Top selling cameras for September 2008

A reader posted this link in one of the comments:

From NPD Group, the Top 5 Ranked Digital SLR on Unit Volume for September 2008:

1. Canon EOS Rebel XSi 12.2MP SDHC/MMC 3" LCD Pictbridge w/18-55mm Lens
2. Nikon D40 6.1 MP w/18-55mm Lens SLR Kit
3. Nikon D60 10.2MP SD/SDHC 2.5" LCD USB 2.0 w/18-55mm Lens
4. Nikon D90 12.3MP SDHC 3"LCD USB 2.0 w/18-105mm Lens
5. Sony DSLR-A300K 10.2MP 2.7" LCD USB 2.0 w/18-70mm Lens

What is better: to have the top selling camera, or to have three cameras in the top 5?

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  • Willis

    I suspect that if you added the D40x numbers to the D60, then it would probably be number 1. That said, I love that the D40 is number 2. Its a great camera for what you pay.

  • RobJ

    That is pretty impressive. I suspect the D90 would be higher on that list if it had a) been available the entire month, and b) been available body only. I know a lot of people who waited for the body only version to come out.

  • smart people buys dirty cheap D40 or D60 then invest in super expensive primes and zooms and shoot in RAW, really money-efficiency way to start photography.

  • rthomas

    I’d say it’s more impressive to have three of the top five, than to have the “top” camera. Also, the fact that the “lowly” 6MP D40 is number two in a market full of 10MP and higher sensors says a lot about Nikon’s quality. I’ve used the D40, and personally prefer the D70s. Having said that, the D40 an awesome entry-level camera; it’s sales position confirms that, and as others here have noted, it is capable of great results if used well.

  • John

    I would say having 3 in the top five, unless that top seller sold more combined than either #2 and #3 together, or #2,3,4 together. It would be interesting to see the numbers sold also.
    I am sad my D300 did not make the list but after seeing how the dxomark rates the D300, I am not too surprised. However, the dxomark site keeps crashing my firefox so I quit looking at it. lol

    • T

      It keeps crashing my browser also. FYI- the D300 not being in the top 5 has nothing to do with dxo scores and everything to do with price. Camera companies sell a lot of “cheap” – if you can call them that- cameras and sales generally taper off as you move up the product line. For average consumers, paying over $1000 dollars for a camera is out of the question. $400-600 appears to be the sweet spot these days.

  • psyked

    Having 3 in the top 3 means that Nikon is only losing sales of one camera to another one of their own camera lineup. Which is definitely better than losing it to a competitors’.

  • Leandro

    The result of Nikon D40 show that “megapixel race” is finishing.


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