Nikon F6 still in production according to Nikon Germany

There was a rumor a month ago that Nikon will stop producing the F6 model. According to this forum entry, Nikon Germany made an official statement (no link provided) that the Nikon F6 will stay in production.

Quick Nikon F6 inventory check: B&H is out of stock, Adorama does not have it listed at all on their website (maybe I missed it?) and Amazon is selling it for $3,737.99. Interesting.

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  • Pablov

    A question out of topic (sorry), but this Film camera reminded me something that I can not check by myself, and someone can tells based in his/her own experience:

    I have very hard health problems in both eyes (no solution worldwide so far) that make me very difficult to see small numbers or letter, and that’s why my concerns about this:

    Regarding the Image size when viewing trough the viefinder, and the INFO Displayed inside: supposing you are using the same lens in a D3 and D700:

    – Is there any difference in magnification of the image you see through the viewfinder? I have never seen through a D3, but I did check a D700

    I also compared the D700 with my old film F-801 (N8008) and my film camera has a bit larger viewfinder field (in the specs the F801 says: VF magnification: 0.75X , coverage 92%).
    ALSO the information displayed below the frame is more clear in F801 (less info, but larger) than in the D700

    – I had to discard a DX format DSLR due to the small Viewfinder field, despite it says the same magnification level (but I suppose it refers to the sensor’s size, isn’t it?) I can not read any info inside it.

    Any help? Thanks a lot in advance, and sorry for the question.

    • Pablov

      no one can tell how a D3 Viewfinder compares to a D700 viefinder (regarding to magnification of the frame, the magnification of info displayed, the Size of the Frame Field Appearance) ?

      in simple words: do you see the viewfinder bigger in a D3 than D700 or just very similar, or smaller?


      • Chris

        The D3 viewfinder is 100% and the D700 is not (98%?). IMHO there’s not much difference between the two. The display of information as well as the brightness is the same for both.
        I checked this with 24-70/2.8 on both.

        • Pablov

          Chris, thanks a lot for your answer.
          Much appreciated

  • Kill Digit Al

    This is an amazing new camera – I could really see this being the final nail in the coffin of digital… I mean think about it – for example, no dust on the sensor because the ‘sensor’ is replaced every single time an image is taken.

    Digital is finally over… these years of wastage… Long live the king… long live film! (which is NOT analogue incidentally as everyone keeps writing – you wouldn’t understand the scientific reason why so just trust me on this).

    • HaHaHa

      Ken . . . is that you?

    • Lester

      Yeah, but I do remember getting scratches on the film from somewhere in the camera or film cassette. That was never any fun. Always seem to happen on the important jobs that were rushed.

  • The official Nikon Japan “discontinued” page does not yet show F6, but then again the “discontinued digital” page doesn’t show the D80 yet either.

  • Kill Digit Al

    No, I am way more entertaining than Ken! Must confess that I often find myself agreeing with him though – cut through his many opinions and his knowledge is sound. The trouble is (though this is what makes him such a great read) people don’t and so take everything verbatim.

    I would take an F6 over a D3/D3x/D700 though. That is a real camera!

    • HaHaHa

      He knows that contraversy sells.

      this means clicks, which in turn means the advertising $$$ comes in

      he is actually being quite clever about it 😉

      I personally prefer digital but I’m very aware that there is a place for film too.

    • Anonymous

      I see your grainy (albeit atmospheric) 3200 and raise you a clean and wonderfully useable 3200.

  • NikonMan

    These cameras are made in batches which are then sold through from stock.

    The AF system & AE processing etc in F6 is based on that in D2.

    I imagine that it would be more fiscally sensible to use parts from D3/D700 (if posssible) and call it the F7 rather than to continue making obsolete parts for only one low volume camera

    • Erik Ehrling

      F7 announced at PMA? 🙂

      • NikonMan

        Pure speculation on my part.

        However, unless they have stock of the parts on hand, I can’t see that it would be financially practable to make a batch of silicon components for just the volume of F6.

        If (yes I said IF) they can “shoe horn” the AF sensor from D3/D300/D700 into the F6 body (or a similar body) it would make more financal logic, equally the processing for the light meter (I know the sensor is the same but the processing is new in D3/D300/D700).

        Pure speculation on my part based on an understanding of batch manufacturing techniques. It is easiest to make an affordable low volume product by reusing as many parts as possible from your existing high volume products.

  • MB
    • Vlad

      I do appreciate a camera that doesn’t require batteries, even if it does require film.

  • MB

    By the way, cute smileys. The one I got looks exactly like me. Only I am not that square.

  • dan

    I’ve heard they’re using the new FX format for these film cameras now.

    • Sarté

      true, they come with a brand new full frame chip every shot

  • john

    Imagine it would be nice if there is a F7 that have a 3 inch LCD screen frm the D3 where you could preview your pics … ie image preview, menus, etc… but it loads film at the back.. think about it.. best of both world!

  • ace

    Nikon has several of F6 cameras in stock and new MAP as of FEB. 1ST will be $2669.95 ,Ace Photo in Ashburn has THE CORRECT PRICE ON HIS Amazon store,check it out

  • ace

    What we should expect to see from nikon this year: full frame rangefinder digital camera with 3 lenses set in nice wooden box with res satin cover for $10000.00 ,limited quanity ,maybe only 5000 unit for the world,New 200-500VR F4-5.6 $1499.00,New P/S camera with d60 chip in it(P7000)

    • My Eyes

      And that list you have just written is why they are going to be swallowed up by Sony – for breakfast!

      I have been testing a new pro spec Sony and it is going to blow everything nikon (yes, nikon officially has had the right to be given a capital letter withdrawn today!) has right out of the water.

      Of course, if you are a serious photographer you will not have any Japanese electronic toys… you will have a piece of German engineering excellence in the form of a Leica.

      Rather like my cars, I only BUY German – though I do borrow others and regularly I am provided with the very latest by almost all the manufacturers so they can decide whether to go ahead with production.

      • Your Eyes

        ohh…ah…my leica is better than your Nikon…..

        bluff. I don’t think Sony has anything nearly as dominating as you suggest, as a matter of fact, I don’t think you test for any company.

        I found that there’s no mystique surrounding Leica, glass or otherwise. this myth was created based on past reputation and held dear by leica fanatics like you.

    • ace, how do you know?

  • RThomas

    Just took a look at that ridiculous price ($3737.99) from “Amazon” – it’s a third party vendor named “Action Packaged, Inc” with an Amazon storefront and a feedback rating of 92% (not so good!). I don’t know anything about this seller but the price is just silly; I hope nobody has paid that much for this camera.

  • Willis

    I just bought a Nikon N8008 off EBay the other day for $20… can’t wait to see how the pictures come out compared to my D40. Costco scans at around 6MP, so I figure they should be roughly comparable.

  • ace

    we will see new sigma 10-20 f2.8 for Nikon soon,Also 70-300 with optical stablizer,and 70-200 f2.8 OS to follow

    • Why?

      Why another DX lens for a dying format? I think you are not only mistaken, but deluded.

      • ace

        email me in late FEB. When the news about new sigma lenses comes out

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