Sigma also to raise prices

Here is the rumor, and few online stores already raised their prices: B&H now sells the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 EX DC HSM Lens for $439 (was $399). It seems that Amazon still has the old prices - the above lens sells for $375. Consider yourself warned.

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  • northy

    since the prices of everything are going up, does it mean i can sell my gear at marginal profit? 😀

  • Bob Siegel

    I just got a Sigma 150-500 from Adorama for the old price of $879. B&H and some other sellers already are charging $979 for the Bigmos..

  • Time to start selling gear!

  • Jason

    . . . or time to be thankful that you shelled out for a 500mm/f4.5 last week when Jessops (in the UK) had it priced at a thieves’ bargain!

    You’re probably a better salesman than I am, and you’d have to be to turn a profit with buying Sigma lenses this week and trying to sell them on eBay next week – with one or two exceptions, Sigma re-sale values aren’t as good as those of pro Nikkors

  • Nikon Fan

    Who cares about Sigma! You can’t polish a turd!

    • Jason

      Nikon fan (aren’t we all?) – Sigma makes one or two lovely lenses, although their quality control sometimes lets a duff example through to the shops. The 150mm/f2.8 macro is a masterpiece of sharpness, for instance.

  • derek

    Damn, the price of Nikon 77mm Filter has raised from $77 to $97 in BH and is Backordered.

    • derek

      forgot to mention it’s 77mm NC Filter

  • Bruno

    With all due respect to “Nikon Fan,” this Sigma lens is a jewel. I’ve found it very useful for available light indoor photography with my D90. The lens produced some excellent shots. I did, however, get a few dog shots because of the narrow depth of field at f/1.4. So I shot mostly at f/2. It didn’t behave like a Nikon lens when attmpting to manually override the focus, but it was a minor irritation.


    everything is going up in price. something we have to live with.

  • JJR

    The Sigma 30mm HSM couldn’t take one good picture on my D40. I had one with the bad front focusing problems.

  • MB

    When Nikon finally releases Nikorr 10-20 mm in a couple of months that will definitely put Sigma out of wide lenses market (they discontinued every other lens in that category). And if Sigma continues to raise prices and lowers quality, as they are doing now, it will put them out of business for good!

    • Jason

      Is the Nikkor 10-20mm a “real” rumour or speculation on your part? Sources, my friend, we need sources . . .

      • MB

        It will be 10-24 mm, rumor or not. Wait and see.

        • tell us more, don’t stop here – email me if you want to remain anonymous

          • MB

            Nothing more to add to this, really, just Nikons logical answer to Sigma and Canon success in wide angle APS-C zooms. Something similar to Tamron SP AF10-24mm F/3.5-4.5 Di-II LD Aspherical [IF] (now when I think about it maybe to similar). I’ve shouldn’t have mentioned any of this but there you have it.

  • Max

    Is the price change caused by exchange rate change other than anything else?

  • Daf

    Recently got a trade price quote on some kit (Canon + Sigma lens) for work from one of the main British retailers. Was advised :

    We will try and hold the prices however Canon and other suppliers Liked Sigma have advised that they will be increasing their prices from The 1st February so if the current stock levels need replacing we will have To re-quote

  • UAU! Let’s shopping!

  • Daf


    Sigma Press Release

    “As retailers strive to beat the price increase deadline, we have seen tremendous growth in sales in January and as a result our warehouse is very low on stock. Whilst the prices of Sigma products will increase on 1st February, it may be possible for customers to purchase from their local retailers at the original prices for a limited period as long as stocks last.”

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