Nikon D400 – the real deal?

I know this could be fake too... modified D300?

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  • Juergen

    Obviously it is a photoshopped Nikon press photo of the D300, see

    • Jon Paul

      I think you’re right, Juergen. Even the bumps in the finish are in identical spots. Good eye!

      • Juergen

        it*s obvious – simply save the Nikon press photo, reduce it to 50 percent size (e.g. in Photoshop reduce the width size from 1600 to 800 or the height from 1200 to 600 pixels) and re-save into a new folder. Now save the “D400” photo into the same folder and use a picture viewer to switch back and fourth these two photos…
        Also deeper into EXIF one can see some things like the “d400” photo is also shot with a Phase One P45 (like the D300 press photo) – or that the source of the original of the “D400” photo dates back to June 8th 2007…

    • Sindre

      Well spotted! It certainly is.

      Kudos =]

  • Willis

    Looks legit to me. If this isn’t the D400 I hope it looks just like this.

  • Mike

    I agree, looks real. Odd about the live view button as it’s on the shot selector on the D300. But like the D90, live view is on the body and a quick press of the OK button and you’re recording video. D400 with HD video?

  • As Juerger and John Paul report above, every speckle on the two photos are identical. So this is a photoshoped D300 photo. While I would expect very few changes in the body between D300 and D400, it is obvious this photo is a fake. Still hope to hear “real” info about the D400 in the next couple of weeks. Likewise lenses! Especially updates for 80-400 and 300 F4 (a 400 F4.5 would be great as well)!

  • Juergen and Jon Paul: I apologize for the misspellings!

  • Nothing like being busted by the first reply in the comment section 😉

    Good eye, Juergen.

  • S10

    i only want s10 successor

    • tai

      I’m excited about the d400/d700x, and may well buy one, but yeah, a S10 successor would be great. Bigger sensor and manual controls would completely make my day. S10 remains my P&S of choice.

  • Anonymous

    yes, it is obviously photoshopped, but even just thinking about it… I mean, I don’t think Nikon will ever put a dedicated live view button on a pro camera..


    it’s fake.

    The play and emtey buttons are always next to each other on the new cameras D300, D700, D3, D3x. Also no info button and I’m sure this would have the same type of CF door as the D700.

  • Tom

    It seems rumors are growing about a D400 – so it’s not a question of if but when ? PMA ? Add a D60 replacement, SB600 upgrade and two lenses (35 f1.8 and 85 f1.4 ?) and I’m sure most of us will be very pleased….

    • Not those of us (and from various forums, there are a lot) that are looking for upgrades to the 80-400, and 300 F4, and those looking for an update to the 70-200. There are many differing groups, each with their own lens wish list!

      • Tom

        Yep, my wishlist is different too. But two bodies and two lenses is progress and that’s as much as I hope for. No lenses and one body is bad news.

  • Ravell

    I’ll make this easy, see this gif here where the D300 press photo is overlayed onto this one… Identical!

  • Do we need a D400 ?
    More megapixel … more money to spend…

  • Digitalux

    Reminds me of the comments here:

    also “fake” and “photoshopped” so I wouldn’t bet the D400 is a fake…

  • snorri

    You know, this site would be a heck of a lot more interesting if the admin did what the admin of a rumor site should do: a bit of research before posting a rumor. It’s ridiculously easy to debunk this fake with just the click of a button if you use an image search engine like TinEye, as I’ve mentioned twice before now. No, I’m not in any way affiliated with them, and I’m sure there are more ways to do this than this one, but for dog’s sake, use one of them already. In this case, you will find more than 100 copies of this image, but without the photoshoppings and clearly marked as D300’s.

    — snorri

    • Who am I to decide what’s real and what’s fake – I preffer to post it and start a discussion: few thousand eyes see better than two.

      • snorri

        I’m sorry, but that is a pretty weak excuse.

        1. Would you accept this excuse from a newspaper that routinely reports false statements without checking them? Of course not, it’s their job to do that research, otherwise I’m better off without reading that paper altogether.

        2. As admin, you should be interested in keeping your site interesting. If there is a way to make it more interesting with minimal effort from your side, can there be any reason not to do it?

        The point of a rumor site is not spreading the rumors themselves, but collecting knowledge about them, so readers can judge their credibility. This is where people go to to find information about rumors they heard on some forum somewhere. Recognizing fakes that are as easy to bust as the one above should not user generated content.

        You may think you’re generating traffic that way, but in the long run, you aren’t. You are just creating doubt in your competence on the topic and commitment to the site.

        — snorri

        • snorri-

          You’re argument comparing this site to a newspaper is fundamentally flawed because, and get this, you’re comparing this site to a newspaper. This site and a newspaper are only tangentially related in respects to their main objective and the kinds of things they do. This site is entertaining to me. You know why that is? Because it’s entertainment. If I wanted Nikon news then I’d go to Nikon for it.

          This is, and I don’t know how many times someone has to say this, Nikon Rumors. Not, Nikon Accurate Predictions of the Future.

          I’m not sure why you think the admin doesn’t already sort through a number of plausible or implausible rumors before posting the most interesting of either category. He does.

          Nikon Rumors does a good job at what it’s here to do, and that’s post entertaining rumors. It’s not the Nikon Gospel, and I seriously doubt any intelligent person reading here would take it as such. Sometimes they’re spot on, and with the D700 and the D3x, rumors similar to what we are seeing now were wide ranging and ridiculous, but they slowly whittled away into more or less what we got in the end, which is most likely the case with the D400.

          So, relax, enjoy fantasizing about what’s next from Nikon, but do try to take the site for what it is, as opposed to what you’d like it to be. It’s not suddenly going to turn up advanced perfectly accurate knowledge of an upcoming body or lens without being a subsidiary of Nikon or getting a tester to violate some serious legal clauses in their contract.

          • snorri

            > you’re comparing this site to a newspaper
            Yep, I noticed that. Newspapers report, this site reports. Newspapers are supposed to know a bit about what they’re reporting, and so is this site.

            I’m not asking for investigative journalism, mind you. But it’s really so simple to debunk these fake images that it really hurts the reporters reputation when he reports them without pointing out there’s obviously a 99.9% chance they’re fake.

            I’m not “sh*tting on the admins head”, as someone put it rather bluntly (I assume that was aimed at some other poster). I’m glad this site exists. But the way I see it, it should exist in a way that we can point noobs here to show them how to deal with this sort of information, so the senseless rumor threads on dpreview dry out. The way it is now, this site _creates_ senseless rumor threads in forums: Any time one of these pics is posted here, you can bet it will be a matter of minutes before someone will have posted it there. Sure, the backlinks create traffic on nikonrumors, which is fine when you have sponsor banners. But in the long run, it affects how people see this site. It is already becoming hard to take it seriously.

            If I want rumor discussions in the form they work here, I can stay on the dpreview forums without missing anything.

            — snorri

        • papirin

          1. This is not a newspaper is a RUMOR ( Definition= a currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth) site, the Adim doesn’t have to research anything if any one wants facts about Nikon products please enter to

  • How about a poll- Which would people rather have? A D400 (~14 MP) or a D700X?

    I love my DX gear for adventure photography, especially considering how much light-weight ass the 12-24 kicks compared to the monstrous 14-24. But for my WORK, (not landscape) …I need a $2000 used D700. And for REAL landscape, well, the D3X sensor just about owned every other sensor on the market, 35mm AND medium format. So I hate to say it but new DX bodies are of less interest to me, for the first time ever…


  • Mike

    What’s all this bad feelings towards Admin? If this site was called ‘Nikon Truths, and Facts’, then you would be justified in crapping on the Admin’s head. This a rumour site, where rumours of impending products from Nikon are accumulated and presented. If you want facts, go to the official Nikon site. If photoshopped pictures cool your Nikon woody, then just wait until official releases to get excited. Good grief. The admin of this rumor site is do what his mandate is… to post rumours. Most of us have enough brains to acknowledge that certain photographs of rumoured products are fake. This site is great, I check it daily, but take everything with a grain of salt. Nothing is fact until Nikon says it’s fact.

  • Michael

    I agree with Mike. If you can’t act like an adult why don’t you just stay away. This is not a children’s forum. If this were my blog I would have shut it down long ago. The admin does a great job. It is easy to sit back and criticize and not be constructive. This does not help this community or any other. I work with children at church and they act like adults much more than many here on this site.

    Enough is enough. Please at least act like adults, we don’t find you amusing.

  • Mikael

    Agree with Mike & Michael above. On both counts – this is a rumor site and I check it daily.

    In addition to that, as was pointed out by Juergen above, sometimes even the official photos are photoshopped, so even the TinEye check may not be valid.

  • so

    I visit this site regularly too but don’t read most of the stuff because quite frankly most of the posted stuff is obviously fake. I also feel that like, there should be a way to say which rumor is more credible and which one is not. I appreciate the fact the NR admin goes through a lot of pain to post stuff daily but without even reading most of the posted stuff, I can tell you it is fake.

    Yes some people enjoy credible rumors while others enjoy just about anything but this site is moving in the direction of “just about anything”. If that is what the admin and other people want, fine with me but to make it a more credible rumor site the admin will have to at least see what is obviously fake and what is not.

    • Agree with the all of the above comments – I cannot make anybody happy, but I can try to make the majority of the readers happy. I have done few polls & surveys in the past and I am using those results as a guideline on what to post. Many readers wanted to have other Nikon related news besides rumors and this is what I am doing. 95% of the post are very brief and this is done on purpose – even if it is a fake picture, it will take no longer than 30 seconds of your time to see it and make up your mind. I am not here to say what is fake and what is real, I just present the info I find. On few occasions nobody wanted to believe the rumors and then they turned out to be true – remember the D700?
      So, if you don’t like a certain post, consider all other readers and remember that I took only 30 seconds of your time. It’s not all that bad, right?

      • snorri

        Look at it this way: Suppose someone decides to open another Nikon rumor blog. He does the same thing you do — collect all the rumors found in the forums — plus one thing: he spends five minutes more to do just a bit of research on the rumor. He could simply do what I suggested and look for originals of possible fakes on the internet, for example.

        Based on that, with the above image, he would report the rumor and add “This alleged D400 image is obviously a photoshopped version of this D300 image. Decide for yourself whether it is credible anyway.” That would mean no prejudice, and the entertainment value would be the same, but the information value would definitely be hither than that of your post.

        Given the choice between these two blogs, which would readers prefer? You have to keep in mind you’re not offering a product that is particularly hard and/or illegal to copy … this is why I think that, in the long run, your strategy is not the best one.

        But I’ll shut up now. It’s your site, I made my point, no sense in repeating it!

        — snorri

        • Snorri, I do agree and if you notice the text of the post, it says exactly that – “possibly a ps D300”

  • Anthony
  • Fake or not, I’d love to have a tactile, separate button in the middle of the d-pad though. The current D300 makes that button a tough-press and I’m always messing with my focus points. gah.

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