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“The Nikon D3x gave medium-format looking files with all the flexibility of the Nikkor Lens system”

In this Nikon D3x article (also from the Nikon Pro magazine) Tim Andrew shares his first impressions with the Nikon D3x (he was one of the photographers to work on the D3x brochure): “The D3x gave medium-format looking files with all the flexibility of the Nikkor Lens system” The sample files he is referring to […]

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The end of the Nikon D3x rumor mill and what’s next

Obviously the Nikon D3x images were leaked on purpose. You can almost tell that someone was monitoring NR and 45 minutes after my post, the images were removed. And then the Nikon Pro magazine release the next day… this is already a “standard procedure” by many companies. Expect all Nikon web sites to go down […]

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Nikon D3x price expected to be around £5,500

According to this UK retailer the D3x price is expected to be around £5,500=US$8,466 (they even take pre-order deposits of £20). Expect the US price to be lower (the US price is not determined by direct rate conversion). Check back here on Tuesday, December 2nd for pre-order details in the US.

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“Nikon UK were shocked”

“Nikon UK were shocked when we called them on Friday with news that the D3X had leaked out, and refused to comment on the camera or reveal  a retail price or estimated delivery date.” Shocked? LOL – this is some good comedy. “It’s believed the sensor inside the new Nikon may be closely related to […]

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D3x specs and details available

From the latest Nikon Pro magazine (Europe) – click on image to enlarge (the $ sign is not from me): Thanks for the scans D$. More available here. The bad news: no new lenses? Also, do not expect D400 on Monday. The X factor Ultra-high definition 24.5-megapixel flagship takes DSLR into medium-format terrain The professional […]

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Black Friday: D300 for $1300, free CF & SD memory cards

US only deals for Black Friday – Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for being a NR reader! Adorama Holiday Sale at Calumet Photographic! 11.26.08 thru 12.01.08 Nikon D300 on sale for $1469, use coupon code “DS160X” to take an additional $160 Off = final cost $1309 Ritz SanDisk 4GB Extreme III CF Memory Card BUY-3 […]

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Nikon D3x ad – looks fake

Update: this one got busted – the original image can be found here. I am not sure if this is real: Source Thanks N.

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All Nikon Europe sites are down

The following sites are currently down: Let’s see what the update will bring us! Let the search begin… Those are the updates I could find on Nikon Japan from November 27th: Video content delivery service WES-3000

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