Hard to find lens now in stock

Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X 116 Pro DX Autofocus Lens (Nikon mount) is now in stock at B&H.

I got this lens a month ago and will soon post a review.

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  • This lens is great. Got one last year and just love it. The quality of the shots and the build on this are top notch. If you’re in the market for a DX sized wide, check it out.

  • JC

    yes, I waited like 4 months to get this lens and I love it. There is nothing better in this price range.

  • agree – I am very happy with mine too – I like them wide and open 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I bet you do

    • Johnny Cash

      That’s what she said.


    I was looking at this lens and it looks sweet, but I don’t know about the very small 5mm range. Thanks for the in-stock update.

  • Trent

    Thanks – I just ordered one before Tokina decides to increase their prices as well – this lens was released over a year ago (I think) and it is still hard to find. It will fit perfectly my new D400 next month 🙂

    • Anonymous

      As long as the D400 is DX. 🙂

  • Tom

    I have the 12-24 – I’m v happy with it because it’s sharp, the range is great and it handles flare brilliantly. How well does the Tokina deal with flare ? Thanks for any comments.

  • Tom

    Opps, forgot to say – I have the Nikkor 12-24. The Tokina 12-24 flares too much IMO.

  • bo

    bought this lens…love th lens. The short 5mm range is a short coming, but I nearly always use the lens at the wide end 11mm. The lens is a tad softer at the longer end.

    I did an image comparo here: http://www.boandbro.com/blog/?p=282

  • edwood

    this lens is one of the reasons I’m sticking with DX! I love it
    what’s the FX alternative? Nikon 14-24?
    way too expensive!

    • Sergio

      I got the 18-35 nikkor. I haven’t had too much experience with it, but until now, I have no qualms.

  • chris

    i have Tokina 12-24 about 9 month ago and im loving it. besides the flare… with tokina lens.. u cant do nothing about the flare and ghost.. but im loving it as i said! 11-16 should be great cus its one of the fast lens. highly recommend!

  • Tom

    Don’t you guys mean a 6mm range? 😀

    • jsmyth

      16-11=5 he, he!

      • Justin

        Hmmm… let me count…

        11 – 12 – 13 – 14 – 15 – 16… That’s six according to my math.

        • rick

          With your math, a prime lens has a 1mm zoom range.

          • bo

            well technically you have to factor in crop factor….so it’s really a 5*1.5=7.5mm zoom range

          • Justin C

            You’ve given me something to think about. 🙂

  • I have this lens and it is a great compromise quality/value money.
    f2.8 and sharp, some problems with the sun in the frame.

    I use it in reportage weddings… great!

  • Why is this lens hard to find? Is it an U.S. problem? On amazon.de I can find 15 suppliers, that will send me that lens immediately…

    Maybe it’s the same as with the Wii, the manufacturers ship all of their production to Europe because they can sell it for a higher price here?

  • ace

    I,M waiting for sigma 10-20 f2.8 ,it will show at PMA show

  • Willis

    I managed to get this lens at my local camera store several months ago. I love shooting wide angle shots with it. My only real gripe is that id doesn’t auto-focus on my D40, which means I have to lug around my D80 instead… or manual focus which is actually pretty easy with a wide angle lens.

  • Trevor Nelmes

    I’m loving this lens. Got mine real easy. a friend bought one for his Canon, and when it turned up it was a Nikon mount! I won’t mention the shop (in the UK). They sent him a replacement at a special price and I got the Nikon mount version.

    Just how many other lenses have that push pull AF/MF ring? First one like that for me.

    • bo

      My tamron-70-200 also has that clutch system, which i think have been around for a while….I do actually prefer this over the MA system

      • the clutch system is cool, but the “click” sound will get recorded if you use it for video (on a D90 for example)

    • rick

      Funny. I ordered mine for a Nikon mount and the store mistakenly sent me a Canon mount. By that point the store had already sold out of the Nikon mount, so after sending the mistaken lens back to them I had to wait for the backorder to be fulfilled. Thankfully it was only about a month that I had to wait for it.

      I love this lens.

  • I think about this lens every single day. Since I got the D90 + Manfrotto 190XPROB tripod + 322RC2 ballhead in October, can’t justify spending $600 in the current economic environment, with second kid on the way. However a man can fight the temptation only so much..!!

    • Trevor Nelmes

      You know you have to do it. Sell the kids if you must.

  • MB

    Would be interesting to compare this to Nikon brand new 10-24 in a couple of months, when I get my hands on it. By the way Nikon ultra expensive DX lenses (17-55, 12-24) are going out of production, but don’t tell anyone just yet.

  • Mikael

    What keeps me from this lens is the DX format (I’m using a D300 today, but I definitely see FX in my future) – has anyone used it on an FX camera? Is it just stupid?

    • Willis

      Here’s a quote from Ken Rockwell’s review:

      “Here’s a secret: take off the filter and hood and and this Tokina 11-16mm works reasonably well as wide as 15mm, if you don’t mind softer corners wide-open, on film and FX. Shoot in the Nikon D3’s 5:4 mode and you’re good as wide as 13mm! It also works fine on my F4 film camera: I tried it on Fuji Velvia 50! ”

      So I guess it *can* work at certain focal lengths… Just not at 11mm

    • HA

      I didn’t get this lens, or the 12-24 nikkor for the same reason: FX compatibility. While it is true that you can use it on FX, the soft corners are a downer.

      I recently got my D700 and I’m happy I didn’t purchase the tokina (or any DX wide angle). Otherwise I would have had to settle for 5MP images or soft FX corners. Instead I got the 14-24Nikkor masterpiece. It is flawless on FX.

      • Willis

        Nice! I look forward to one day owning both the D700 and the 14-24. My understanding is that 14mm on FX is wider than 11mm on DX (in terms of degrees of view).

        My game plan is to replace my general purpose lens (the 18-200) with the 24-70 2.8. Then when I have the money I’ll buy the 70-200 (or hopefully an updated version of it). Once I have that in place, I want to move to the D700 as my primary and use my old DX camera w/ the zoom for a tele.

        Then I can grab a 14-24… its only $8K away lol. In the mean time, I’ll be using the still very good tokina 11-16. Even with my dream set-up, I’ll still use the 11-16 for shoots where I have to worry about water \ dust \ other stuff getting on my lens because the 14-24 doesn’t take filters.

      • Mikael

        I’ve got the 14-24 and I love it. The benefit w/ the Tokina though, is it’s size – the 14-24 is big and heavy. But I think I will have to pass on it. Maybe go for a wide FX prime instead.

        • HA

          yes it is big. yes it is heavy. But belive me, it is as good as they say it is. Revewers say it is decades ahead, and it is!. It is a lot beter than the 14mm prime from nikon and 14mmL from canon. And it’s a zoom!

          If you can afford it, and image quality trumps weight, get it. no regrets here.

          I know for a fact the 14-24 is easily out resolving my 12MP 700. I imagine that 24MP bodies will show what this lens can do and put to shame anything else.

          If nikon would update the 70-200 to the same level of excellence as their 14-24 and 24-70…I’d be the first in line to order.

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