loans and 15-16% interest on credit cards. If the Bank Rate was where it should be given our actual condition, around 4%, the £ would be trading at about 200 yen and €1.4.

    • Trevor Nelmes


      Let me see now if I have this right. The pound has fallen against the Yen, hence increase?

      But since falling in January, it is now back to where it was at the start of December, some 13% higher than the low point.

      So, if I have this right. The pound falls against the Yen, prices go up. The pound rises against the Yen, prices go up.

      I don’t think it is Gordo who needs a calculator.

      • Tom

        Oh come on, learn about hedging, please.

        There was one person who could have prevented the credit crunch and the collapse of the sub-prime market that has led to the current situation. He saw and understood what was going on and he had the authority to put the brakes on the Wall Street banks and lenders. He decided to allow the risk and let the market self-regulate. He’s a smart man but this was his one one catastrophic error, which we will be paying for years from now.

        Alan Greenspan.

  • AZ

    I think that now the only one “big” thing the marketing guys at Nikon can do right now is to commit s… To increase prices on a such a high level is like to shoot Yourself in a knee, I’m sooo eager to see how the financial records will look like for this year at Nikon – down the hill baby :). I was going to upgrade my gear this Year, but I guess this can be postponed till someone will understand that making business in the times of crisis is not to increase prices but to establish a long time relation with clients.

  • Jason

    Holy frijoles, these increases are huge!!!! I’ll be sticking with what I’ve got for a looooong time! And can we spare a moment to think of responsible people who save up for things instead of getting them on tick – the people who thought they’d almost have saved up enough by now. My condolences to those guys.

    • theChipmunk

      Yep, ‘those guys’ would be me.

      I originally planned to buy a D300, but decided to go FX (I’m a wide-angle junkie from film)/high ISO and get the D700…just before Christmas I nearly had enough money (and enough for a used one @ around £1200). Christmas came, I got what I wanted this year – money for my DSLR fund.

      What happens? They increase the prices, sending it well out of my reach for another few months. I’d just about reached that a week ago and they increase the prices AGAIN!? I’m having a really bad time down here…

      The whole point of my rant is:

      You other commenters can talk all you like about how reasonable it is for Nikon to raise their prices, but the simple truth is that I physically can’t buy a Nikon full-frame at the moment, so I’m seriously considering buying an older 5D.

      Now, I like Nikon, but if they raise the price any more, regardless of the currencies, regardless of all the other things, they’ve lost a customer.

      That means they’ve lost money because they haven’t sold anything, no matter what the price, and if enough people do that, the company will fail – it’s that simple

      It’s too much for me and galling to see a nearly 50% increase in product prices.
      The most unforgivable detail is the fact that the price doesn’t go down when the currency goes in favour of the GBP…yet the company is ready and eager to pass the negative fluctuations right on down to the consumer.

      (And, yes, I know Canon prices fluctuate as well, but you can get cheap 5Ds at the minute.)


      • Jason

        My condolences – people shouldn’t be penalized for showing a bit of financial self-restraint.

        I’ve just been looking at the website of a UK Nikon retailer who also sells used cameras, lenses etc. (no names!). In one of the all-time great examples of “Sorry folks, but there’s money to be made” they’ve hiked the price of some of their used goods ABOVE what they would have been NEW only a couple of weeks ago. This is just plain profiteering, whatever economic terminology you wrap round it

  • d40-owner

    Here’s a first-hand experience in price comparison.
    I live in Portugal, where Nikon stuff has always cost a lot, prices are stable for a long time.
    Last December I went to the London, I stopped by Grays of Westminster, and I was shocked by the prices. Converting my Euros into Pounds, everything was 40-50% cheaper! After some math, I realized the difference was due to the Pound dropping in relation to Euro and Yen during 2008, but also Nikon UK not updating the prices for a long time.
    After this last price increase, the prices in Pounds are now very similar to the prices in Portugal in Euros, so it kind of makes economical sense.
    UK people still have higher salaries than in Portugal, so in a UK economical reality, stuff is still a bit cheaper in the UK..

    Sucks, though…

  • Anonymous

    The price change across this recent months is also a way of Nikon trying to level the product price gaps between countries and regions in my point of view.

    I live in Hong Kong. Where before the price increase, parallel imported Nikon products greatly dominated the market. These products were selling 10-20% cheaper than official goods at that time, where the parallel importers made profit from buying nikon products from regions which they were sold cheaply. Given that Nikon in Hong Kong and China only offer 1 year warranty to customers, I don’t see any reason why people wouldn’t get a 10-20% discount in giving away a fairly short warranty period. And now their time is over, I have not heard of these cheap imports anywhere anymore.

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