D400 – is there anyBODY out there?

I know there is someone out there with a D400 prototype in their hands. PLEASE SEND US A SIGN! (just like with the D90). Maybe a small leak from Nikon? On ways to send anonymous tips click here.

We are all listening...

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  • Jørgen

    Well Barack Obama is the 44th president. That number consist of two 4’s. I guess that is a sign that we will get a D400 soon.

  • n/a

    To hell with new bodies…Let’s get some new/updated lense with AF-S and VR. Like a new 80-400mm, 300mm f/4, etc. Canon has them, son should Nikon. Come on Nikon !!!

    • Nikkorian

      how bout a new 17-55 2.8 DX: more lightweight and compact, but with VR, and heaps cheaper 😀

      OR: AF-S 40-160 2.8 VR DX

      OR: AF-S 10-20 2.8 DX

      OR: AF-S 30 1.4 DX

      • Nikon Fan

        That is a nice wish list, but I do not think that they are going to produce anymore pro level DX lenses. I could be wrong, but based on the past several years, it appears to be going to pro level FX lenses. There has not been a pro level DX lens for several years now.

        There will of course continue to be more consumer DX lenses. The AF-S VR 16-85mm DX lens is a nice lens, but it has variable apperture.

      • Nikon Fan

        You are right though about more quality lenses. I think alot of people would like updates to many if not all of their prime lenses to AF-S.

        • Nikkorian

          Hmmm, you’re probably right. Too bad though, because I don’t like variable aperture. I love DX though because it opens up the possibility of compact and lightweight lenses. These properties I prefer over a sensitivity improved by one f-stop OR twice the resolution. Guess I’ll have to rely on Sigma then who are the only ones offering a proper ultrasonic ring AF.

      • Since FX format lenses cover DX it makes sense to make any low-volume lens series FX only. With photosite pitch of D3x setting resolution target for FX, that should be enough for 12 MP DX sensors.

        Of course some wide angle and zoom lenses (like 17-55 or 10/2.8 fisheye) have to specifically designed for DX.

    • DNHJR

      I hear you. Nikon does need to stop with all the new camera bodies and work on lenses that people want. Nikon really needs more options, like an f/4 line of lenses for people who don’t want f/2.8 or f/3.5-5.6 lenses. It would be nice if we had more options.

  • Michael

    It would be nice to have a sign. Maybe Nikon has tightened the screws on people and are strictly enforcing their NDAs? It seems that some folks have been a little loose on those lately, maybe Nikon has decided to lean on them heavy from the legal department.

    I guess we will see, a hint would be nice though…

    • ShizzzA

      You know, sometimes it seems like info leaks are a part of Nikon’s market policy…
      There traditionally appears some info, so I hope it’ll come out soon =)

  • Roger

    Then again, I was talking to a Nikon feild rep who hadn’t heard of the D400 but did mumble something about a D700x.

  • Shivaswrath

    I’m hoping for some updated primes – the 50mm 1.4G has been an awesome collection to my film and DX body; I’m praying for a 35mm 1.4G/28 1.4G/24mm 1.4G. All in the $400-500 range?!

    If the D400 or D700 does come out, then it’ll help lower the bar for entry users and maybe we’ll see the D90 in the $700 range, the D300 in the <$1000 range, and the D700 in the $1500 range. One can dream. . .

    • DNHJR

      Sorry, but wideangle f/1.4 lenses for $400-$500 will never happen. All of Canons WA f/1.4 lenses are well over $1000. Nikon’s 28mm f/1.4D was about $1800 when it was new.

  • Mike

    I don’t think Nikon will make any 40-165 DX lenses like that. I spoke with a Nikon technical rep at a show in early ’08 who said “we don’t do weird lenses like that”. I guess it’s up to Tokina and Sigma to give us the 50-135 and 50-150 DX lenses respectively. Also, a dealer I saw recently quoted his Nikon rep that they were working on a D800 (vs D700x). X usually means a bump in megapixels, and new name means something is fundamentally different… D700 + 24mp + HD video = D800? I’m indifferent about video, but it’s a cool feature to have if/when needed. I never use BKT, but it’s there as a hold over from film if I need it. We will never see a rush of revamped prime lenses…. Nikon will always trickle out lens releases. I would love to see more constant f/4s. Right now they only have 2: 12-24 and 200-400 VR. Somewhere in between would be nice.

    • Nikkorian

      Why would he call them 50-150 weird? On FX, the 70-200 2.8 are standard!

    • n/a

      Especially since Canon is kicking Nikon’s a$$ in the long prime tele area of f/4 with IS at about the same cost of a Nikon w/o VR or AF-S. For example, 100-400 f/4-5.6 USM IS vs 80-400 f4-5.6 AF VR (no AF-S) and also 300mm f/4 USM IS vs 300mm f/4 AF-S (no VR).

      Those 2 lens updates alone would have a substantle impact on Nikon sales. Let’s Go Nikon !!!!

  • ken rocky

    Please I want lenses!

    Nikon I know you are reading this one!

    1. 70-2000 VR II 2.8 AFS
    2. 85 1.4 AFS
    3. 17-55 2.8 AFS

    Release them!!!!!

    • Chris

      The Nikon 17-55 is already out. lol

      • shore is

        Yeah, I already have the 17-55, but I’d love a 70-2000!

    • Michael

      Will they work on D40 or disposable fujifilm cameras?

    • Rocky IV

      1. 70-2000 VR II 2.8 AFS

      Wow! I’d like a 2000mm f/2.8 lens, too; unfortunately, I’ll need to buy a larger vehicle than my Prius to transport it.

      Seriously, I agree: a 70-200 VR II f/2.8 AFS would be a very wise move for Nikon. The lens needs an update; it’s a very popular lens. I shot basketball last weekend; it’s a ‘go-to’ lens for action in the near-court.

    • Rocky IV

      An addendum:

      I agree: an update to the 85mm f/1.4 would be fantastic; it’s such a useful portrait lens; it, too, is in need of an update; and it, too, is a popular lens.

      • Lardinio

        I have been told by a source in Nikon that there will be no 85/1.4 update this year.

  • luke

    My wish about new lenses:
    35G f/1,4 FX
    85G f/1,4 FX
    24G f/1,4 FX
    135G f/1,8 FX
    24-70G VR f/2,8 FX
    16-35G f/2,8 FX (the 14-24 cannot use PL! Scandal … typical focals for landscapes and no PL!)
    80-200G VR f/4 FX (cheap please!)
    100-300G VR f/5.6 FX (cheap please!)

    that’s it!

    • Lardinio

      Why would you want a 100-300/5.6 VR when the 70-300/4.5-5.6 VR works very very on FX bodies??

  • Nikkorian

    haha, the d400 thread has complete turned into a lens wish list 😀

  • JohnnyPhD

    Do not anger Thom Hogan!!!1!! He will crush you!!

  • ken rocky

    We will say this over and over and I hope Nikon will finally listen!

    People will tend to buy new lens than buy a new disposable D400 camera

  • My biggest hope for PMA is for lenses, with following preferences:
    replacement for 80-400
    replacement for 70-200
    replacement for 300 F4
    possible 400 F4.8 (allows use of 1.4x)

    However, if they really use the new backlit sensor and can maintain or improve ISO with the extra pixels, then I will jumpon a D400 as well!

  • Jap Jelly

    I heard on https://www.nikonrumors.com that there is a rumor for a d400


    Well sorry if Mr. Thom Hogan gets angry. But everything “IS” a “RUMOR” intill Nikon says other wise.

  • Nikon Corp.

    Ok, top secret info on the way.

  • fotomatt

    That 70-2000 f/2.8 would be awesome (literally: it would induce awe) but I’d settle for a “weird” 50-1500.

  • MB

    Really guys,

    This is ridiculous. This is called Nikon rumors, not Nikon dream about. I am, for example, dreaming about 16-55 f/2.8 DX without VR that would make perfect lens for what I am doing, but there are no plans or rumors about that on a horizon, so why mumbling. And, if we are talking about D300 replacement (aka D400); there is nothing to suggest it will happen in a near future (as in 6 months from now), so how do we expect to see any BODY now? D60/D40 replacement is all that is really happening soon, and that’s it, happy dreaming.

    • Nikkorian

      So you dream of 1mm difference (i.e. 16-55 instead of the existing 17-55)? Gosh, that’s a very modest dream. I wouldn’t even call it a proper dream :-p

      What would we need a D40/60 replacement for? I’m happy with mine. Of course, if they would like to put a remote flash control into it, the D90 sensor, a bracketing feature and an aperture preview button plus some more buttons on the body for direct control… I might reconsider 😀

      • Nikkorian

        I definitely do NOT need any liveview, video recording, or other marketing ruebish like that.

  • Anonymous

    i hear some saw nikon camera look similar to d300 but black tape around names in washington DC few days ago

    • This is interesting. Hopefully someone will be able to snap a picture of it.

    • shore is

      Many people do this to obscure the value of their equipment. The problem is it draws more attention.

  • I just want a 70-200 f/4 for 500$ like the Canon dudes … Please?!

  • Logan

    I’m considering a D300 in the spring but interested in what the D400 looks like if launched shortly. Hoping for a PMA launch but I won’t hold my breath.

    Besides if I buy a D300 and the D400 is not to market until the end of the year I might just have to make the D300 my lowly backup camera… now that would be a shame 😉

  • Crabby

    There will certainly be a D400 out by early fall based on Nikon’s two-year cycle for DX camera bodies. I agree with Thom Hogan: its price will go up a bit. At that point, one D400 will cost the same as two D300’s or one D300 with a thou’ in lenses, flashes, or whatever. I don’t care about video, Live View isn’t very important, and the D300’s sensor makes plenty big enlargements and is sensitive enough for my needs. With the economy still being somewhere between awful and horrible by then, I don’t expect the D400 to sell all that well. Waiting for the D500 will really make a lot of sense.

  • Yes it is slow and yes I am begging – this is how I get the good stuff. Now my question is why are you so concern about my business? If you want to make a donation – here is the link:


  • Tony M

    If there is a 15 MP DX sensor out there it would rather make sense that Nikon would introduce a D300X, a D90X and a D60X based on it.
    Can’t see that there’s anything wrong with these cameras other than an MP upgrade (if even that was necessary)?
    D3 went to D3X ….
    In a recession people don’t have the bucks to buy new cameras at higher prices so sales will be lean. Therefore just upgrade what Nikon has and offer greater ‘value for money’ to maintain sales at some sort of acceptable level and consolidate.
    My guess is that Nikon users want new lenses above new cameras and would be more enticed into buying a better or additional lens for their arsenal.

  • Erik Ehrling

    I think there would be a market for a small body with a full-frame sensor (not bigger than the analog F75 body, but with the same 12mp sensor as the D700).

    Erik Ehrling (Sweden)

  • alex

    to all people who don’t know anything about nikon: “x” = 2x res
    there will never be a d90x or d60x or d300x with 24mp on dx format

    now thom hogan just like ken roswell loves website traffic. that’s how he gets paid and sells his books. he also can be seen 24/7 on dpreview forum starting flame threads.

    ignore anything on his website related to his general opinion about nikon. it’s a waste of time.

    • Tony M

      D40X = 10 MP
      D40 = 6 MP
      D40X 2* D40

      • Tony M

        Sorry ‘not equals’ does not work.
        Last line should read D40X not equal 2 times D40 (resolution)

  • chris
    • Snaek

      thats a d300

      • chris

        explain why

  • Snaek


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