Nikon Germany event calendar with “new Nikon highlights in the luggage”

Update: some of the text of those events was changed in the past few hours. I guess Nikon Germany is closely following NR. This is not the first time - remember the D3_2 folder? It's gone now.

Nikon Germany has 4 different events in different cities scheduled for November 20th (coincidence?). I specifically find this one interesting:

Produktdemonstration mit Check & Clean-Service in Landshut bei Foto Petzold, Schirmgasse 281, 84028 Landshut

Am Donnerstag, dem 20. und Freitag, dem 21. November 2008 erhalten Sie bei Foto Petzold Informationen über die aktuellen Nikon Produkte aus erster Hand. Geschulte Nikon Fachberater stehen Ihnen an beiden Tagen ausführlich Rede und Antwort. Natürlich haben sie eine Reihe von (neuen) Nikon Highlights mit im Gepäck. Kommen Sie vorbei. Es lohnt sich. Foto Petzold und wir freuen uns auf Sie. Achtung! Kostenloser Check & Clean-Service für Nikon Kameras.

Google translation:

Product demonstration with Check & Clean Service in Landshut with photo Petzold, umbrella Lane 281, 84028 Landshut

On Thursday, the 20th and Friday, 21 November 2008 photo, please contact Petzold information on the latest Nikon products first hand. Nikon trained advisors are available on both days speak and answer questions in detail. Of course, they have a number of (new) Nikon highlights with the luggage. Come over. It's worth it. Photo Petzold and we look forward to hearing from you. Regard! Free & Clean-check service for Nikon cameras.

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  • Char

    Sounds interesting, yet does not have to mean anything. I do speak German, but this sounds pretty much like the typical announcement to me. However, it might mean a lot – I do not know what wording Nikon usually uses for such an announcement.

    On the other hand, that is some kind of demonstration at a local dealer. I seriously doubt that they would announce any kind of new camera there – which means that if they want to announce a new camera / lens / whatever (which they show there), they better do it till then.

    • I agree – this is just a hint. They could be talking about the D90 and D700.

  • mcananeya

    This doesn’t mean anything. They have similar announcements for events in Wiesbaden and Nürenberg on the same day. The wording for those announcements is slightly different, but both of them make it clear that the “new” Nikon items being shown are the “new” products Nikon showed at Photokina (presumably the P6000 and 50/1.4 G AF-S). In other words, nothing really new here, move along.

    • RumpelHund

      There’s something to it nonetheless.

      When I checked this morning (11am) “the new products from photokina” was in the text, as reported by mcanaeya.
      Now (6pm) there’s only mentioning of “current Nikon products”.

      Someone corrected this, we can only guess why…

  • rhlpetrus

    There was talk of new software, simpler than Captune NX, for P&S and entry-level dslrs. Could be it. Or maybe more. But I find the leaks available at this point too little for a major camera announcement, usually we would be seeing some hard evidence like leaflets, or bad camera shots with cell phone cameras, etc. Nikon is full of holes in their chain, or just do that on purpose, so the silence is definitely indicative of nothing coming.

    Jeff-c mentioned “after Dec 1st” in his last post at Dpr, and he’s usually well-informed.

  • Like I said in this rumor post, I don’t think much in the line of a new pro body is coming. The D3 and D700 are big money makers for Nikon. Why would they want to slow the flow of money with the would economy in it’s present state. By introducing a new body people may hold off for the dumb down version of it. Look how soon the D700 came out after the D3? It doesn’t make sense. What I do think is coming is a new 70-200 and 80-400 lens.
    Most people will be going for the new FX glass rather that a higher megapixel camera body that most working photographers,myself included. don’t have a urgent need for.

  • heinz

    Nikon won’t release the D3X at a small local photo store.

    Sounds like a presentation of the D90, D700, 18-105 VR and the other relatively new products.

    • Duncan

      This also seems to be in line with the Solutions Expo they will have here in London, it specifically states that users will have the experience of trying out the “new” D90 and D700.

  • Manuel

    Heinz is probabely right. Lanshut is a beautiful place worth a visit, with its picturesque Old Town, the castle and the spectacular cathedral.

    But after all, it’s a small town in the middle of nowhere in lower Bavaria. It doens’t seem to be the right place for a major new product presentation.

  • Manuel

    Sorry, of course it’s spelled ‘Landshut’, not ‘Lanshut’, to those who are curious.

  • yasil

    Forget about this, this is an abslute usual event, it´s been in lot´s of other cities and means nothing.

  • Antaeus

    “umbrella Lane 281,…November 2008 photo, please contact Petzold information… speak and answer questions… they have…highlights with the luggage. Regard!”

    Google translation sucks! If you need a proper translation from German into English, contact me. And by the way, you cannot literally translate a street name! ;-))

  • cbp


    it d be great to stick to rumors here and not to every fool’s promotion flyer here

    • this is not every fool’s promotion – it is from the official Nikon site in Germany. I consider this as a rumor – otherwise they could have specified D90, D700 or whatever.

  • Zoetmb

    What?? Nikon’s releasing LUGGAGE?? Well..they do have some pretty nice camera bags that they sell in Japan and not elsewhere.

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