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Nikon PDK-1 – let the power be with you

Update: I guess I missed this product release – it has been available in Europe for few months now (still not available in the US or Canada). A reader emailed me this link – a new product from Nikon currently only available in Germany and few other European countries. The PDK-1 is basically a power […]

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Nikon F6 still in production according to Nikon Germany

There was a rumor a month ago that Nikon will stop producing the F6 model. According to this forum entry, Nikon Germany made an official statement (no link provided) that the Nikon F6 will stay in production. Quick Nikon F6 inventory check: B&H is out of stock, Adorama does not have it listed at all […]

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Possible Nikon D400 spy shot

Update: I got some more details from the people that took that picture (see the comments section) – it was taken on January 20th in Washington DC during the inauguration of now president Barack Obama. So, we know at least the picture is legit. As already mentioned in the post, this could be the D300 […]

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Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8D G-AFS ED-IF lens a clearance item?

J&R is listing the Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8D G-AFS ED-IF lens as a “Clearance Item: Limited Availability”: This label was not there last week. I will call J&R tomorrow and see if I can get some info. You can do the same thing and then we will compare notes: J&R Item # NKN 70-200/2.8 Tel: 1-800-426-6027

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D400 – is there anyBODY out there?

I know there is someone out there with a D400 prototype in their hands. PLEASE SEND US A SIGN! (just like with the D90). Maybe a small leak from Nikon? On ways to send anonymous tips click here. We are all listening…

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Sigma also to raise prices

Here is the rumor, and few online stores already raised their prices: B&H now sells the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 EX DC HSM Lens for $439 (was $399). It seems that Amazon still has the old prices – the above lens sells for $375. Consider yourself warned.

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Sony A800 with 15.2MP sensor at PMA?

Sony A800: 15.2Mpx APS-C CMOS Exmor “R” sensor ISO 100-12.800 6.5 frame per second New high speed flash sync 9 double cross f/2.8 AF sensor (23 total AF sensor) New metering and AF sensor with tracking and previous focus Dual AF Ultra-Speed motor (?) Wi-Fi built-in Will be announced on PMA09 and launch on April […]

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Nikon got a black dot problem as well?

I missed that in today’s firmware releases. And nobody noticed it before? “An issue that, in extremely rare cases, resulted in noticeable black dots in images captured with Long exp. NR in the shooting menu set to On has been resolved.” Via Slashgear

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