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Nikon D3x is good (from Chase Jarvis and others)

Update: this is how Chase answered my question on the noise level issues: “I didn’t experience any unjust noise at 800 with properly exposed images. 1600 even looked nice. I ultimately might be willing to shoot the D3 at higher ISO than the D3x, but that’s really transcending what the D3x is meant for… Compared […]

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Nikon price increase in Germany official

Translation (thanks J): Price trend Nikon Germany announces drastic price increases 2009-01-28 Nikon GmbH, Düsseldorf, today informed their trade partners in Germany that “because of the serious changes in currency exchange rates” (presumably meant are those of the Yen against US-Dollar resp. Euro) the dealer buying prices will be raised, taking effect on February 1st […]

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Nikon D3x noise levels again

I was researching further the D3x noise issue and I came across this test from popphoto. I do not know how the tests were performed, but here is a comparison between the noise levels of Nikon D3, Nikon D3x and Canon EOS 5D Mark II: the Canon seems to be better than the D3x at […]

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Nikon D3x problems?

Thom Hogan (from all people) got a defective Nikon D3x: “the original camera I received was sub-par in more than one way”. His main complain were the noise levels. He got a replacement and this trigger him to even re-write his D3x review. It seems that other people experienced D3x problems as well (according to […]

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Official: Sigma to raise prices on February 1st

Here was the rumor, and here is the official press release from Sigma: Sigma UK Press Release Sigma increase prices due to the exchange rate. It’s a very long time since prices in the photo/imaging market increased. Cameras and lenses fell in price until they offered incredibly good value for money. In times of recession […]

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Nikon SDK

This is just a follow up on the previous post: the Nikon Software Development Kit (SDK) that was used for the D700 video capture can be downloaded @ If you are a software developer, you can probably create some cool stuff with it – drop me a line if you do.

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Nikon D700 with video recording

Yes, it is possible and I don’t mean this solution:  

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Nikon news recap

Here are the Nikon related news from the past few days: In the next 4 days Chase Jarvis will provide a play-by-play coverage of his first assignment with the Nikon D3x – you can follow him here. You know that this is going to be good! At the same time the price of the Nikon […]

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