Nikon price increase in Germany official

Translation (thanks J):

Price trend
Nikon Germany announces drastic price increases

2009-01-28 Nikon GmbH, Düsseldorf, today
informed their trade partners in Germany that
"because of the serious changes in currency
exchange rates" (presumably meant are those of
the Yen against US-Dollar resp. Euro) the
dealer buying prices will be raised, taking
effect on February 1st 2009. For some 465 Nikon
products from the product lines of lenses,
flashes and accessories Nikon's recommended retail
prices will increase between 2 and drastic 30
percent. On average these increases will be 14
percent. Exempt from the price increases are (for
now) cameras and camera kits.  (Jan-Gert Hagemeyer)


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  • Leicamann

    In Germany most real photographers would not been seen with any camera but Leica. I know of no German who owns Nikon and I know 7 Germans.

    • Leicamann sounds completely impartial to me 😉

      • I do not agree with that and it is hard for me to believe it.

    • Martin

      *haha* — ridiculous … that’s a joke — 7 Germans — very good Leicafanboy

    • RumpelHund

      This might sound strange, but as a german nikon user it is necessary to get the electronics and stuff out off the nikon and into a leica body/lens.

      Being seen with nikon gear on german streets is dangerous. At least tape the nikon logo and stick some leica (or leitz) to it.

      • mystery solved

        ahhh… so that mystery photo of a gaffer taped up ‘Nikon’ on this site is now cleared up – it was really a Leica!

        • Ghargh

          But there was no Leica sticker so it must’ve been a Canon

  • Ben Audet

    I just heard on the news this morning that Japan is going straight into economic recession, earlier than what was predicted. As a matter of fact, NEC and Hitachi is clearing something like 27 000 employees… …? Might we expect some drop for the Yen? Well, I guess…

    • Economist

      “…straight into economic recession,” no way, so its not stopping by the all you can eat restaurant first eh? this is a non-story… it is going into recession as everyone expected.

      as we all know they spent the whole of the 1990’s in a deflationary cycle and we knew they would take a hit now.

      how annoying, i have had to type all this to educate you.

      away with you…… away!

  • reverse logic

    Why does Nikon think it can maintain profit by increasing prices during a global depression? Fewer people will buy Nikon gear and the more they put their prices up, their sales will fall. Very odd.

  • Chris

    lol X-) i am from germany and here are many people wo have a nikon or a canon. Press Photographers for example and so it goes down to the consumer level.

    I save my money for the D700 allready and it’s good to hear that the Price Increase doesn’t affect Camera Bodys. Hope that this will not be changed in the future.

    • Martin

      I’m glad as well, that the price increase will most likely not affect camera body prices. Maybe the D90 will drop below 800 Euros soon. 🙂
      I don’t understand the price increase, though. I had been waiting for the prices of some Nikon lenses to drop — most notably the AF DC Nikkor 135mm — and I think in light of the current economic situation it just doesn’t make sense to increase prices.

  • ken rocky

    This price increase just prompts me to order Nikon 14-24 2.8

    It’s a big decision but hey looks like this the right time.

    Next will be the time to get the D700…..

    • mystery solved

      but ken, don’t you get them for free from Nikon?

    • Nikon Fan

      Based on the anticipated cost increases, I just recently purchased the AF-S 14-24mm lens also.

      I think that it will work out to be at least a $200.00 to $300.00 dollar savings.

      If I ever decide to sell it, the price increase will provide a better resale price for me. At least I hope.

  • IDontGetIt

    Am I the only one who doesn’t get the joke?

    • Juergen

      No, you aren’t, count me in, too
      (I am a German, btw.).

  • MiloT

    Good Luck to you Nikon. Price increases in this enviroment! Good luck.
    There are a lot less yuppies around anymore.

    • Ricky G

      Er, “alot less yuppies around anymore” ? Nobody uses that term anymore…. they died out circa 1989 – 1990 at a push… really it was an early to mid eighties phenomenon and expression.

  • MB

    I don’t recall that “because of the serious changes in currency exchange rates” USD against Euro, urge them to lower the prices in Europe which are currently 30% higher then USA.

  • ken rocky

    Hey its 01 Feb. Did anyone notice any price increases??

    • derek168

      No, actually I notice a price decrease. J&R drops the 70-200 f2.8 from $1799 to 1619.

  • ken rocky

    Now I see in B&H slowly getting out of stock. 24-70 2.8 and SB-900 now out of stock.

    Preparing for price increase slowly??

    • Wishful thinking?

      I ordered at 24-70 from Amazon this past weekend at $1480. It is on backorder. So are they going to honor that price once restocked?

  • ken rocky

    It’s now official….. Prices of items in my wishlist in B&H are increased.

    Too bad was not able to get it before this increase..

    Maybe next time. .. maybe .

  • rogerdewhite

    I too ordered the 24-70 2.8 from amazon a few weeks ago (Jan 24th) for $1,380…it’s been back ordered ever since. I hope they honor the price, but wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t, it’s listed at $1,699 now and I can’t see them taking a ~20% hit on it…I just keep waiting for the “Order Canceled” email…

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